The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 275

Chapter 275: The Acting Palace Master
Chapter 275: The Acting Palace Master
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"I have brought you to the Empire of Darkness. From now on, it is up to you." Ling Xiaotian took out a scarlet great seal and carved the two words "Yin Yu" onto it. He then tossed it to Su Yu.

"The country of the Sub Palace is split into ten areas. Every area is under the command of a Deputy Palace Master. You will become an Area Master and take care of the people!"

"As an Area Master, every month, the people will pay tribute to you by giving you the Universe's Miracle Mineral Plants that they find within the area for you to train. Moreover, every month, I will give the ten Area Masters a Spirit Fate Elixir each!"


Ling Xiaotian tossed a jade bottle containing a light green elixir over to Su Yu.

"The Spirit Fate Elixir is an elixir that only the Empire of Darkness possesses. It is formed by combining various precious resources from across the continent and its effect is stronger than any other elixirs! Since this is your first time using it, the effects will be greater."

After catching the great seal and elixir in each hand, Su Yu was very eager to experience the effects of the elixir.

"From now on, you will officially assume your position. You will head toward the Nameless Area, which has yet to be given a name. You will take on the position of the Area Master, and from then on, you will enjoy hundreds of millions of tributes!" Ling Xiaotian instructed. After which, he said profoundly: "However, I hope that you do not forget my words."

"In a place with people, there would be people wandering around and living by their wits. What I can do is to give you justice and not protect you all the time. You have to fight for the benefits that belong to you, I will not concern myself with it."

After finishing his speech, Ling Xiaotian left nimbly and headed toward the area in the middle of the country.

Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang looked at one another, confused.

Both of them flew toward the only area which had not been given a name in the country.

The area was one tenth the size of an empire, barren, and with its majority filled with mountains that were infertile.

Su Yu was a bit disappointed. In this kind of area, the amount of resources that the people could pay tribute to was very limited, and it was far from being comparable to the areas that the nine other Deputy Palace Masters took charge of.

However, Su Yu was ranked number ten and was the last Deputy Palace Master who entered the ranks. Hence, the best area would naturally not be left for him.

When he came to the core of the area, there was an extremely big city wall.

In particular, the number of strong martial artists found there were comparable to the number of clouds in the sky. As for auras of martial artists of Immortal Realm, Su Yu had felt many of them!

The city was filled with people, bustling with activity to the point that it could be considered lively.

A giant and upright stone tablet that reached the sky stood in the middle of the city, yet no name was written on the stone tablet.

Su Yu entered the city and headed straight to the palace, which was as brilliant as an imperial palace and was right in the middle of the city.

This was a palace specially made for the Deputy Palace Master and was just waiting to be filled by one with such a title.

However, this area was not under the charge of any Deputy Palace Masters. Hence, the palace had stood vacant ever since it was constructed.

Yet when Su Yu arrived in front of the mansion, the property had strict security!

Someone was staying inside!

Someone actually dared to occupy the Deputy Palace Master's Manor forcefully!

Su Yu walked up, and the expressions of two guards of Dragon Realm Level Seven turned cold at once: "Halt! If you enter the Palace Master's Manor randomly, you will be punished by death!"


"Palace Master's Manor? Which Palace Master is living inside?" Su Yu's gaze became slightly cold.

The two guards sneered: "Who else could it be besides Palace Master Huang?"

Su Yu frowned: "What, this area already has a Palace Master?"

After hearing what was said, the two guards looked Su Yu up and down: "You came from the outside, right? Do you not know that this Nameless Area is temporarily being managed by Palace Master Feng Qing, who is just beside the area?"

"It is being managed by another Palace Master?" Su Yu was slightly stunned. He then understood the situation.

There had been no one in the Nameless Area for a very long time. Hence, it was forcefully occupied by another nearby Palace Master.

"Palace Master Huang is the acting Palace Master, sent by Palace Master Feng Qing to take care of this area. If you have any matters to discuss, come back in three days. Palace Master Huang is currently in seclusion."

Su Yu quietly took out his scarlet great seal: "In seclusion? His seclusion is none of my business. Get him to come out!"

The two guards understood at once: "The great seal of the Area Master! Palace Master Yin Yu? Could it be that you are the new Palace Master?"

At that very moment, the news that Su Yu had become a Palace Master had not been spread yet, and no one was aware of it.

"Do you need me to repeat it one more time?" Su Yu said indifferently.

The expressions of the two guards changed at once. Their foreheads were filled with nervous sweat, and they immediately returned to the mansion.

However, after a short time, the two guards returned with pale expressions and said respectfully: "Reporting back to Palace Master Yin Yu... Palace Master Huang says that he is in seclusion and will not see anyone at the moment."

He was simply being unreasonable!

When the Palace Master returned, he who was the acting Palace Master not only did not receive the Palace Master immediately, he also avoided meeting with the Palace Master!

Su Yu frowned slightly: "Tell him to not let me go into the mansion personally to look for him!"

The two guards wore a bitter expression and could only relay the message to Palace Master Huang again.

At a deep part of the mansion, in front of a certain secret room, the two guards said again: "Palace Master Huang, Palace Master Yin Yu wants you to come out by hook or by crook!"

Within the secret room, Palace Master Huang said after a long time: "Did I not say before? I am training and I am not free."

The two guards looked at one another: "Palace Master Huang, Palace Master Yin Yu has asked us to relay a message... He told us to tell you to not let him come into the mansion personally to look for you."

A light hum could be heard from the secret room. After being silent for some time, the stone door opened. A middle-aged man with a white, thin and horse-like face with a gloomy expression came out: "Tell him to come in and bring him to the living room."

In no time, the two guards came out of the mansion and passed on the message to Su Yu.

Even Zi Yunxiang who was by the side could not stand the absurdness and she said furiously: "What a joke! Yin Yu is this area's rightful Master. That acting Palace Master is acting so high and mighty. Even though he is the acting Palace Master, he made the real Master enter the mansion as a guest!"

The two guards were dripping with cold sweat: "Palace Master Yin Yu, we are merely people who are helping to pass on the messages, please don't make things difficult for us."

In the future, Su Yu would become the Master of the area. As the guards, why would they dare to offend him?

"Alright. Lead the way. Let me see this Deputy Palace Master!" Su Yu said dully.

The two guards felt as if they had been relieved of a heavy load, and they led Su Yu to the mansion's reception room.

However, Palace Master Huang was not present.

After waiting for a long time, a person appeared from a room behind, a man wearing refreshing smile: "Haha. Two honored guests, welcome to the mansion. Excuse me for not coming out to meet you. I was changing my clothes just now. If I have caused you any inconvenience, please forgive me. Bring out the tea!"

"Two honored guests, please take a seat!"

Palace Master Huang wore a smile and gave off the aura of a dignified Master. He sat at the honored seat and allowed Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang to sit at the guests' seats with a smile.

He actually regarded himself as the real Master!

Su Yu did not sit down. He looked at Palace Master Huang apathetically: "You should have already known about my identity. I am Palace Master Yin Yu, the Tenth Deputy Palace Master of the north continent's Sub Palace, and I have been ordered to take charge of the Nameless Area."

Upon hearing this, Palace Master Huang was absolutely still. He nodded his chin with a smile: "Haha. I am already aware of what you have just said. Palace Master Yin Yu, what honorable business brings you here?"

Su Yu said indifferently: "What honorable business do you think I have?"

What a joke. Having said all this, what other business would Su Yu have?

After becoming slightly stupefied, Palace Master Huang cast aside his smile gradually and now smiled only thinly: "So Palace Master Yin Yu wants to take back the Nameless Area. If that is the case, then I'm sorry that I cannot agree to it."

Zi Yunxiang had a resentful expression: "Have you become addicted to being the acting Palace Master? Even though the real Palace Master has come, you still refuse to let go of your position?"

Against this kind of person, Zi Yunxiang felt that it was ridiculous.

Where would you find a person who occupies another person's home for himself?

"Haha, of course not!" Palace Master Huang's whole face was filled with righteousness: "I am here to take charge of the Nameless Area. For many years, the Nameless Area has been in good shape under my supervision."

"Today, Palace Master Yin Yu suddenly wants to take back the authority to take charge of the Nameless Area. I am really worried that, at such a young age, Palace Master Yin Yu will be unable to manage such a big piece of area, and that it might cause some problems within the area. I am considering the interests of Palace Master Yin Yu by temporarily not returning the authority to him."

Su Yu wore a mocking smile: "Then, from your point of view, when is the right time for me to take over the management of the Nameless Area?"

Palace Master Huang laughed loudly: "Why doesn't Palace Master Yin Yu live in the Nameless Area for a few years? After familiarizing yourself with the area and earning the approval of the people, I will not have any more concerns and will hand over the authority to manage the people to you. How is that?"

Even though the Master had now come, as the acting Palace Master, he requested for the real Master to wait for a few years!

This was not bullying. Instead, it was humiliation!

Su Yu's eyes were filled with coldness: "What if I decline?"

Palace Master Huang's smile became even thinner, to the point that the smile did not exist anymore: "I am afraid that Palace Master Yin Yu does not have the right to decline!"

"I am considering the interests of Palace Master Yin Yu. Why can't you understand my kindness? The Nameless Area can be managed well, if it is under my charge. If it is given to you, and the Nameless Area is destroyed as a result, it would be a loss to you," Palace Master Huang said indifferently.

Su Yu gave a cold hum: "What a joke! For my territory, even if my management is not good, I would not require an outsider like you to make decisions for me!"

"I will give you three breaths' time. Leave immediately! If not!"

Looking at the fact that the other party was the acting Palace Master, Su Yu treated him kindly.

However, who knew that this acting Palace Master would be so insatiable for power and control!

After hearing those threatening words, Palace Master Huang's expression turned grave. After all, he was an acting Palace Master and dared not do anything to a real Palace Master.

After muttering to himself for some time, Palace Master Huang's gaze flashed. He then extended his hand and said: "Show me your Palace Master's great seal? After confirming your identity, I will return you the authority immediately."

Su Yu conveniently tossed his great seal over.

The matter had finally come to an end.

To one's surprise, after taking a glance at the great seal, Palace Master Huang squeezed the great seal into his robe!

After which, he extended his hand again and said indifferently: "Where is your Palace Master's great seal? Why have you not taken it out yet?"

Zi Yunxiang was dumbfounded: "Even though you have hid the great seal into your robe, you still try to force us to offer another one!"

After hearing what was said, Palace Master Huang frowned: "Little Miss, a loose tongue spells trouble. Which eyes of yours have seen that I have hidden the great seal? Is there anyone who can prove it?"

An inconspicuous indifferent mocking expression filled his eyes as he spat the words.

Zi Yunxiang was enraged, her beautiful face filling with anger immediately: "You! Shameless! Even though you hid Yin Yu's great seal, you still strenuously deny it! As someone from the Empire, how could you behave so unscrupulously?"

Su Yu's eyes were finally overflowing with murderous intent!

He had tolerated enough of this nonsense!

It was a pity the other party did not appreciate his kindness. Instead, he went even further!

"Humph! Both of you are the real people who are audacious to the extreme! You actually dared to pretend to be the Palace Master!" Palace Master Huang's aura turned cold. He banged the table, stood up, and looked at them furiously: "Who gave you the guts to pretend to be the Palace Master? Do both of you not know that you have committed a heinous crime?"

"With regards to the fact that both of you are young and ignorant, leave immediately! If not, in accordance to the Empire's law, I will execute both of you on the spot!"

The situation had changed drastically fast, and they had not foreseen it.

Su Yu laughed. He really laughed coldly: "Originally, I had wanted to show you some respect and so spoke to you kindly. Looking at it now, not only do I not need to respect you, there is also no need for me to leave behind your life!"

"Since you dared to take what is mine, you must have made preparations to exchange it with your life!"