The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Getting Justice
Chapter 271: Getting Justice
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Hai Kuangren took a step forward, with his hands clasped behind his back, and headed directly for the red-clothed bodyguards.

An oppressive feeling, which caused them to have the jitters, enveloped their hearts.

"Have you forgotten about me?" Su Yu, who had been overlooked at one side, spoke leisurely.

Hai Kuangren did not even turn his head to look at Su Yu. He swung his sleeve and shot a lump of spiritual energy conveniently: "Scram!"

His spiritual energy surged rapidly and was extremely powerful. It was not something that a normal Immortal Level Two could compete with!

However, what surprised Hai Kuangren was that the sound of Su Yu bursting into pieces did not appear. Instead, a destructive energy was being gathered abruptly!

When he turned his head and looked over, Su Yu had already opened his mouth!

"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters! Lin!"


A shocking roar agitated the vitality of the world.

A frightening aura, as if it were furious billows, appeared!

Hai Kuangren did not take precautions against the attack in the slightest, and he was enveloped on the spot!


Hai Kuangren groaned and was swept hundreds of meters away. He then crashed onto the cliff of a ravine.

Although he was not fatally injured, his injuries were not light either.

Hai Kuangren revealed an astonished expression: "What kind of cultivation technique is that?"

What answered him was Su Yu's indifferent face: "A cultivation technique that can kill you!"

Su Yu took another huge breath violently, and a frightening destructive power was created in his mouth.

Hai Kuangren's expression changed.

"Soul Divine Light!" His white eyes emitted two white beams abruptly, which headed straight into Su Yu's mind.

His face wore a cold laughter: "So what if your cultivation technique is outstanding? Isn't it the same, if you cannot withstand a single blow from me?"

However, the scene of Su Yu's seven apertures being filled with blood did not appear as expected.

Su Yu merely groaned, and his Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters was stopped forcefully.

"What? How is that possible? My soul attack is useless against you?" Hai Kuangren was extremely astonished.

Su Yu's gaze became even colder. That white beam was actually a soul attack!

Another prodigy of souls, the prodigy that was considered rare in the Zhenlong continent, appeared!

That move was ruthless, and the soul of someone of similar cultivation base as the wielder would have been destroyed.

Fortunately, Su Yu had honed"Heaven's Son Gazing At Air"to Lower Class. His soul became twice as strong, and it was a lot stronger than a normal person. Hence, he only felt extreme pain.

Hai Kuangren could not be left alive!


However, Hai Kuangren's reaction was still considered agile.

When a thought flashed past his mind, he made his decision and escaped immediately!

He might not necessarily be fearful of Su Yu, however, he was fearful of Su Yu's abnormality.

His speed was extremely fast, and no one on-site could intercept him!

Because of his location, the only direction that he could escape to was toward the red-clothed bodyguards.

"All of you, scram! If you don't, you will be punished with death!" Hai Kuangren shouted strictly.

Li Tianqiang's eyelids twitched crazily and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva secretly.

Su Yu said coldly: "Maintain your formation, do not retreat!"

He had ordered beforehand that, without his orders, they were not to retreat!

However, Li Tianqiang's eyes flashed with struggle. He got out of the dangerous situation by retreating abruptly and roaring loudly: "Brothers! Disperse quickly!!"

The ten red-robed bodyguards hesitated. However, the escape of their leader had caused their determination to waver!


The group of them dispersed at once, escaping in all directions.

Su Yu's eye sockets were about to crack: "Li! Tian! Qiang!"

Li Tianqiang turned his head and explained himself with flames of fury that could reach the sky: "I am the leader! When the situation is dangerous, I naturally have the power to improvise on the spot!"

Having heard his shameless and disputing words, Su Yu was filled with murderous intent!

Having seen what happened, Hai Kuangren was delighted. He then sneered: "What a pity. You have hidden your abilities deeply. However, your subordinates only care about saving their own skins and are weak!"

"If the ten of you teamed up, not only would I be unable to do anything to all of you, perhaps I would fall in your hands. But now..."

Hai Kuangren's cold eyes flashed. His eyes spouted two white beams and killed the two red-clothed bodyguards in front of him on the spot!

With two horrible shrieks, their seven apertures bled, and they died!

Two red-clothed bodyguards fell, just like that!

Without anything else blocking his way, Hai Kuangren changed into a light and broke through the horizon.

His speed was so fast, that even Su Yu did not manage to use Space-time manipulation in time to move him back.

Not only did Su Yu not manage to kill his enemy, he had also lost two red-clothed bodyguards!

Su Yu flew in front of the two corpses. Although he had a calm expression, he clenched his fists tightly.

The red-clothed bodyguards, who changed into bird beasts and escaped, gathered together in succession. They surrounded the two corpses, and their eyes were filled with sorrow.

They had been together with one another for a long time. The two faces, which were still lively moments ago, became icy cold corpses in the blink of an eye.


Li Tianqiang flew back and looked at the two corpses, without getting near.

He knew that he had completely angered Su Yu!

Li Tianqiang's gaze flashed and he retreated coldly. His eyes were glowing swiftly and fiercely: "Yin Yu! As the Palace Master, even though you knew that it was dangerous, you brought the empire's members into danger, causing two bodyguards to die as victims of injustice!"

"Regarding this matter, I will report it back to the Palace Master and request for him to make a decision!"

As Li Tianqiang spoke, he retreated even faster. He felt extremely fearful as he matched Su Yu's gaze.

The power of the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters had caused him to feel extremely apprehensive.

Su Yu raised his head. His calm gaze was replaced with extreme coldness.

He did not conceal his icy cold murderous intents in the slightest!

"Who was the one who violated my orders and escaped arbitrarily?"

"Who was the one who caused the team to disperse, which then caused the other party to attack us?"

"Who was the one who caused the two red-clothed bodyguards to die as victims of injustice?"

"When I ordered you not to retreat, what were you doing? What did you do after that?"

"Because of your weakness, because of your cowardice, because you only care about saving your own skin, two red-clothed bodyguards died a tragic death!"

"If that were the case, then so be it. However, you did not know how to repent and mend your ways. Instead, you shirked responsibility! You do not feel ashamed in the slightest!"

"I cannot afford to let you remain with me any longer!"

Su Yu shouted coldly.

Li Tianqiang had already retreated a mile away. He thought that he was already safe and so had no scruples.

"Humph! Yin Yu! You only earned the favor of the Palace Master because of your mysterious cultivation technique. Do you think that you are worthy of being our Palace Master?" Li Tianqiang did not conceal what he truly felt.

"Does an inexperienced little kid like you have the right to order me? I, Li Tianqiang have been of great service to the Palace Master and deserve a great credit for my hard work. The position of the Tenth Deputy Palace Master should have been given to my nephew! Who do you think you are, that you attempt to snatch my nephew's position away?"

"Because of your carelessness, two red-clothed bodyguards died. I will definitely report this matter to the Palace Master and let him have a clear understanding that you are not suitable to take on the position of the Deputy Palace Master!"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu's murderous intent became thicker: "Do you think that you still have the chance to return back alive?"

"You have caused the death of your fellow members and shirked responsibility to others shamelessly! Your death is not to be regretted!" Su Yu seldom got furious from the bottom of his heart, but Li Tianqiang was one of the few people who managed to make Su Yu so furious!

"In the name of the Deputy Palace Master, I will seek justice for the two members who died!" Su Yu shouted coldly.

Li Tianqiang laughed sardonically: "Yin Yu! Who do you think you are, that you think you are worthy to teach me a lesson?"

His presumptuous voice reverberated below the blue sky.

"Whether I am worthy or not, you will know after we fight!"

Li Tianqiang laughed coldly: "Why should I fight with you? Who do you think you are? You are the culprit who caused the death of his fellow members. I will return now and report to the Palace Master!"

Su Yu's face was filled with extreme coldness: "Is it that you are unable to fight, or that you don't dare fight?"

Li Tianqiang's expression became serious. He forced himself to remain composed and laughed coldly: "What a joke! Is a mere, inexperienced little kid worthy of having a fight with me? What a waste of my time. Just wait to be punished by the Palace Master!"

As Li Tianqiang spoke, his figure flashed, and he rushed toward the horizon.

Su Yu's gaze was extremely cold. His right eye had a wine-red color: "Do you think that you can escape? Today, you! Must! Die!"