The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 256

Chapter 256: Immense Improvement
Chapter 256: Immense Improvement
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A moment later, a dragon-shaped coffin was laid flat in the secret chamber. The carvings on the coffin were realistic and lifelike, filled with a mystical aura, almost as if it were a real dragon!

The coffin was pale yellow, laced with signs of age. An aura containing the vicissitudes of life was slowly coursing through it. There were a few areas of wear and tear, which was surprising. Especially the dragon's head; half of it had been destroyed.

Ouyang Long grabbed onto the dragon's head, opening it up with some force. The dragon-shaped coffin slowly opened.


A silent moan floated in the air, almost like an auditory illusion. Rich spiritual energy and mysterious power flowed out from within the coffin. Merely taking a breath could make a person feel relaxed and refreshed.

It was the first time Ouyang Yuxin was seeing the Gray Dragon Coffin open. She involuntarily exclaimed, "What a mysterious power! Merely taking a breath would make your body feel more powerful. Furthermore, my cultivation level seems to be stirring!"

Within the Gray Dragon Coffin was not only the power to restore the body, but it was filled with an enormous amount of spirit energy. At the moment Ouyang Long opened the coffin, he put Su Yu within it.


Closing the lid of the coffin, Ouyang Long let out a sigh of relief. "Yin Yu, this is all I can do for you. Whatever happens next will depend on your luck."

The father and daughter left, leaving only the Gray Dragon Coffin in the secret chamber.

A while later, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes within the coffin.

His eyes were clear, filled with a deep gratitude. Even though his body was incredibly damaged, his soul was more or less intact. During the critical moment, the Nine-Dragon Cauldron had trembled, causing his soul to receive another cleansing of the spirit serum.

He had finally broken through to the First Stage Lower Class of Heaven's Son Gazing At Air. His soul could now leave his body, and his soul strength had been doubled. The resulting effect was the doubling of Su Yu's level of perception.



With a thought, a ball of gray light shot out from Su Yu's eyes, scanning through the Gray Dragon Coffin.

Zi Yunxiang, who was sleeping, let out a low grunt, her expression contorting slightly, showing traces of pain! His soul could leave his body and injure an enemy at close range!

He could only imagine how powerful a soul strike with double the soul strength of an average fighter would be. Also, what made Su Yu even more excited was the transformation of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron. The second dragon, the red dragon, had been completely crystallized!

Back when the first purple dragon had been completely crystallized, Su Yu had gained a new ability—the Seal of Time! Now that the second red dragon was completely crystallized, Su Yu had once again gained a new ability—Space Vortex! He could create distortions in space and teleport people away. He could also use the power of the distortions to break items. This form of space power was incredibly destructive.

Su Yu was deep in anticipation, wondering what talents the third dragon would bring. The first dragon represented time, and the second dragon represented space. What about the next dragon? All in all, this had been a blessing in disguise.

The only thing that worried Su Yu was that he did not know where Zi Donglai was! Had the last Space Vortex taken him away from her? If it failed, how was he still alive? If it had succeeded, where was he now?

Inspecting his body, Su Yu's gaze turned cold. His organs were all destroyed, his energy channels severed. It was the first time in his life that he had suffered such grave injuries. It could be said that he was no different from a dead man.

"Nameless! Han Jianglin!" Su Yu whispered, unable to quell his killing intent.

He could have escaped with ease using his space teleportation, but it was Nameless, that mysterious youth in red and green, who had suddenly attacked, interrupting the teleportation and forcing him to break his limits and use the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters for the fourth time.

Su Yu would have sworn that he had no grudges with Nameless. But this man was overbearing and wanted him dead! If Su Yu didn't die, he would definitely claim this debt of blood!

Moments later, Su Yu collected himself, his soul regaining composure. His body was still in a dangerous place, and he had to prioritize recovery. The mysterious energy and magnificent spirit energy of the Gray Dragon Coffin made Su Yu feel more at ease, closing his eyes as he waited for his body to recover.

At the same time, taking advantage of the increase in his level of perception, Su Yu entered a state of time acceleration. He began gaining insight into the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, the Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder, and the Divine Decree.

Over the next three days, the Lin family, the Feng family, the Zeng family, and powerhouses from all over the city secretly searched for Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang, and Zi Donglai. Yet this was all hidden under a peaceful facade.

Outside the Alliance City, at an inn, a handsome, middle-aged man was standing by the window, his hands behind his back as he observed the crowd. Behind him, respectfully, stood a slender lady.

She was wearing a veil on her face, and her beautiful eyes were like two crescent moons. Her gaze shifted slightly, scanning the crowd, spotting a few seemingly normal passersby. She meaningfully said, "Palace master, it seems that we missed a good show. There are so many hidden scouts in the crowd. I wonder who they are searching for."

The middle-aged man was the Palace Master of the Sub Palace of the Empire of Darkness at the Northern Continent, Ling Xiaotian! The lady in the veil was Hua Zhilan.

Ling Xiaotian laughed as he shook his head. "Perhaps. It is none of our business. But three days from now is the ranking battle of the Alliance Meet. I want to personally observe whether there are any notable talents born within this five years in the Hundred Territories Alliance."

Five years ago, only Hua Zhilan had caught the eye of Ling Xiaotian. He was unsure what it was going to be like for this generation.

Hearing this, Hua Zhilan's hatred flared, her crescent moon-like eyes lifting. "This person, Lu Jun. If I have the chance, I am going to claim his head!"

Back then, she had been hailed as a genius child and was admitted into the Shentian Manor. She had not expected to be ambushed by Lu Jun, who had almost turned her into a slave and violated her purity. Luckily, Ling Xiaotian had intervened and taken her into the sub palace.

Closing the window, Ling Xiaotian laughed as he shook his head, "These kinds of people are only enjoying the moment but would not live long. Even if you do not kill him, there would naturally be someone else to kill him. You need not harp over it for too long. Furthermore, you have an important mission in your hands."

Hua Zhilan turned serious. "Your orders, palace master?"


Ling Xiaotian took out a crystal carved with several beautiful words: "Find Su Yu—Lady Yi Yu."

Seeing this, Hua Zhilan's pouted, lamenting, "It's Su Yu again! Just who is he to Lady Yi Yu for her to seek him with such determination? In the past, I already visited the Shenyue Island once and found the Sanctuary. But the news I got was that the boy called Su Yu went to a contest of the Phoenix Cabinet. Then the two powers all went missing without a trace."

The trail is broken, thought Hua Zhilan. How would I be able to find Su Yu amongst all the people in the world?

Ling Xiaotian turned stern. "Insolence!" he scolded. "How could you question the orders of Lady Yi Yu? Execute them immediately!"

Sticking out her tongue, Hua Zhilan respectfully replied, "Yes!"

Secretly, Hua Zhilan was clenching her teeth, her fists balled tightly.

That bastard, Su Yu, she thought. If I do find you, I am going to teach you a lesson first!

Not only had she spent considerable effort in her search for Su Yu, but she was even being criticized because of it.

As if reading Hua Zhilan's thoughts, Ling Xiaotian sighed. "No matter what, this is an order from the Empire of Darkness. As a sub palace, we must execute it. Take some effort to visit the Shenyue Island again. When you come back, I'll arrange for you to cultivate at the Anyue City."

Anyue City?

Hua Zhilan's fair, pointy ears twitched, her eyes filled with surprise. Anyue City was the best city in the Northern Continent! East of it was the Anyue Mountain Range, which gathered the best fighters from all over the Northern Continent.

The Anyue Mountain Range was the continuation of the Wolong Snowfield that ran all across the Northern Continent. But while the Wolong Snowfield was an icy wasteland without many resources, the Anyue Mountain Range was a primitive forest harboring many treasures. It had the most treasures amongst all the continents. Even powerful fighters from the other continents would head to the Anyue Mountain Range in search of opportunity. It could be said that being able to return from cultivating in the Anyue Mountain Range would mean immense improvements.

This city was controlled together by the Northern Continent's Snow Listening Tower, the Cabinet of Nine Phoenixes, the Hundred Territories Alliance, and the Northern Continent's sub palace of the Empire of Darkness. To be assigned to cultivate at Anyue City was the dream of everyone at the sub palace. Unfortunately, there were only a few slots. The sub Palace Master, who was placed in front of Hua Zhilan, was more qualified. She had never once thought that she would have the opportunity to enter Anyue City. To think that such an opportunity had found its way to her!

Seeing the elated Hua Zhilan, Lin Xiaotian did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Shaking his head, he said, "Go quickly. We should not dawdle."


Her fragrance scattering, Hua Zhilan disappeared from the inn.

Three days later, at the manor of the Alliance Master, Han Jianglin listened to the reports from the Lin, Feng, and Zeng families, along with multiple other families.

Han Jianglin's expression was sinister. The whereabouts of Zi Donglai were unknown. Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang had completely disappeared. With the ranking battle of the Alliance Meet drawing closer, Han Jianglin could only bear with it for the moment.

"Spread my orders," said Han Jianglin. "Let Wu Yaoyue and Huang Xiaoyan enter the battle! At the same time, announce that Sir Feng Yue, Feng Linyue, Zhao Wuming, and Tan Duanfei are training outside the city, unable to return in time! As for Yin Yu! Announce that he knew he could not match up with the rest of the contenders and opted to forfeit!"

Allowing Wu Yaoyue and Huang Xiaoyan to enter the competition was a decision born of necessity. The geniuses of the Alliance City had all been slaughtered. If the both of them were missing, everyone would grow suspicious. As for the four geniuses who had been killed, Han Jianglin could only use an excuse to cover it up.

As for Su Yu, he was said to have forfeited! He was not worried about whether Su Yu would try to make trouble at the Meet. Would he dare?

The ranking battle of the Alliance Meet was joyous and celebratory, with no one aware of the bloodbath that happened days ago.

At the Ouyang family palace, in the secret chamber, the Gray Dragon Coffin shuddered.


A powerful energy coursed through the air, opening the lid of the coffin. A body silently lay within it, unblemished. Other than traces of dried blood, there were no other injuries.

The eyes, shut tightly, suddenly opened!


The whole area shuddered. The deep, star-like eyes released a mysterious light. A new power circled around Su Yu.

After a long time of cultivation, the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters had finally entered the beginner stage! The explosive power of the character Lin was greater than before!

The Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder had improved vastly from lower class, almost making it to the upper class. With just a little more cultivation, he would definitely achieve a breakthrough.

What made Su Yu most excited was his Divine Decree. It had finally had an immense breakthrough! The change in his soul, coupled with the excess time of cultivation, had finally pushed his half divine-grade to a divine-grade Divine Decree. Su Yu was filled with anticipation for its powers.

Other than his techniques, the spirit energy within the Gray Dragon Coffin also caused Su Yu's cultivation level to skyrocket! He had broken through to Dragon Realm Level Five Peak from Dragon Realm Level Five Lower Tier! Furthermore, he was just a little away from Dragon Realm Level Six! This crisis was a blessing in disguise, giving him many benefits.

Outside the Gray Dragon Coffin, Zi Yunxiang, who had long been awake, stood guard. Her haggard face showed signs of excitement. Tears welled up in her eyes as she choked, "You finally woke up…"

With her father's fate still unknown and Su Yu nearly dying, Zi Yunxiang was all alone in this world. Su Yu's revival comforted her soul, making her simultaneously excited and full of grief.