The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Heavenly Palmprint
Chapter 272: Heavenly palmprint
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"Space Manipulation!"

The red light flickered, enveloping Li Tianqiang.


Even though he had escaped a mile away, Li Tianqiang was suddenly teleported back.

Li Tianqiang turned back abruptly, meeting the icy cold gaze of Su Yu!

A destructive energy was brewing rapidly in Su Yu's mouth.

"Wait! Master!" Li Tianqiang gasped, his eyes shifting. His heart was thumping wildly, "I admit that I was wrong and offended you. Please give me a chance..."

But Su Yu did not have the intention of stopping, brewing the Buddhist Saint Eight Characters to the maximum.

"You need not apologize to me, instead, you should apologise to the two brethren that died without meaning!"

Without hesitation, Su Yu unleashed the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters!


The pathetic scream was drowned in the earth shaking roar.

At such a close distance, Li Tianqiang's facial organs sprayed blood as he died.

The seven red clothed guards instantly became respectful!

Yin Yu had killed a personal guard of Palace Master Lin, without hesitation. His decisiveness and lack of mercy were shocking.

"Wait here, all of you!" Su Yu ordered as his figure flickered. He passed the underground tunnel as he made his way into the relic.

Coming back to this familiar place, Su Yu involuntarily thought about Xia Jingyu.

A year ago, it was here that Su Yu had saved Xia Jingyu from the hands of Fang Qingzhou.

Today, everything had changed.

But they had both joined the Empire of Darkness. It should be easier for Su Yu to find Xia Jingyu.

He stared at the colour changing wall.

There were two pictures. One was the heavenly finger of an elder, allowing Su Yu to learn the Divine Decree.

The other was...

Su Yu squinted, silently activating his time acceleration!

Under the effects of the time acceleration, the transformation of the paintings on the wall became much slower.

The second picture could clearly be seen.

On the heavens, within a vortex, a great palm struck down, leveling mountains and streams!


Suddenly, Su Yu opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, his face turning pale!

A shock surfaced in Su Yu's eyes.

"Just what is that palm? An ancient image after ten thousand years still holds such power?"

Back then, Su Yu was at a cultivation level which was low, and it was not weird for him to suffer a trauma after looking at the picture.

But now, he had already achieved the Dragon Realm, yet he was still injured by looking at the picture!

The only difference was that the injury was still bearable for him currently!

Clenching his teeth, Su Yu activated the time acceleration again, staring at the picture.

The details of the picture were slow and clear, printing themselves into Su Yu's memory.


A strange scene ensued. As Su Yu was about to finish memorizing the contents of the picture, it shot out a ball of light about the size of a leaf.

Looking closer at it, it was a tiny palm print, similar in fashion to the giant one in the picture.

The ball of light was extremely fast, breaking through the restraints of the slowed down time, entering Su Yu's brain.

In that moment, Su Yu observed that there was a palm print etched onto the side of the Nine-Dragon Cauldron.


It was also at this moment that the wall exploded!

The wall turned into dust, together with the painting of the elder using the Heavenly Finger.

Su Yu was incredibly shocked, this was...

He examined himself closely. The palm print had no negative impact on his soul. Su Yu let out a sigh of relief.

The wall had been destroyed. Su Yu thought for a moment before leaving the relic. He led the red clothed guards out of the Twilight Mountains.

Multiple hours after they left, a figure wearing a bamboo hat sneakily flew over from afar. He dug his way into the relic, observing the shattered wall. His expression changed, "The key was taken away? By who? Who is he that is able to take the key away?"

"That brat just now? No! His abilities are but average. Even the combined efforts of the Nine Saint Masters were not able to retrieve the key. How could he have done that?"

In doubt, Hai Kuangren left.

Outside the Twilight Mountains, at the Xianyu Prefecture.

The once destroyed manor of the duke of Xianyu had been given a new lease of life.

The duke of Xianyu laid peacefully on a bamboo chair in the yard, his gaze fixed on the horizon, even the clouds seemed carefree.

Slowly, his eyes filled with melancholy and loneliness.

"Father-in-law." A silent greeting entered his ears.

The tone was foreign. The duke of Xianyu turned in surprise, his body felt as if it had been struck by lightning, freezing on the spot.

His pupils dilated, his body trembled involuntarily. His lips quivered as he said, "Yu'er...."

Standing up, the duke of Xianyu's body quivered, his eyes unable to leave the figure of the youth before him.

The figure had grown taller, his hair changed. He was now less juvenile and more mature. Even his voice had changed.

But the duke of Xianyu could still recognise him in a glance. It was his son-in-law, Su Yu!

"Father-in-law..." Su Yu looked at the duke of Xianyu.

In just a year, the once muscular body of the duke had become frail.

His handsome face was laced with shreds of anguish.

His once black hair was now intertwined with streaks of white.

The once robust duke, at this moment, in the breeze, felt like an old man.

He had grown old.

Su Yu felt an inexplicable bitterness. He pushed his robes back as he knelt, his eyes filled with tears, "Father-in-law! I have come late and made you suffer."

Two lines of tears fell from the duke of Xianyu's face.

The old, haggard, familiar face of the duke had a smile, "Yu'er... You've finally returned..."

The teary smile hung in contrast on the duke of Xianyu's lonely face, highlighting his sadness.

He helped Su Yu up. The both of them spent a long time catching up in the yard.

Su Yu told the duke of Xianyu everything he had experienced thus far. The duke, at times, felt surprised, at times shocked, at times furious, but ultimately, his expression was one of love. He stroked Su Yu's head, "Yu'er, you have suffered!"

Silently shaking his head, Su Yu smiled as he took out a jade bottle. Two yellow elixirs silently laid in the bottle.


The red clothed guards flew over, carrying a crystal coffin into the yard. Within the coffin was An Yurou.

"Father-in-law, I have gotten the elixir for you! Today I shall fulfill my promise!"

In the past, Su Yu had sworn to find an elixir that could help the duke of Xianyu get his arm back.

Today, he could finally fulfill that promise.

In order to counteract the volatility of the elixir, Su Yu intended to treat the duke of Xianyu together with An Yurou.

He took out the two elixirs, feeding one to each of them.

Under the effects of the elixir, a shocking scene was presented.

The severed arm of the duke of Xianyu continually developed new muscle strains, his arm regenerating at a speed observable by the naked eye.

As for An Yurou, her hideous face started to peel, revealing streaks of tender skin.

But the process was slow. It would take about two weeks for the full process to be completed.

The duke of Xianyu was elated, and said, deep in gratitude, "The proudest thing I have done in my life is to have you as my son-in-law."

Su Yu laughed, as if released from a massive burden.

This arm was what he owed the duke of Xianyu. Today, he had finally returned it.

"Father-in-law, I cannot stay for too long, for I have other matters to attend to. This is one of my benefactors, please take care of her for me." Su Yu took a breath as he said his goodbyes.

The duke of Xianyu forced a smile, "Your heart is not in the Shenyue Island. The Zhenlong Continent is where you belong. Go.. Next time, remember to bring Xianer back."

Su Yu's heart shuddered as he kowtowed, "Father-in-law, take care of yourself!"

The duke of Xianyu caressed Su Yu's head, peacefully saying, "You should be the one taking care of yourself. Remember to come back alive!"

Su Yu was touched, silently nodding.

"Before you go, you should make a trip down to your old home, Qingshan Town. There is a person there that you should meet." The due of Xianyu sighed.