The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 268

Chapter 268: Clearing His Name
Chapter 268: Clearing His Name
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Zhao Qianghuan laughed angrily, "Yin Yu! I respected your reputation as the undisputed champion of the Alliance Meet, but you force your way onto those around you. Don't blame me for turning nasty!"

Su Yu's gaze turned cold. "How nasty are you going to be?"

Surveying the surroundings, Zhao Qianghuan did not feel the aura of any powerful fighters. He laughed. "Don't forget that this is a remote area! No one would know if you died here!"

In other words, Zhao Qianghuan was implying that without the protection of the elders, Su Yu could very well be killed in this remote place.

"Is that so?" Su Yu calmly said, his figure suddenly blurring.


Multiple painful screams sounded in the air.

The hearts of three Dragon Realm Level Seven Elders of the Hehuan Faction were destroyed at once! Shreds of lightning arcs remained on the wound, spreading an odor of burned flesh.

Su Yu stood behind them, a long sword formed by thin threads dripping blood. Everything had happened so fast that they had not even managed to react before their lives were taken. Only the Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak First Elder and the Upper Tier Second Elder managed to react in time, dodging the attack.

Zhao Qianghuan's expression turned rigid, shock and fear filling his eyes. He killed three Dragon Realm Level Seven fighterswith one move! This was the ability of the undisputed champion of the Alliance Meet? The elders of the Liuxian Faction were equally shocked.

Zhao Qianghuan clenched his teeth. He felt an indescribable threat from Su Yu. "Split up and leave!" he shouted, and the three of them charged out of the hall, flying in three different directions.

Su Yu locked his gaze onto Zhao Qianghuan and flew after him in pursuit.

Zhao Qianghuan's expression sunk as he turned around and saw Su Yu in pursuit. He shouted, "Lad! I have no animosity with you! Why do you want to kill me?"

Su Yu slowly caught up, calmly saying, "You came to the wrong place and humiliated the wrong people. That is our animosity!"

Lightning flashed past Zhao Qianghuan's brain. "Who are you? How are you connected to the Liuxian Faction?"

Closing the distance, Su Yu took a deep breath. "Don't you already know?"


Another flash of lightning zipped past Zhao Qianghuan's brain. He looked at Su Yu's head of silver hair and gasped, "You are!"

"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters! Lin!"


A destructive soundwave assaulted the surroundings.


Zhao Qianghuan was instantly dissolved into raindrops of blood.

The Hehuan Faction master was killed instantly.

Everyone in the Liuxian Factionfrom the master to the discipleswas shocked! The master of a faction had been killed effortlessly by Yin Yu! Was the undisputed champion of the Alliance Meet so powerful?

Even the faction master, who had personally witnessed Su Yu killing Lu Jun, could not mask his shock! The silver-haired youth before him now was a genius with the power to wipe out the entire Liuxian Faction.

Outside the Liuxian Faction, Li Tianqiang witnessed the scene and his pupils dilated. "What a terrifying technique!" But a shred of disdained circled in his eyes. "Merely so-so! I can also kill an Immortal Realm Level One Lower Tier in a second!"

"Thank you, Sir Yin Yu, for your help," the Liuxian Faction master said as he led the elders forward.

The Liuxian Faction master pushed Chan Yunfei forward. From the exchange just now, he had surmised that Yin Yu might have a few connections with Chan Yunfei. His attack, after all, was due in large part to Chan Yunfei.

Chan Yunfei was shocked, her mind blank. She did not remember acquainting herself with such a powerful youth. But as the group stepped forward, nine red figures descended from the sky, guarding Su Yu from all directions.

"What guts! You dare be so insolent in front of Master Yin Yu?" the nine red clothed guards scolded in unison.

Master Yin Yu? The Liuxian Faction master had left the Alliance City in a hurry. He was aware of the appearance of the Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness, but the Liuxian Faction master could instantly recognize the nine red-clothed guards!

"Empire of Darkness? Red clothed guards?" The Liuxian Faction master lost his voice in shock!

It was rumored that the people of the Empire of Darkness were split into multiple levels. Silver-clothed guards were the lowest level, normally Holy Kings. Black-clothed guards were Dragon Realm fighters. Red-clothed guards were the fabled Immortal Realm level fighters! They would only listen to the orders of a palace master from the Empire of Darkness. At that moment, the Liuxian Faction understood what was meant by "Master Yin Yu."

His heart shuddering, the Liuxian Faction master had a face full of shock. With the protection of the nine red-clothed guards, Yin Yu was like an emperor from high above surveying the tiny Liuxian Faction.

"I I pay my respects to Master Yin Yu!" The Liuxian Faction master bowed to pay his respects.

Just how influential was the vice master of the Empire of Darkness's sub palace? The rest of the people in the Liuxian Faction paid their respects in a fluster, each of them extremely polite. In the blink of an eye, the entire place was dead silent, no one daring to take a breath!

Su Yu nodded nonchalantly. "Liuxian Faction master, Chan Yunfei, come with me."


Su Yu entered the meeting hall. The Liuxian Faction master and Chan Yunfei followed, their hearts filled with unease.

As the door closed, Su Yu turned, his gaze falling on Chan Yunfei. A slight smile formed on his indifferent face.

"Senior Chan," he said, "it's been a long time since I last saw you. Are you all right?"

Saying this, Su Yu took off his silver mask, revealing his true appearance.

"Su Yu!" Chan Yunfei and the Liuxian Faction master both lost their voices in shock!

It was true that Su Yu and Yin Yu both had silver hair, but Chan Yunfei and the Liuxian Faction master had not made the connection. Despite how powerful Su Yu was, he was far from being strong enough to obtain the glory of the undisputed champion at the Alliance Meet.

Chan Yunfei was in a daze for a long time, feeling immensely surprised. She finally understood why Yin Yu had stood up for her. The Liuxian Faction master also understood why Su Yu would come to the Liuxian Faction!

Chan Yunfei's eyes were filled with fear, respect, and surprise, her face turning red. She had tried to protect herself just now by anxiously claiming that she was Su Yu's woman.

"Thank you for saving us, Junior Su," Chan Yunfei said. She lowered her head, her face red.

With a smile, Su Yu said, "It was a small matter, Senior Chan. You need not think too much of it. In the future, you can use the name of Master Yin Yu, should you encounter any trouble."

Chan Yunfei was elated. Just how strong was the reputation of the Empire of Darkness? No one in the continent would dare to offend her.

After saying this, Su Yu turned to look at the Liuxian Faction master. This look caused the Liuxian Faction master to shudder. He let out a pathetic laugh, "You have come for revenge?"

His heart was bitter. This undisputed champion, the high and mighty vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness, should have been the pride and joy of the faction! But the Liuxian Faction master had forced him away, and now he must have come back to seek revenge!

"Do I need to seek revenge on you?" Su Yu calmly said.

The Liuxian Faction master froze, his expression relieved. He hesitated before saying, "Then you came to the Liuxian Faction to."


Su Yu took out an ancient bronze token from his robes. The token was laced with age. On it were carved the words Liuxian Token. With the token in his hand, memories flooded Su Yu, causing his heart to feel a little bitter.

Li Guang had waited at the Shenyue Island for 100 years in order to obtain this Liuxian Token to clear his name. Before he died, he had given the token to Su Yu for him to pass it to the Liuxian Faction master if needed for him to cultivate at the faction. But no matter how difficult the situation was for Su Yu, he had never used it. This was Li Guang's only wish!

He had used 100 years of his lifehad devoted his entire wasted life and a lifetime of effortto obtain this Liuxian token. How could Su Yu use an item as heavy as this?

"The Liuxian token?" the Liuxian Faction master said, surprised. This token had not made an appearance in over 100 years.

"Liuxian Faction master," said Su Yu, "if you will do one thing for me, all our grievances for each other will be resolved." Su Yu threw the token over to him. "This is the token of Outer Sanctum disciple Li Guang. He had been wronged for 100 years. He obtained the Liuxian token with his only wish being to investigate the events that happened in the past and for his innocence to be returned!"

The Liuxian Faction master's palm shuddered. Was Su Yu's request that simple? The events that happened in the past had been confessed by Han Zhi, back when the Great Elder was seizing power. All that was left was for the Liuxian Faction to announce it to the world and clear Li Guang's name.

"Yes! Master Yin Yu!" he said.

This was Su Yu's only reason for coming to the Liuxian Faction.

A moment later, Li Guang's name was erased from the Liuxian Faction's Pillar of Shame. At the same time, the Li family was called upon, and the world was told what had truly happened 100 years ago.

Li Guang's name was finally cleared. Su Yu's wish had been fulfilled. It was time for him to resolve his final wish. He glanced at Li Tianqiang, who was waiting outside the Liuxian Faction. Su Yu retracted his gaze, expressionless. Li Tianqiang hesitated for a moment before grunting and flying to join the rest of the red-robed guards.

"Senior Chan, take care of yourself," said Su Yu. He stood in the air, cupping his hands in respect.

Chan Yunfei smiled in gratitude. "Thank you for the favor, Junior Su!"

Su Yu nodded, finally looking at the Liuxian Faction master. He calmly stroked his chin. "Know what is best for you."

The Liuxian Faction master's heart was bitter, but he said, "Thank you for saving us today." He hesitated a moment, then added, "Be careful if you wish to cross the ocean. The ocean has not been peaceful recently."

Su Yu's eyebrows rose. "Explain yourself."

The Liuxian Faction master surveyed the faction. The Liuxian Faction had declined due to Su Yu, but had also been saved by Su Yu. The Liuxian Faction master had mixed emotions.

"We do not know the exact situation," he said, "but we know that there have been many extremely strong ocean demons appearing over the past month. Many powerful fighters did not return once they entered the ocean. Groups that were sent to search for clues did not return, either!"

Su Yu was surprised. Of the powers bordering the ocean, the Liuxian Faction was the weakest. In other words, the groups sent to gather information were all stronger than the Liuxian Faction. But even they could not return. Just what had happened to the ocean in these few months?

"Thank you for the reminder." Su Yu cupped his fists, then left with the red-clothed guards under the respectful gazes of the members of the Liuxian Faction.

Chan Yunfei stared at Su Yu's figure, which was getting farther and farther away, her eyes filled with regret and sadness. In the past, their abilities had been about equal, but from today onward, Su Yu would only fly increasingly higher, so far that she could never hope to catch up.

Two days later, some invading powers retreated from the Liuxian Faction's territory. No one dared to set their sights on the Liuxian Faction. The Hehuan Faction was practically destroyed. The strategy of killing one to warn the others worked better than imagined.

Meanwhile, Su Yu was leading the ten red-clothed guards over the ocean, heading toward Shenyue Island. Su Yu had already sensed the change in the ocean the moment he entered.

Silence! Dead silence!

Other than the sound of waves crashing, nothing else could be heard. Using his crystalline pupils to observe the surroundings, Su Yu's expression turned serious. There were no living creatures in a 50-mile radius!

Demonic beasts notwithstanding, there were not even signs of fish or insects. The ocean had become a dead sea.

Li Tianqiang creased his brows. "Master Yin Yu, I would advise you to give up crossing the ocean. There is something strange going on here."

Su Yu disregarded him. "Continue on. Forward!"

"I said that the ocean is strange. It is best to give up!" Li Tianqiang said, a bit angry.

Su Yu shot him a cold look. "Who is the palace master?"

Hearing this, Li Tianqiang clenched his teeth, saying with a low voice, "It's you."

"Who is listening to whose orders?" Su Yu calmly said.

Li Tianqiang clenched his fists, biting down as he said, "It's you!"

"Since you understand, what was the meaning of your words just now?" Su Yu's gaze turned cold.

Under the scrutiny of the nine other red-clothed guards, Li Tianqiang did not dare rebut, reasoning as he said, "I was only considering the safety of Master Yin Yu."

Su Yu grunted. "Are you considering for me, or considering your own pride? If you are not satisfied with me, voice it. Covering up like this, are you still a man?"

Li Tianqiang was furious, but he had to respect Su Yu's status. He did not dare offend him. He remained silent.

"Li Tianqiang, this will not happen again!" Su Yu glanced at him, then took a step into the ocean.