The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 282

Chapter 282: Palace Master Xue Yao
Chapter 282: Palace Master Xue Yao
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But Su Yu's expression did not change, his left eye was glowing purple.

"Seal of Time!"

Suddenly, Palace Master Feng Qing, who was launching a sneak attack, was frozen in that moment, maintaining the thrusting position toward Su Yu.

His velocity decreased, allowing Su Yu to dodge his fist with ease.

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu continually released the black light from his eyes.

With each flash, a Fengqing Guard was inflicted with severe injuries.

In just a breath's time, all that was left was the leader of the Fengqing Guards!

The leader of the Fengqing Guards was furious, "Shameless! Do you not have any techniques other than these sneak attacks?"

These words angered the spectating crowd!

Just who was using sneak attacks?

They were surrounding Su Yu with twenty people, but Su Yu was facing them head on. It was only that the techniques he used were on the mysterious side, and that the guards were unable to deal with the techniques.

From the start until now, Su Yu had been facing his enemies head on.

In contrast, it was Palace Master Feng Qing that was engaging in sneak attacks that were unbefitting of a palace master, much to the disappointment of the crowd.

At this moment, the leader of the Fengqing Guards was laying with his eyes open wide!

Su Yu calmly said, "Is surrounding one person with twenty people not shameless? Is launching a sneak attack behind a person's back, as a palace master, not shameless?"

"You are weaker than me,and then claim that I am the one engaging in sneak attacks?"

"You live up to your reputation as people from the Fengqing Area. What a fine example your leader has set!"

The face of the leader of the Fengqing Guards burned, attempting to defend himself, "Nonsense! We are not surrounding you to attack, but just want to bring you back to the Fengqing Area to educate you! As for the palace master, he attacked too fast, and you could not react in time, that is not a sneak attack!"

Su Yu said in disdain, "So that is to say that me facing the lot of you head on is a sneak attack! But him striking me from behind is being righteous?"

"All the justice in the world has been taken by the Fengqing Area!"

The leader of the Fengqing Guards scolded, "I do not wish to repeat myself. You are incapable and did not see the palace master attack, don't blame him for launching a sneak attack!"

Su Yu stifled his laugh, "Oh, so that is the case?"


Su Yu had just finished his sentence, when he vanished into thin air.

Pushing his movement techniques to the limits, Su Yu left an afterimage where he stood.

The pupils of the leader of the Fengqing Guards dilated, "So fast!!"

He was unable to follow Su Yu's tracks!

"Careful, behind you!"

At this moment, Palace Master Feng Qing's seal was finally broken, his expression changing rapidly!

The leader of the Fengqing Guards suddenly looked back, but it was already too late.

He did not know when that icy cold gaze had appeared half a zhang behind him!


The leader of the Fengqing Guards could not react in time, his chest turning cold. All he saw was a long sword, forged by Divine Ice Threads, piercing through his chest!

His vision fading, the leader of the Fengqing Guards was filled with rage, his expression that of fury, "You, sneak attack! Despicable...."


Su Yu pulled out the Divine Ice Threads. At that moment, blood was sent spraying everywhere, as the leader of the Fengqing Guards was sent tumbling to the ground.

Wiping the blood away from the Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu coldly looked at him, "You are useless and cannot see my attacks clearly, don't blame me for using sneak attacks! I shall return the words you said to me!"


Anger struck the heart of the leader of the Fengqing Guards, as another pool of blood sprayed out from the wound on his chest. He slipped into a coma.

At this point, it was fair to say that the legendary guards of the Fengqing Area had all been defeated!

Even though it was surprising that Su Yu had space talents, and could split their offensive in half.

But no one could overlook the undeniable truth that he alone had defeated the entire squad of legendary guards.

"Yin Yu!" Palace Master Feng Qing's expression was incredibly sinister.

Looking at the half-dead guards on the ground, Palace Master Feng Qing was furious!

This was not going as he had planned!

In his plan, he would storm in with absolute authority and imprison Palace Master Yin Yu, regaining control of the Nameless Area.

But in reality, Su Yu's abilities were strange and undecipherable, defeating the guards he was so proud of, alone.

If Palace Master Feng Qing did not capture Su Yu, after storming into the Nameless Area with such gusto, but instead retreated in defeat, he was sure to become the laughing stock of the Ten Great Vice Palace Masters!

"You, enough!" Palace Master Feng Qing stared at Su Yu furiously. "You have rejected my goodwill three times! You killed my men and injured my guards. There is no educating a person like you!"

"Now, as your senior, I am going to teach you a harsh lesson for your parents and your teacher. I'll teach you manners!"

What he meant was that Su Yu's parents and teachers had not taught him well. Thus, he had to teach Su Yu a lesson for them!

Su Yu squinted, surrounding himself with chilly energy!

"In place of my parents? In place of my teacher? Who do you think you are?" Su Yu was furious.

Palace Master Feng Qing was insinuating that his parents and teachers had never taught him manners!

No matter how much Palace Master Feng Qing schemed to obtain power and status from Su Yu, he was never overly angry.

But to implicate the people he respected of misconduct or shirking duties, that was unforgivable!

"Just because I have the ability to teach you a lesson! That reason is enough!" Palace Master Feng Qing let out a grunt, his figure flickering as he struck toward Su Yu!

He released spirit energy, materializing a bolt of energy ten zhang long, which rippled as it struck toward Su Yu.

Su Yu, at this moment, had a chilly intent in his eyes.

"Thunder Star Finger!"

In that moment, a frightening crash of lightning could be heard.

A boundless energy descended from the heavens.

The assaulting spirit energy was instantly dissipated by the purple arcs of thunder.

"Stage One Lower Class of an immortal level technique? And a rare thunder-based technique at that?" Palace Master Feng Qing raised his brows, "You have decent abilities, but unfortunately, they are average at best!"

"I'll show you the difference between the two of us!"

"Peach Blossom Burial!"

Palace Master Feng Qing enveloped himself in a godly glow, a pale pink fog circling around him. Multiple peach blossom flowers fell, obscuring his figure.

Whoosh Whoosh

The peach blossom flowers spun rapidly, slicing through the air, producing a crackling sound.

The sky was filled with spinning peach blossom flowers, the sound it gave off shocking the spectators!

"Stage One of an immortal level technique, unbelievably close to the Upper Class!" Multiple city heads had grave expressions amongst the spectators.

Every class of an immortal level technique required multiple years of time to achieve. To be able to reach such a level of an immortal level technique before the age of twenty, the level of perception of Palace Master Feng Qing must be really high indeed!

Coupled with the absolute advantage he had, in terms of cultivation level, being at Immortal Realm Level One, the outcome of this match was clear!

Su Yu shook his head, advancing instead of retreating!

"Thunder! Star! Finger!"

It was the same immortal level technique.

But the energy that descended caused the surrounding air to crackle. Streaks of thunder formed a small vortex, with Su Yu as its epicenter!

It looked like Su Yu was a god capable of controlling thunder, surrounded by arcs of destructive lightning!

Stage One Upper Tier of an immortal level technique!



Lightning rolled in the sky, destructive bolts of it decimating everything.

The sky full of peach blossom flowers was also shattered, as if the blossoms were illusions.

In the purple light, a figure staggered as he retreated!

It was Palace Master Feng Qing, his face full of shock. Blood lined the side of his lips, his face was pale as he took a few steps back!

His royal robes had been reduced to dust by the lightning in the sky.

His naked skin was burnt black, and his chest area had been reduced to a pulp of flesh.

In a direct confrontation, Palace Master Feng Qing was at the losing end!

On the contrary, Su Yu did not move from where he stood!

The difference in their abilities was clear!

The crowd was dead silent!

The scene before them completely flipped what they had thought earlier!

The high and mighty Palace Master Feng Qing in their hearts had been defeated by the newly inducted Palace Master Yin Yu!

In that moment, the eighteen city heads had looks of respect and fear to Su Yu. Their eyes were burning with passion!

The master of their area was immensely powerful!

Su Yu stepped forward, coldly advancing toward Palace Master Feng Qing, shaking his head, "Your abilities are but so. I really do not understand where you found the confidence to repeatedly pass edicts, where you found the confidence to educate and teach me a lesson, or where you found the confidence to dare snatch my territory away from me!"

"Simply ridiculous!"

Palace Master Feng Qing's ears turned red. Su Yu's abilities were clearly above him, but he had repeatedly issued edicts to him and attempted to educate him!

He did not understand how Su Yu's abilities were so strong, despite him being only Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier!

But he did not have time to think too much on that!

He could not stop now. If he did not restrain Su Yu here, his reputation would go down the drain.

Clenching his teeth, Palace Master Feng Qing grunted, "Seventh senior, what are you waiting for?"


A red robed youth was leaning onto a large tree in the city.

He was sucking on a blade of grass, his hands propped up behind his head. Light reflected from his bald head.

His eyebrows were thick, his expression ferocious.

A long scar ran through his right eye, warning people to approach him with caution.


Hearing the pleas of Palace Master Feng Qing, the red robed bald man spat out the blade of grass, straightening his posture lazily. He could not hide the disdain in his ferocious eyes, "Useless! You can't even settle a newcomer!"


Leaving behind an afterimage, the red robed bald man appeared beside Palace Master Feng Qing.

"The seventh vice palace master, Palace Master Xue Yao!" The crowd broke into a commotion!

Zi Yunxiang sighed, becoming worried, "Our guess was correct, there are other palace masters that came to cause trouble besides Palace Master Feng Qing."

After all, this was the birth of the last vice palace master. The rest of the vice palace masters would pay some attention, too.

The worst outcome had ultimately happened the other palace masters were implicated in this matter.

Palace Master Xue Yao? Su Yu observed him for a moment.

He was at Immortal Realm Level One Upper Tier, his abilities twice as strong as Palace Master Feng Qing!

"You are the newly inducted Palace Master Yin Yu?" Palace Master Xue Yao observed Su Yu, his eyes filled with a critical glow.

Su Yu nodded, "Yes. What matters do you have with me, Seventh senior?"

Before Su Yu was clear of the other party's intentions, he would naturally try not to offend them.

Palace Master Xue Yao crossed his arms, releasing a formless aura.

Beside him, Palace Master Feng Qing's expression turned grave, fighting back the aura.

But the aura was mostly directed toward Su Yu!

"En, since you called me your senior, I shall call the shots here, I will issue a fair judgement." Palace Master Xue Yao spoke for himself, never once seeking Su Yu's opinion!

This was the Yinyu Area!

The conflict was between him and Palace Master Feng Qing. Palace Master Xue Yao had nothing to do with this!

But he forcefully made a decision without consulting Su Yu!

Feeling the overbearing aura of the other party, Su Yu creased his brows.

"Eighth junior, you are in the wrong here. Tenth junior is new, how could you use violence to educate him, no matter how barbaric he was?"

"You had good intentions, but your methods were wrong, causing the conflict between the two of you. You have to take responsibility for your actions!"

Palace Master Feng Qing sighed, "I did not consider this thoroughly, causing this misunderstanding."

The two of them performed their act superbly, causing Su Yu to laugh in his heart.

He no longer hoped for Palace Master Xue Yao to exact justice.

"But the one who should take the bulk of the responsibility is you, Tenth junior!" Palace Master Xue Yao changed his tone, looking at Su Yu as he said in disapproval, "I am thoroughly disappointed by your performance!"