The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Palace Master Yin Yu
Chapter 265: Palace Master Yin Yu
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"If you have the time to kill me, why not take a look and see who has come."

Su Yu's gaze passed through Heaven and was shot directly at the clouds. Atop Heaven, a thick white cloud unfolded leisurely. When looked at carefully, one would discover that amidst the white cloud was an indistinct, tall, sturdy figure. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back and looked down at mother earth as if he was a monarch of Heaven and Earth.

"Haha Interesting."


The tall and sturdy figure disappeared blurry. A shadow then appeared in front of Su Yu abruptly! He looked handsome, and he had dashing eyebrows. He also had star-like eyes which were bright and piercing. He was composed, generous, dignified, and powerful. He had the status to govern a country.

Han Jianglin's pupils shrank. "The Empire of Darkness's Palace Master, Ling Xiaotian?"

After hearing what was said, strong martial artists from the group of families revealed frightening expressions! The Empire of Darkness was a legend that was taboo on the continent! It was a mysterious force that had been handed down since ancient times until now. The Sub Palaces that had been spread across the four continents were dark enigmas that frightened every continent!

The Palace Master, Ling Xiaotian, was a frightening martial artist who commanded the Sub Palaces of the Empire of Darkness in the northern continent. His abilities were considered top grade on the northern continent. Only the Phoenix Cabinet's Master and Snow Listening Tower's Masterthe two mysterious, unpredictable, mythological figures at the top of the northern continentcould compare. And now, this kind of matchless martial artist had actually appeared in the Hundred Territories!

Among the assembled family forces, all of them trembled in fear. They had no right to even see mythological figures like Ling Xiaotian, yet he had appeared right in front of their eyes.

Ouyang Yuxin's beautiful eyes trembled violently, and she respected him from the bottom of her soul. How noble and mighty was the identity of the Empire of Darkness' Palace Master? In his presence, the Ouyang family was merely an ant.

Ling Xiaotian looked once around the area, and his gaze landed on Han Jianglin for some time. He nodded his chin with dispensability. Finally, his gaze fixed on Su Yu.

Although it was clearly a dull look, Su Yu had a feeling as though his whole body had been seen through!

"Long time no see," Ling Xiaotian said with a sarcastic smile.

The Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder used by Su Yu had been bestowed by Ling Xiaotian. When An Yurou had been taken away, he had been there as well. How would he not know that the real identity of Yin Yu was Su Yu?

After hearing what was said, a collective gasp broke the silent scene! The Empire of Darkness's Palace Master actually knew Yin Yu! This discovery had caused them all to be astonished and heartbroken! Where did a divine being like Yin Yu come from?

Su Yu was secretly grateful that Ling Xiaotian did not reveal his real identity in front of everyone. If his identity was exposed, Shenyue islandas well as his close friends who were related to himwould be remembered by his enemies deeply. Hence, it would turn into a destructive disaster.

Su Yu bowed down and paid his courtesy. "I have seen Palace Master Lin before," he said. "As long as I live, I will not forget your kindness when you bestowed the cultivation technique upon me."

Ling Xiaotian laughed. "I did not expect the little kid who was in such dire straits that day to grow to such a high level in the few months since I last saw you."

That day, Su Yu was only a Dragon Realm Level Three. In front of the Liuxian Faction's Great Elder, he could have been killed with just a flick of the Great Elder's finger. Now, he had grown to a level where he could kill strong martial artists like Lu Jun. The change from beginning to the end was like Heaven and Earth! Even Ling Xiaotian inevitably treated him with increased respect.

"Seems like I didn't waste my time coming here," Ling Xiaotian laughed. "Yin Yu, are you willing to join the Empire of Darkness?"

When those words came out of his mouth, everyone was shocked.

What? He has invited Su Yu to join the Empire of Darkness?

"No!" Han Jianglin objected at once. "He killed people of my Hundred Territories Alliance. This kind of extremely vicious junior must be dealt with by my Hundred Territories Alliance!"

Ling Xiaotian turned his head and looked at Han Jianglin. "Alliance Master Han, for sake of the alliance between you and me, do not question my decision!"

Although Ling Xiaotian had a dull expression, he had a prestige which implied that he was above many others. The face of Han Jianglin, the Hundred Territories Alliance Master, who was unquestionably strong, changed repeatedly, taking on several unpredictable expressions, but he dared not argue! It could be seen that the abilities of Ling Xiaotian were far above Han Jianglin! He was the northern continent's Three Great Mythological Figures and only the Phoenix Cabinet's Master and the Snow Listening Tower's Match could match him!

"What will it be?" Ling Xiaotian smiled and stared at Su Yu.

Su Yu remained silent for some time. When the first Empire of Darkness came to the Zhenlong continent, it had forces that were mixed everywhere all along. Su Yu had never expected that there would come a day when he was invited.

As if sensing Su Yu's apprehension, Ling Xiaotian laughed indifferently and said, "As long as an area is populated, there will be people who wander from place to place and live by their wits. If you join my Empire of Darkness, I cannot assure you that there will not be malicious competition for power. However, what I can assure you is that anyone who is under my command will not be treated unjustly in the slightest degree. For all matters concerned, I will uphold justice."

Su Yu forced a smile. "Does Palace Master Ling think that I still have a choice?"

At the moment, the entire Hundred Territories was trying to kill him. If he did not join the Empire of Darkness, the outcome would be an ignominious death! Under the coercion of the Hundred Territories, Su Yu had to make a choice.

Su Yu raised his voice and said, "I am willing to join the Empire of Darkness!"

The words "willing" caused Han Jianglin's heart to sink completely! Not only had he not managed to kill Su Yu, but he had instead caused Su Yu to join the Empire of Darkness!

Ling Xiaotian laughed loudly to his heart's content. "Okay! From today on, you will be the Empire of Darkness's Deputy Palace Master of the northern continent, and you are ranked number ten! There are nine other Deputy Palace Masters before you. All of you are directly under my command."

Deputy Palace Master! Everyone was startled at the same time. Like the Hundred Territories Alliance's ten Deputy Masters, the Empire of Darkness also had ten Deputy Palace Masters, all of whom had frightening talents and were matchless geniuses with extraordinary abilities! They were all nurtured as candidates for the future Palace Master! Even if they did not become the Palace Master, after being nurtured for a period of time, they would be sent to the Empire of Darkness and become the Empire of Darkness's trusted subordinates. From then on, they would outmatch the entire continent! On Zhenlong continent, the Empire of Darkness was the strongest force!

Ouyang Yuxin staggered, and her flower-like face turned pale as she found it difficult to accept the scene in front of her. In the blink of an eye, from a pitiful worm being hunted by the Hundred Territories, Su Yu had become a Deputy Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness! His position was far from comparable to the insignificant Ouyang family!

"Yin Yu, do you still have any business to attend to here?" Ling Xiaotian said. "After you have finished what you wanted to do, come back to the Sub Palace with me."

Su Yu smiled. "Yes. There is something I have to do! Please give me three months' time."

Three months? Ling Xiaotian nodded his head slightly. "Understood. I will wait for you in the Alliance City for three months. During these three months, red-clothed bodyguards will accompany you and protect you as you finish what you wanted to do."

Clap, clap

Ling Xiaotian clapped his hands.

At once, ten figures wearing matching red clothes came from Heaven. They were middle-aged men about forty to fifty years old. Every single one of them was a strong martial artist of Immortal Level Two and were not weaker than Lu Jun in the slightest bit!

"For the next three months, all of you will protect him as he finishes what he wanted to do." Ling Xiaotian gave a light hum indifferently. "If there are any accidents, all of you will be responsible!"

"Understood!" they said as one.

After his speech, Ling Xiaotian took a step and disappeared.

The ten red-clothed bodyguards knelt down on one knee. "Greetings to Palace Master Yin Yu!" Their voices were uniform. It passed through the horizon loudly and clearly, shaking the hearts of the people.

The group of families revealed extremely fearful expressions! The bodyguards' strength was more than enough to annihilate most of the families!

In an instant, Su Yu had officially become the Empire of Darkness's Tenth Deputy Palace MasterPalace Master Yin Yu!

A feeling of ultimate, incomparable power surged within Su Yu's heart. The change in his position was as if he had been reborn. Su Yu felt an extremely huge impact in his heart. However, as he had just had a narrow escape, he quickly recomposed himself.

"Yes, please stand up," Su Yu said, nodding his head.

The ten red-clothed bodyguards stood up. They stood while still bowing. However, there was one person who raised his neck up slightly. He had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Two Upper Tier, which was the highest among the ten people.