The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Mysterious Powerhouse
Chapter 270: Mysterious powerhouse
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The bloody scene completely destroyed the line of defense of the Fiery Minister.

"The reason they wanted to unify the Shenyue Island was to consolidate all of its power in order to search for a key."

Su Yu's gaze wavered, "What key?"


But at this moment, the eyes of the Fiery Minister had a crafty glow. A crimson glow flickered around him, as he turned into a ball of red light, charging into the horizon!

"Blood Shield?" Su Yu's gaze turned serious.

It sacrifices the user's life force, in exchange for a quick escape.

Su Yu turned to look at Qiu Changjiang, cupping his hands as he took his leave, "Senior Qiu, I do not have time to stop here, we will meet again someday!"


Su Yu's figure also disappeared into the horizon.

All that was left were a few Holy Disciples.

The crowd was still immersed in the shock of Su Yu casually killing nine Holy Kings.

It took a long time for them to return to their senses.

"Senior Qiu, that is Su Yu of the Sanctuary?" Several newly inducted juniors had fear and admiration in their eyes.

Su Yu's name had become legendary in the Sanctuary.

His unparalleled talents shone brighter than anything.

Qiu Changjian muttered in disbelief, "Perhaps."

"That Senior Su, what is his cultivation level? He can kill so many Holy Kings alone, with one technique? Could he already have surpassed us and become a Holy King?"

Qiu Changjian's face was full of shock, "Perhaps he has cultivated to the level of Holy King!"

Outside the Sanctuary.

The Fiery Minister's movement technique was extremely fast, charging straight to the Twilight Mountains.

Su Yu was in hot pursuit.

The red clothed guards noticed the commotion and were following close behind.

Half a day later.

Deep in the Twilight Mountains, the Fiery Minister entered a valley, his face pale.

The Fiery Minister anxiously pleaded in front of a cave, "Master, save me!"

Within the cave, a middle aged man wearing a bamboo hat silently stood in an underground tunnel.

Hearing the noise, he lifted his head slightly, revealing white eyes underneath the bamboo hat!

His eyes were pale white, as if they were the eyes of a dead person.

"Your death is insignificant! You are half dead, but still revealed my position!" The man wearing the bamboo hat let out a cold grunt. He did not move, merely shooting out two rays of white light from his white eyes.


The Fiery Minister let out a pathetic scream, dying as he bled from all of his orifices!

Stepping on the corpse of the Fiery Minister, the man wearing the bamboo hat emerged out of the cave with his hands behind him. He shot his white eyes in the direction that Su Yu was coming from, his lips forming a cold arc, "You do not know death!"

In the valley, the expressions of Su Yu and the red clothed guards were grave.

Li Tianqiang's expression was serious, "Immortal Realm Level Two Peak! Let's leave quickly!"

The strongest of the ten red clothed guards was Li Tianqiang at Immortal Realm Level Two Upper Tier. The rest of the nine were Immortal Realm Level Two Lower Tier.

The ten of them, striking in unison, might not even be enough to defeat the man in the bamboo hat!

Su Yu squinted. He was no stranger to the area!

The remnants of the Twilight Mountains!

His Divine Decree had been born from the underground relics. The passageway in the cave led straight to them!

What was he doing here?

"Didn't you hear me? Leave quickly!" Li Tianqiang looked at the white eyed man faraway. His eyelids were twitching, and his heart was thumping wildly as he urged impatiently.

Su Yu shook his head, "In front of a powerful enemy, escaping would only give him a chance to chase and attack us. Only by banding together, can we stand a chance against him!"

Su Yu did not expect that it was such a powerful person who was backing the Fiery Minister!

Li Tianqiang was frustrated, "I have protected the palace master for many years and have much experience. If you wish to stay alive, it's best you listen to my suggestion! Only by doing so, can we escape the fate of extermination!"

"Even if we were to sacrifice some of our brethren?" Su Yu looked at him coldly.

Li Tianqiang let out a low grunt, "Of course! We are loyal servants of the Empire of Darkness. Sacrificing ourselves for the Empire of Darkness is our honor!"

"Master Yin Yu, give us the order! We have already prepared ourselves for the worst!" Li Tianqiang cupped his hands, standing at the very front, the first to prepare to leave.

Su Yu nodded slightly.

"Alright! Since that is the case, you will go last, the rest of you red clothed guards, follow me in retreat!" Su Yu said without expression.

Li Tianqiang's expression changed drastically, becoming furious, "I'll go last? Are you trying to kill me?"

"Hmph! You were going on about honor and pride just now. Wasn't sacrificing yourself for the Empire of Darkness your honor? Why, don't you want to satisfy your honor in the face of death?" Su Yu shook his head.

Li Tianqiang's facial muscles twitched, as he attempted to explain, "I am the leader of the red clothed guards. As the leader, I am in charge of directing the operations. If I die, the other brothers will die even faster!"

"So they are the people who should die? And not you?" Su Yu let out a low grunt.

Li Tianqiang had no shame, forcefully explaining, "Hmph! I have said that I am more useful alive. After this is over, I will naturally find a way to sacrifice myself for the Empire of Darkness!"

Su Yu looked down on this person, letting out a mocking laugh, "In the end, a person like you is merely using the lives of your brethren to preserve your own, letting them stall for time and distract the opponent, while you seize the chance to escape!"

"You are fearful of death, yet you talk people into sacrificing themselves. What right do you have to be a red clothed guard?" Su Yu scolded.

Li Tianqiang grunted in his heart, his face full of indignance.

"If you do not want to go last, listen to my orders!" Su Yu warned him for the last time.

"Red clothed guards, listen to my orders. Take up your positions and await orders here! Without my orders, no one is to retreat of their own accord! Those who do not comply, die!" Su Yu ordered quickly.

After saying this, Su Yu split away from the red clothed guards, flying alone toward the man in the bamboo hat.

The nine red clothed guards looked at Li Tianqiang, "Leader Li, we..."

Get into your positions first! Don't move from your positions!" Li Tianqiang glared at the back view of Su Yu with hatred.

The nine red clothed guards said, "But, Master Yin Yu alone..."

A ferocious look flashed past Li Tianqiang's eyes, but his expression was still stern, "You talk too much! Since these are the orders of the master, as guards, we should follow them!"

Following which, the ten of them got into position, where they could attack and defend as one, with Li Tianqiang leading the pack.

This way, they could largely prevent any death or injuries.

The man wearing the bamboo hat had a mocking smile, "You can't even control your subordinates, you are useless."

Su Yu did not answer. Instead, he was silently observing this terrifyingly powerful fighter!

His white eyes were filled with a strange ripple.

The man wearing the bamboo hat calmly said, "Your abilities are decent, pledge loyalty to me and I'll spare your lives."

"What if I decline?" Su Yu calmly said.

The man wearing the bamboo hat raised his brows, "Was I speaking to you? What I want are your guards. As for a burden like you, I'll naturally send you on your way!"

Su Yu wore a cold smile.

The man wearing the bamboo hat was not looking at Su Yu. His eyes were locked onto the red clothed guards, calmly saying, "You cannot beat me with the likes of the few of you. Trying to escape in one piece, with a mere formation, is but an idiotic dream!"

"Abandon your thoughts of getting lucky. I, Hai Kuangren, never give second chances. Answer, are you going to pledge loyalty to me, or die?" The man wearing the bamboo hat threatened.

The red clothed guards had cold expressions. Li Tianqiang showed a little struggle, but quickly regained his composure, "It's not so easy to kill us!"

Hai Kuangren shook his head, "I have heard your decision. Now, I shall send you all on your way."

"Do not blame me, this is your choice."

Hai Kuangren enveloped himself with the aura of an Immortal Realm Level Two Peak fighter, an extreme pressure emanating from his body. The pressure caused Li Tianqiang and the rest of the guards to contract, feeling unprecedentedly heavy.

A great battle was about to begin!