The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 269

Chapter 269: A Great Change In The Ocean
Chapter 269: A Great Change in the Ocean
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Shenyue island was 100,000 miles away from the ocean. However, throughout Su Yu's journey, he did not find any signs indicating the existence of living things. It was as if all living things disappeared overnight.

Su Yu's expression gradually got serious. "What happened? Why did such a vast ocean undergo such a great change?"

However, although the atmosphere was strange, throughout Su Yu's journey, he did not come across the danger that he imagined.

Su Yu suppressed his uncertainty and he stepped onto Shenyue island again. Feelings of nostalgia surged within his heart. When Su Yu gazed at the indistinct and distant Fenghuang valley, his heart was moved. The view was still the same. However, the people were long gone.

In Su Yu's life, Xianer, Jingyu, and Li Guang had either vanished or went somewhere far away. They would never return together with him again.

Wishing to return to his hometown, Su Yu flew past the Fenghuang valley. However, he discovered that the Fenghuang valley had been reduced to poverty long ago. The valley was filled with withered grass. The former imperial palace which was splendid was replaced by ruins. It had dilapidated walls and seemed locked in perpetual twilight like a broken dream. The scene looked desolate and miserable.

Within the dead, silent ghost town, figures of twos and threes hid deep inside the ruins. In just half a year, how had the Fenghuang valley gone from its once-glorious state to this? Could it have been that leaving the Fenghuang valley Master had resulted in internal conflicts?

Thinking about that, Su Yu could not help but think about the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary had been established by Li Guang with his own hands. Since Li Guang left, how was the situation in the Sanctuary? Would it be the same as the Fenghuang valley, which had crumbled overnight?

Su Yu's gaze flashed slightly toward the northern direction of Shenyue island.

After three days, within the territory of the Fenglin empire, Su Yu stood in front of the Sanctuary.

"All of you will wait here," said Su Yu. "I will take a quick look and come back."

Su Yu pushed aside the protective barrier and stepped onto the Sanctuary.

A floating island drifted across the sky. The houses far away set each other off, and smoke curled upward from kitchen chimneys. It was a gentle scene. However, there was not a single soul in sight!

As for the island itself, it was in an uproar. Sounds of people screaming reverberated across the horizon.

What happened? Su Yu wondered, his eyes turned serious.

When he revolved his crystalline eyes and looked over, his pupils could not help but shrink. At the island, not only were there people from the Sanctuary, but they were also strong martial artists from the Fenghuang Pavilion! Moreover, there was another mysterious force present, and the Sanctuary disciples and people of the Fenghuang Pavilion had formed an alliance to deal with this mysterious force!

The mysterious force all wore loose beast clothing. Their faces had barbarous and bloodthirsty expressions. They totaled just ten people. Each of them had the abilities of a Holy King. In particular, the strongest young man had the abilities of Third Level Holy King!

Half a year ago, on Shenyue island, Li Guang and Xu Rong were the only Holy Kings. After just half a year, there was a new group of unfamiliar Holy Kings. This was unthinkable! What was even more unthinkable to Su Yu was that among the ten people, there was actually one person with whom he was familiar!

Within the alliance of the Sanctuary and the Fenghuang Pavilion, a 30-year-old man held a long sword, and his face was filled with deep anger as he said, "Fiery old bastard! That year, I crippled your cultivation base and spared your life. However, you did not repent and mend your way. Instead, you colluded with outsiders, opened the space to the Sanctuary, and invited the enemy in!"

The Fiery Minister was once one of the Nine Great Ministers of the Sanctuary. During the Fenglin empire's Holy Meet, the Fiery Minister who was in charge of the event took the side of Du Yuntian, a disciple, and placed Su Yu at death's door. It was Qiu Changjian who showed himself. He then killed Fang Yun, crippled the Fiery Minister, and drove him away.

However, at the moment, the Fiery Minister had come to the Sanctuary againwith a cultivation base of First Level Holy King!

The Fiery Minister looked around the familiar place. His old face contained hatred, and he laughed loudly. "Little Changjian! You did not expect this, did you? That year, you crippled my cultivation base and drove me out of the Sanctuary. You did not expect me to fight back here as a Holy King right?"

Qiu Changjian's eyes were filled with despair. Holy King! That was the ultimate achievement of a martial artist in Heaven and Earth! On the whole continent, only Li Guang had achieved that level. Undoubtedly, the Fiery Minister's cultivation base was crippled. However, he still became a Holy King.

"Old bastard!" Qiu Changjian said with grief and indignation. "You were born in the Sanctuary. However, you invited enemies over. You are a sinner of the Sanctuary! If the Holy King returns, your bones will be turned to dust!"

Since Li Guang's departure, many Sanctuary disciples had left the Sanctuary. Only Qiu Changjian and a few Holy Disciples supported the Sanctuary persistently. They strongly believed that Li Guang would return one day.

However, instead of Li Guang returning, a disaster had come in his place! Ten Holy Kings had descended and the whole continent was destroyed by them except for the Sanctuary.

The Fiery Minister sneered. "Who does the insignificant Li Guang think he is? If he did not go missing, I would kill him, as well!"

Qiu Changjian had a sorrowful expression. When he turned his head and looked, his heart felt painful and anxious. Behind him were faces filled with fear and despair. They were the old Holy Disciples who had stayed behind in the past, plus some new young men who had joined. There were young men who were supposed to look forward to the Sanctuary and stay carefree. There were young men who were supposed to put in effort, train, and look forward to their future lives. There were young men who were supposed to make an effort to become strong, dream of becoming famous, and stand at the top of the continent. But now, their eyes were replaced with fear and tears.

Qiu Changjian's heart was filled with deep sorrow. He hung his head low and paid his courtesy. "I'm sorry. Senior is powerless"

Hoot, hoot

Weeping sounds which were filled with extreme sadness reverberated across the world. Qiu Changjian's eyes were moist. It was fine for him to die. However, they were still childrenchildren who had believed in the Sanctuary. They deserved to see another tomorrow!

Qiu Changjian turned his head back and looked toward the Fiery Minister. He then pulled himself together and said, "Fiery Minister, the person you hate is me. The person who you are seeking is also me! You can kill me. However, please let them go!"

The Fiery Minister had a joking expression. "That year, when you crippled my cultivation base, you did not have this kind of sentiment!"

Qiu Changjian felt humiliated. He bowed down and gave a courtesy call. "Fiery Minister, on the account that you stem from the Sanctuary, please give them a way out!"

"Sure! Kneel down and kowtow!" the Fiery Minister said, laughing coldly.

Qiu Changjian's body shook. Kneel down

How could he give in to a traitor of the past? Such a humiliation would be carved in him forever! However, after remaining silent for some time, the knees of Qiu Changjian turned soft.


With that kneel, all his honor and glory turned into nothingness!

Thud, thud, thud

The three consecutive, loud kowtows which followed thereafter reverberated within the silent island. As people looked at Qiu Changjian, who had been forced to kneel down, the faces of the people from the Sanctuary and Fenghuang Pavilion were filled with grief.

Qiu Changjian raised his head and his forehead had a patch of redness. "Minister, please abide by the agreement and let them go!"

The Fiery Minister nodded his head with a sarcastic smile. He laughed cruelly. "You can count on my promise. I will naturally let them go." He turned to his followers. "Men, chop off their hands and legs! Do not let a single one of them escape!"


Qiu Changjian stood up openly and said furiously, "Fiery Minister, what is the meaning of this?"

"What is the meaning of this?" The Fiery Minister laughed coldly and continuously. "I am abiding by the agreement, of course! I have only agreed to let them go. However, I did not guarantee they would be in one piece!"

Qiu Changjian's eyes turned black. He was extremely furious. "Old bastard! You are a bastard who takes advantage of his master and kills his ancestors! The Sanctuary has crumbled because of you!"

The Fiery Minister laughed heartily. He had a ferocious smile. "You are right. I do want to destroy the Sanctuary! I have been at the Sanctuary's service. However, because of Su Yu, my cultivation base was crippled, and I was driven away from the Sanctuary. All of you deserve everything that happens today!" The Fiery Minister revealed the full extent of his hatred, which stemmed from his very soul. His face was twisted with extreme fury. "Kill! Do not leave a single one of them alive! Today, I want the name of the Sanctuary to be erased from Shenyue continent!"

The fierce wind whistled crazily, and despair filled the air. A one-sided massacre was about to begin!

However, at that moment, a silver-haired figure appeared in the blink of an eye from the horizon.

"Fiery Minister," said the figure, "even after not seeing you for a year, you still exhibit the same shameful behavior as in the past. You have not changed in the slightest bit."

Even though it was an unfamiliar voice and figure, it was a familiar face which caused Qiu Changjian's eyes to shrink!

"Su Yu!" Qiu Changjian was shocked and speechless.

The Fiery Minister turned his head and looked over. He was slightly stunned. When he recognized that face, his hatred only grew thicker. "Su Yu!"

Su Yu had already removed his mask and revealed his real face. When he drifted over, his body did not release even the slightest bit of aura, and it was difficult for people to see through him. At the very least, the Fiery Minister could not see through Su Yu's cultivation base. He only felt that Su Yu was normal.

Qiu Changjian was surprised and then delighted. "Junior Su! You have returned! What about Master? Where is he?" As Qiu Changjian questioned, he looked into the distance. However, his eyes took in only the vast sky, which was quiet.

"Senior Qiu, Master did not return," said Su Yu. He did not reveal more.

Qiu Changjian's heart sank abruptly. A bitter expression filled his face again. "Junior Su You shouldn't have returned!"

"What happened to Shenyue island continent?" Su Yu glanced at the people from the Fenghuang Pavilion.

Qiu Changjian said mournfully, "A few months ago, a great change occurred on the Shenyue continent! A frightening martial who called himself the Nine Saint Master appeared from the ocean. He was riding a giant, demonic beast which had a size that was incomparable to the other demonic beats. I have seen with my own eyes that he used one finger to destroy an empire! With a flick of his finger, hundreds of millions of living things were in misery, and all of them were killed!"

Su Yu's pupils shrank slightly.

A finger that can destroy an empire? What kind of frightening martial artist is that?

Even Ling Xiaotian could not destroy an empire with a flick of his finger! Moreover, there were nine such martial artists?

Are there so many apocalyptic and matchless martial artists in the Zhenlong continent?

"The Fiery Minister's cultivation base was forcefully restored by that Nine Saint Master," Qiu Changjian continued. "Moreover, he also helped him to train to become a Holy King in a short amount of time! Moreover, that strong martial artist also conveniently gave the Fiery Minister nine Holy King attendants, and their task is to rule Shenyue island! Hence, the continent underwent an earth-shaking change overnight! The Fenghuang Pavilion was destroyed in a day's time. Only these people escaped, and they are taking refuge in my Sanctuary. All the forces in the world had surrendered. Only my Sanctuary is hidden mysteriously, and it is difficult for outsiders to find out about it. However, it has now been found by the Fiery Minister!"

Within half a year, Shenyue island had actually undergone such a great change?

Who is that Nine Saint Master, the mysterious strong martial artist? wondered Su Yu.

With a just a flick of his finger, he destroyed the empire and slaughtered hundreds of millions of living things! Could it be that this mysterious martial artist had some connection to why the ocean had become dead silent?

Su Yu suppressed the waves in his heart forcefully and looked at the Fiery Minister with cold eyes. "What is their motive in ordering you to rule Shenyue island?" Su Yu asked.

The Fiery Minister had nothing to fear because of his strong backup. Hence, he became filled with murderous intents. "Junior! Shouldn't you be worried about your own life first? That year, you killed my favorite disciple and caused me to have my cultivation base crippled. At the very moment, you still dare to return"

Su Yu repeated his words indifferently. "I will ask you again. What is their motive?"

Having been questioned closely twice, the Fiery Minister grinned hideously. "Have you gone insane? You can't even discern the situation you are in"

Su Yu frowned slightly. "Looks like I must do this for you to answer me."


Su Yu's actions were barely noticed. He merely flicked his wrist; his sleeve fluttered, and there were multiple muffled sounds.


A strange scene transpired! All the nine Holy Kings standing alongside the Fiery Minister immediately fell onto the floor, looking up to the sky! Looking closely, the Fiery Minister saw that the spaces between their eyebrows were penetrated!

With just a gesture, nine Holy Kings had been killed!

The Fiery Minister maintained his hideous grin. His body was like an ice sculpture and he did not move in the slightest bit! His heart pounded in his throat, and his throat felt as if it had been blocked. When he finally managed to make his lips move, he mumbled a few words. "Who are you?"

Su Yu walked over with his hands clasped behind his back. His gaze was calm. He felt no satisfaction from killing nine Holy Kings. He then said indifferently, "Answer my question. If not, die."