The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 284

285 Gloomy Stone Statue
Two days passed.

At a place southwest of Yinyu Area.

The deep forest set off a human being's city walls, as if a small boat was found after waves passed through an immense area.

"Sun Setting City! We have arrived!" Zang Jian's energy vibrated.

Since a beast tide appeared for no reason, even if it were him, he also needed to be careful.

The fatally injured Palace Master Feng Qing and the Fengqing Guards had recovered slightly, and Palace Master Xue Yao had recovered fully a long time ago.

Xue Yao looked at Su Yu vigilantly and gave a hum: "The historical remains are hidden deeply under the ground of the Sun Setting City, and initially, we were about to open up the seal. However, to our surprise, half a month ago, the demonic beasts in the forest sprung into action, and we gave up on it."

Su Yu stood atop layers of cloud. He revolved his crystalline eyes and scanned through Sun Setting City, which was fifty miles broad.

What he saw was a piece of land that was deathly silent.

Apart from the body parts that had rotted, the city was deathly silent, and there were no signs of any living thing!


However, at that moment, a black shadow flashed past the city and caused Su Yu's pupils to shrink slightly!

Someone was present!

Su Yu stared closely. The black shadow moved swiftly, leaving no traces behind. Hence, it was difficult to ascertain where it had gone!

Who was that? Su Yu was very surprised and bewildered.

Could it be that someone was a step ahead of them?

If not, could that shadow be related to the beast tide?

The movement technique of that shadow was considered agile, and his cultivation base had to be strong!

Filled with doubts, Su Yu stayed silent, not saying a thing.

Zang Jian frowned: "The beast tide had delayed the unveiling of the historical remains by half a month. In other words, there is a high risk that it had already been exposed!"

If they had opened up the historical remains in one shot previously, the news might not have spread so quickly.

However, after stopping for half a month, it was difficult to stop the news from spreading as previously, there were quite a number of people who participated in the excavation.

The appearance of Zang Jian was the best proof.

Since he had gotten wind of the historical remains, it was difficult to guarantee that he was the only person.

This matter needed immediate attention. Hence, the group of them descended upon the Sun Setting City.

Looking at the ground, which was full of bodies as well as the deathly silent city, as though it was a ghost city that was in dire straits, Su Yu paid tribute to it silently.

To the Sun Setting City, that beast tide was the equivalent to a disaster.

As he paid tribute to the city and walked through the city with vigilance, Su Yu and his group of people arrived at the center of the city.

A giant entrance was concealed by people hurriedly.

A cold wind that was considered gloomy and unusual could be felt from the dark cave, which caused the people to be terrified.

Looking at the cave, the space between Su Yu's eyebrows twitched and his heart felt extremely uneasy.

"What unusual historical remains!" Su Yu said seriously.

Even the arrogant Zang Jian revealed a serious expression that was rare at that very moment: "These historical remains are an ominous place!"

After standing at the entrance for some time, Zang Jian pondered awhile.

"We will do this. The Fengqing Guards will be in front and Yin Yu will be behind. The twenty-one of you will check out the situation inside the cave."

Zang Jian did not even look at Su Yu. He took the matter into his own hands and made the arrangement.

There were two motives for such an arrangement: The Fengqing Guards were in front, due to their numbers. When they dispersed, after facing some sort of danger, there was a greater possibility of someone escaping and reporting the situation to them.

Su Yu was the one assigned behind the Fengqing Guards to take on the risks instead of Feng Qing and Xue Yao, after considering the abilities of everyone.

If the cave contained something powerful that could totally wipe out the Fengqing Guards, with Su Yu's abilities, he might be able to escape successfully. If it were Feng Qing or Xue Yao, they might be unable to do so.

Palace Master Feng Qing frowned deeply. Zang Jian wanted to send his men to death? However, he did not dare to oppose Zang Jian.

"Why must it be me?" Su Yu said expressionlessly.

No one liked the feeling of being ordered around, as though a gun was being pointed to his head.

Eh? Zang Jian then looked toward Su Yu and frowned slightly: "Do you have any complaints?"

"What a joke. Why are you not the one going down?" Su Yu said.

Zang Jian did not conceal his motive in the slightest bit and sneered: "There are dangers unbeknownst to us inside the cave. Of course, you are the one venturing into the unknown. How can I be the one going in?"

How arrogant he was!

How could he order people to die so boldly and righteously?!

His reasoning was that he was more magnanimous than Su Yu. Hence, Su Yu could be sent to die and not him!

Su Yu's gaze became slightly narrower, and his heart was filled with a bit of murderous intent.

This Zang Jiang really thought that he could decide their fates!

"I will give you three breaths' time. Go down immediately!" Zang Jian urged impatiently: "Don't forget. The reason you are here is because of me agreeing to give you a chance. If I hadn't, the historical remains and you would not be fated to meet!"

It was evident that the historical remains belonged to Su Yu, who was the Master of the land.

However, at that very moment, it became an opportunity that Zang Jian bestowed upon him!

If Feng Qing and Xue Yao occupied the area forcefully for the historical remains, they still slightly understood the fact that they were people from outside the area.

As for Zang Jian, he did not have such considerations at all!

In his mind, Area Master Yin Yu was not even existent.

In his eyes, Su Yu was of no importance!

Thinking about it, if the current area were managed by the First Deputy Palace Master, would he dare to be so arrogant? Would he come, even though he was uninvited?

A deep part of Su Yu's pupils was filled with coldness. However, Su Yu exceeded all expectations, and he did not rebut against Zang Jian. Instead, he nodded his head expressionlessly: "Understood! I will go!"

The reason why he did not go against Zang Jian was that, when he approached the cave, the small palm print, which occupied a deep part of his soul, forcefully trembled!

According to Hai Kuangren, that was some sort of key.

The cave was actually able to affect the mysterious palm print? Su Yu's gaze became narrower.

Zang Jiang laughed arrogantly and indifferently: "This is more like it! Don't worry. If there are treasures within the historical remains, and if my mood is good, I will bestow some of them upon you! Get going!"

Su Yu shook his head secretly. In Zang Jian's mind, the whole historical remains belonged to him right?


Su Yu entered the cave. When he revolved his crystalline eyes, within the darkness, he viewed darkness like daytime.

After walking for an hour, apart from the cold and gloomy wind, there was no danger.

That was, until they reached an ancient steel door.

The steel door was hundreds of meters tall. It was blood red in color, as though it was created by blood, and it looked like a door to hell!

Just by standing in front of the steel door alone, Su Yu felt extremely unusual.

A cold yet not too cold aura was emitted from inside the bloody door.

At the center of the bloody door, someone blasted a giant hole.

Gusts of cold wind came out from the hole, with a whistling sound.

With a flash of his eyes, Su Yu entered the hole.

The expressions of the Fengqing Guards changed, and they followed closely behind Su Yu into the hole.

However, before entering the hole, in the eyes of Su Yu, which perceived darkness as nothingness, he realized abruptly that on the hole of the steel door, there was a black mirror!

When Su Yu passed by, his face and eyes were reflected by the mirror.

As for the Fengqing Guards, within the darkness, they did not notice that mirror because it blended in with the darkness.

After entering the bloody door, a bone piercing cold wind that was stronger than before blew against them at once!

Even Su Yu felt extremely terrified.

Looking at it, he and his group of people had appeared in a very long corridor.

Stone tablets that were carved deeply were found on both sides of the corridor.

After tens of thousands of years, most of the stone tablets were broken. Only a few stone tablets remained in one piece, due to some unknown reason.

The expression of the leader of the Fengqing Guards changed. He headed in front of the stone tablet quickly and examined it. After a long time, he said disappointedly: "Looking at the material, it is just a normal stone tablet."

"However, I don't know if the stone tablets that are still in one piece are any different." The leader of the Fengqing Guards walked toward the closest stone tablet that was still in one piece and touched the stone tablet in close proximity.

However, at that moment, Su Yu's eyebrows twitched abruptly and his expression changed greatly: "No! Retreat quickly! That is not a stone tablet!"


Almost at the same time, the sound of a throat moving reverberated across the darkness, which was silent supernaturally.

It was as if it was a sound made by a bloodthirsty wild beast that was hungry!

However, looking at those stone tablets that were in one piece, dense white hair grew on its body surface abruptly, and the pairs of eyes that were closed tightly opened without any warning!