The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Determined To Kill
Chapter 278: Determined to kill
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Hong Mo disregarded him, not moving from the seat. He scolded with authority, "Do you need me to repeat myself? Palace Master Yin Yu, kneel and receive the order!"

Kneel and receive the order? The crowd in the Yinyu Manor was furious.

Who did Palace Master Feng Qing think he was? To pass on an imperial edict to Palace Master Yin Yu?

They were both of the Ten Great Vice Palace Masters. Even though there were rankings established, it was far from granting the Palace Master of a higher status the right to pass on an imperial edict!

Palace Master Feng Qing was too arrogant!

If Su Yu received the edict, he would become the butt of all jokes in the Empire of Darkness.

Hong Mo raised his brows, "Palace Master Yin Yu, you wish to reject the edict of Palace Master Feng Qing?"

Unexpectedly, Su Yu laughed, "Recite it."

He was going to tolerate this humiliation and accept the edict?

Hong Mo creased his brows, "You are not going to kneel? You should be respectful to Palace Master Feng Qing."

But surveying the furious glares from the crowd, Hong Mo contemplated before waving his hand, "Forget it, I do not have time. Just listen carefully!"

"By the order of Palace Master Feng Qing, the newly inducted Palace Master Yin Yu is to meet him within the next three days!"

Hearing this, Zi Yunxiang felt deep frustration and humiliation.

They were both vice palace masters, but Palace Master Feng Qing had ordered Su Yu to meet him, with the authority of an emperor. It was too much.

"I have delivered the edict." Hong Mo threw the scroll over and coldly said, "Receive it!"


Su Yu grabbed the scroll, calmly looking at him, "Is there anything else?"

Seeing how soft Su Yu was, everybody in the mansion felt that he was a coward.

No matter how weak a vice palace master was, he would never have tolerated such humiliation!

Could Palace Master Yin Yu be one that bullies the weak, but fears the strong? He dealt with Palace Master Huang in an exaggerated fashion, but did not dare speak up against Palace Master Feng Qing?

Disappointment filled the eyes of the crowd.

If this was the case, it would have been better to let Palace Master Huang continue being the stand-in Palace Master.

Then, at least, they would have had a shred of dignity left.

Hong Mo was feeling happy. The mission that Palace Master Feng Qing had given him was to deliver the edict, and to not overly cause trouble.

He had intentionally caused trouble and humiliated him in order to pressure Su Yu, giving him a reason to attack and to teach Palace Master Yin Yu a lesson.

But Yin Yu was more of a coward than he thought!

Other than kneeling, he silently tolerated all the other humiliation!

Hong Mo was deeply disappointed at the results of his trials. Huang Chengxiang had died at the hands of this coward!

Flaring his nostrils, Hong Mo stood up, then walked down the hall. He walked toward Zi Yunxiang and pointed, "I want her!"

After the humiliation, he had the cheek to take a woman away from the Yinyu Manor!

"The women that I, Hong Mo, have taken a fancy to can never escape!" Hong Mo cheekily stared at Zi Yunxiang's pretty face, "Since you are so stubborn, I'll personally teach you a thing or two!"

After saying this, Hong Mo glanced at Su Yu, "I am taking this woman away, do you have any objections?"

Su Yu calmly shook his head, "No, do you have anything else?"

The chests of the crowd were about to explode!

Palace Master was more cowardly than a rat!

He was going to tolerate his friend being taken away by someone else!!

"Hahaha..." Hong Mo let out a laugh, surveying the crowd as he shook his head in disdain, "I had wanted to take away two pretty ladies, but only one caught my fancy. If Palace Master Yin Yu has anymore women to offer me, I wouldn't mind taking them away!"

Su Yu calmly said, "That is to say that you have no other business here?"

Hong Mo let out a laugh, grabbing toward Zi Yunxiang, "You need not see me off Palace Master Yin Yu, I have already prepared my own transport. I thank you for giving me this pretty lady. I'll return her after I teach her some manners."

But just as he was about to grab Zi Yunxiang, her elegant gaze showed signs of pity, "What a pitiful person..."

"Hehe, I will let you know what pitiful means, on the bed tonight..." Hong Mo let out a mocking laugh, grabbing Zi Yunxiang without any regard for the people around them.

But just as he was about to grab her, a figure intervened, coming between them fast as lightning. Hong Mo did not have any time to react.

Hong Mo was surprised, his expression one of fury, "Scram!"

Su Yu slowly dropped his hands, which had been behind his back, a ripple finally showing in his peaceful eyes a ripple of killing intent.

"Since you have no other business here, it's time to send you on your way," Su Yu calmly said.

Hong Mo froze, squinting his eyes, "You said that you did not have any objections if I took her away just now? Are you going back on your word?"

But Su Yu gently shook his head, "I do not have any objections. Why would I object to the words of a dying person?"

From his tone, Hong Mo had already made it onto the list of people Su Yu must kill.

Hong Mo took two steps back, letting out a smile, "Kill me? You think you have the ability?"


What response was given him was the purple light on Su Yu's finger!

Hong Mo's expression turned serious, "Immortal level technique, Stage One Lower Class? You have the right to be proud of yourself!"

Hong Mo finally turned serious.

"Unfortunately, your abilities are only average, not worthy of being a Palace Master!" Hong Mo coldly said as he shook his head.

"Moon Illuminating Finger!" Shreds of moonlight gathered around Hong Mo's five fingers.

Immortal level technique, Stage One Lower Class!

With abilities like this, at this age, he would be a shocking genius at the Hundred Territories Alliance!

But at the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness, he was merely the henchman of a vice palace master!

"With the same level of techniques, I outclass you in regards to cultivation level. I really do not understand why the Palace Master gave you the title of vice palace master!" Hong Mo shook his head in disappointment, casually attacking Su Yu.


Two powerful attacks collided with each other, sending a powerful ripple of energy in all directions.


A figure flew backwards, obscured by dust and debris.

The person that was sent flying backwards was not the weaker Su Yu, but Hong Mo!

He spat out a mouthful of blood, his disappointed look still frozen on his face. But his eyes were open wide, filled with pain and shock!

That attack had caused him to suffer injuries all over his body. A bloody hole had been pierced through his abdomen, his flesh was burnt in multiple places.

The energy channels in his body had been mostly severed, his bones also suffered from multiple cracks.

In contrast, Su Yu was peacefully standing at his original position, not moving an inch. Only his long white robe swayed in the wild wind!

A Dragon Realm Level Seven Upper Tier was defeated in one move!

Just how powerful was Palace Master Yin Yu?

"You dare challenge me, with just this level of ability?" Su Yu slowly walked forward, shaking his head in disappointment.

Hearing this, Hong Mo's heart shuddered.

Su Yu had never once regarded him, even from the start.

It was laughable. He had acted like a clown in front of Su Yu.

Staring at the footsteps of Su Yu, Hong Mo's eyelids twitched. He clenched his teeth as he forcefully suppressed his injuries. But he could not suppress his rage, "I will remember this, Palace Master Yin Yu, what goes around comes around, know what is best for you!"


Hong Mo stood up with much difficulty. He covered the wound at his abdomen with his arm, walking away in shame and fury.


But a figure blocked his way. It was Su Yu.

"Did I say you could leave?" Su Yu calmly said.

Hong Mo suppressed his humiliation, his expression sinister, "What more do you want? I have released that woman, and you have already injured me!"

In other words, he had already suffered a grave indignity by being injured by Su Yu.

Su Yu calmly said, "Who told you that the matter would be resolved by you being injured? Are you very indignant?"

"When you injured the guards at the door, did you think about the indignance they felt for an attack they did not ask for?"

"When you injured Zi Yunxiang, did you think of the indignance she felt as a result of the trouble you caused?"

"When you belittle the authority of the Yinyu Area, did you think about the indignance the people of the Yinyu Area felt?"

"Do you think this can be resolved by just suffering an injury from my finger?"

Hong Mo's face showed his inner struggles. He clenched his teeth as he said, "You want me to apologise?"

"You must consider carefully. I am the special envoy of the Fengqing Area. if I apologise, you would have thoroughly angered Palace Master Feng Qing!"

Su Yu froze, "Apologise? You are mistaken, I am not going to make you apologise."

Hearing this, Hong Mo relaxed, 'Hmph! It's good that you understand. Then come and meet Palace Master Feng Qing, obediently, in three days! Hmph!"

But just as Hong Mo was about to lift his leg, Su Yu continued, "I am not going to ask you to apologise, because you do not have the right to apologise. What I meant is that you are going to use your life as a repayment!"

The crowd turned dead silent!

Su Yu wants to kill an envoy!

Su Yu had, in fact, already said that Hong Mo was a dead person in his eyes.

But with the atmosphere just now, no one thought that Su Yu was actually being serious. They only thought Su Yu said those words to salvage his reputation.

Hong Mo froze in disbelief, "You really want to kill me?"

Su Yu's only reply was taking a step forward, his eyes filled with killing intent.

The crowd was shocked!

Su Yu is going to do it!

"Palace Master, you must not!" Elder Fan's expression changed, stopping Su Yu in her hurry. "Even if two areas were to go to war, you must never kill an envoy. Both you and Palace Master Feng Qing are vice palace masters and serve the Empire. How can you kill an envoy sent by the other party?"

Elder Fan's words touched the hearts of many.

With Palace Master Yin Yu's abilities, he could not afford to offend Palace Master Feng Qing.

By acting on emotions, one could not salvage the situation, but instead could only perpetuate the vicious cycle of hatred and retribution.

Severely injuring Hong Mo and teaching him a lesson was already pushing the limits.

Hong Mo came to his senses and could not stop himself from laughing and shaking his head, "You wish to kill me? Do you know that killing me would spark a war between the two areas? How can you, Yin Yu, compare yourself to our Palace Master Feng Qing?"

"I would advise you to know your limits and not do something you would regret for the rest of your lives!" Hong Mo mocked as he shook his head. The newly inducted Palace Master Yin Yu was young and rash.

Facing the doubts of the crowd, Su Yu's killing intent did not decrease.

"Envoy? You treat him as an envoy? What does he treat you as?"

"What envoy would come uninvited, and harm people at his whim and fancy? What envoy would take the seat of the master and humiliate him? What envoy would show no respect by forcefully taking a lady?"

"You treat him as an envoy, but he treats you like livestock!"

"You want to stop me from killing a person like that?" Su Yu surveyed the crowd, his eyes filled with disappointment.

They had lived under the authority of Palace Master Feng Qing for the longest time. Unknowingly, they had lost the will to fight back.

Those that were scanned by Su Yu's gaze of chagrin lowered their heads. Their faces were burning, filled with shame.