The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 276

Chapter 276: Helming The Mansion
Chapter 276: Helming the mansion
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Palace Master Huang's expression changed drastically, as he scolded with a judicial tone, "Insolence! To impersonate a palace master without a seal, and still dare to spout brazen words and threaten me! What guts!"

"I shall capture you first! Then interrogate you thoroughly!" Palace Master Huang let out a low grunt.

He knew clearly whether Su Yu was the palace master or not.

But Su Yu's cultivation level was lower than his, and he had someone powerful backing him. Thus, he was not fearful of Su Yu.

Hence, he continued hogging the power.

As long as he did not kill Su Yu, even if this matter were to be brought to Palace Master Lin, he might not suffer any punishment.

It would, instead, highlight Su Yu's incapability. How would Su Yu dare to complain, if he did not even have the ability to take back his rightful territory?

Lin Xiaotian was accepting of the contest between the Ten Great Area Masters, using the competition as a form of motivation. Thus, it would be natural for Palace Master Lin to accept this, too.

"Grunt!" Palace Master Huang suddenly attacked.

His cultivation level of Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier pressured Su Yu!

"Benevolent Laugh!" Palace Master Huang struck decisively, but did not use any unnecessary actions. His body was covered with a hazy fog, his figures repeatedly overlapping with each other.

His shimmering figure made his opponents dizzy.

His face suddenly had a slight smile. Under the green light, it seemed like a smile from an ancient Buddha.

His smile was ancient, causing many to be immersed within it.

Zi Yunxiang had a lost expression, freezing where she stood, completely stripped of her ability to retaliate.

Su Yu also had a lost expression, unable to fight back.

"You wish to claim this Nameless Area as your own, with such abilities. You overestimate yourself!" Palace Master Huang laughed, grabbing toward Su Yu's shoulder.

But, just as he was about to make contact, Su Yu gave a mocking smile.

Palace Master Huang caught on to that smile, his expression turning rigid, "How are you still able to laugh?"

"Hehe... I can not only smile, I can attack, too!" Su Yu's stance suddenly changed, vanishing into thin air.

To Su Yu, such a weak attack on the spirit did not have any effect.

With his Heaven's Son Gazing At Air, Su Yu's soul strength was much more powerful than the average person's. Ordinary soul techniques would not have an effect on him.

"Thunder Star Finger!"

Stage One Lower Class of an immortal level technique!

Purple light filled the air, illuminating the horizon. The sound of thunder roared.

The entire mansion was trembling violently.


Palace Master Huang suffered a powerful attack, his expression turning rigid. His figure turned into a streak of light, sent flying several meters back, crashing onto the wall with a huge impact.


Spitting out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with spots of flesh, Palace Master Huang's organs were mostly destroyed. A bloody hole was blasted into his abdominal area.

A mere technique had caused Palace Master Huang to almost lose his life.

Su Yu stepped forward and bent down, picking up the Palace Master Seal from the ground. He cleaned it before putting it back into his robes.

Locking his gaze onto Palace Master Huang, Su Yu calmly shook his head, "You wish to claim the title of Palace Master as your own, with just these abilities? You seem to overestimate yourself."

Palace Master Huang's eyelids were twitching uncontrollably. He swallowed the blood in his mouth, shuddering as he said, "Palace Master... Yin Yu, I am sorry, I was blind. Please spare me, considering the fact that I have served the Nameless Area for all these years."

Su Yu calmly said, "Why, you finally stopped calling yourself Palace Master?"

Before this, Palace Master Huang had thought from deep within his heart that he was the Palace Master.

But now that the threat of Su Yu was present, he finally changed what he called himself.

"As for you serving the Nameless Area, I'm sorry, no one asked you to do that!" In the Zhenlong Continent, after experiencing all the ordeals, Su Yu was no longer as benevolent as he had been back in Shenyue Island.

At Shenyue Island, he injured many, but rarely killed.

But at the Zhelong Continent, not killing someone you had injured was considered as being cruel to yourself!

Feeling Su Yu's killing intent, Palace Master Huang clenched his teeth, fiercely howling, "Yin Yu! Think about this clearly! You can still maintain friendly relations with Palace Master Feng Qing, if you stop at merely injuring me. If you kill me, you are making yourself the enemy of Palace Master Feng Qing. With the difference in abilities between the two of you, the outcome will be ugly!"

Su Yu was silent for a moment.

Palace Master Huang had a joyful expression, continuing with his pleas, "As long as you spare me, Palace Master Feng Qing will definitely thank you...."

But Su Yu lifted his head at this moment, calmly saying, "Are you done?"

Palace Master Huang froze, his face turning pale, "You, don't..."


Su Yu shot out a ball of Divine Ice Threads from his finger, forming it into a long sword, severing the head of Palace Master Huang.

The expression of Palace Master Huang was permanently etched on the bloodied head. It was thrown toward the horizon, until it landed before the two guards.

The bloody scene caused the hearts of the two guards to shudder.

How merciless!

Even though Palace Master Yin Yu was young, his decisiveness, when it came to killing, his mercilessness, when it came to attacking, and his ice cold demeanor, none of these matched his age.

Silently retracting his Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu took a deep breath before bellowing out a booming order.

"Orders of the Palace Master, everyone in the mansion is to meet me now!"

Su Yu, having cultivated the Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters, could magnify his voice. His voice also harbored the power of the heavens, capable of shaking the hearts of people who heard it.

Everyone in the mansion, from the housekeepers to the servants, hurried over to him.

A moment later, a little over a hundred people congregated in the main hall.

Looking at the dead Palace Master Huang, their expressions changed.


Su Yu took out the Palace Master Seal, coldly surveying those around him, "From today forward, I, Yin Yu, am the master of this mansion, the Area Master of the Nameless Area."

"I shall not look into your connections with Palace Master Huang, but from now on, I will punish you in accordance to the laws of the Empire, should any of you defy me!"

The crowd looked at each other. The Palace Master Seal could not be forged. Once they ascertained the status of Su Yu, they knelt in respect, "Greetings to Palace Master Yin Yu!"

"Good! If you put your heart into your responsibilities, I shall promise you peace for as long as I am here."

After simply settling with the miscellaneous stuff of the mansion, Su Yu's gaze fell onto the head of Palace Master Huang.

"Put that into a wooden box and send it to Palace Master Feng Qing as fast as you can!" Su Yu ordered.

The crowd looked at each other, their hearts filled with fear.

"Why, are you not willing to?" Su Yu looked around.

At this moment, an elder walked out from the crowd.

He was dressed in a plain gray robe, his expression stern yet energetic.

He did not humble himself, but rather maintained a dignified aura.

Su Yu was surprised. He had felt the same surprise upon seeing Yun Yazi for the first time.

But this feeling passed quickly, almost as if it had been an illusion.

"I am the housemaster, Fan Haisheng."

Housemaster? Su Yu nodded, not angry at the doubts of the other party, "You object?"

Fan Haisheng nodded, "Yes! He was, after all, a stand-in Palace Master. Sending his head to Palace Master Feng Qing would not be proper. Furthermore, it would be seen as a challenge, and would invite unnecessary trouble. Why do that?"

There were many demerits to Su Yu's actions, in his eyes.

First, it would lose the loyalty of his subjects, for he was, after all, a stand-in Palace Master.

Second, it would offend Palace Master Feng Qing.

Su Yu calmly laughed, "Elder Fan, may I ask you, did anyone agree to Palace Master Feng Qing, when he sent someone to stand-in and govern this Nameless Area?"

Elder Fan shook his head, "No."

"Since that is the case, I'll ask you again. Without anyone agreeing, he came here uninvited, and gave himself the name of Palace Master? How rightful is that? In essence, he merely claimed this place as his own."

"Finally, I'll ask you. When the true Palace Master came, the other party refused to relinquish authority and stole my Palace Master Seal, accusing me of impersonation and attempting to kill me. Should I have killed such an evil man?"

Elder Fan froze, for he did not know such an event had transpired, "Naturally!"

"Since he was deserving of death, I have dealt with such an evil man in place of Palace Master Feng Qing. I should naturally inform him. Consider this head as the notification!"

Elder Fan let out a bitter laugh, "As you say."

In reality, everyone understood that sending the head over was not to notify, but to warn Palace Master Feng Qing.

Palace Master Yin Yu had just gained control of the Nameless Area and naturally had to make his authority known.

With this incident, he had won over the hearts of everyone in the mansion.

As for whether the citizens of the area would sincerely see Su Yu as their leader, it would depend on Su Yu's future performance.

Sending the crowd away, Su Yu kept Elder Fan and Zi Yunxiang by his side.

"Who deals with the official affairs of the area?" Su Yu asked Elder Fan.

As the Palace Master enjoying the tributes of the citizens, there are naturally responsibilities associated with the defense and upkeep of the area.

This was clear to Su Yu, even though no one had told him.

Elder Fan was shocked, not expecting Su Yu's first question to be this, "Palace Master Huang did not like official duties and would let me deal with them."

"En, from today onward, you shall continue with that. But there will be two changes: First, Miss Zi will deal with them with you! Second, you can discuss amongst yourself about what to do with the miscellaneous affairs, but I must be informed about major decisions."

He had just arrived here and was naturally wary of everyone. Zi Yunxiang had some connections with him, and the only person she could rely on now was Su Yu.

She could be trusted.

Elder Fan laughed as he accepted the task heartily, as if he had already mentally prepared himself for this.

Zi Yunxiang's dull expression lit up.

To think that Su Yu would trust her like this!

Even though she was a little displeased that Su Yu had not discussed it with her before announcing it, she still accepted her new task in her heart.

She had owed Su Yu too much and was unable to return the favor. Only by helping Su Yu could she begin to pay back his benevolence.

Looking at her, Su Yu smiled, "Sorry for the trouble, Miss Zi."

He had decided this on his own, but not without considering Zi Yunxiang's feelings. He hoped that she could focus her attention on her responsibilities, instead of dwelling on the pain of losing her father.

Otherwise, the long periods of depression would ultimately do her harm.

"You can call me Yunxiang." Zi Yunxiang smiled.

Su Yu laughed, "Hehe, Yunxiang, Elder Fan, I'll assign you three duties. First, give me a summary of the important things to note for the area within a day. Second, send strong fighters from the mansion to gather information about the housemaster of the Shentian Manor, Zi Donglai. Third, send another batch of fighters to gather information about a lady named Xia Jingyu."

Zi Yunxiang could understand the first two requests. But, as for the last request, who was Xia Jingyu?

Regardless, the two complied.

Elder Fan looked at Su Yu, visibly surprised.

He was only a fifteen year old youth, but was orderly and coherent when dealing with his responsibilities, unlike other people.

That night, two groups secretly left the mansion.

In Su Yu's room.

A candle was lit, its flame swaying.

Su Yu was silently sitting beside a stone table, quietly listening to Zi Yunxiang's report.

Zi Yunxiang had been busy for the entire day, her worry swept to the side, her expression energetic.

Tonight, she was dressed in a deep blue, long robe, a purple flowery belt laced around her waist. Her hair draped silently down her back.

She had a tranquil aura about her, her figure petite. Under the candlelight, she was like a hibiscus, elegant and beautiful.

At this moment, she was reporting her findings with her melodious voice.

"As per your instructions, I have put together two urgent matters."

"The Nameless Area is an area under the Empire of Darkness's sub palace, no outsiders dare set their sights on this area, which means that there are no outside threats. The two things we should worry about are natural disasters and villainy."

"The biggest villains are the Black Water Pirates. They hop around the area, connecting the Nameless Area and the Shenkong Area. They have many members with strong abilities and are merciless in nature. They have committed many murders and robberies, and are a threat to stability."

"We have sent groups to challenge them on many occasions, but they always returned defeated and with many casualties. This is because there's a mysterious powerful fighter leading the Black Water Pirates."

"The other threat is natural disasters, which are unique to the Nameless Area! There are many demonic beasts in those parts. Half a month ago, there was an invasion of a large amount of demonic beasts, bringing along many casualties to our citizens. Even though the demonic beasts have retreated, the threat is still present. You have to deal with this, if you have the time."

Natural disasters and villainy? Su Yu rubbed his chin, committing these pieces of information into his heart and mind.

"You have worked hard, Yunxiang," Su Yu said with a smile.

Zi Yunxiang put down her scroll, obediently bending down to serve tea.

Her slim waist was bent as her petite figure served the tea.