The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 264

Chapter 264: A Looming Crisis
Chapter 264: A Looming Crisis
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"Ungrateful?" said Su Yu. "Lin family grandmaster, have you forgotten who was it that did not allow me to leave the Lin family, forcing me to take attacks from the geniuses from the Lin family? Who was it that said that all grudges would be resolved with one stroke? Now that it has come to this, you tell me that I, Su Yu, still owe the Lin family a debt of favor!"

The Lin family grandmaster could not find words. His expression showed his killing intent. "Fine! Let's say that you do not owe us any debts! But considering the face of Lin Yunhe, how could you strike so mercilessly at a member of the Lin family? Even if Lin Lengjian wanted to kill you, if you had told me, I naturally would have stopped him and warned him! But what did you do? You killed him!"

Hearing these nonsensical words, Su Yu could not stifle his laughter. "What a joke! It seems you also know that I had been recommended by Master Lin Yunhe! When you were finding trouble with me in the Lin family, did you stop to consider Master Lin Yunhe? When Lin Lengjian tried to kill me multiple times, did he stop to consider Master Lin Yunhe? No! Finally, when Lin Lengjian was about to kill me, what were you doing? As the Lin family grandmaster, you knew what he was doing! But what did you do? Did you warn him? Did you try to stop him? No! You only turned a blind eye as he attempted to kill an unimportant junior fighter! You only think about Master Lin Yunhe now that Lin Lengjian had been killed by me? Do you still value your reputation?" Su Yu scolded!

The Lin family grandmaster could not find words. He had not once thought about Lin Yunhe when he was finding trouble with Su Yu, nor when Lin Lengjian wanted to kill Su Yu multiple times. And now, he was demanding that Su Yu consider Lin Yunhe.

"Humph! What a glib tongue! It is a fact that you killed Lin Lengjian. My anger will not quell unless I kill you!"

The Lin family grandmaster struck suddenly! A destructive power was aimed at a spot in the sky. This destructive power was almost on par with Han Jianglin's, causing Su Yu's gaze to turn serious.

"No one can save you, lad!" said the Lin family grandmaster.

He had thick killing intent, striking decisively! But Su Yu's lips formed a mysterious smile, shooting his gaze to a corner of the earth.

"You have followed me all this way," said Su Yu. "Is it time for you to show yourself?"

He had just finished his sentence when the earth beneath his legs exhibited a strange phenomenon. The ground started to shift, forming a human figure! It was an ancient person, his eyes filled with wrinkles. He exuded a sinister aura! This person had been following Su Yu for a long time!

Before entering the Lin family, Su Yu had already sensed his presence. He had been following Su Yu all the way until now, never once attacking him.

The Lin family grandmaster's expression changed. "Who are you?"

The Lin family grandmaster had a feeling of unease. This sinister old man seemed to have horrifying abilities! Could this be a trap set by Su Yu?

His gaze wavering, the Lin family grandmaster retracted his attack, retreating speedily. But the sinister elder on the ground let out fits of cold laughter. "You have seen my true form and still think that you can leave here alive? Earth Dragon's Technique!"

The old man tapped his foot gently on the ground.

At that moment, the earth vibrated, and a 100 zhang long, three zhang thick earth dragon flew out from deep within the earth, striking towards the Lin family grandmaster.

The pupils of the Lin family grandmaster dilated. His face went pale with shock. "Earth Dragon's Technique! You You are!"

He seemed to recognize the old man! But the assault of the earth dragon swallowed the Lin family grandmaster along with his words.

Su Yu could only hear the pathetic wails of the Lin family grandmaster from within the belly of the earth dragon, crying out, "How could it be? How could you have freed yourself from the forbidden grounds? Ah!"


The pathetic wails stopped. What replaced them was a large puddle of blood seeping out from the earth dragon's stomach!

Following that, the earth dragon returned to the earth, leaving behind only a pool of blood on the ground. The Lin family grandmaster, one of the most powerful fighters in the Three Great Ancient Regions, had been killed! His abilities were at least Immortal Realm Level Three! But this powerful fighter had been killed just like that!

The sinister old man lifted his head, his cold eyes staring at Su Yu. "Hehe You are the first person who has dared to use me like that!"

Su Yu had long sensed the presence of this sinister old man. There was only one explanation as to why he had followed Su Yu all this way. Su Yu had something he wanted! This was the reason why Su Yu was not afraid.

"I would think that you have already planned for your demise? Nameless!" The sinister old man let out a low grunt. It was the sinister old man Wu Yaoyue had dispatched to obtain the Flesh Regeneration Elixir. Even now, he was still under the impression that Su Yu was Nameless.

Nameless? Su Yu was a little surprised.

"You wish to kill me?" Su Yu shook his head. "You would at least have to deal with them first!"

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

He had just finished his sentence when multiple figures approached from the horizon!

The sinister old man's expression turned serious, saying, "Lad! You did this on purpose?"

Su Yu had not stealthily fled the Lin family. Instead, he had charged straight into the sky, causing a huge disturbance. This was not due to recklessness; instead, it was an intentional action!

Since he was being followed by a mysterious figure, Su Yu knew that if he had fled silently, he might have been able to escape the Lin family only to have been secretly attacked by this mysterious elder! Since that was the case, he had decided to take the gamble and break the situation wide open! That was how he had gotten the idea to lure out the Lin family grandmaster as well as the powerful fighters from the Alliance City.

In this case, the mysterious figure would take care of the grandmaster, and the fighters of the city would deal with the mysterious figure!

Expectedly, the sinister old man let out a grunt. "Lad! I will remember this!"


The sinister old man immediately slipped into the ground, the entire process silent!

Whoosh, whoosh

At this moment, Han Jianglin and the other fighters had finally caught up! What they saw were pulps of flesh littered on the ground. The Lin family grandmaster had been blasted into pieces! The fighters from the various families that had followed all gasped, gravely looking at Su Yu in disbelief.

Even the Lin family grandmaster had been killed! Just how terrifying were Su Yu's abilities?

Only Han Jianglin was looking at the direction where the mysterious elder had disappeared. He understood, more than anyone, that it was not Su Yu who had killed the grandmaster but instead a mysterious old man!

But shifting his gaze, Han Jianglin's expression was stern, coldly scolding, "Insolent criminal! To dare to kill the grandmaster of the Lin family? What animosity did he have with you? Why did you strike so mercilessly? You say that Lu Jun deserved his death for breaking the rules of the contest, but what wrong did the Lin family grandmaster do? Why did you kill him?"

Han Jianglin looked at Su Yu in fury. The fighters from the other families were also staring at Su Yu with angry eyes.

"Yin Yu! You are too barbaric!" spoke up one of them. "It was not enough for you to kill Lin Lengjian, but to kill the grandmaster, too! What animosity does the Lin family have with you for you to kill all of them like that?"

"Yin Yu!" growled another. "I initially had some sympathy for you, since it was indeed Lin Lengjian who repeatedly found trouble with you, but now I am thoroughly disappointed in you! The death of a person like you is not worth remembering!"

The public opinion against him now was powerful enough to melt metal. Even Ouyang Long did not dare interrupt.

Ouyang Yuxin, who had also followed the crowd, felt a mysterious sense of relaxation when she saw this scene. The more excellent Su Yu was, the worse she felt. This was the fate most suitable for him, backed against the corner, surrounded by the various powerhouses and on the verge of death! The discomfort and worry in her heart in the past had completely vanished.

Once again observing Su Yu, Ouyang Yuxin lamented silently, So what if you are a genius? You ultimately have no status and can only be slaughtered by others!

Thinking back to the worry and regret she had felt, Ouyang Yuxin scolded herself for being silly. The person she wanted to marry would not only have abilities; he needed to have a powerful background. Only then could she be totally relieved. Otherwise, talent alone cannot get you very far.

Facing the criticism of everyone, Su Yu remained silent and did not bother to explain.

Han Jianglin let out a cold laugh in his heart, followed by a long sigh. In this case, he could get back the Flesh Regeneration Elixir.

"Kneel! Die!" Han Jianglin took a step forward.

It was a casual step, but it felt as though a mountain were pressing down on Su Yu, causing his blood to boil. The familiar sense of death once again welled up in his heart.

But Su Yu let out a calm smile.