The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Repaying Benevolence With Animosity
Chapter 280: Repaying benevolence with animosity
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"It is the right hand man of the Fengqing Area, Zi Mo!" The expression of one of the city heads was that of dread.

"Why would it be him? His status in the Fengqing Area is only second to Palace Master Feng Qing. Why would they send him here?"

"He is often beside the Palace Master, and is extremely elusive. He has finally shown himself today!"

The people of the Nameless Area were immensely shocked by the appearance of Zi Mo!

His reputation had been made known to them since years ago.

Zi Mo sliced through the air as he approached. The sound of crackling air was deafening.

"Palace Master Yin Yu! Receive the edict quickly!" Zi Mo stood on thin air, lifting a scroll up with one hand, scolding as he took the higher ground.

Su Yu was standing atop the giant monument, his lips forming a cold smile, "I was afraid that you wouldn't come! This would make the ceremony much more interesting!"

Scanning the surroundings, Su Yu sensed that there were multiple powerful auras hiding within the city.

They were not people of the Yinyu Area!

Zi Mo stared at Su Yu, his eyes filled with hatred, "Insolence! Receive the edict quickly! Do you not have Palace Master Feng Qing in your eyes?"

Hong Mo's death had filled Zi Mo with killing intent.

Su Yu looked at him calmly, saying, "Must I hold Palace Master Feng Qing in high regard?"

He had passed two edicts. Palace Master Feng Qing thought too highly of himself!

"Insolence, Palace Master Feng Qing governs over the Fengqing Area and the Nameless Area, his status is immensely important. As a successor, you dare to desecrate him?" Zi Mo scolded loudly.

Su Yu shook his head, "Only you henchmen think he is immensely important. In my eyes, he is not much."

These words caused Zi Mo's eyes to grow fiercer. He listened to Su Yu say, "Go back and complete your mission. Do not exhaust your value to him."

He was merely a pawn Palace Master Feng Qing had sent to cause trouble. His aim was to threaten the eighteen city heads of the Nameless Area, scaring them into acting cautiously.

His motive had already been achieved, but exhausting value seemed to have another meaning.

"Palace Master Yin Yu, I'll ask you again. Are you, or are you not going to receive the edict?" Zi Mo obviously did not take Su Yu's warning to heart, raising his brows.

Su Yu calmly shook his head, saying, "Do not do anything extra, go back."

His gaze growing fiercer, Zi Mo kept the scroll, taking a step forward!

A formless wild wind assaulted his black hair, causing it to dance wildly. The ferocity in his eyes seemed to take on material form, "I can deal with you alone, why would Palace Master Feng Qing come down personally?"

"Seal of the Broken Moon!"

Zi Mo took a step forward, a film of moonlight congregated beneath his foot.

The moonlight was sharp and lethal, as if a new moon slicing the night sky.

It was Stage One Lower Class of an immortal level technique, immensely close to Upper Class!

In a deafening roar, the lethal moonlight was shot in the direction of Su Yu.

Su Yu's gaze was peaceful, his eyes releasing two bolts of gray light.


Without any warning, Zi Mo clenched his fists and let out a pathetic grunt. His figure shook, about to fall from the sky.


Su Yu unleashed the white wings behind his back, vanishing from where he stood.

When he appeared again, he was already three zhang in front of Zi Mo.


Divine Ice Threads rushed out into the sky, forming a ten meter long longsword, pointing at Zi Mo's chest.

Recovering from the intense pain, Zi Mo's eyes were opened wide. He raised his head and let out a roar, "I will not spare you..."

But his words stopped there. His pupils dilated, his eyes filled with shock!

The pain in his soul felt like an eternity, but in reality, it lasted only a few seconds.

How did Su Yu close the distance and arrive before him in that time?

Feeling the cold emanating from the sword, Zi Mo's expression changed. He calmly said, "Palace Master Yin Yu, I am only tasked to send over the edict. What is the meaning of you pointing a sword at my chest? Are you going to spark off a war between the two areas?"

How shameless!

Many of the people from the city cursed him secretly.

How were Zi Mo's actions representative of someone delivering an edict? He was clearly brimming with killing intent, and even attempted to kill Palace Master Yin Yu!

Now he was pushing the blame onto Su Yu!

Su Yu stood with his hand behind him, his starlike gaze peaceful, without any ripple of emotion. "Aren't you the ones who are trying to start a war? Aren't Palace Master Feng Qing and twenty Fengqing Guards twenty miles away, ready to attack the city?"

Zi Mo's expression changed, his heart sinking, "What? You already know of this?"

In that moment, Zi Mo's heart sank!

That is to say Yin Yu had already made preparations for defence? Palace Master Feng Qing might be walking into a trap!

What made Zi Mo break out in a cold sweat was that, since Su Yu was already in the know, it didn't matter if Su Yu killed him or not. The war was inevitable.

Then why would Su Yu have any reason to spare him?

Zi Mo's expression turned pale, feeling the threat of death. Fear gripped his heart, causing his body to shudder, "Palace.... Palace Master Yin Yu, pardon me for being rude, please excuse me if I have offended you in any way."

At this moment, in face of death, he had finally lowered his noble head.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu calmly smiled, "Do you know why Palace Master Feng Qing sent you here?

Holding the edict, and giving the order to Su Yu in front of everyone present, these were clearly actions to pressure Su Yu.

Zi Mo was lost, "It is, of course, to deliver the edict!"

Shaking his head, Su Yu calmly said, "With your abilities, your status must be quite high in the Fengqing Area?"

Zi Mo was proud, "I am the right hand man of the Fengqing Area, Guardian Zi Mo!"

"Since that is the case, why did he send you, instead of a measly pawn who could also get the job done?"

Zi Mo froze, "This..."

"Because Palace Master Feng Qing still needed a reason to attack!" Su Yu calmly said, "If I, Yin Yu, killed the right hand man of the Fengqing Area, under the witness of so many people, only then could Palace Master Feng Qing legitimately attack me."

"So, do you understand the reason you were sent?" Su Yu coldly said.

Hearing this, Zi Mo's heart shook, deep in disbelief!

But Su Yu was not wrong.

The death of Hong Mo was only known to the people within the Yinyu Manor. If Palace Master Feng Qing were to strike, it would be breaking many rules.

Only if Zi Mo were to die in the witness of many, could Palace Master Feng Qing legitimately launch an attack, laying waste to Su Yu.

Zi Mo felt lucky, the worry in his heart eased. He unknowingly resumed his tall and proud posture, his head lifted several degrees, standing with his hands behind him, devoid of fear. He raised his brows as he said, "Hehe, to think that you are this smart! Since that is the case, I'll leave first, goodbye."

Su Yu knew that killing him was akin to giving Palace Master Feng Qing the reason to attack.

That means that he was safe!

Su Yu did not dare to touch him!

But, as he was moving, the ten meter long longsword pierced into his chest.

The icy cold pain caused Zi Mo's expression to turn rigid. He turned his head and coldly said, "What are you doing? If you injure me, Palace Master Feng Qing would have a reason to attack you!"

"Remove your weapon! Or bear the consequences!"

But Su Yu flicked his fingers!


In Zi Mo's disbelief, the ten meter long sword pierced through his chest, skewering his heart.

His life force was depleted in an instant. Zi Mo's voice trembled, "Why..."

Su Yu let out a cold smile, "I have reminded you to not squander your value to him! To not do anything unnecessary!"

"I have given you a chance! You stubbornly stayed, and willingly became Palace Master Feng Qing's sacrificial pawn."

"Since that is the case, I find no reason to reject you!"

Zi Mo's heart was destroyed, causing him to die on the spot. As he died, he finally understood Su Yu's deep words!

The other party had already warned him that Palace Master Feng Qing was using him, and had given him the chance to live.

It was him that did not take the chance.

Staring at the dying corpse, Su Yu coldly shook his head. He shot his gaze to twenty miles away, softly muttering, "I have already given you the reason to attack, don't disappoint me, Palace Master Feng Qing!"

Twenty miles away.

The air was bustling with energy. Twenty green robed guards of abilities Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak were standing side by side, their expressions stern.

Their cold expressions were like icy steel, their killing intent bristling!

Twenty guards, their abilities not beneath Zi Mo, were ready to kill.

In front of them stood a white robed youth. His long eyes spilled out a cold glow.

Suddenly, a cracking sound could be heard, coming from his palm.

Looking down, a jade pendant had been shattered.

The words 'Zi Mo' were carved on the pendant.

"The pendant had been shattered, he is dead! Zi Mo, you did not disappoint me, hehe...." The white robed youth laughed.

Beneath the giant monument, the crowd was shocked beyond words.

They did not expect Su Yu to be so merciless!

Even the right hand man of Palace Master Feng Qing, Zi Mo, had been killed by Yin Yu!

Was he trying to spark a war between the two areas?

At this moment, the sound of crackling air came from the horizon, as if the air currents were assaulting the city.

A pressuring energy assaulted the city.

When they caught a glimpse of who had arrived, the expressions of the people in the city changed!

"Palace Master Feng Qing! The Fengqing Guards!"

Su Yu looked at them, his gaze falling on the person leading the pack.

Immortal Realm Level One Lower Tier, twenty years old.

Merely the person ranked eighth is more powerful than anyone in the Hundred Territories Alliance.

The handsome face of Palace Master Feng Qing was laced with a cold aura, "Yin Yu, I have kindheartedly sent someone to congratulate you. What do you wish to achieve by killing him?"

Su Yu's silver hair danced, his face hung a slight smile, "Congratulate? You used an authority of an emperor to stop me from changing the name of the Nameless Area?"

Palace Master Feng Qing creased his brows and shook his head, "I had wanted you to wait and not change it for the moment. I will come a bit later to congratulate you personally!"

"To think that my goodwill was met with such an action! Yin Yu, we are both vice palace masters of the Empire of Darkness and should get along. To be so merciless and barbaric, disregarding the comradeship between vice palace masters, do you even have me in your eyes?"

He was clearly pressuring Su Yu, but he put it in a way where he was thinking for Su Yu, reversing right and wrong.

Su Yu calmly nodded, wishing to speak.

But Palace Master Feng Qing interrupted him, putting on a pained expression, "You need not say anymore! Before you came, I put in much effort governing the Nameless Area, and had maintained order with the motive of handing it over to a successor without any hiccups. I had hoped to help my junior."

"But!" Palace Master Feng Qing's gaze turned fierce, "What I did not expect was that, despite all I have done, you would have repaid my benevolence with such animosity!"

"You first killed my envoy, then killed the person I sent to congratulate you! You need not deny your mercilessness, anything you say is useless..."

He was just getting excited over his speech, when he was interrupted by Su Yu, "I am merciless and barbaric. Who asked them to be as weak as trash? Speak, what do you want with me?"