The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 263

Chapter 263: Earth Dragons Technique
Chapter 263: Earth Dragons Technique
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Huang Xiaoyan grinned and laughed loudly. "Brother Yaoyue went deep into an enemy's territory for a beautiful woman. If this piece of news spreads back into the Dark Forest, it will definitely be an anecdote!"

After hearing Mo Wu's name, Wu Yaoyue's arrogant face revealed a gentle expression that was rarely seen. He laughed, too. "Mo Wu is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. In the whole world, apart from me, Wu Yaoyue, there is not a second person who is worthy of her. At the very moment, we have whereabouts of the Flesh Regeneration Elixir. After acquiring it, we will find her master and cure her face. According to the agreement, she will accompany me to the Dark Forest and become my wife." Wu Yaoyue's eyes were burning with fighting spirit as he added, "Elder Huang, I will leave the task of acquiring the Flesh Regeneration Elixir to you. This task must be accomplished!"

The old man chuckled. "Prince, rest assured. If the Flesh Regeneration Elixir were in the hands of the Hundred Territories Alliance Master, then we could forget about it. But a mere junior of Immortal Level Two will be unable to escape from my hands!"

Wu Yaoyue nodded his head. "Good! Find Nameless and acquire the Flesh Regeneration Elixir. As for me Humph. Since we already have acquired the whereabouts of An Yurou, I will look for her personally!"

At the Lin family's palace, everyone wore worried and gloomy expressions. To the Lin family, the death of Lin Lengjian was a huge blow that was indescribable!

In the Lin family grandmaster's room, Lin Aojue, who had just returned from the Alliance Meet, knelt down on the floor and pled guilty. "Grandmaster, please punish me. I am incompetent. Hence, I was unable to acquire the first position and win glory for the family."

The Lin family grandmaster wore green clothes. Bitterness and hatred appeared on his old face. "You are not to blame. I am the one to blame! Yunhe recommended Yin Yu here. It is I who did not have good eyes, and we let him slip away. Moreover, I did not kill him when I had the chance, and this has caused Lin Lengjian to be killed."

The Lin family grandmaster laughed at himself. The Su Yu of the past could have become a member of the Lin family and could have been at the Lin family's service. It was the Lin family grandmaster who had made the ill-advised decision to release Su Yu when he had incurred the hatred of the Lin family.

If he had known that this would be the result, he would have eradicated the source of trouble!


A guard rushed over and reported quickly. "Grandmaster, this is bad! Someone invaded the Lin family forcefully and has injured the guards at the entrance!"

The Lin family grandmaster's expression changed silently, and it was quite obvious that he was furious. "Does he really think that my Lin family is on the wane? Follow me!"

The Lin family grandmaster rushed towards the entrance furiously. However, apart from the ground being covered with guards who were wailing mournfully after having been beaten, no one else was present.

"Where is he? Where did he run to?" The Lin family grandmaster's eyes were filled with murderous intents.

"Grandmaster, he escaped!"

Escaped? The Lin family grandmaster was a bit surprised. From beginning to end, only a few minutes had passed. During those few minutes, the intruder had defeated the entire group of Dragon Realm Level Three guards who were at the entrance. His abilities were far above them, and there was no reason for him to have fled!

The grandmaster's old eyes narrowed and swept past the area. He shot his gaze in the direction of the Nine Cloud Tower. His eyes glowed brilliantly. "Quick! Head toward Nine Cloud Tower immediately! This is a trap to lure us away from the house!"

Outside Nine Cloud Tower, the floor was littered with knocked out guards. The entrance of the tower opened silently. The first layer was burning with violent Blue Spirit Flames. The passage connecting to the underground level had already opened.

A Moon White, Long-Robed silhouette stepped through the raging flame and headed toward to center of the raging flames at the underground level. A head of silver hair and a maskwho else could it be other than Su Yu?

Reflected in Su Yu's eyes was a crystal coffin. A graceful body lay quietly inside the coffin. As the body was being roasted by the raging flame, it had a serene expression, like it had fallen into an eternal sleep.

As for that ugly face, it was shocking. It was An Yurou!

At the moment, a red fluorescent light was circulating around An Yurou's body surface. It was as if the red fluorescent light was trickling sluggishly and flowing like a stream. It flowed toward her abdomen without any sound and gathered to become a curved, red pool. Lumps of marvelous energy radiated from the small pool.

When Su Yu got close, he felt many times cooler, and his body felt extremely comfortable. That was the yin element. Under these high temperatures, it had separated all the yin element from every part of An Yurou's body and gathered it all together.

At the very moment, the yin element was in its final form. It was no surprise that it was about to be taken by Lu Jun.

Staring at An Yurou, who slept peacefully and deeply, Su Yu's heart was extremely moved and filled with indescribable respect. Ten years ago, she had succeeded in escaping from Lu Jun's demonic claws. Ten years later, she willingly attracted Lu Jun over for Su Yu. Moreover, she had acted as though she had been happy to leave with Lu Jun.

From the first time they met, An Yurou had quietly protected Su Yu behind his back, even up until this very moment. If not for her, his fate would have been extremely miserable.

Su Yu opened the crystal coffin with a palm and cradled her to his chest. He then said with a gentle voice, "Second Elder, I, Su Yu, have come to repay you!"


Su Yu's eyes flashed, and he left Nine Cloud Tower. However, he did not bother to leave quietly. Instead, he flew toward the horizon hurriedly and flew far away from the Alliance City. With such a great ruckus, any strong martial artist within the Alliance City would notice him!


At that moment, the Lin family grandmaster rushed over. When he noticed a white-colored shadow at the horizon, his old eyes overflowed with absolute murderous intents. "You have invaded my Lin family, and you shall be pardoned with death!"

What was more surprising and enraging to him was that Su Yu did not even try to avoid attention. Instead, he tried to escape via the sky! It was as if he did not have the Lin family in his eyes at all!


The Lin family grandmaster flew and chased after Su Yu in the sky. His cultivation base was many times higher than Lin Lengjian. As the grandmaster of the Three Great Ancient Regions, his abilities were the strongest!

He was just below Han Jianglin!

The Alliance Meet had just ended not long ago. Hence, many strong martial artists from various forces were still in the city and had not left yet. How could the movements in the sky of the Alliance City escape their eyes?

Han Jianglin's cold eyes looked as if it had passed through layers of clouds. His pupils shrank and became filled with murderous intents abruptly. "Yin Yu!"

Yin Yu had snatched away the Flesh Regeneration Elixir that could save his son, and Yin Yu had also killed Lu Jun in front of everyone!

"Evil creature! You have killed the Deputy Alliance Master. Hence, I cannot forgive you!" Han Jianglin spoke with the force of justice, and he flew into the layers of cloud.

As for the remaining family forces, their expressions changed greatly in succession. The shadows of Su Yu and the Lin family grandmasterescaping and giving chase, respectivelywere as if they were skimming over the surface. They changed time and again yet still stayed the same in a flash.

Half a cup of tea's time passed. Outside the Alliance City, atop a snowfield, the Lin family's grandmaster shouted loudly, "Did you think that it would be so easy for you to leave after having invaded my Lin family?" A lump of spiritual energy which he released was shot toward Su Yu's back from a long distance away!

Su Yu's expression changed slightly, and he could not help but stop moving.

He turned his head and revealed his real face. The Lin family grandmaster's pupils shrank. "It's you!"

Coldness erupted from within the Lin family grandmaster in an instant. Losing a Great Elder of the Lin family had dealt them an unprecedented blow, both in terms of reputation and abilities.

"Lin family grandmaster, are you here to kill me?" Su Yu breathed lightly.

The Lin family grandmaster's old face was consumed with coldness. "If you had not appeared right in front of me and no one looked for you, I would have been fine with not killing you. However, you killed my family's Great Elder and invaded my Lin family. If I do not kill you, how will my Lin family answer to the public?"

The Lin family grandmaster's whole body released spiritual energy slowly, and it was accompanied by thick murderous intents on all sides.

Su Yu said coldly, "Lin Lengjian had tried to put me at death's door again and again. Was it so wrong for me to kill him? I am greatly indebted to An Yurou. I could not tolerate the fact that harm had come her way. Was it wrong for me to rescue her?"

The murderous intents within Lin family's old eyes gradually thickened. "No matter how at fault he was, there was no need for you to kill him! Don't forget. That day, who was the one who recommended you to the Lin family? Also, who gave you the chance to enter the Nine Cloud Tower and further your training? It was my Lin family! However, you are ungrateful! You did not think about the gratitude due to us in the slightest bit. You killed my Lin family's elder, causing my Lin family to be humiliated and also to lose a great portion of our power. Ask yourself, are you worthy of Lin Yunhe, worthy of my Lin family, or worthy of your own conscience?"

Every sentence that the Lin family grandmaster questioned in reply was filled with his anger and remorse. He hated himself for not killing Su Yu earlier!