The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Namelesss True Identity
Chapter 260: Namelesss True Identity
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At this moment, they finally understood why Lin Aojue would admit defeat. It was because Lin Aojue was truly not Su Yu's match! Su Yu's abilities were too powerful!

Nameless calmly chuckled and said, "Only your speed is passable. Ultimately, using sneak attacks to win is the lowly thing to do. There won't be much of a future for you!"

These comments were overly biased. Movement techniques were also part of one's abilities, so how could they be a lowly thing to use? Furthermore, Su Yu was fighting the guards head-on. How was that a sneak attack?

Su Yu remained indifferent toward the comments, taking a step toward Nameless. "It's your turn!"


At this moment, another guard attacked! Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier! The guard's body was light and graceful, his appearance stern, his voice deep as he bellowed, "Movement techniques? Vermin, it ends here!"


His figure blurred, disappearing into thin air. When he appeared again, he was already in front of Su Yu. But he did not strike. Instead, he merely swept his gaze toward a corner. "Humph! I have said! It ends here!"

His figure flickered as he disappeared on the spot. It was a moment before Su Yu's afterimage dissipated into the air! In the corner, one could hear wild winds blowing as if thunderclouds were brewing. There were two faint figures visible, locked in combat.

The crowd was dead silent. Even the elders from the families could not mask the shock in their hearts.

"What speed! There are not many Immortal Realm Level One fighters who could stand toe to toe with them! The personal guards of the Alliance Master are indeed full of talent!"

"The most shocking of them all is Su Yu! To be able to reach such a level of prowess despite only being Dragon Realm Level Five."

The two were in pursuit in the air for a moment.

The guard belittled Su Yu. "You only dare to escape and not fight? This is the source of your arrogance?"


Su Yu stopped flying, his figure showing. "If you think that is the case, then we can take it as that!"

Su Yu moved his fingers. At that moment, the formless Divine Ice Threads danced in the air. With a pull, the Divine Ice Threads suddenly became taut!

Puuu, puuu, puuu

There were five continuous sounds of meat being cut by a cleaver. The crowd looked over, their faces going pale. There were five Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier guardsall being sliced into many pieces! Upon close observation, surrounding the five guards were multiple thin Divine Ice Threads. These sharp Divine Ice Threads had sliced them apart!

In other words, Su Yu had not been escaping just now. He had been secretly setting up his Divine Ice Threads to kill five guards in one stroke!

The Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier guard was surprised and furious. In their pursuit, he had not detected that Su Yu was setting up such a trap!

"You!" The guard was livid. "I'll kill you!"

"Killing Wind!"

It was a Stage One Lower Class immortal-level technique, incredibly close to reaching Stage One Upper Class!

At that moment, all that could be heard were the sounds of wild winds. The wild winds materialized as long swords, assaulting Su Yu.

Su Yu's expression was cold. "Thunder Star Finger!"

His Thunder Star Finger was also close to reaching Stage One Upper Class!


The two collided. The guard stood his ground while Su Yu was pushed ten steps back!

Ultimately, there was an absolute difference between their cultivation levels. With the same level technique, a Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier was far stronger than a Dragon Realm Level Five Peak. With just a move, the victor was apparent!

"Humph! Your abilities are but so-so!" The guard had a massive boost of confidence, striking once again!

Su Yu took a breath, his eyes shooting out a bolt of gray light! The light pierced through the air, entering the atmosphere with lightning speed.

The guard who was approaching suddenly let out a pathetic wail, hugging his head as he fell to the ground. His facial features were bloodied, as if he had just suffered from a powerful attack! After letting out two pathetic cries, the guard slipped into a coma due to the pain!

Without a doubt, it was Su Yu's victory once again! Even a Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier was thoroughly defeated by Su Yu. Just how powerful was he?

Nameless's expression finally turned serious but was still laced with disdain. "Using hidden weapons and killing five people using evil techniques and causing another to slip into a coma. I have to say that your abilities are decent. But your character is questionable! You like to kill and use every means possible to achieve your aims. If you do not repent and turn back, you are going to walk deeper down this crooked path and ultimately will not be able to free yourself."

Su Yu had killed five Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier successively, then directly taken on a Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier. But according to Nameless, he was still weak. His comments were a little imprudent. Su Yu had beaten two people and killed five. There were only three left!

Han Jianglin squinted, deep in his eyes were traces of shock. In just a few days, how had Su Yu been able to cultivate his abilities to such an extent? He was easily able to defeat Dragon Realm Level Seven fighters! And without being forced to use the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters.

"This person has killed in front of the audience," Han Jianglin grunted. "His character is malicious and evil. Strike together! You need not hold back!"

Out of the last three, there was one Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak and two Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier fighters.

Nameless stood with his arms crossed, his lips forming a mocking smile. "Let me see how long you last in their hands. I'll give you some critiques along the way."

Su Yu shot a glance, taking a big step toward Nameless, "Since you wish to know how strong I am, why not personally attack me and try?"

Nameless took a step back, laughing. "Didn't I say that you are not worthy enough to fight me!"

"Whether I am worthy or not is not determined by your mouth," said Su Yu. "It is determined by the fist! If you are a man, you will fight me head-on and resolve the grudges. Don't be like a woman, spouting nonsense at the side, making laughable comments to highlight your existence despite not daring to fight! If this is your so-called confidence and invincibility, it truly is a laughing stock!"

Nameless's expression turned rigid, his gaze sinister, "What are you, to warrant an attack from me?"

"Then I really want to try"

Su Yu had not finished saying this when three air-crackling sounds could be heard.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

The three guards flew toward him at the same time, cutting between Nameless and Su Yu.

Nameless let out a cold laugh. "I think you should play with them for a little while, first. I shall leave you for a moment!"

After saying this, Nameless pointed to the ground with the tip of his toes, flying toward the stage of the Alliance Master! But before he could even make it there, Su Yu shouted, "Space Manipulation!"

Su Yu let out a low grunt in his heart. A powerful space energy assaulted the surroundings, surrounding the three guards and instantly sending them ten miles away!

Nameless turned back in shock, noticing that the three guards had vanished. His cold smile disappeared, his face turning rigid.

"Now there's no one to interrupt us!" Su Yu said. He let out a sigh, lifting his gaze and shooting it toward Nameless. "Can we finally start our battle?"

Nameless's pupils dilated! He did not stop to think. Instead, immediately flying toward the stage of the Alliance Master, he grunted, "Yin Yu! If you wish to fight, you can wait atop the stage. According to the rules, this is under the stage! Return immediately!"

Su Yu could not hold back a large laugh. 'When you were trying to kill me, you did not care if it was on the stage or not. Why is it, now that it is your turn, that you suddenly regard the rules? Are you finally admitting that you do not dare fight me?"

Su Yu laughed coldly, stepping forward in pursuit. Nameless's scalp turned numb, and he fled as fast as he could. This person had hit Su Yu out of his space teleportation, forcing him into a deadly situation. He had forced Su Yu to break his limits to use the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, nearly killing him. How could such a debt of blood be resolved so easily?

Su Yu let out another cold laugh. "Don't you want to see how powerful that secret technique is? Now, I'll give you the chance!"

Hearing this, Nameless's heart thumped wildly. "Stop!" he howled loudly. "This is a contest! What are you trying to do?"

Su Yu laughed. "Have you forgotten? Just now, you and Alliance Master Han stripped me of the right to participate. Now, I am merely a malicious man with a bounty on my head! Since I am malicious, I should do malicious things!"

Nameless's expression changed, shooting up towards the Alliance Master's stage as fast as possible with his movement technique. His speed was even faster than Su Yu's!

Even Lin Lengjian, an Immortal Realm Level One Peak fighter, lost to Su Yu in terms of speed. But Nameless was even faster than Su Yu! His cultivation level might have reached Immortal Realm Level Two! How could a youth genius reach Immortal Realm Level Two without anyone recognizing him? There was a large problem with his identity!

"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters!" Su Yu let out a low grunt, opening his mouth to take in a deep breath.

At that moment, thunder rolled in the sky. The spirit energy from all over the atmosphere congregated at Su Yu's mouth. This phenomenon was even more shocking than the last time he had used it!

Nameless's scalp turned numb. Even though he did not turn back, he could feel an extremely terrifying destructive energy speedily brewing behind him! Once it was released, its power

"Alliance Master, save me!" Nameless cried out, his heart filled with fear. With a low grunt, he shot a plea towards Han Jianglin on the Alliance Master's stage! Now, he no longer had the carefree attitude of commenting on Su Yu. He no longer had the right to say that Su Yu was not worthy of fighting him! He no longer had an excuse to drag out the fight! There was only one reason as to why he did not fight Su Yuhe did not dare to!

Feeling the destructive energy Su Yu was brewing, Han Jianglin's eyes were filled with killing intent! This person's potential was terrifying! Three days ago, the same technique was clearly not even half as powerful as the one he was using now! Three days ago, he might not have been able to cause too much damage to Nameless.

But now!

"Stop!" Han Jianglin let out a low grunt, personally flying over to attack Su Yu.

The crowd was shocked! The Master of the Hundred Territories Alliance was personally attacking to kill a junior!

But Su Yu did not have the intention of stopping. His eyes were filled with a mocking light! It had come to this point. Was there any way he could stop now? When the other party wanted to kill Su Yu, had he considered stopping? But now, as Nameless was in danger, he wanted Su Yu to stop.

Shaking his head, Su Yu slowly opened his mouth!


At that moment, a heaven-splitting sound assaulted the surroundings! It was a sound that seemed to want to destroy the heavens, breaking open a crevice on the ground.



A pathetic cry could be heard all over the Beast Fighting Arena! Nameless's body shook violently, his back instantly reduced to a bloody pulp! While his internal organs were trembling, he spat out a mouthful of blood following a pathetic cry.

Within his blood was a red elixir! He had been harboring that elixir in his mouth all this time!

An even more shocking scene ensued. As the elixir left his mouth, his facial muscles started to twitch, changing rapidly. Finally, he had transformed from Nameless to another person! His appearance caused the crowd to turn dead silent.