The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 255

Chapter 255: Snatching One From The Jaws Of Death
Chapter 255: Snatching One from the Jaws of Death
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"Father, we…" After a long time, Ouyang Yuxin gradually regained her senses, and she questioned her father about what they should do.

Toward Su Yu, Ouyang Yuxin was filled with deep regret. She had actually dumped a matchless genius like him. She had spent her whole life looking for strong martial artists she could rely on and a man who was worthy of being with her.

To her surprise, there had been a man with a high social position who she needed to make friends with, right in front of her. However, out of preference for Mister Feng Yue, she regarded Yin Yu as a stranger and had given up on him quickly.

Thinking about it, how ridiculous was her decision?

Ouyang Long walked quickly and sighed after a long time. "We are indebted to Yin Yu, and our Ouyang family cannot be ungrateful to him. However, on the surface, let's send some people to look for him…"

When they had been summoned by Han Jianglin to the palace for a discussion, it had been to discuss the possibility of teaming up to launch a joint attack against Zi Donglai. The Lin family and Feng family had been the first to agree. Since two families of the Three Great Ancient Regions were right in front, would small families like the Ouyang family dare to go against the plan?

If they had defied Han Jianglin's declaration at the time, Ouyang Long might not have been able to leave alive. For the sake of their rights and interests, Ouyang Long had agreed to Han Jianglin's orders.

Ouyang Yuxin was lost in thought. "Regardless of whether we are able to find them," he said, "from today on, the situation in the Alliance City will never be the same!"

The Zi family's name was expunged, and only Han Jianglin's family was considered to be in control of the Alliance City.

"And the situation in the Alliance City is not the only thing that changed…" Ouyang Long continued anxiously. "The situation in the whole north continent is about to change, as well."

The reason the Lin family and the Feng family had agreed quickly was that Han Jianglin had given them and the other families a temptation that was difficult to resist. Even for Ouyang Long, it was also difficult for him to resist the temptation! Both of them returned to their families hurriedly.

The juniors in the Ouyang family were dueling to learn from one another relaxingly and leisurely. They did not have the slightest idea that, moments ago, winds carrying an offensive smell of blood had blown past the Alliance City. In addition, they also did not know that the Alliance City had undergone a huge change.

However, at that moment, the Ouyang family's housekeeper rushed over anxiously and said softly, "Grandmaster, something has happened in the backyard!"

Eh? Ouyang Long frowned, but he remained composed: "Lead the way!"

When they came to the backyard, they discovered that the edge of a dry well at the backyard was dripping with blood.

"This is…?" Ouyang Long's gaze became serious. He swept his eyes once around the area and discovered that those bloodstains led toward the well. He could not help but exhibit a shocked expression. "All of you, stand back."

Ouyang Yuxin also noticed that it was strange, and she could not help but change her expression as well. "Could it be that members of our Ouyang family were harmed and thrown into the well?"

Ouyang Long carefully neared to the dry well. When he revolved his pupils and looked down at the bottom, his expression changed at once! At the bottom of the well, a woman cradled a man whose entire body was covered with blood. The two of them were huddled up at the bottom of the well!

Having noticed that they had been discovered, the woman had an extremely sorrowful expression.

"It's you guys!" Ouyang Long was shocked.

They were not just anyone. They were Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang, who had escaped via space transportation!

It was as if the space transportation had no fixed destination. As soon as the space transportation had started, it had transported Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang to the Ouyang family! In an emergency situation, Zi Yunxiang had brought Su Yu, who was fatally injured, to hide inside the dry well.

Seeing that Zi Yunxiang had a depressed expression and that her body was in dire straits, Ouyang Long's eyes were filled with sympathy. A day ago, Zi Yunxiang was still the Yunxiang Cabinet Master—superior to many others. Now, here she was in her current state.

Ouyang Long's eyes flashed with a bit of conflict. He then turned his head and said, "Housekeeper, is there anyone else who knows about this?"

The Ouyang family housekeeper's eyes flashed slightly. "Apart from me, there isn't a second person."

Ouyang Long nodded his head. "If that is the case, then… I must inconvenience you for a period of time."


Before the housekeeper could come to his senses, he was knocked out by a palm of Ouyang Long!

"Father, what is the meaning of this?" Ouyang Yuxin was shocked.

"Quick! Prepare a secret room!" said Ouyang Long.

Ouyang Long jumped into the dry well. To prevent anything unexpected, he also knocked Zi Yunxiang out. After which, he took both of them, left the dry well, and entered the secret room. No one noticed the actions of this father and daughter.

In the secret room, Ouyang Yuxin's beautiful eyes opened wide and round. She found it difficult to believe that the destination of Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang's transportation had actually been the Ouyang family! Thinking about that, Ouyang Yuxin understood the concerns of the matter well. If outsiders found out that the Ouyang family had taken in Yin Yu and Zi Yunxiang, their family would be wiped out!

At the very moment, Ouyang Long was examining the injuries of both of them.

"Zi Yunxiang is in shock," said Ouyang Long. "There are no great issues with her body. However, as for Mister Yin Yu…" Ouyang Long had a grave expression. "Why, he's no different from a dead person."

Ouyang Yuxin looked at Su Yu. His whole body was covered with blood, and many parts of his body had burst apart.

"The injuries to the outside of his body are critical, but those inside his body are mortal injuries!" Ouyang Long sighed and said, "All his internal organs have ruptured, and his internal blood energy channels have been broken into pieces. This must have been caused by that strong sound wave cultivation technique where he injured his enemies by 1,000 damage and suffered 100 damage to himself. At the moment, only his heart is still in one piece. Even with his heart still intact, it would be difficult for him to live for more than an hour, given the fact that he has lost all of his other internal organs."

As Ouyang Long spoke, Su Yu's aura became weaker. He had only an hour left before his body became a corpse.

From the time Su Yu had first begun his training to this very moment, this was the only time that Su Yu suffered such a serious injury.

Ouyang Yuxin's heart trembled. "Is he going to die?"

It was unknown why, but Ouyang Yuxin's heart gave a sigh of relief instead. Although she sympathized with Su Yu, if he was no longer in the world, the regret within her heart could then weaken. If not, she would always be bitterly remorseful.

"Luckily, he arrived in our Ouyang family in time," said Ouyang Long. "Perhaps this is fate! The Gray Dragon Coffin is fated to be his." Ouyang Long stood up and sighed. "After all, it was him who helped us that day to drive away the Zeng family. He dispelled the fate of the Gray Dragon Coffin being snatched away. Now, when he is about to die, he appears at the Ouyang family and in front of the Gray Dragon Coffin. Hence, it could only be said that the mystical world had the will of Heaven, and it had arranged everything." Ouyang Long sighed with regret.

After hearing what was said, Ouyang Yuxin looked shocked. She cried out in alarm, "What? Father, are you mad? You wish to let him use the Gray Dragon Coffin that had been passed down within our family? This is something that you had left for yourself to use! If you are injured fatally and are at death's door, the Gray Dragon Coffin can snatch you back from the jaws of death and save you as a result. How can you give it to Yin Yu!"

Ouyang Yuxin was extremely against the idea. The Gray Dragon Coffin was a treasure passed down within the Ouyang family. It was a divine artifact obtained from historical remains that could absorb Heaven and Earth's spiritual energy continuously and create an extremely special energy. As long as one laid in it, his life would be restored, and all his injuries would recover.

It could be said that as long as one was still breathing, he could be revived. Its downfall was that only one coffin could be created every 100 years, and it could only be used once.

At the moment, Ouyang Yuxin could not tolerate the fact that a lucky chance which defied the natural order was about to result in this precious artifact being given to Su Yu.

However, Ouyang Long's expression turned cold. He pulled a long face and berated softly, "Yuxin! How many more times do you want me to say? When a human being stands in the world, firstly, he cannot let his parents down. Secondly, he cannot let his conscience down. If not for Yin Yu, the Gray Dragon Coffin and you would have been seized by Zeng Shenbao a long time ago! If you do not repay his kindness, ask yourself, would you be able to set your mind at rest for the rest of your life?"

The continuous reprimanding caused Ouyang Yuxin's neck to shrink, and she did not dare to continue arguing.

It was just that within Ouyang Yuxin's heart, she felt that the Ouyang family had suffered extremely great losses this time around! When considering the benefits to be gained and lost, her father was about to make yet another stupid decision.

"Go and get the Gray Dragon Coffin!" commanded Ouyang Long. "We must attend to the matter immediately!"

Ouyang Long's expression changed slightly. Su Yu's aura became weaker again.

At that very moment, Su Yu only breathed out… and did not breathe in. He was only left with a breath's time before death!