The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Divine Tribulation Of Ice And Thunder
Chapter 283: Divine Tribulation of Ice and Thunder
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"It would be fine if you did not appreciate Eighth Junior's kindness, but why did you kill his special envoy? Is such an ungrateful action something that a Deputy Palace Master should do?" Palace Master Xue Yao berated strictly.

The surrounding crowd became silent. Since the matter had come to this, it had become a situation where Palace Master Xue Yao would uphold justice.

However, intelligent people could tell that, on the surface, it was justice. In actual fact, it was obviously bias.

Su Yu laughed coldly and shook his head: "Kindness? Palace Master Xue Yao, both you and I are Deputy Palace Masters. However, he sent a special envoy to give me orders, twice. The first time, he asked me to have an audience with him. The second time, he disallowed me to give the Nameless Area a name! Is this considered kindness?"

"If you were here and did not see it, then so be it. However, if you had seen everything, I can only ask you, Palace Master Xue Yao, are your eyes blind?"

The Eighteen City Masters gasped!

Was Palace Master Yin Yu crazy? He actually dared to speak to Palace Master Xue Yao like this?

Among the Ten Great Palace Masters, he was famous for being someone who should not be provoked, due to his temper.

As expected!

Palace Master Xue Yao's expression turned gloomy instantly: "Yin Yu! I can forgive your ignorance and disrespectfulness. However, you had better be more aware!"

"Eighth Junior cared for you selflessly. However, you are narrow-minded and you misunderstood his kindness! Regarding this point, I do not wish to repeat it!"


Su Yu laughed. Su Yu really laughed coldly: "Palace Master Xue Yao, not only are your eyes blind, your heart is also blind!"

"Since you think that his orders are considered care and concern, then, Palace Master Xue Yao, I, Palace Master Yin Yu, now specially order you to pay your respects to me immediately!"

Palace Master Xue Yao frowned: "What a lunatic!"

Su Yu said mockingly: "Didn't you say that giving orders to another person is considered care and concern? Now that I have given you orders, not only did you not feel grateful to me, you scolded me by saying that I am a lunatic instead? You are an ungrateful person!"

Palace Master gave a cold hum: "That is different! His orders are kindness towards you! It is a different thing, compared to your orders!"

Su Yu laughed coldly and shook his head: "In summary, both you and him are in the same boat! Both of you are indeed skilled in employing double standards!"

"Tenth Junior, I will give one last piece of advice. Keep your mouth clean! If you humiliate us again without evidence, don't blame me for not giving you face!" Palace Master Xue Yao's eyes became narrower.

The cold threat caused everyone on-site to feel cold within their hearts.

Su Yu laughed coldly: "Is your face worth a lot of money? When have I ever wanted it?"

"You came here uninvited, and you relied on your strong cultivation base to uphold justice unreasonably."

"If you are really here to uphold justice, then so be it. However, you colluded with Palace Master Feng Qing, your mouth is full of virtuous phrases, but you went against me in every aspect. In view of that, you still have the face to say that you are giving me face?"

Palace Master Xue Yao's eyes were filled with coldness. He spoke slowly, with a low voice: "You are really very disappointing!"

"I have decided. I will uphold this justice to the very end! I don't believe that I cannot subdue an ungrateful person like you!"

Thick, murderous intents collided between both them and Su Yu.

Su Yu's silver hair fluttered lightly, and he wore a contented expression: "Eh? What do you intend to do to me?"

Palace Master Xue Yao put down his hands slowly, and a strong aura covered his body. His eyes were filled with coldness: "You cannot distinguish between right and wrong, you cannot distinguish between good and evil, and you are also ungrateful. In the long run, you would walk the path of evil in the end."

"Hence, in the name of your elder brother, I have the responsibility to discipline you! I will bring you back to the Xueyao Area, and lock you in the dungeon for three years, so that you can face the wall and think about your mistakes!"

"Your area will be given to Palace Master Feng Qing, and he will manage it on your behalf! When you have finally understood how to be grateful to others, I will release you!"

There was no longer any room for negotiation!

Su Yu said indifferently: "Haha, you wish to discipline me? Understood! That is, only if you have the ability to do so!"

Palace Master Xue Yao shook his head in disappointment: "Seems like you are living in the small world that you have once lived in. You consider yourself to be a first-rate genius. Because of that, you are narrow-mindedm and it will be difficult for you to become a man of great talent!"

"After I have brought you back to discipline you, I will slowly teach you how to be a better person!"

Palace Master Xue Yao gave a cold hum and headed toward Su Yu!

When compared to Palace Master Feng Qing, his movement technique was more than twice as fast.

When Palace Master Feng Qing was about a hundred meters away from Su Yu, Palace Master Xue Yao was already in front of Su Yu!

A pair of ferocious eyes was overflowing with coldness: "Kneel down!"

Su Yu said indifferently: "If you really want to kneel down, I will not stop you!"

"Humph! People like you only depend on talking, and it is useless. As your Senior, I have to discipline you properly!" After giving a cold hum, Palace Master Xue Yao took out a blood-red big knife in the time needed to turn his hand over.

The long knife had spiritual qualities, as if it was breathing secretly. It was similar to a living item.

At once, Su Yu felt that the blood within his body showed signs of flowing weakly.

Streams of blood came out from his pores uncontrollably, and it was sucked away by the big knife!

A knife that could suck blood!

"Blood Drinking Demon Slaying Blade!"

An immortal level cultivation technique at Stage One Upper Class!!

The majestic knife sealed off Su Yu in all directions, and Su Yu had no way to avoid the attack!

Su Yu's gaze turned grave. Indeed, Palace Master Xue Yao could not be compared to Palace Master Feng Qing!

"Thunder Star Finger!"

A purple light illuminated the sky, and the sound of thunder astounded the world.

The attacks of the two of them collided abruptly!



Rub, rub, rub

Su Yu only felt that the knife's energy scraped him, and he was forced to retreat about three steps!

Palace Master Xue Yao retreated about two steps!

Although it was said that the power of lightning-based cultivation techniques was stronger than normal cultivation technique, it had a limit as well.

Under the collision of the same level of cultivation technique, Palace Master Xue Yao was four tiers higher than Su Yu, and he was more superior than Su Yu. Hence, it was not strange for Su Yu to be beneath him.

However, who would know that Palace Master Xue Yao was shocked?

When he experienced it for himself, he realized how frightening that finger of Su Yu's was!

Among the immortal level cultivation techniques, Blood Drinking Demon Slaying Blade was considered the best of the immortal level cultivation techniques. Even if he came across someone of similar cultivation base, and both of them exhibited the same level of cultivation technique, his opponent would not end up like Su Yu, who got off so lightly!

"No wonder you dare to be so arrogant! Indeed, you have some tricks up your sleeve! However, let me see how long you can last! Within ten moves, I will defeat you!" Palace Master Xue Yao raised his knife again.

Feeling the gap that he could not make up for, Su Yu secretly sighed and knew he could only try something.

With a flash of his eyes, Su Yu's Fire Cloud Seal on his forehead emitted a scarlet light abruptly, and the light penetrated the Heaven in the blink of an eye.

At once!

The air near the white clouds became cold abruptly. The water vapor gathered and became a dense and dark cloud!

Within the dark cloud, lightning arcs shone, as if a lightning dragon was swimming.

Rumble, rumble

The sound of the thunder roaring enlightened the benighted, causing everyone to tremble with fear!

"What happened? In broad daylight, why would there be thunder?"

As the dark cloud came together, and the layers of cloud became denser, the audience felt anxious and fearful.

A destroying aura from the layers of cloud enshrouded the place.

However, on the areas that the dark cloud enveloped, everyone had an alarmed expression, and they also felt that they were doomed.

Only a few people noticed that Su Yu was directly below the middle of the dark cloud!

The whole dark cloud surrounded him alone!

At that very moment, Su Yu was like a mythological figure in the eyes of everyone. His every word and action affected the world and created a shocking and unusual phenomenon!

The eyelids of Palace Master Xue Yao and Palace Master Feng Qing were twitching crazily. The uneasy feeling that they shared was more than twice as intense as a normal person!

"What happened? What kind of unusual phenomenon of the world is this? Is this caused by Su Yu? Not possible!" Both glared at Su Yu, and they could not believe their eyes.

Communicating with the world. What kind of miracle was that?

They had never heard of someone being able to communicate with the world before.

However, Su Yu was like a king who had achieved Nirvana, as he muttered some words coldly!

"Divine Decree Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!"