The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 267

Chapter 267: Coming Back To The Faction
Chapter 267: Coming Back to the Faction
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The Liuxian Faction Master felt furious. Even though he had only left the faction for one month, the faction's territory had shrunk by halfagain!

"Zhao Qianghuan!" seethed the Liuxian Faction Master. "Give us a way out and don't be so overbearing. If not, there will be no benefits for everyone! Our Liuxian Faction already succeeded in sending a disciple into the Shentian Manor. After he finishes his training and comes back, are you not afraid that he will look for you and settle the score with you?"

To everyone's surprise, Zhao Qianghuan laughed loudly. "Is that so? My Hehuan Faction had also sent a disciple into the Shentian Manor! During the Alliance Meet, your faction's Ji Hongxue was ranked between the sixties and seventies. As for our Hehuan Faction's genius disciple, Duan Yu, he had fought into the top 50. Moreover, there is still his older male cousin who is inside the Shentian Manor, and his older male cousin's cultivation base is a lot greater than you and me! Do you think Ji Hongxue, who entered the Shentian Manor, would have a good life inside?"

What? The Liuxian Faction Master became anxious.

"Liuxian Faction Master, in this case, I will take ten female disciples with me this time around. How is that? At worse, I would send them back in their proper form a few days later!"

After hearing what was said, the Liuxian Faction Master and the three Elders felt humiliated. Even if those female disciples were returned, one could well imagine that their yin element would be sucked dry and they would suffer endless shame!

If this matter were to spread outside the faction, the Liuxian Faction's 100-year reputation would be destroyed in a moment! However, the four of them remained silent and did not continue rebutting. Did the Liuxian Faction have a choice in their current state?

The Liuxian Faction Master closed his eyes in pain. "Gather the female disciples!"

Some time passed. The female disciplesnone of whom had even the slightest idea what was happeningwere gathered. Chan Yunfei was within them, and her beautiful face wore a surprised expression. As she stared at the unfamiliar strong martial artists of the Hehuan Faction with astonishment, her heart felt cold.

Zhao Qianghuan swept his eyes past the ten of them. When his gaze fell on Chan Yunfei's face, his eyes flashed! Delicate, pretty, and refined, as well as an extremely beautiful face. What a graceful young lady! In addition, her cultivation base was extremely highat the Dragon Realmmaking her an extremely good tool to extract and purify the yin element from!

"Okay, I will take her!" Zhao Qianghuan laughed jokingly.

When he lifted his palm and grabbed, a sucking force appeared in the void and sucked Chan Yunfei over. Zhao Qianghuan then grabbed her white wrist. When Zhao Qianghuan interacted with her in close proximity, her body had a sweet-swelling fragrant, which made him even more satisfied. He laughed. "She is still a virgin, and her yin element is extremely well preserved! This woman is mine!"

The other five of them had dirty looks. As the female disciples screamed alarmingly, nine female disciples with outstanding looks were chosen and taken. As such, the selection of ten female disciples was completed.

Zhao Qianghuan laughed jokingly and said, "Thank you, Liuxian Faction Master, for granting our wish! Don't worry. Three days later, I will naturally return them!"

The Liuxian Faction Master and the Three Elders clenched their fists secretly. However, they did not dare to resist! They could only allow those female disciples to wail and scream as they were hauled away.

The expression on Chan Yunfei's face changed. In an instant, she understood what was going to happen to her. Her beautiful eyes were filled with anxiety. "What are all of you doing? Faction Master, save us! Quickly!"

The Liuxian Faction Master dared not look at her. He gritted his teeth tightly and said in a low voice, agonizingly, "For the faction All of you, bear with it just one time. The faction will be grateful to all of you!"

They were betrayed by the faction! Nothe faction was incapable of saving them!

Chan Yunfei's beautiful face turned ghastly pale, and she struggled as if her life depended on it. "Let me go! I do not wish to leave with all of you!"

The consequences were too frightening. She understood from Zhao Qianghuan's expression the frightening experience she would go through in the next three days.

Zhao Qianghuan laughed evilly. "Little beauty, don't worry. I will make you feel so comfortable that even if I do send you away in three days, you will not feel like leaving! Now, since even your Faction Master cannot save you, who else can you count on?"

Chan Yunfei was so afraid that the tears flowed out from her eyes endlessly.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in her mind, and she hit upon a plan in desperation. "You! Let go of me! I I am Su Yu's woman! If you dare to touch me, he will avenge me for sure!"

Su Yu? Zhao Qianghuan stopped moving abruptly!

How would he not know why the Liuxian Faction had declined over a night's time and landed in its current state? It was rumored that a unique genius who defied the natural order had appeared in the Liuxian Faction!

He was forced by the Liuxian Faction to rebel against the faction, and he flooded the place with the blood of half the Elders of the Liuxian Faction! His existence had become a legend in the Liuxian Faction that was considered a taboo!

Zhao Qianghuan became stiff for some time. After which, he regained his senses and gave a cold hum. "Do you think that my Hehuan Faction would be powerless like your Liuxian Faction?"

"If he dares to appear in front of me, I will kill him with one palm!" Zhao Qianghuan wore a cold smile. "Moreover, it is unknown as to whether he is still alive. You think he is able to come back and save you? What a joke"

However, at that moment, a gust of cold wind swept across the big palace. The curtains were blown about, and the sound of the wind could be heard. An icy cold gale blew against the faces of everyone.

A silver-haired young man with his hands clasped behind his back appeared silently at the entrance. On the silver face, under the mask, was a pair of eyes which were dull, like vapor exhaled during autumn and winter. Although his eyes were clear, they were cold, as well!

"A joke?" the silver-haired young man said as he stepped into the palace. "I don't find it funny."

The Liuxian Faction Master's pupils shrank gradually. After which, he gasped, "The crownless king of the Alliance Meet Yin Yu!"

He had observed the battles in person. How could he forget this genius who was as frightening as a demon?

With his abilities, he had killed the Deputy Alliance Master! He rivaled the warlords of the world. No one dared to have a match with him! He had actually appeared in the Liuxian Factionin an out-of-the-way, desolate place like this.

The Liuxian Faction Master felt like he was in a dream! Yin Yu's name had not completely spread everywhere, yet. However, the Liuxian Faction Master believed that once his name had spread, it would reverberate through the entire Hundred Territories, and he would become number one in the Hundred Territories Alliance for all eternity!

As for the people of the Hehuan Faction, they did not yet know the details of the Alliance Meet. They had only heard that the so-called crownless king of the Alliance Meet was the young man who currently stood in front of them. They became serious in an instant.

Zhao Qianghuan assumed a polite tone. "What does this young knight-errant mean? Could it be that my words had offended your excellency?"

For him to achieve the number one position at the Alliance Meet, his background must have been out of the ordinary. Hence, it was natural for Zhao Qianghuan to be polite.

Su Yu ignored him. Instead, he looked toward Chan Yunfei and said indifferently, "Let go of her."

Zhao Qianghuan hesitated briefly. As he felt fearful, he released his hands slowly. The other five Elders realized that something was wrong, and they also released the female disciples. In no time, the group of tearful female disciples gathered in a group with Chan Yunfei in the lead and cried on each other's shoulders.

Zhao Qianghuan clenched his fists and wore a polite smile. "Can I know the name of this young knight-errant? Why have you come to the Liuxian Faction?"

"Who allowed you to talk to me?" Su Yu swept his eyes toward him dully.

Zhao Qianghuan's expression turned grave, and he lost control of his feelings. Hit bit his teeth slightly and the muscles of his cheek twitched furiously. However, he restrained himself rationally. He looked at Su Yu deeply and gave a cold hum. "We will take our leave!"

The five Elders stared at Su Yu deeply. After which, they looked at one another, and they could tell the intentions of one another. They had to first find out the specific details of Su Yu; they could not provoke their enemy recklessly.

"Who allowed all of you to leave?" Su Yu did not even turn his head as he said it.

Zhao Qianghuan stopped walking. He gave a hum with a ghastly pale expression. "Yin Yu, isn't this a bit too much? You did not allow me to talk. Could it be that you also disallow me to leave?"

Su Yu turned his body around and shook his head indifferently. "You can leave. However, you must leave your life behind!"