The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 258

Chapter 258: An Immortal Realm Genius
Chapter 258: An Immortal Realm Genius
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"Is my request overly unreasonable?" Su Yu coldly said. "As a teacher, you do not teach your disciple to bravely stand up to failure? Instead, you shelter him? If that is the way you teach your disciples, I have nothing to say!"

Han Jianglin's expression did not change, but his fists were tightly clenched. Su Yu was clearly here to disrupt the event!

Han Jianglin was silent for a moment before calmly opening his mouth. "Aojue!"

Since it had come to this, Lin Aojue had to return to the stage, even if he felt humiliated.

Under the eyes of the audience, he cupped his hands and declared, "I, Lin Aojue, admit defeat!"

After he said this, his face turned red. He felt that all the honor and glory that had surrounded him in the past had been instantly destroyed. The once-strongest genius in the Hundred Territories had lowered his proud head in the view of 100,000 people.

The crowd was dead silent. They had thought that Lin Aojue was once again humiliating Su Yu, thinking that he was not worth Lin Aojue's efforts. But the reality was that Lin Aojue did not dare fight Su Yu! This stark contrast shocked them beyond words, unable to come to collect themselves from the shock for a long time.

Han Jianglin took a breath, shooting a glance at the referee, ordering him to continue the contest.

"The next battle, Huang Xiaoyan against Lin Aojue."

Collecting themselves, the crowd placed their attention on Lin Aojue.

"Could it be that Lin Aojue is suffering from an injury, granting Su Yu an advantage?"

"We shall see in this match."

The two flew to the stage. Lin Aojue was under the suspicion of the audience, their doubtful stares like spotlights on his back. If he did not show his might soon, his reputation would be destroyed in an instant.

"You, retreat!" Lin Aojue pointed, threatening Huang Xiaoyan.

Huang Xiaoyan glanced at him. "Who do you think I am? You want me to retreat with just one sentence? Are you anxious that you lost just now and want to salvage your reputation?"

She mercilessly exposed Lin Aojue, causing his expression to turn fierce. "You are asking for death!" he shouted. "Proud Absolute Fist!"

The power of the heavens silently descended. This fist seemed to look down on everything around it.

His name reflected his personality—extremely arrogant. Stage One Lower Class of an immortal-level technique! This was the first time someone other than Su Yu was using Stage One Lower Class of an immortal-level technique!

Huang Xiaoyan's expression changed.


Even though she defended with all her power, Huang Xiaoyan could not withstand the blow. Her large body was blasted out of the stage.

He defeated his opponent with one stroke!

Lin Aojue was still that arrogant man, the same Lin Aojue that looked down on all other talents of the Hundred Territories. But the crowd could not understand why Lin Aojue would admit defeat to Su Yu.

"Next, Wu Yaoyue against Lin Aojue," the referee announced quickly.


The words had just been announced when a bolt of wind assaulted the stage. It was Wu Yaoyue, carrying a sword in his arms.

His eyes were like thunder, dotted with multiple icy stars, "You dare injure her? Would you go down yourself, or do you need me to invite you down?"

They were both Dragon Realm Level Six Peak. It was hard to estimate the difference in abilities between Wu Yaoyue and Lin Aojue. In the eyes of many, Wu Yaoyue was the most mysterious and strongest dark horse in this Alliance Meet.

Facing him, Lin Aojue could not afford to be careless. "Humph! If you want me to go down, you have to be prepared to sacrifice your two front teeth!"

Wu Yaoyue laughed. "You do not even dare face off against Yin Yu, and you have the cheek to be so brazen in front of me? Take my attack!"


Wu Yaoyue did not draw his sword, instead using his palm to attack. "Sea Suppressing Seal!"

A massive power descended.

Han Jianglin squinted, "Stage One Lower Class of an immortal-level technique? Where did this person come from?"

The backgrounds of Wu Yaoyue and Huang Xiaoyan were indeed mysterious.

Lin Aojue took him seriously! "Proud Absolute Fist!"

They were both Stage One Lower Class of immortal-level techniques. The clash between the two of them caused an enormous power to explode.

Thud, thud—

The two of them were evenly matched!

Their cultivation levels were the same, the levels of their technique were more or less similar, to the point that there was no difference in their abilities.

Wu Yaoyue retracted his fist, nodding his head. "You're decent but merely average. The so-called top of the Three Great Ancient Regions is but so-so."

Hearing this, Lin Aojue let out a cold laugh. "You are not too powerful, yourself. You might not be stronger than me! We have long established this point!"

Yu Yaoyue had once challenged Lin Aojue with no one knowing the results of that match. Judging from the situation today, it would have been a draw.

Wu Yaoyue let out a mocking laugh. "I was merely testing how powerful the so-called top of the Three Legendary Geniuses was. Who told you that that was a spar? Palm techniques are not my specialty. It is merely a technique to supplement my cultivation. The sword is where my specialty lies!"

The crowd was slightly surprised. His palm technique had already attained a level that an average person could never hope to achieve. But that was only a supplementary technique. He might have wasted too much effort on that. Just how high-level were his specialty sword techniques?

Lin Aojue's pupils dilated, but he was not willing to admit defeat. "Won't we know if you draw your sword and try?"

But Wu Yaoyue did not draw his sword, merely grabbing its handle, pointing the tip of the sheathed sword at Lin Aojue. "You are not worthy of me drawing my sword! It was so in the past, and it is the same now! I can defeat you without drawing my sword!"

These brazen words angered the geniuses that looked up to Lin Aojue.

"Insolence! This person is incredibly arrogant!"

"Do you really not have any of the geniuses of the Alliance City in your eyes?"

Lin Aojue was livid. "You are too insolent!"

"In the eyes of the weak," said Wu Yaoyue calmly, "the actions of the strong naturally come off as insolent. Fine, I'll send you down. I still have important matters to attend to!"

Lin Aojue let out a cold grunt. "Let's see who is going down! Proud Absolute Fist!"

Wu Yaoyue shook his head. "Three Forms Blood Sword!"


The sword in his hands became a streak of red light.

The red light followed Wu Yaoyue's figure, piercing forward with lightning speed. There was a bloody aura within the red light, as if it was formed by the blood of countless living entities. His sword caused living creatures to shudder. This sword harbored an extreme malicious intent!

Han Jianglin squinted. "What a thick malicious intent. Could he have come from the Dark Moon Forest?"


His sword was like crimson lightning piercing through the air. With a dull thud, Lin Aojue's fist was blasted into pieces, the flesh bloody. Lin Aojue was shocked as he was sent flying out of the stage!

One hit! A hit without drawing his sword had completely defeated Lin Aojue. Anyone would have known that if there was no rule forbidding the killing of another candidate, that hit just now would have killed Lin Aojue!

Lin Aojue, the top of the Three Legendary Geniuses, being defeated twice, caused the audience to look down with doubt in their eyes. Was Lin Aojue really this weak?

Collecting themselves, they understood that it was not Lin Aojue who was too weak; it was that the geniuses of this generation were too strong!

"It's your turn!" Wu Yaoyue pointed his sword at Nameless! His cold eyes were burning with battle intent, his lips parting to form a big smile, "I had once thought that this was going to be a boring contest. But I did not expect to find people like you and Yin Yu!" Wu Yaoyue chuckled. "This makes the contest much more exciting!" He licked his lips.

Nameless stood with his arms crossed. His thoughts were difficult to read under his average appearance and aura. Hearing this, his lips formed a slight smile. "You are very confident. Unfortunately, you do not know who your opponent is!"

Wu Yaoyue let out a long laugh. "I am not concerned with who you are. All I need to know is that the person who is going to beat you is me!"

Nameless walked up the stage, calmly laughing. "Since that is the case, you can try striking me."

The two of them had disregarded the referee. But under the instruction of Han Jianglin, the referee did not interfere.

"Sea Suppressing Seal!" Wu Yaoyue struck with his palm.

The power of a Stage One Lower Tier immortal-level technique was not to be underestimated. No one dared to underestimate it! Even a person of Immortal Level One would not dare to be careless!

But Nameless was relaxed, shaking his head as he laughed. "Measly tricks, nothing more than a joke."

Nameless casually waved his sleeve.


The massive power in the surroundings was instantly dispelled!

Su Yu's gaze was ice cold. "No matter who you are," he muttered, "I need to settle the debt of blood with you!"

The might of Nameless shocked everyone! His casual actions harbored such a terrifying power. Just who was this person? How high was his cultivation level?

But atop the stage, Wu Yaoyue was not surprised, following his attack with his sword. "Three Forms Blood Sword!"

A lightning-fast crimson glow pierced straight toward Nameless.

Nameless had a mocking smile, "Still just measly tricks!?

This time, Nameless flicked his fingers.


Wu Yaoyue's body shuddered, the sword in his hand vibrating wildly. His body was sent forcefully flying three zhang away! The so-called Three Forms Blood Sword was neutralized on the spot—the very strike that had defeated Lin Aojue! But such a terrifying sword technique was so easily dispelled!

Wu Yaoyue was not angry. Instead, he was elated, "Great! You are indeed worthy of me drawing my sword!"


The crisp sound of the sword vibrated in the air. This was the first time Wu Yaoyue had drawn his sword. The white glow of its blade carried the ice-cold aura of death, chilling the hearts of everyone present.

People of weaker cultivation levels felt pain in their eyes if they looked at the sword for too long. The aura of the sword seemed to materialize as a physical form, circling the sword. The powerful spirit qualities of the sword were displayed to the audience as he drew the sword out of its sheath. Many felt that what they saw was not an ordinary steel sword, but a living creature!

"A divine artifact!" Han Jianglin's pupils dilated!

Spiritual qualities were only present in divine artifacts. This sword was a sword that could display its full power as a divine artifact. Nameless's smile faded, finally showing a shred of seriousness.

"This sword has not seen blood since I came to the Alliance City," said Wu Yaoyue, displaying a little bloodlust. "I shall use yours as an offering! Three Forms Blood Sword, the first form, human killing!"


A weird scene ensued. Wu Yaoyue's eyes instantly turned blood red. An inhuman aura shot out from within his body! The aura was similar to that of a demonic beast! Within him circulated a fiery liquid.

Han Jianglin squinted. "Bloodline of a Demonic Beast?" It was rumored that there was a rare race in the Dark Moon Forest who were born with the Bloodline of a Demonic Beast. They were capable of using powers that were powerful beyond imagination! "Is he using his Bloodline of Demonic Beast to activate his divine artifact?"

A divine artifact could not display its power unless it recognized its master. But Wu Yaoyue had clearly found the secret, using his Bloodline of Demonic Beast to resonate with the divine artifact, letting him use that sword!


The sword cut horizontally!

At that moment, a blood-red sword aura ten zhang long stuck down from the heavens.

"The materialization of a sword aura! It lives up to its name of a divine artifact. Only at the Immortal Realm can one release spirit energy out of their bodies. But complemented with a divine artifact, one can simulate that phenomenon!"

The power of this sword was enough to kill a Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier! This was where Wu Yaoyue found his confidence.

But after Nameless collected himself from the shock, his expression turned calm once again, "Measly tricks!"


He flicked all ten of his fingers, shattering the blood-red sword aura!

Wu Yaoyue squinted. "Could you have achieved Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier? Then take another of my strikes! Three Form Blood Sword, the second form, earth killing!"


This time, the sword aura that was released was 20 zhang long!

Even the crowd, who was extremely far away, could feel his killing intent.

The eyelids of some Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier fighters twitched as they gasped, "Just what kind of sword technique is that?"

But Nameless did not move an inch, raising his hand and grabbing the air, "Still measly tricks!"


The 20-zhang sword aura was once again destroyed!

Wu Yaoyue's expression turned grave. "Could you have broken through to Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak? Just a step more before you hit the Immortal Realm?"

His opponent was about 20 years old but had such horrifying latent talent!

"But it all ends here!" Wu Yaoyue said. He took a deep breath, using his final form. "Three Forms Blood Sword, final form, heaven killing!"

Human killing, earth killing, and heaven killing—each form was more powerful than the last!

A blood sword 30 zhang long struck down toward Nameless! This sword could kill even Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak fighters!

But what shocked everyone was that Nameless remained rooted on the spot, coldly shaking his head. "As I have said, these are all measly tricks!"


Nameless struck with his palm, shooting out a bolt of spirit energy! Spirit energy leaving the body! Something only an Immortal Realm fighter could do!

So, he really was an Immortal Realm genius! An Immortal Realm genius of only 20 years old!