The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 262

Chapter 262: Mo Wus Whereabouts
Chapter 262: Mo Wus Whereabouts
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"Nonsense! I always keep my promises," Han Jianglin scolded. "Since I promised the elixirs, I would naturally give them! But why should I give them to you?"

Su Yu surveyed the surroundings. "Do you think that there is anyone more worthy of the prize than me?"

Of the candidates, Wu Yaoyue had withdrawn from the contest, and Lu Jundisguised as Namelesshad been severely injured. Su Yu was the undisputed champion of the Alliance Meet! If he was not worthy of the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, no one else was.

Han Jianglin squinted. "You seemed to have forgotten that I have already stripped you of the right to participate!"

He needed the Flesh Regeneration Elixir to save his son's life. How could he hand it over?

Su Yu chuckled. "Alliance Master Han seems also to have forgotten why I was stripped of the right to participate! I was wronged by the despicable Lu Jun, and you sent powerful fighters and tried to kill me. Reasonably, I had to fight back! After fighting back, you stripped me of the right to participate. Considering the entire situation, you were in the wrong, yet you wish to push the blame to me. Now that the truth is out, shouldn't you retract your wrongful punishment?"

The rounds of questioning had backed Han Jianglin to a corner. Under the scrutiny of the audience, he had to hand over Flesh Regeneration Elixirs, no matter how unwilling he was!

"Take it!"


A reddish-brown jade bottle was thrown over. Su Yu grabbed it with his hand. Within the bottle silently were two yellow elixirs. Shreds of shocking life force spread out from the bottle.

Taking a breath of the life force, Su Yu's flesh felt excited, longing for the elixir. It was the first time Su Yu had encountered an item that could make his flesh tingle with excitement. This was, without question, the Flesh Regeneration Elixir!

"Satisfied?" Han Jianglin calmly said.

It was as if he was not worried that Su Yu was going take the elixirs away. Su Yu was clear about what Han Jianglin was thinking. Su Yu should not hope to leave this place alive today!

Su Yu had already used his space teleportation and was unable to teleport away at the moment. Under these circumstances, it was impossible to escape from the strongest fighter in the Hundred Territories Alliance. Han Jianglin could relax and hand over the two Flesh Regeneration Elixirs.

Su Yu kept the jade bottle, shooting his gaze toward Lu Jun, his eyes full of killing intent. "I wish for Alliance Master Han to fulfill one more of my requests!"

"Speak!" Han Jianglin calmly said, his lips forming an icy arc.

"That is" A black Tai Chi Fish suddenly appeared in Su Yu's palm. "Please punish Lu Jun for his crimes!"

Lu Jun had abducted An Yurou and caused her to seal her soul. He had assaulted Su Yu and put his life in mortal danger! If this person was not dead, Su Yu could not swallow his indignance!

Han Jianglin froze for a moment. Then his expression turned sinister. "I will naturally look into Lu Jun's crimes. You can await the news of my verdict!"

Su Yu took a step forward and said, "Lu Jun has committed many evil deeds. If you do not punish him on the spot, this crowd would not be pleased"

Su Yu had not finished his words when Han Jianglin said with a sharp voice, shouting, "I said to back down! Are you the Alliance Master, or am I the Alliance Master? Lu Jun's punishment will be decided by me!" Seeing Su Yu's insistence, Han Jianglin dispersed a cold aura. "I'll say it for the last time, back down! Disregarding the Alliance Master is a grave offense!"

Shreds of spirit energy seeped out from Han Jianglin's pores. If Su Yu had any intention of fighting, Han Jianglin might really attack.

"Fine!" Su Yu nodded, slowly retreating a few steps back.

Han Jianglin shot a cold glance at him. Su Yu had ultimately submitted to his authority! But at that moment


A cracking sound was suddenly heard. The black Tai Chi Fish in Su Yu's palms was smashed into dust. Space energy billowed out into the air, enveloping Su Yu.

Han Jianglin's expression changed. "It's space energy again!"

His heart skipped a beat! If Su Yu was teleported away, the two Flesh Regeneration Pills

"Stop! The contest is not over! Without my orders, no one is allowed to leave!" Han Jianglin let out a low grunt, striking a palm toward Su Yu, trying to blast him out of the ripple in space.

He was incredibly anxious. If Su Yu were to escape, wouldn't his son be dead without question?

"Seal of Time!"

Su Yu's abilities were not limited to space manipulation! Han Jianglin's body slowed down, unable to move.


Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu flew toward Lu Jun.

"You have this day, too! Lu Jun!"

Lu Jun was clear about Su Yu's identity. It was no longer a secret from the day he saved An Yurou. The animosity between the two of them need not be made clear!

"Su Yu! Stopdon't you wish to save An Yurou?" Lu Jun anxiously said, throwing out a bomb.

Su Yu squinted. In these three days, the Shentian Manor had been seized by the Han family. The Yunxiang Cabinet would inevitably be controlled by the Han family. And An Yurou, who was being hidden in the Yunxiang Cabinet

"Where is she?" Su Yu coldly said.

Lu Jun's eyeballs moved rapidly. "If you promise not to kill me, I will tell you!"

"You are not in a position to choose!" Su Yu let out a low grunt, grabbing Lu Jun, wishing to take him away with him.

But Lu Jun was obviously stalling for time, waiting for Han Jianglin to attack!

"Ah! I'll fight you to the death!" Lu Jun let out a loud growl, using his remaining power to stall for time!

"Humph! Contortion of Space!" Su Yu let out a low grunt!

Instantly, a twisted space enveloped Lu Jun's right leg.



A shocking scene ensued. Lu Jun's right leg was twisted by space, instantly turning into pulp. At that moment, he became a cripple who had lost his right leg!

With a pathetic cry, Lu Jun exhaled in pain, almost slipping into unconsciousness. Su Yu took the chance, grabbing his head and attempting to teleport him away using the space energy! He was about to succeed when Han Jianglin woke up at the critical moment! His eyes were filled with killing intent!

"Die!" roared Han Jianglin.

The strongest fighter in the Hundred Territories Alliance was striking in fury!


Every action caused the winds to rumble and the clouds to shift. At that moment, Su Yu felt as if a humongous mountain were exerting its pressure on him, causing his organs to tremble, once again on the verge of destruction!


This was a threat of death far scarier than when he had overused the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters!


With that single word, Han Jianglin held a bolt of spirit energy as thick as a wrist, charging straight for Su Yu's chest! Everywhere he passed, the sky trembled violently, the earth filled with multiple cracks. Everything that had physical form was obliterated! It was the first time Su Yu had seen such tremendous power!

At this moment, Su Yu felt like an ant facing off against a dragon flying in the sky. The difference was too greatso great that even a legendary-level technique paled in comparison. This blow would not leave Su Yu with a whole corpse!

But at this critical moment, Su Yu clenched his teeth, forcefully suppressing the fear in his soul, using Lu Jun to block him!


The terrifying spirit energy was like a divine power!

Lu Jun's chest, without any obstructions, was blasted open, presenting a gaping, bloody hole! Even though he was not fully penetrated, most of Lu Jun's chest was blasted into ashes!

The immense power spread to Su Yu through Lu Jun's chest.


Su Yu immediately spat out blood, suffering powerful trauma! But this was merely power from the first wave of the technique. Lu Jun's body continued to release destructive energy! The energy spread from Lu Jun's body, assaulting Su Yu!

But at this moment, the space energy had finished rumbling, completely teleporting them away!


At the secret chamber of the Ouyang family, the space rippled. A figure shot out from within like a rock, crashing into the stone walls of the secret chamber, sending a hunk of flesh splattering in all directions.

Following that, Su Yu stepped out with blood at the corner of his lips!

Su Yu was immensely shocked.

Just what level is Han Jianglin at? He and Lu Jun are both Immortal Realm fighters, so why was the difference between them so vast?

Su Yu's soul was still filled with fear. That blow just now had been too terrifying! Forcefully collecting himself, he stepped forward to examine Lu Jun. He involuntarily gasped!

Lu Jun's chest area was empty. It had been reduced to nothing by the terrifying blow. The blood in his body had all been instantly evaporated, and the flesh was all dried out, as if it were preserved meat!

Seeing this scene, Su Yu felt relieved that he had acted cautiously by preemptively shattering the Tai Chi Fish. If he had been any later, he would have ended up like Lu Jun!

At this moment, Lu Jun was on the verge of dying, his breath shallow. He only had a few more breaths of life left.

"Where is An Yurou?" Su Yu said.

But Lu Jun remained silent.

Su Yu's expression sank. A few moments later, he added, "If you can still hear me, tell me where An Yurou is. I can promise you something! I will kill Han Jianglin for you!"

Han Jianglin had struck in fury. It was impossible that he had not considered that killing Su Yu also meant killing Lu Jun, for Lu Jun was in the hands of Su Yu. Yet he had still struck without hesitation. The person who had truly killed Lu Jun was Han Jianglin.

Hearing this, Lu Jun's lips quivered slightly. "At Nine Cloud. Tower"

Nine Cloud Tower? The Lin family's Nine Cloud Tower?


After saying this with much difficulty, Lu Jun exhaled his final breath, and his body slumped on the ground.

Zi Yunxiang was surprised. "An Yurou? That lady with the extreme yin constitution?"

Zi Yunxiang knew about the woman Lu Jun had taken back. He had wanted to condition her in the Yunxiang Cabinet. The extreme yin constitution was incredibly cold, its yin energy far stronger than that of an average person. This was the reason why Lu Jun had gone to such lengths to obtain her!

"I don't think he is lying," said Zi Yunxiang. "An Yurou could really be in the Lin family's Nine Cloud Tower! Only the mysterious flames of Nine Cloud Tower can suppress the yin energy in An Yurou's body, consolidating it all in one place. This way, one could cultivate once to gain all of its benefits. Lu Jun had once planned to send her to the Lin family's Nine Cloud Tower but was rejected by the Lin family grandmaster. Thus, he had to wait until now, when the Alliance Master held the monopoly on power. Now, the Lin family grandmaster had no choice but to comply."

The Nine Cloud Tower!

Su Yu's gaze flickered. "There is no time to waste. I am heading for the Lin family immediately. Miss Zi, please stay here for the moment. The outside world is dangerous. I will come and take you away to safety."

Zi Yunxiang obediently nodded.

When Su Yu left, they did not notice a small, black bug crawling out from Lu Jun's ear. It flew out to the outside world through a slit in the secret chamber.

Multiple miles away, at an inn, a youth stood carrying a sword in his arms. He suddenly opened his eyes and extended his palm. The black bug landed on his palm.

"Prince Yaoyue, you planned well. I think even Nameless did not realize that we would leave behind a backup plan."

The youth was Wu Yaoyue, who had withdrawn from the competition! At this moment, other than Huang Xiaoyan, there was an old man standing behind Wu Yaoyue. He was about eighty, his skin full of wrinkles and saggy to the point of drooping. Multiple blemishes filled his face, giving off a sinister aura. His cultivation level was too deep to be estimatedas deep as an ocean. A single glance at him could cause one's hair to stand on end.

This aura was only present in powerful fighters such as Alliance Master Han and Zi Donglai. But at this moment, he was respectful. Wu Yaoyue's status was extraordinary!

Expressionless, Wu Yaoyue shot a fierce glare. "The Flesh Regeneration Elixir must be in his hands by now. That item is mine!"

The sinister old man let out a cold laugh. "After obtaining the Flesh Regeneration Elixir, you only need to find An Yurou before you fulfill your promise. When that time comes, Miss Mo Wu will definitely marry you without complaints."