The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 281

Chapter 281: Educating Him In Front Of Everyone
Chapter 281: Educating Him In Front Of Everyone
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Palace Master Feng Qing became suddenly serious. He did not expect Su Yu to be so arrogant and fierce!

A gust of wind blew past. Be it the people within the city who broke into a cold sweat or Palace Master Feng Qing, all of them were deathly silent.

After becoming serious for some time, Palace Master Feng Qing's face wriggled, and anger was concealed within his face.

According to his calculations, Su Yu killed his men, and he would stand up to uphold justice.

To one's surprise, Su Yu did not take it lying down. But Su Yu did not take revenge against him, Su Yu provoked him instead.

There was no change in the end result. However, Su Yu changed from being suppressed passively, to taking the initiative to provoke him.

Palace Master Feng Qing suppressed the dissatisfaction within his heart and had a grievous expression: "The Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters in the north continent are brothers who rely on one another. My rank is higher than you, and I am considered your senior."

"You are a vicious person, and taking lives is like second nature to you. As your elder brother, I cannot bear to see you continuing to sink even lower and walking this path of evil! Your great future should not be lost just like that."

Palace Master Feng Qing looked at the distant horizon. His eyes were filled with concern, and after pondering for a long time, he sighed deeply: "Yin Yu, you have killed my men. However, after all, you are still young and inexperienced."

"As your elder brother, I ought to forgive you." Palace Master Feng Qing withdrew his gaze. He stared at Su Yu deeply and said sincerely: "You have killed my men ruthlessly, not taking into account my kindness of managing the area on your behalf, and you are also ungrateful. However, I cannot bring myself to not be generous toward you."

"I have decided to continue helping you. From now on, I will take up the responsibility that an elder brother should have, and bring you back to Fengqing Area to educate you. I will ask someone else to continue managing your area."

"One day, when I have successfully taught you how to be a better person, I will let you return and allow you to succeed the Nameless Area. This way, you will be able to answer to the people of the Nameless Area."

His words contained friendly feelings, which caused everyone who heard them to be moved.

Be it the people who saw the arrogant and despotic Zi Mo with their own eyes, or the people who saw the order which was filled with disdain and humiliation toward Palace Master Yin Yu with their own eyes, everyone on-site could not help but be moved.

However, upon thinking more about it, their hearts became filled with fear.

As Palace Master Feng Qing had the gift of gab, it was evident that he wanted to continue occupying the Nameless Area forcefully. However, he used the excuse of educating Su Yu shamelessly.

After hearing what was said, Su Yu could not help but laughing loudly: "I have seen many kinds of people. Among the shameless people I have met, only a few of them could surpass you."

"If you want to continue plundering the tributes from the Nameless Area, just say it out loud, directly!"

"If you want to suppress me in front of everyone and frighten the Nameless Area with your power, just say it out loud, directly!"

"You are so secretive and sneaky. Do you not feel ashamed of using the excuse of educating me?"

Palace Master Feng Qing shook his head in disappointment and sighed: "Yin Yu! You are very disappointing! You have disregarded the kindness that I have given you again and again!"

"You have already reached a state where you must absolutely be educated! For you, for Nameless Area, I must take up the responsibility of an elder brother!"

Su Yu laughed for a long time: "Who do you think you are? You say that you are my elder brother? Educate me? Do you think that you have the right to do so?"

Against this kind of people, there was no need for Su Yu to act politely.

Palace Master Feng Qing's gaze became cold abruptly, as if he had run out of patience. He frowned and shouted: "Yin Yu! You! Are too much! As your elder brother, how can you not have higher respect for me in your eyes?"

"You have already reached a state where you must absolutely be educated!" Palace Master Feng Qing stood with his hands clasped behind his back and shouted: "Fengqing Guards! Capture him and bring him back to the Fengqing Area to educate him!"

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Twenty Dragon Realm Level Seven Fengqing Guards surrounded Su Yu quickly, with Su Yu in the centre.

The leader of the Fengqing Guards cupped his fists and said: "I request for Palace Master Yin Yu to not resist. Palace Master Feng Qing's education is for his own good!"

Su Yu laughed coldly: "Do I need him to educate me? I appreciate your kindness! All of you, please take your leave now, before I get angry!"

The leader of the Fengqing Guards shook his head indifferently: "I'm sorry. You do not have the right to reject the kindness of Palace Master Feng Qing!"


After giving a shout, a Fengqing Guard rushed toward Su Yu immediately.

Under the powerful and suppressive aura of twenty Dragon Realm Level Seven Peaks, even if Su Yu had the same cultivation base as they did, it would be difficult for him to have the heart to resist against them, since he was alone, not to mention not having the abilities to fight them.

However, Su Yu laughed coldly: "I have already warned all of you! Don't hold it against me!"

The leader of the Fengqing Guards shook his head coldly, and his whole face was filled with disappointment: "Not only do you lack of education, you also do not know your own limits. It seems that Palace Master Feng Qing is indeed wise..."


However, before he had finished talking, the Fengqing Guard who rushed toward Su Yu gave a horrible shriek, held his head, and groaned in pain.

It was as if he had experienced extreme pain!

Straight after that, a figure moved like lightning toward him, and a fist landed on his chest!

Rumble, puff

His chest exploded, causing his blood and flesh to splash about. That Fengqing Guard was injured fatally on the spot.

The expression of the leader of the Fengqing Guards turned serious, and his eyes turned gloomy, abruptly: "How bold! You actually dared to injure my man!"

Su Yu flicked his slightly messy silver hair and laughed instead: "Eh? Could it be that you want me to stand here and wait for all of you to injure me?"

"What nonsense! We are trying to bring you back to Fengqing Area, to educate you out of kindness!" The eyes of the leader of the Fengqing Guards got narrower and he shouted coldly.

Su Yu said indifferently: "You can keep this kindness of yours. I don't want it!"

The leader of the Fengqing Guards gathered his spiritual energy sorrowfully, saying coldly: "I have said before. You do not have the right to decline! If you want it, we will give it to you. Even if you don't want it, we will still give it to you!"

"Attack him together!"


The nineteen Fengqing Guards attacked wildly!

This scene caused the audience to be struck with awe.

When the rumored Fengqing Guards gathered, they could wipe out the whole Fengqing Area!

When their abilities were combined with Palace Master Feng Qing, it became extremely fearful!

Su Yu's abilities were far from being comparable to Palace Master Feng Qing, who had achieved Immortal Realm. Hence, how would he stand a chance against them?

Among the crowd, only Zi Yunxiang had a calm expression, as she observed indifferently.

"Space-time Manipulation!"

However, when Su Yu's right eye emitted a wine-red light, ten Fengqing Guards, including the leader of the Fengqing Guards, were transported ten miles away immediately!

The group of people attacking him was reduced by half in an instant!

Whiz, whiz

A dark light emitted from Su Yu's eyes abruptly. A soul attack dispersed across the scene!

Every attack caused a Fengqing Guard to hold their head, give a horrible shriek, and lose their ability to resist!

What awaited them was Su Yu's lightning fast attack.



Horrible shrieks, one after another, followed after the sound of bodies crashing onto the ground, as well as blood splashing everywhere.

With the efforts of a number of breaths, all ten Fengqing Guards were injured, to the point that they were half-dead!

Looking at the ground, which was filled with Fengqing Guards and hazy flesh--to the point to where one was unsure whether they were dead or alive-- the audience was shocked!

It was as if they were in a dream. Was that really the extremely powerful Fengqing Guards, which could wipe out a whole area?

The pupils of Palace Master Feng Qing, who was standing with his hands clasped between his back to watch the good show, shrank. His indifferent smile also turned stiff.

Even if it were he, he also did not manage to react to the scene!

He thought that he could also defeat ten Fengqing Guards alone, within a few breaths' time.

However, Su Yu only had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier!

Rustle, rustle

The leader of the Fengqing Guards, as well as nine other Fengqing Guards who had been transported away, flew back, filled with surprise and anger.

Su Yu could actually control the space!

The trump card, which they did not expect, caused their combined abilities to be dispersed. When they returned and discovered that the other ten of them were severely injured, they were extremely shocked.

How did he do it in just a mere few breaths' time?

However, as Palace Master Feng Qing was just standing by the side, the Fengqing Guards' reputations could not be tarnished!

"Attack together! From different angles!" The leader of the Fengqing Guards shouted loudly.

Whiz, whiz

The ten Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak martial artists attacked openly!

Su Yu had a dull gaze. He followed his previous pattern, and his eyes overflowed with a soul attack.

Every time he swept past a person, he could bring that person under his control. After which, he threw a punch conveniently, injuring the other party to the point that he became half dead!

In just a short amount of time, two persons were severely injured!

The leader of the Fengqing Guards was extremely furious: "Little kid! Don't try to be a savage!"


It was unknown when the leader of the Fengqing Guards circled behind Su Yu's back. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he attacked coldly!

Su Yu wore a cold smile. He turned his body around, and his eyes overflowed with two rays of dark light.

However, at that moment, when Su Yu turned his body around, his heart indicated to him that the situation was not good!

A sharp and icy cold aura attacked his back abruptly!

When Su Yu turned his head to take a look, it was actually Palace Master Feng Qing!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, when Su Yu was focusing his attention on the leader of the Fengqing Guards, Palace Master Feng Qing actually launched a surprise attack!

A Deputy Palace Master actually dared to launch a surprise attack in front of the audience!

Palace Master Feng Qing's expression was strict. He then spoke righteously and coldly: "Yin Yu! You are very disappointing. You relied on surprise attacks to injure the Fengqing Guards. Without further ado, I will capture you on the spot!"

"Kneel down!"

It was evident that he was the one who launched the surprise attack. However, he vilified Su Yu by saying that Su Yu was the one who launched the surprise attack instead!

His surprise attack was too sudden, and he was extremely close to Su Yu. He did not give Su Yu any time to avoid his attack!