The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 273

Chapter 273: A Person Who Came From A Distant Place
Chapter 273: A Person Who Came From A Distant Place
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Su Yu nodded his head, bid farewell, and left.

After flying to the horizon, Su Yu turned his head and looked. The Duke of Xianyu stood at the courtyard by himself. His gray face looked toward the horizon, and his whole face was filled with the remnants of tears.

"Father-in-law..." Su Yu clenched his fists: "Wait for me to look for Xianer and settle all my scores in Zhenlong continent. After which, I will return and spend my remaining years with you comfortably."


Su Yu left via the sky.

After an hour.

At Qingshan town, a town under the jurisdiction of Xianyu prefecture.

Su Yu did not have much sense of belonging to the place, only some mottled memory remained in his soul.

Suddenly, Su Yu's gaze passed through the layers of cloud and landed atop a mountain.

A quiet and beautiful ancient view was set off by the water on the mountain.

In front of a Taoist temple, a delicate Taoist nun, who looked graceful and extremely beautiful, as though she was a fox fairy in storybooks, was cleaning the entrance hall, sweeping up fallen leaves.

The dim sunlight descended slowly upon her jade-like face, and a fluorescent light was reflected.

The greenery made her look more lively, comfortable, and natural.

She had an expression that was indifferent to fame and gain, making her look as if she did not belong to the world of mortals.

Although Su Yu only took a quick look, his heart trembled involuntarily. A feeling that did not belong to him reverberated deep in his soul: "Jiang... Xue...Qing..."

In the past, she was Su Yu's first love. She had betrayed him and felt remorseful afterward. In the end, she left behind a kiss and hid herself somewhere, causing her whereabouts to be unknown.

She actually returned to her hometown, to the countryside where they interacted with one another, renouncing her family and becoming a Taoist nun.

Had she seen through the vanity of the world?

Su Yu had words that he could not bring himself to say.

"All of you, wait here."

With a murmuring sound, Su Yu landed behind Jiang Xueqing's back, nimbly.

Having heard the movement behind her, Jiang Xueqing turned her body slowly and made a bow that was indifferent to fame or gain: "Philanthropist, what..."

When Jiang Xueqing took a clear look at the other party's face, her words ceased abruptly!


The broom in her hand fell to the floor.

While stupefied, she looked at the silver-haired man in front of her. Her expression was filled with surprise, happiness, and remorse. A layer of mist started to gather in her snow-like eyes.

Finally, she became calm again.

"Philanthropist, if you wish to pay your respects, please come back in a moment." Jiang Xueqing's gaze was dull. She looked at Su Yu as though he was a stranger.

"Qing-er..." Su Yu was speechless.

Jiang Xueqing smiled indifferently: "Philanthropist, I am Huiqing, you have mistaken me for another person."

After her speech, she turned her body lightly, returning to the Taoist temple.

When Su Yu also walked toward the temple, she closed the door.

After some time, a leisurely voice could be heard from inside the door.

"The moon dims or shines; it waves or wanes. People have sorrow and joy; they part and meet again. In the life of an ordinary person, he would definitely have regrets. Philanthropist, don't think of the world of mortals, and don't think of the past. Look to your own future."

Don't think of the world of mortals, and don't think of the past?

Su Yu only felt a stinging feeling in his heart.

"Thank you for coming to see Qing-er. She is already satisfied."

"Temple light, old books, and scriptures are Qing-er's final destinations. She has already kept herself far away from the world of mortals. Philanthropist, please do not obsess yourself with her."

Su Yu stood at the entrance for a long time. His heart uttered noiseless, sad calls, as if he had lost something.

In the life of an ordinary person, he would definitely have regrets. Don't think of the world of mortals, and don't think of the past.

The clouds drifted above leisurely, and the world was faraway.

Su Yu felt lonely all of the sudden.

The endless flow of the human life is filled with ups and downs. However, there are some people, and some things, that one has to let go of. These people and things would accompany the memory and time, and be buried in the dust for years.

After remaining silent for a long time, Su Yu bowed down and paid a courtesy call to the door. His voice was low, hoarse, and filled with sorrow: "Can I request for the Taoist nun to tell her that, although every human being has a lifespan of a hundred years, their youth is short and will pass by in the blink of an eye? Also, please tell her to take care of herself."

After his speech, he left via the sky.

Hoot, hoot

A slight sobbing sound could be heard from within the door.

Jiang Xueqing could be seen leaning against the door. Her aromatic body gradually sliding down its frame. She enfolded herself with her own arms for comfort, squatted down, and gradually cried her heart out.

Her face, which was indifferent to fame or gain, had already filled with tear stains a long time ago. She also had an expression of coldness, loneliness, and helplessness.

"Brother Su Yu... I'm sorry..."

She raised her eyes and looked at the distant sky that Su Yu had disappeared into. Her eyes were full of tears and she sobbed: "If there is an afterlife, I will meet you there, always to remain by your side!"


Having seen Jiang Xueqing, Su Yu had fulfilled his last wish.

However, he did not feel as relaxed as he expected.

Human beings would always have regrets. Once certain incidents had passed, or relationships were over, that would be it, there would be no way to reverse it.

Such would be a regret throughout every human being's life.

Looking at the misty horizon, Su Yu suddenly felt that a human life was just a tiny existence.

A mere hundred years would pass in the blink of an eye. Who would be able to accompany him to the very end?

As Su Yu clenched his fists, figures of Xianer, Xia Jingyu, and the Duke of Xianyu drifted past his mind.

Would they also disappear from his life one day, only to become a permanent regret of his?

"Xianer! Jingyu!" Su Yu's heart was overflowing with absolute faith.

His soul also trembled.

He could not tolerate them disappearing from his life.

When Su Yu returned to Zhenlong continent, his first task would be to find them!

The matters in Shenyue island had been taken care of, and it was now time for Su Yu to return to Zhenlong continent.

Suddenly, Su Yu shot his gaze toward the direction of the Xianyu prefecture.

Fifty miles away, a female figure was chasing after him hurriedly.

She wore jade green clothes. She had an excellent figure and looked extremely beautiful.

What gave others a deep impression of her was her clear eyes, which looked like a crescent moon with a true yet fake smile.

"It's her! Hua Zhilan!" Su Yu's gaze turned serious!

On the day at the abyss of Wutong, Mo Wu and he had almost died under her hands.

Why was she at Shenyue island?

Moreover, from the looks of it, she was heading straight for him!

"All of you will wait for me from a hundred miles away!" Su Yu said indifferently.

After waiting for the nine red-clothed bodyguards to leave, Hua Zhilan caught up with Su Yu.

What she saw was a young man wearing a silver mask with silver-white hair.

"You are Su Yu?" Hua Zhilan asked, while puffing and panting, her neck filled with sweat.

Su Yu wore a true yet fake smile: "You are right. I am Su Yu. What do you have for me?"

With the mask, Hua Zhilan did not recognize that the person in front of her was the very same little creep who had killed her spiritual pet.

After hearing what was said, Hua Zhilan's beautiful eyes were filled with happiness.

She had been persistently looking for Su Yu in Shenyue Island for many months. However, as she did not know where to look, she had left it all to luck, waiting near Su Yu's father-in-law.

Some time ago, she went around looking for Su Yu. To one's surprise, Su Yu actually came by during that period of time!

After forcing an answer, some servants, who had seen Su Yu, confessed naturally.

However, soon after that, her happiness was replaced by complaints. She bit her teeth and said furiously: "Little creep! You have made me wait for so long!"

Su Yu was slightly stunned. Why was Hua Zhilan looking for him?

"Humph! We will discuss this after I teach you a lesson!" Hua Zhilan hated Su Yu, to the point that she bit her teeth. If not for Su Yu, she would not have had to needlessly endure hardships for so many months.


Hua Zhilan took a step toward Su Yu. Her long and slender jade-like hands headed toward Su Yu with the intention of grabbing him.

However, Su Yu avoided her sharply, which caused her to grab the air.

Hua Zhilan was stunned. She actually failed to catch a little kid of Dragon Realm Level Five?

"You still dare to run away? I will catch you and spank your backside until it rots!" Hua Zhilan was a bit embarrassed and furious. She then turned her body and extended her hands toward Su Yu.

Su Yu's gaze turned cold: "Spank my backside? That is also good. With this, our debt from before will be cleared!"


Su Yu abruptly exhibited a pair of snow-white wings that was a thousand Chinese feet broad.

Su Yu's figure turned hazy. He was actually faster than Hua Zhilan!

Hua Zhilan was slightly stunned. Recovering her wits, she told herself that she was not in a good situation!

Against Su Yu, she did not take any precautions!

However, due to her carelessness, she was too late!

The whistling sound of the wind could be heard from behind her. Two big and muscular hands held her hands behind her back, suppressing her internal blood energy channel, making it difficult for her spiritual energy to revolve around her body.

"Ah! Little creep! What are you trying to do?" Hua Zhilan was both surprised and furious.

Su Yu laughed indifferently: "Didn't I say it before? I am settling my debt with you!"

"Prone down!" Su Yu exerted strength on his wrists and pressed her down with his knees. Her face was tilted towards the ground and she was closely in contact with it.


A clear and melodious sound reverberated across the bright sky.

Hua Zhilan's forehead hit the ground, which caused a green mark to appear on it. Her whole face was filled with anger: "Little kid... You actually dared to spank my..."

Su Yu laughed loudly: "You only allow yourself to spank other people's backside, yet you disallow people to spank your own backside?"

Su Yu stopped before going too far. The debt from that day was considered cleared!

Su Yu withdrew his hands, exhibited his wings, and escaped quickly.

After all, the other party was a strong martial artist of Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak. In a situation, where he did not exhibit Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, it would be difficult for him to win against her.

Moreover, she was the ninth Deputy Palace Master. In the future, both she and him would be under Ling Xiaotian. Hence, he did not treat her ruthlessly.

Comparing positions, Hua Zhilan was not too far from Su Yu.

After chasing Su Yu for an hour, Hua Zhilan completely lost track of him!

Hua Zhilan was so furious that her whole body trembled. She clenched her elegant fists tightly, and her beautiful crescent moon-like eyes were as if they were breathing fire: "I will not forgive you!!"

If not for her carelessness, would she have ended in such a plight?

As for Su Yu, he had already entered the ocean with the red-clothed bodyguards to return to Zhenlong continent.

After one month.

In an inn of the Alliance City.

Ling Xiaotian had stayed in the inn for some time.

However, when Su Yu returned, he became stupefied. He discovered that the security was tight, as there were many red-clothed bodyguards around the inn!

As for their numbers, there were twenty of them!

In particular, their lowest cultivation base was Immortal Level Two, and the highest cultivation base was Immortal Level Three!!

When compared to Ling Xiaotian, the total abilities of his ten personal bodyguards were a lot weaker.

Su Yu's gaze became slightly narrower. What happened?

The red-clothed bodyguards of the Empire of Darkness of the north continent were all present.

Where did all those red-clothed bodyguards come from? Their abilities were actually so frightening?

With a slight flash of his eyes, Su Yu brought along his seven red-clothed bodyguards and walked toward the inn.

"Halt! Who are you?" The person now standing in front of the other red-clothed bodyguards was the leader of Immortal Level Three!

Even though he had a rough and short figure, as well as an ugly look, his abilities were extraordinary!

"I am Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu!" Su Yu said indifferently.

"Show me your identity jade tablet." The rough and short red-clothed bodyguard extended his palm and spoke apathetically.

It was as if, in his eyes, a Deputy Palace Master was not worth mentioning.

"I have already said that I am the north continent's Deputy Palace Master!" Su Yu repeated.

The rough and short red-clothed bodyguard looked Su Yu up and down and said with disdain: "Who cares if you are the Palace Master? I only recognize the jade tablet! Show it to me!"

Su Yu did not hand over his jade tablet. Instead, he looked at the red-clothed bodyguards who were stuck together and defending the surrounding. His gaze then turned slightly cold: "Who are all of you? My north continent does not have red-clothed bodyguards like you!"

In actual fact, Su Yu had some ideas of where they had come from.

The rough and short red-clothed bodyguard did not even care about Su Yu in the slightest, saying with a hum: "I will say it one more time. Show me your jade tablet! If not, I will treat you as someone pretending to be a red-clothed bodyguard and kill you on the spot!"

Rustle, rustle, rustle

The twenty red-clothed bodyguards who surrounded the inn moved at once, surrounding Su Yu and his group of people. They were also filled with murderous intents.

"Let me ask you. What are different positions in the Empire of Darkness? Does the Palace Master hold a higher position, or does the red-clothed bodyguard hold a higher position?" Su Yu said coldly with his hands clasped behind his back.

The rough and short red-clothed bodyguard's face turned serious. In front of everyone, how would he dare to say such presumptuous words? He then said with a hum: "Naturally, the Palace Master holds a higher position!"

Su Yu's eyes were filled with extreme coldness: "Then let me ask you again. For a group of red-clothed bodyguards that came from a far away land to the north continent, is the Palace Master the one checking the identity of the red-clothed bodyguards, or are the red-clothed bodyguards the ones checking the identity of the Palace Master?"

The rough and short red-clothed bodyguard's eyes struggled for some time before he said: "Naturally, the Palace Master would be the one checking us!"

"In that case, in the territory of the Palace Master, you asked for the Palace Master's identity forcefully. You have no regard for your superiors, and you went against him, even though you are beneath him. Is that not a crime? Should I bestow death upon you?" Su Yu shouted coldly.