The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 26

Chapter 26: A Bully is Always a Coward

He looked to the side and saw a group of martial artists standing in a circle, looking at an empty corner in the shop. There were people fighting in the middle, causing a commotion. It looked as though it had been going on for some time, but Su Yu had not noticed.

"Shopkeeper, aren't you afraid of your shop being wrecked?" Su Yu mocked. With the size of this shop, it should have powerful supporters; it was strange that people would dare cause trouble here. A wry smile spread across his face.

"That depends on who is doing the damage." The shopkeeper sighed helplessly, "They have been here for quite some time, one of the training institute's gold student, said to be ranked third, was challenged publicly by a White Armor guard from the palace of Xianyu Prefecture."

The shopkeeper shook his head and said, "White Armor guards from the Xianyu Prefecture Palace are powerful Level Fours of the Martial Path at least, how is a gold student an opponent? Take a look over there that was appalling."

At the Xianyu Prefecture Palace, the guards were divided into Black Armor and White Armor. Black Armor guards, who Su Yu saw once, were ferocious. Each were formidable Level Fives of the Martial Path. White Armor guards, Level Fours of the Martial Path, were the core strength that upheld order in the Xianyu Prefecture.

A soft groan was heard, and someone was knocked to the ground.

"A gold student of the training institute, no big deal." Among the bystanders, there was a 20-year-old White Armor guard. His arms were crossed and his white armor emanated dazzling radiance, complimenting his tall young body. Standing beside the White Armor guard, Li Minghao smiled, his eyes elated as he coldly watched the person lying on the ground.

"Lu Xuan, when I was first driven away from the team, I thought you had a great opportunity. It seems you haven't made much progress."

Struck down on the ground, Lu Xuan was badly battered. A trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. With no strength left his body, he laughed bitterly inside.

He had just returned from the Twilight Mountains. Upon entering the shop, he unexpectedly ran into Li Minghao and his cousin, Li Jinshan. Li Minghao had been brooding over his failure to get the Universe's Miracle Mineral Plant from inside the cave guarded by the demonic beasts. He was disgruntled, causing him to challenge Li Jinshan.

Li Jinshan was a terrifyingly strong Level Four, how could he compete with that?

Lu Xuan suffered silently. He got up with much difficulty, clenched his fists dejectedly, and clutching his abdomen, he slunk through the crowd and left.

At that moment, he found Su Yu standing outside the crowd, with his fists clenched. First, he was startled, then he hastily shot him a look, wanting to leave quickly. He'd already suffered retaliation from Li Minghao, now Su Yu?

"Hey! Su Yu! So you are here too!" Unfortunately, Li Minghao's sharp eyes discovered Su Yu's presence. With loathing, Li Minghao snapped, "Cousin, it's him!"

With his cold eyes shooting daggers, Li Jinshan separated the crowd and approached Su Yu. He narrowed his eyes, "It was you who wounded Minghao? Very well! I, Li Jinshan, challenge you! Prepare to fight!"

With a calm expression, Su Yu turned a deaf ear and walked away. He was not interested in a meaningless match. The bystanders shook their heads slightly.

"Li Jinshan is such a big bully, a Level Four challenging a Level Three, it's a one-sided match."

"Is it because those two have no powerful supporters? Do you think Li Jinshan has the guts to challenge Qin Feng and Fang Qingzhou?"

Li Jinshan remained unmoved even after he heard the whispers around him. Seeing how Su Yu ignored him, Li Jinshan, dazzling in white, made a brazen move!

"Fight or no fight, I have the final say! Whether you choose to fight or not, you'll have to fight either way!" Li Jinshan's hands turned into claws and ferociously lunged at Su Yu's back.

Su Yu frowned. This person was a true of example of a bully always being a coward. He even resorted to a sneak attack!

With a tap of his toe, Cloud Shadow was unleashed.

Li Jinshan was only one claw away from a successful sneak attack and yet Su Yu did not even glance back. His figure gracefully floated away, like the shadow of a white cloud. Like duckweeds drifting with river waves, he lightly leaped forward and casually avoided a strike.

Li Jinshan stared in disbelief. True, he only used a third of his strength, but how could the other party be so relaxed?

"Hey, I couldn't tell before, but it appears you know a thing or two. Not bad, so I won't hold back." Li Jinshan coldly smiled.

"Mountain Fist!" Li Jinshan suddenly unleashed the strong inner strength of a powerful Level Four. An invisible force field caused all the bystanders to fall back one after another.

"Hiss Li Jinshan is so vicious, seizing the opportunity to be so heavy-handed!"

"When beating up Lu Xuan, he didn't even use all his strength, but now he's giving it all. Su Yu is going to suffer horribly."

The Mountain Fist was a medium-level cultivation technique. A fist struck, its shadow overlapped. Strong and powerful, the pressure made the air hum. Earth-shattering strength headed towards him.

Su Yu's brows slightly creased as his right foot lashed out. The robust leg, transformed by the Jade Fire Marrow, unleashed a mighty power. This leg displayed strength that was beyond logic.

The two men each took three steps backwards. Su Yu's face registered no change in color, his expression calm. On the other hand, Li Jinshan secretly took a deep breath and shook out his numbed fists!

"Such strong physical strength and fast leg technique!" Li Jinshan, muttered!

Nine times out of 10, a Level Four could subdue a Level Three, but this match was a draw! Most importantly, the other side only used physical strength, and not any cultivation technique!

Li Minghao dumbstruck and pale; he found it hard to believe. Su Yu could actually block my cousin's blow?

Lu Xuan also dared not to believe. When did Su Yu attain such intense strength?

They had to know Li Jinshan and Qin Feng had the same level of strength!

"Are you really the Silver King?" Li Jinshan found it incredulous, how could a silver student be so tough?

Su Yu asked indifferently. "No more fighting?"

Li Jinshan's face turned pale and then crimson. He was overbearing and haughty, and forced the challenge on the other party. How could he cower now?

"Boy, don't be rampant! You do not know the strength of a Level Four!" Li Jinshan snorted and with a growl, a stream of pure energy flow surrounded his arms.

Lu Xuan's expression greatly changed. "Su Yu! Go quickly! He is going to use vital energy. You're no match for him!"

Vital energy could only be condensed in the realm of Lever Four. Entering Level Four, one could cultivate vital energy in the body. The energy was pure and full of explosive power. Vital energy played a crucial role in enabling a Level Four to steadily subdue a Level Three.

"Mountain Fist!" The formidable power of the same move, using vital energy, could more than double.

The air trembled and was so turbulent that the punch looked blurry. A wave of horror came crashing through. Su Yu was fearless.

"Tempest!" His right foot lashed out. When amid the sweeping cold wind, the lashings of icy air made one feel as if they were surrounded by blades. The leg was not even straight yet, and cold air was already sweeping across! White cold mist could even be seen glistening at times.


Once again, the two men took a step back. Su Yu still appeared relaxed.

But Li Jinshan was different. One could see that his fist was covered in frost. The piercing cold blocked the fist's inner strength circulation, meaning vital energy was unable to flow. A look of shock flashed across his face, Li Jinshan felt slightly chilled in his heart.

"No more fighting?" Su Yu breezily asked again.

Li Jinshan vexed, "You think I'm afraid of you?"

The two people figures intersected and staggered like shadows, wave after wave.

"Mountain Fist!"


One move, two moves, three moves! Four moves, five moves, six moves! After some time had passed, the two men had exchanged more than 100 moves!

"That Su Yu, is he really the Silver King? So powerful, almost close to the Gold King!"

"Compared to the Gold King, Su Yu is still far behind, but he's comparable to the second ranked Qin Feng."

After being kicked in the chest by Su Yu, his body hurled backwards and crashed onto the ground. Li Jinshan violently spurted out a mouthful of blood. Looking intently at it, there was actually cold mist with the blood! His whole body, especially his fists, was chilled and pale, shivering uncontrollably.

Li Jinshan's face looked terrified. Every contact with his leg technique caused the cold air in his body to drop another degree. Over time his body began to slow down and he was finally defeated.

With his right leg withdrawn, Su Yu's strength was slightly diminished, but not by much. His strong body, surpassing ordinary people's, provided him with an endless stream of physical strength.

Lightly glancing at Li Jinshan, Su Yu shook his head and said, "The White Armor guard of the Xianyu Prefecture Palace is only so-so. At the very least, he can't even compare to the Silver King."

Li Minghao looked frightened and carefully pressed against the wall to slink behind Li Jinshan. He pathetically lent an arm to support him and they left with their tails in between their legs.

Su Yu was too strong! So strong that even Li Minghao would not dare think of revenge! Leaving everyone in awe, Su Yu walked away.

At the restaurant, a youth with big eyes thick brows and a youth with a cool detached expression and a head full of silver hair, quietly watched the entire course of events.

"Haha, Shao Li, it seems we meet the silver kid from the Depository of Scriptures again. It looks like his strength has increased dramatically." The youth with thick brows ridiculed.

The silver haired youth scorned, "It's only Silver trash, not worthy enough for me to even lift a finger." The other youth had no comment.

Su Yu visited the blacksmith shop and could not help feeling disappointed that all the arrowheads were made of ordinary iron. With 5,000 silver taels in hand, for Su Yu and even the overwhelming majority of the silver students, he held a huge amount of wealth and riches.

With nothing to buy, Su Yu looked at himself. Even though his loose and cheap martial robes were clean, the workmanship was crude with no aesthetics to speak of. Although his body was clean, his skin was slightly scruffy, dark and rough. His hair also lacked maintenance, dry and scattered. He looked like an impoverished kid.

In Su Yu's former life, he was a white-collar manager who dressed up when he was out, fine and tastefully meticulous in every aspect, not a thread loose or hair out of place.

When he came to this world, he born into a poor family and could only endure until now. To Su Yu who was so accustomed to the fine life, it was not easy.

Now that he had money, he had to dress a little bit more respectably. He had shed his former self and been transformed inside. No longer being called useless, the outside also had to be transformed.

In this other world, there were similar one-stop beauty services. "Sir, we have three kinds of rapid skin improvement spirit serum. The price is quite high, the lowest price is one silver tael per drop. Just apply on the skin, you want a few drops..."

One silver tael, enough for one month of living expenses for ordinary person. Silver students only had one silver tael a month. No one would buy such an expensive spirit serum unless they were wealthy.

"Get a few drops? Well, get a bucket first and take a bath!" Su Yu tilted his head.

"Ah! A bucket? Oh, yes very well, wait a moment, sir. I'll immediately take care of it for you. Sir, haircare spirit serum, there's a collector's edition, please take a look..."

"Bring it all out and use one by one!"

"Ah!! Yes, yes, very well! Please kindly wait moment, Sir!

"Sir, our clothes are made of the finest silk fabric..."

"There are no better ones?"

"Ah! Yes, there is, I'll immediately go to our shop in town and fetch our treasure, a purple dustproof garment."

After half a day...

"Sir, right this way please. This is the mirror, kindly excuse your humble servant." The maid's pretty eyes widened in surprise and she looked at Su Yu with some amazement, finding it somewhat incredible that he had changed beyond recognition.

When he came in, she thought he was only a poor and penniless commoner. But now, he looked like a celestial immortal of the highest kind. The contrast between the before and after was so great that even she, who had been in this business for a long time, was shocked. There was never anyone like him, who changed so dramatically that it was like they were two different people.