The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Feng Qings Orders
Chapter 277: Feng Qings Orders
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"It is very late now, please go back and rest. Train in the manor for the next few days. If you need anything, help yourself to it. Treat this place as your home."

Home? Zi Yunxiang was slightly stunned. She was lonely, with no one to rely on, and it remained unknown whether her father was dead or alive. Hence, it could be said that her family was broken.

Having heard that Su Yu had made this place her home, her heart felt a sense of security for no reason. It was as if a lone boat drifting in the big sea had found a harboring place, where it could take shelter from the wind.

After thinking about it carefully, she felt that it was inappropriate. Even though she was not related to Su Yu in any way, both of them lived in the same house. If they were seen as a family, they would be considered like a couple.

Her mind recalled that, before her father met with misfortune, he took many measures to betroth her to Su Yu, and her heart could not help but feel complicated emotions.

If Su Yu had agreed back then, both of them might have already become a couple.

"Thank you." After muttering to herself for a long time, Zi Yunxiang took her leave, speaking in a low voice.

What she was thanking Su Yu for was his respect and care for her.

Su Yu was slightly stunned and shook his head, as he did not understand. After waiting for Zi Yunxiang to leave, Su Yu entered his training state.

First, Su Yu took out the Spirit Fate Elixir. He was unusually curious about that elixir.

"This is known as the continent's greatest elixir?"

According to Ling Xiaotian, the Empire of Darkness had plundered all the rare and valuable materials in the continent in order to make the Spirit Fate Elixir.

Be it his exaggerating, or that it was really the continent's greatest elixir, Su Yu was extremely interested to find out how special the effects of the elixir really were.

He flicked his finger and opened the jade bottle.

Something that caused Su Yu to be surprised occurred!

A pure energy, as though it was an actual substance, came out from the bottle, as though it could reach the sky!

The energy nearly slipped from Su Yu's hands, along with the jade bottle.

The more astonishing thing was at the back, and it had not even occurred yet.

The spiritual energy from the nearby Heaven and Earth suddenly became violent and gathered on top of Su Yu's head crazily!

If that was the entire case of the happening, then all was good. However, what caused Su Yu's eyes to shrink was that the elixir in the bottle actually moved up and down!

It was as if it was a heart that was beating continuously, swallowing the spiritual energy that had gathered!

"An elixir that is alive?" Su Yu was amazed!

He had thought that the effects of the Spirit Fate Elixir were overrated. However, at that very moment, he discovered that he absolutely did not understand how frightening the Empire of Darkness, an ancient and huge force, was!

Plundering all the rare and valuable materials in the continent... Su Yu finally understood those words!

An elixir that was alive. How unbelievable was that?

Even Han Jianglin's Flesh Regeneration Elixir was not as magical as this.

Su Yu's heart became filled with excitement like he had not known for a long time. He then opened his mouth and swallowed the elixir.

In a split second, Su Yu felt that his whole body's flesh became the same as the living elixir. His body became alive and kept moving continuously.

The Spirit Fate Elixir's most outer layer peeled off, melted, and became energy.

Even though it was the outer layer, which held the weakest effect, the amount of energy it contained was like a torrential river and spread across Su Yu's whole body!

Rumble, rumble

Su Yu's cultivation base, which had stagnated at Dragon Realm Level Five Peak, started to move in an instant, and he made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Six Lower Tier without any suspense!

All of this was just the start!

Su Yu was delighted. It was no wonder that Ling Xiaotian would say that, when using this elixir for the first time, its effects would be extremely great.

Looking at it, it was not just extremely great, it was so great that it defied the natural order!

Su Yu only managed to calm his heart down after a long time. He then made use of the time to train by going into a time flow that was two hundred times faster, then started to comprehend his cultivation techniques, as well as the Divine Decree.

"Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder"was only a step away from Stage One Upper Class.

He had made a breakthrough in"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"and"Heaven's Son Gazing At Air"not long ago, and achieving Upper Class was nowhere in sight.

The last thing remaining was the Divine Decree.

Ever since Su Yu made a breakthrough to the divine-grade successfully, he had not used it yet.

The reasons for this were that, firstly, he did not have any enemies that he could use it on. Secondly, he felt that it was still imperfect.

It was as if he lacked something during his comprehension process.

However, Su Yu did not know exactly what it was that his divine-grade Divine Decree was lacking.

Su Yu closed his eyes and trained in seclusion.

At the Fengqing Area.

Under a peach blossom tree, a young man wearing a magnanimous white robe raised his head and looked at the magnificent flowers. He wore a smile filled with admiration.

He had a tall figure and looked handsome. His cultivation base was even greater at Immortal Realm Level One!

Suddenly, the young man frowned and said indifferently: "When I am admiring something beautiful, I expect no one to disturb me. Do all of you wish to die?"

Behind him, two young men wearing red and purple robes knelt down, each with one knee on the ground.

"What's the matter? Speak." The young man stood with his hands clasped behind his back and did not turn his head.

"There is something that Palace Master needs to attend to personally."

The young man was Palace Master Feng Qing!


The two of them opened the wooden box and Palace Master Huang's head was found inside.

Palace Master Feng Qing turned his head back, took a look, and frowned: "What happened?"

"It is new Palace Master Yin Yu. He killed Huang Chengxiang and specially asked his people to send his head over! May I ask, Palace Master, how do we avenge him?"

Palace Master Feng Qing shook his head indifferently: "Take what revenge? What wrong is there for the newly appointed Palace Master to take back the area that belongs to him?"

The two young men looked at each other helplessly. However, they then heard Palace Master Feng Qing speaking: "Since the new Palace Master has appeared, please pass on my orders."

"Imperial edict: Palace Master Yin Yu, you have been invited to have an audience with me within three days. Best regards, Emperor."

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Palace Master Feng Qing wrote the words on the air and used peach blossom to beautify the words on the scroll.

The imperial verdict was completed right away.

However, the contents of the imperial edict were as if they were made known to the subordinates of the emperor by the emperor himself!

"Leave this matter to me. Haha. Since he has killed Huang Chengxiang, I would like to see how capable is the new Palace Master!" The purple-robed young man gave a cold hum. His abilities were of a Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak!

Palace Master Feng Qing shook his head slightly: "No need, it is more than sufficient for Hong Mo to make a trip there. For you to go there, it would be counted as giving him too much face."

Hong Mo had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier, which was one tier above Huang Chengxiang.

However, among the Dragon Realm Level Sevens, even if they their cultivation bases were different by one tier, their gaps would be huge.

"Understood!" Hong Mo grinned hideously: "The new Palace Master, right? I really wish to teach him a lesson!"

Palace Master Feng Qing's long and narrow eyes flashed slightly. He then said profoundly: "Get going, don't disappoint me."

It was as if other people understood the meaning of the word "disappoint".

However, be it Zi Mo or Hong Mo, both of them did not understand its meaning.

After five days.

The stone door of the room where Su Yu trained in seclusion opened silently.

A Moon White Long Robed figure walked out slowly.

The dazzling sunlight caused him to close his eyes slightly. However, one would discover that his body surface had a layer of spiritual energy, which was both existent and non-existent at the same time, and the spiritual energy covered his body surface.

This was an indication that he was releasing spiritual energy!

Although he had not achieved the state where he could completely release his spiritual energy, he had achieved a level where he showed weak signs of releasing spiritual energy.

That was a level that strong martial artists of Dragon Realm Level Seven could achieve!

In just a short five days, Su Yu had made a breakthrough from Dragon Realm Level Five Peak to Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier, in one shot!

He had completely skipped Dragon Realm Six, which was in between!

Having trained to that very day, it was the first time that Su Yu had made a huge breakthrough that defied the natural order, where he skipped one whole level completely!

What kind of item was the Spirit Fate Elixir?

Was it really an elixir of the Zhenlong continent?

It was not too much to call it an immortal elixir!

Having experienced a great change, and becoming extremely strong as a result, Su Yu's heart was filled with an unprecedented confidence.

Joining the Empire of Darkness had brought him great changes, which had far exceeded his expectations.

Apart from that, he had also made great progress in the comprehension of his cultivation techniques.

"Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder"had not fallen short of his expectations, and he finally made a breakthrough to Stage One Upper Class!

Comparing its power, it was twice as powerful as before!

There was also some progress in"Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters"and"Heaven's Son Gazing At Air".

The only thing that Su Yu found unpredictable was the Divine Decree. It was still difficult for him to find out the origin of the indescribable imperfection.

At that moment, his servant reported hurriedly: "Palace Master! A special envoy from the Fengqing Area has come!"

"Tell him to come in, I will wait for him in the reception room." Su Yu said indifferently, almost as if he had predicted that this would happen.

Cold sweat appeared on the servant's forehead: "Palace Master, he has already come in and is in the reception room!"

Eh? Su Yu's gaze became slightly narrower: "Are any of our people injured?"

Since he had come in, he must have charged in forcefully.

The servant said carefully: "Three persons are injured. They are the two guards of the entrance and... Miss Zi."

"Why is she injured?" Su Yu's gaze turned cold.

The servant said: "He wanted Miss Zi to serve him tea. However, he was rejected and attacked her."

"Haha..." Su Yu laughed: "What a good special envoy from the Fengqing Area!"

Within the reception room.

A red and long robed young man sat at the honored seat openly. He had a gloomy and unpleasant expression.

The whole floor was filled with broken pieces of porcelain.

A maid covered her face and sobbed softly. There was a scarlet palm print on her face.

"This is how your Yinyu Manor treats a guest? You do not even know how to make tea. Are you trying to humiliate me?" The red-robed young man had a gloomy expression and gave a cold hum.

The whole big palace was filled with wrathful gazes.

Guest? He injured the guards, entered forcefully, occupied the seat of the Palace Master, and still calls himself a guest?

Fan Haisheng said calmly: "Special envoy, please come down from the honored seat of the Palace Master. That is not a place for you to sit."

"It is true that I am your guest! However, I am a guest that all of you are not worthy of! Even if your Palace Master comes, the fact will still remain." Hong Mo shot a glance towards him, his gaze landing on the pure and beautiful woman beside Fan Haisheng.

She wore long clothes that looked like they had been painted with ink. She looked beautiful and elegant, to the point that her beauty was comparable to that of a hibiscus. She also had a slightly magnanimous temperament which she kept slightly hidden.

"You will come here and serve the tea personally, so that you can demonstrate to the servants how it is done."

Zi Yunxiang had a calm temperament: "I am not a maid and so only serve tea to the Palace Master."

"Hahaha... Comparing identities, I am more than a tier higher than your Palace Master. Since you serve tea to him, it is also natural for you to serve tea to me! I will say it again. Come here!" Hong Mo had set his sights on Zi Yunxiang.

Zi Yunxiang remained unmoved.

"Let me give you a piece of advice. Don't be a fool and reject a face-saving offer! I, Hong Mo, have lowered my position and given you a chance to serve me tea personally! By making me happy, I might randomly give you some advice that is more valuable compared to that inexperienced little Palace Master." Hong Mo was becoming furious.

In the end, Zi Yunxiang still remained unmoved.

"Slut!" Hong Mo stood up. His figure was like wind, as he stepped in front of Zi Yunxiang in the blink of an eye. He raised his hand and wanted to slap her!

The expression of a Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier guard changed, as he rushed over hurriedly and demanded: "Stop it!"

Rumble, titter

However, Hong Mo raised his leg and casually sent him flying.

Hong Mo grinned mockingly. He then laughed coldly and shook his head: "Yinyu Manor only has such trash?"

Hong Mo assumed a posture suggesting that he wanted to slap Zi Yunxiang again. However, at that moment, a silver-haired and silver-faced young man entered the room with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Seems like it is very lively," Su Yu said indifferently.

Hong Mo dropped his raised palm. He then looked Su Yu up and down: "You are Yin Yu?"

Having gotten his answer, Hong Mo turned his body to return to the honored seat. He then looked down from that commanding position and said hastily: "Good. Since you are here, kneel down and receive the imperial edict."


Hong Mo took out a scroll with ease, unfolding it slowly. He then glanced sideways at Su Yu.

However, Su Yu did not react to it, but instead, he looked at Hong Mo dully: "You like to sit at my seat?"

"If that is so, then I can let you stay there forever."