The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Sharp Words
Chapter 261: Sharp Words
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Anyone who had any power within the Alliance City would not have found that face unfamiliar. That was not another person. It was the alliance's Deputy Alliance Master, Lu Jun!

Everyone was at a loss at first. But soon, they became furious! This sudden revelation as good as confirmed that Su Yu's claims were, indeed, true!

Han Jianglin did not have the slightest intentions of giving out the Flesh Regeneration Elixirs as the prize. Instead, he had arranged for a trustworthy person to win back the elixir! A normal genius could not guarantee that he could deal with an unexpected situation. The numerous dark horses in the current Alliance Meet had explained it all.

Only a genius who was impossible to defeat could ensure that the elixir would go back to him! However, if there were such a genius, he would already be famous within the Hundred Territories Alliance. Hence, the only solution was to ask someone to pretend to be a genius!

Some intelligent people stared at the red-colored elixir and were filled with disdain! It was rumored that the Flesh Regeneration Elixirs that Han Jianglin obtained had come from historical remains. He had also obtained some other elixirs which defied the natural order from those same historical remains. However, no one knew exactly what those elixirs were.

At the moment, only Han Jianglin had elixirs which could change the appearance of a person! It was clear he created a dark horse king: Nameless, a genius of the Immortal Realm who was not 20 years old yet! But his real identity was the 30-year-old Deputy Alliance Master who had trained for many years!

After seeing this, many people who realized the truth could not help but laugh at themselves. In particular, those people who had blindly trusted Han Jianglin wished they could slap themselves for their foolishness.

Undoubtedly, Su Yu had revealed the truth. They had been filled with sarcasm. Little did they imagine that Han Jianglin was such a despicable and evil person! As a dignified Deputy Alliance Master, Lu Jun had pretended to be a young genius and competed with the geniuses shamelessly. How absurd was that? How funny was that? How impudent was that?

Atop the sky, Su Yu was slightly stunned. After which, a coldness which could rise to the skies gushed out from his eyes. "Lu! Jun!"

The uncertainties in Su Yu's heart were all explained in that split second! This was why Nameless, who was not associated with him, harbored this unexplained hostility. This was why Nameless had tried to kill him three days ago! It was why he had felt there was a problem with Nameless's identity.

All the questions were answered! It was because he was the very person Su Yu wanted to kill! Lu Jun!

It was him who brought An Yurou away from the Liuxian Faction forcefully. It was him who forced An Yurou to seal her soul! It was him who was ruthless toward Su Yu on the day of the birthday celebration at the Yunxiang Cabinet!

All this, plus the palm Su Yu had only narrowly escaped from three days ago, merged together to become an unprecedented hatred!

Lu Jun was fatally injured by Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters to the point that most of his internal organs were destroyed! If he swallowed a Flesh Regeneration Elixir, there was still the possibility of him recovering!

"Alliance Master!" he called out. "Quick, save me!"

After a short delay, Han Jianglin finally arrived! However, his expression was bitter like never before!

Lu Jun was exposed. The mighty name of the Alliance Master had been destroyed in a moment! It was clear to everyone that he had made arrangements for his subordinate to control the outcome of the competition. Hence, his heroic name had been completely destroyed in an instant! In the future, if anyone mentioned Han Jianglin, they might not forget this. It was a huge blow that was crushing to Han Jianglin's dignity!

Han Jianglin's eyes were glowing with coldness. A ruthless expression then flashed past his face and disappeared!

"Humph!" Han Jianglin said. "Lu Jun, you are extremely bold. For the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, you actually dared to pretend to be a young genius. This is a violation of the Alliance Meet's rules! Kneel down immediately, kowtow to everyone in the world, and admit your crime!"

Han Jianglin had hatched a contingency plan and now struck at the root of the problem. He sidestepped all the responsibility and shifted the blame solely on Lu Jun.

Although there were people who were suspicious, there was no concrete evidence to prove that everything had been done by Han Jianglin.

Lu Jun was extremely cunning. In an instant, he understood Han Jianglin's intentions. He then bent down and apologized hurriedly. "I, Lu Jun, was temporarily muddleheaded. For the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, I have done something despicable. Please forgive me."

With that, many people were relieved. Secretly, Han Jianglin broke into a frightened sweat. What a close call!

Han Jianglin cast the waves within his heart away. His face wore a shameful expression and he looked at everyone. "I have done an inspection and found out that I have let down my fellow compatriots. Hence, I am willing to resign and give up the position of the Alliance Master. Thereafter, another brilliant person will be selected as the Alliance Master."

Within the Hundred Territories Alliance, Han Jianglin's abilities were the strongest. Apart from him, who still had the right to take on the role of the Alliance Master? Even if he gave up the position, was there anyone who dared to take on the position?

His words had more or less restored his image, and it had also given everyone an explanation. The most important thing was that he had not lost anything. This promise had an extremely strong impact. At the same time, it was cheaper than any other promises he could have made.

As expected, at the audience's area, everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Although some of the forces were moved, they were not stupid enough to agree with the Alliance Master's decision seriously.

That is, except for one person!

A voice which was not in harmony with the audience reverberated within the Beast Fighting Arena. "Eh? The Alliance Master knows that he committed an extremely serious crime. Fortunately for the Hundred Territories Alliance, you resigned from the position of the Alliance Master willingly and looked for another brilliant person to be the Alliance Master. I am filled with total admiration."

Many people's bodies trembled. They looked at Su Yu, and their mouths could not help but twitch! How excessively bold!

Han Jianglin's expression turned grave and then terrified.

Su Yu walked over expressionlessly. "Alliance Master Han, your feelings are noble, and I admire them extremely. This matter needs immediate attention. Please hand over the Alliance Master's Great Seal. We will take advantage of this opportunity, where all the Hundred Territories Alliance's forces are here, to choose a new Alliance Master."

Han Jianglin became stiff on the spot, and his expression became bitter at once. His eyes narrowed, and he stared at Su Yu secretly. Hidden from the view of anyone else, he mouthed the words, "Do you wish to die?"

Su Yu laughed coldly and replied by mouthing, "Are you an idiot? This is not the first time you have tried to kill me. If I don't make things difficult for you, will you have mercy on me and let me go?"

"Please, stop saying all this nonsense that has no meaning!"

After his speech, Su Yu opened his mouth and said, "Eh? Alliance Master, where is the Great Seal? Why aren't you handing it over? Could it be that you were only speaking thoughtlessly just now? Could it be that you did not have any intention to repent and mend your way? Could it be that you only wanted to deal with the difficult situation in front of you quickly, then send everyone away?"

Su Yu's consecutive questioning had forced Han Jianglin into a situation where the struggle was the fiercest! At the same time, the atmosphere within the audience became uneasy. It now dawned on everyone that it was impossible for Han Jianglin to give up the position of the Alliance Master. His words moments ago had just a method to calm down the situation.

Now, under the coercion of Su Yu, he revealed his true colors!

In Han Jianglin's mind, he was filled with unprecedented murderous intents, but on the surface, he was just inspiring awe by upholding justice. "Across the whole Hundred Territories Alliance," he announced, "my promises can be counted on. However, the changing of an Alliance Master is a huge matter, and I would need some time to come to a decision!" Han Jianglin's gaze landed on Su Yu directly, and he questioned him loudly, "As for you! You disregarded the Hundred Territories Alliance's harmony. What are you trying to do by forcing me to resign from my position of the Alliance Master now? What motive do you have? Who sent you here to make trouble? Tell me!"

With a few words, he had shifted the problem onto Su Yu!

Su Yu looked at the sky and laughed. "Alliance Master, what a good way to turn things upside down! You leave your own matter unresolved and deal with my crime first?" Su Yu laughed for a long period of time.

Han Jianglin gave a cold hum. "I am still the Hundred Territories Alliance's Master. Each and every one of my actions is streamed from the Hundred Territories Alliance's interests. Your identity is suspicious. Hence, it is natural for me to question you first. After this matter is taken care of, I will plead guilty to the world again!"

Su Yu laughed coldly. "Plead guilty? Are you going to resign from your position of the Alliance Master again?"

After hearing that Su Yu's words were filled with mockery, Han Jianglin shouted loudly and strictly, "Enough! Haven't you created enough trouble in the Alliance Meet? Because of you, a good Alliance Meet ended up in its current situation. How would you answer to this?"

Su Yu laughed sardonically. "Are you so insistent on condemning someone that you will trump up a charge? As the Alliance Master, your eyes are indeed blind! Let me ask you. Who is the one who pretended to be a genius and drove real contestants with outstanding abilities away?"

Han Jianglin gave a cold hum. "Is there a need for me to answer you?"

"Of course, you do not need to answer," said Su Yu. "Because everyone in the world is looking. Everything was done by Lu Jun!" Su Yu continued to talk. "Let me ask you again. Who exposed this evil person who disturbed the order?"

Murderous intents flashed past Han Jianglin's eyes, and he was about to open his mouth. Instead, Su Yu gestured in disapproval.

"I know that as the Alliance Master, you naturally feel that it is beneath your dignity to answer me," said Su Yu. "However, everyone in the world can answer, it is me! The person who disturbed the order was exposed by me, Yin Yu! Can I ask, since I am the one who announced the person who disturbed the order to everyoneand have upheld the Alliance Meet's fairness and orderwhy is it that in the Alliance Master's own words, I am the one who landed the Alliance Meet in its current situation?"

Han Jianglin could not let this little brat find any loopholes in his words. If not, he would die from anger!

"Humph!" Han Jianglin scoffed, hurrying to change the subject. "Putting that aside first, you have killed five bodyguards, and you are cruel by nature. For this alone, I have the authority to kill you on the spot and make an example out of you to warn the others!"

Su Yu laughed for a long period of time without stopping. "What a hilarious joke! Let me ask you, why did I kill people?"

Han Jianglin gave a cold hum. "Of course, it was because you humiliated Lu Jun, and you are guilty"

His words ceased abruptly as he realized, looking at the current situation, that Lu Jun was not humiliated at all.

Su Yu laughed coldly. "I did not humiliate him, did I? Since I did not humiliate him, is the Alliance Master not the one at fault for making an arbitrary decision and sending people to kill me? Since the Alliance Master was at fault, was it not appropriate for me to defend myself, thus killing them? Since it is appropriate, how am I cruel by nature? Could it be that being killed unjustly by your people would have been considered kindness?"

Su Yu went on, "Hence, Alliance Master, in this Alliance Meet, I am the person who has rendered outstanding service! If not for me, how many people would have been kept in the dark? Perhaps, Alliance Master's Flesh Regeneration Elixirs would have been swindled by Lu Junthe despicable and evil persongratuitously! Hence, if the Alliance Master still wants to kill me, it can only prove that the Alliance Master wants to kill me to silence me!"

Han Jianglin's eyebrows twitched, and he had an extremely ferocious expression.

This Su Yu had thwarted his plan completely and also caused him to suffer a loss in glory. And now, in the end, Su Yu actually dared to claim that he had rendered a great service!

However, what was even more unexpected was what Su Yu said next.

"Finally," said Su Yu, "I do not hope for the Alliance Master to give me any rewards. After all, helping the alliance avoid a disaster was a natural response for me. However, I request that the Alliance Master give me the prize: the two Flesh Regeneration Elixirs that I deserve."

The blue veins on Han Jianglin's forehead were pulsing continuously. He bit his teeth so tightly that his teeth were about to be shattered into pieces. His eyes were filled with anger, looking as if he were about to breathe fire.

"You still have the face to ask for the elixir?" he growled.

Su Yu had injured Han Jianglin's son fatally, to the point that his son was half dead. He had intended to give the only two remaining elixirs to his son to save him. He had finally arranged for Lu Jun to acquire the number one position to ensure that his plan would work. However, it had all been thwarted by Su Yu!

Although he had not found trouble for Su Yu, Su Yu still dared to demand the elixir!

Su Yu said indifferently, "Why, Alliance Master? Could it be that I hit the nail on the head when I said you never intended to give away the two elixirs? In fact, Lu Jun was under your orders to take back the elixirs, wasn't he?"