The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Sub Palace Of The Empire
Chapter 274: Sub palace of the Empire
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The stocky red clothed guard clenched his fists, the muscles around his neck twitching, showing his inner struggles.

After a while, he relaxed his fists, the rigidity in his body subsiding. He clenched his teeth as he said, "I have unintentionally offended you, please punish me."

The stocky red clothed guard felt that it was humiliating for him to bow down and apologize to Su Yu.

"Fine, it's alright if you recognise your mistakes..." Su Yu said.

The stocky red clothed guard let out a grunt, once again standing tall and straight.

Su Yu had not finished what he wanted to say, "Since you know your mistakes, I shall punish you as a warning to others!"

No one would fear a master without authority.

There were red clothed guards behind him. If Su Yu were to let things slide here, it would be hard for him to hold his ground in the Empire of Darkness's sub palace in the future.

Hearing this, the stocky red clothed guard turned furious, "I have already admitted to my wrongdoings, what more do you want?"

Su Yu's gaze turned cold, "To use this tone against a sub palace master, is this the attitude of someone admitting to their mistakes?"

The stocky red clothed guard stared at him angrily, his fists clenching tightly. He forcefully suppressed his rage as he said, "I'll admit to my mistakes, but I would advise you to consider this: You do not have the power to punish me..."

"And if I'm dead set on doing that?" Su Yu squinted. These red clothed guards were too brazen!

The stocky red clothed guard lifted his head, "Then we would have to see if you have the ability!"

"Seal of Time!" What replied him was Su Yu's cold grunt.

The formless purple dragon sealed the stocky red clothed guard. His mind was still intact, but his physical body was frozen in time.


Su Yu stepped forward and gave the guard a huge slap, sending him flying.

Regaining his freedom, the cheek of the stocky red clothed guard was burning. He clutched his face, his eyes full of fury, "You dare hit me?"

Su Yu stood with his hands behind him, "You let me try and see if I had the ability. I naturally had to grant your wish!"

"Why, you wish to attack me?" Su Yu coldly said.

The stocky red clothed guard clenched his fist, his bones cracking.

He naturally did not dare lay his hands on a vice palace master, not with so many people to witness!

The red clothed guards of the sub palace were dumbfounded. The newly inducted Master Yin Yu was decisive and overbearing.

Unknowingly, the fear and respect in their hearts grew.

But at this moment...

"One who is merely a sub palace master dares to be so brazen!"

Suddenly, an old grunt came from within the inn.

An elder in green robes stepped out from the inn.

His pacing was steady and ordinary. But every step he took seemed to be on the hearts of everybody present.

Thump Thump

Su Yu's heart contracted, feeling a formless pressure.

What power!

The elder was not deliberately using any techniques. His every action gave off such a strong pressure.

Collecting himself, Su Yu looked at him without fear, "How is punishing a disrespectful red clothed guard brazen? Instead, you do not blame the disrespectful guard, but rather push the blame to me. Isn't the bias glaringly apparent here?"

The elder shot his ancient gaze at the stocky red clothed guard.

With merely a glance, the stocky red clothed guard was sent staggering in retreat, a streak of blood flowing down the side of his lips, "You deserved to be punished for being disrespectful! This will be the last time!"

After saying this, the elder fixed his gaze on Su Yu once again.

"He has been punished, now it's your turn! I am an inspector, and am responsible for inspecting the various powerhouses of the Empire of Darkness. I have the authority to punish any member that breaks the rules, including vice palace masters!"

"You injured the guard of an inspector, and you have no law in your eyes. You are undermining the Empire of Darkness. In accordance to the rules, your cultivation should be destroyed!"


The elder did not give Su Yu any chance to rebut, lifting his finger and aiming it at Su Yu, he wished to destroy his cultivation level on the spot.

"Inspector Bai He, I am still here."

A calm voice came from within the inn, but one which still harbored shreds of anger.

The energy that was gathered on Inspector Bai He's finger silently dissipated.

Inspector Bai He turned around angrily, looking at Lin Xiaotian, who was making his way out of the inn, "You wish to stop an inspector from exacting punishment for the Empire of Darkness?"

"Have you asked me if he was guilty?" Lin Xiaotian calmly said.

His tone was peaceful, but filled with a boundless superiority.

Inspector Bai He's expression changed as he retracted his finger and said, "Lin Xiaotian! Know your place!"

"You need not worry for me, bon voyage!" Lin Xiaotian cupped his fists, his face expressionless.

Inspector Bai He grunted, "I would advise you to consider my suggestion seriously, and give the ten vice palace masters to Lord Bai Luo. This is the only chance for you to show your loyalty."

Lin Xiaotian laughed, "I need not consider. The vice masters I have chosen will be taken care of by me. Lord Bai Luo need not worry."

Inspector Bai He grunted, "I have no more words to say, except know your place! Let's go!"

The twenty red clothed guards followed behind him as they left.

But before they left, the stocky red clothed guard shot at angry glare at Su Yu.

"Master, who is Lord Bai Luo?" Su Yu questioned.

This person's status was something, to be able to order an inspector to come and ask for people?

Furthermore, he wanted ten of the vice masters! Wasn't that going overboard?

Lin Xiaotian squinted, "The leader of the Seven Lords of Darkness! The person most probable of taking the position of the King of Darkness."

Su Yu's pupils dilated. The successor of the King of Darkness?

"You need not worry about this. Even though Bai Luo is strong, he is not the King of Darkness. What right does he have to order me?" Lin Xiaotian calmly said.

Nodding, Su Yu cut his words.

He had wanted to ask where Xia Jingyu was.

Xia Jingyu was taken by Hua Zhilan to the sub palace. She should have become a member of the Empire of Darkness?

With her inhuman levels of perception, she would have been nurtured with priority.

But his words had just reached his mouth, when he swallowed them once again.

He did not wish to reveal that he had come from Shenyue Island.

There were many powerful fighters in the Shenlong Continent, and Su Yu had many enemies. If it was leaked that Su Yu was from Shenyue Island, any of his enemies could completely destroy those closest to him in Shenyue Island, causing him a lifetime of regret.

"Where is Li Tianqiang?" Lin Xiaotian scanned the guards behind him as he asked.

Su Yu truthfully narrated what had happened.

After hearing the story, Lin Xiaotian was deep in thought.

Su Yu cupped his hands as he said, "I took matters into my own hands, without consulting the master. I am willing to accept punishment."

But Lin Xiaotian shook his head, letting out a light sigh, "He deserved death, but you should not have killed him!"

"He has some connections with a Lord in the Empire of Darkness. Now that you have killed him, you have invited trouble for yourself. But with me around, no one can touch you." Lin Xiaotian smiled.

Connections with a Lord?

The Seven Lords of Darkness. It was rumoured that any of the lords had the power to completely destroy top class powerhouses on their own.

The difference between Su Yu and them was like heaven and earth!

"Alright, follow me back to the Empire of Darkness."

A moment later, at the Ouyang family.

Ouyang Long was training Ouyang family disciples in the yard. Ouyang Yuxin was lost in thought, silently sitting in a corner.

Seeing the anguish of his daughter, Ouyang Long shook his head, sighing, "Yuxin, now that it has come to this, there is no use in regretting anything. I have told you many times to not take power and status to heart. Why are you like this now?"

Hearing this, Yuxin hung her head low, biting her lip. She felt regret, she felt injustice, but she also felt a deep sense of self blame, "He must hate me, I have brought the Ouyang family down."

If Ouyang Yuxin had continued maintaining friendly relations with Su Yu, and not offended him, the fact that Su Yu was a vice master would bring about great help for the Ouyang family.

But everything was ruined.

At this moment, Xiaosi reported anxiously, "Housemaster! Master Yin Yu has come!"

"What? Him?" Ouyang Long's expression changed drastically, "Quick! invite him in! Wait! Get Zi Yunxiang out, remember, don't be seen by anyone!"

The status of the vice master of the Empire of Darkness left the Ouyang family in the dust.

"Hehe, do you need to personally receive me? Don't stand on ceremony." Su Yu had entered by himself, all smiles.

Now that he was a vice palace master of the Empire of Darkness, he could righteously enter the Ouyang family without worrying about Han Jianglin.

After all, Su Yu had once had dealings with the Ouyang family.

"I pay my respects to Master Yin Yu!" Everyone from the Ouyang family politely said in greeting.

Su Yu smiled as he shook his head, "Don't stand on ceremony! Ouyang family housemaster, I wish to speak to you."

Ouyang Long was surprised, following close behind Su Yu as he headed toward the backyard of the Ouyang family.

When they passed Ouyang Yuxin, Su Yu did not shift his gaze, never once looking at her.

The unfeeling expression caused Ouyang Yuxin to feel bitter, her feelings of regret becoming more intense.

At the backyard.

Su Yu saw Zi Yunxiang. He had not seen her in months. She looked more haggard than he had remembered, especially with the disappearance of Zi Donglai, his whereabouts still unknown.

"Miss Zi, follow me to the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness. I will send scouts to gather information on your father," Su Yu said.

Zi Yunxiang was dazed, nodding her head.

Now that she was a fugitive of the Alliance City, she had nowhere to go. Only Su Yu dared to harbor her.

"Ouyang family master, I, Su Yu, will remember the acts of benevolence you did for me. I will repay you someday."

How could Su Yu forget how Ouyang Long saved his life with the Gray Dragon Coffin?

Ouyang Long was elated!

He had just wanted to save Su Yu back then, how could he have guessed that he would get Su Yu's promise in return!

After exchanging a few words, Su Yu said his goodbyes, taking Zi Yunxiang with him as they left the Ouyang family silently.

Finally they met up with Lin Xiaotian, hurrying toward the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness.

The journey took half a month, straight to the central region of the Northern Continent!

There was only a human empire here.

It spread millions of miles. It did not lose to the Shenyue Island in terms of size.

Su Yu was surprised. Was the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness hidden in an ordinary human empire?

Zi Yunxiang involuntarily gasped, "I had heard that the Empire of Darkness was mysterious and unpredictable. No one knew where exactly it exists. To think that it was hidden in the mortal world!"

"The ancient people once said that the great powers were hidden in the everyday. Without anyone leading the way, who would have thought that the Empire of Darkness was hidden in a mortal country?"

Lin Xiaotian, who was now leading the way, stood at the border, smiling as he turned back, "Hehe, who told you that the Empire of Darkness was hidden in the empire?"

Both Zi Yunxiang and Su Yu froze.

"This country is the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness!"

"Everyone you see is a member of the sub palace. They serve the palace and are loyal to the Empire."

The entire country?

Su Yu gasped, activating his crystalline pupils. There were many powerful fighters mixing with ordinary civilians.

Powerful fighters were like fish in water. Holy Kings were everywhere. Dragon Realms were not rare, either.

In fact, Su Yu could discern that there were a few Immortal Realm fighters!

This was merely the tip of the iceberg. If everyone in this country struck together, it might be enough to wipe out the entire Hundred Territories Alliance!