The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 287

Chapter 287 Coming Back To Life After An Eternity

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Suddenly, Zang Jian’s eyes became narrower, and his gaze fell on the ancient martial artist who was sealed within the black icy mountain.

Happiness covered his eyes. Even Su Yu was able to tell that the old man and the black jade box were extraordinary. How could Zang Jian misjudge it?

However, Zang Jian did not make a move personally. A thread of craftiness was concealed in a deep part of his eyes.

He pretended to not discover the strong martial artist who had been sealed within the ice, and instead, looked elsewhere.

Feng Qing and Xue Yao then discovered the strong martial artist who had been sealed within the ice in succession. Both of their expressions changed. They looked at one another and rushed toward the ice mountain.

They rushed toward the ice mountain, even though they understood that there were dangers unknown to them within it.

However, even if they teamed up, they were not Zang Jian’s match.

If they did not take advantage of the opportunity to strike first, the treasure in the historical remains would not be theirs!

However, just when both of them were about to reach the black ice mountain…


A tall and sturdy silhouette appeared from a secret place!

He had a tall figure and wore a black plaited bamboo hat, giving off a violent aura.

Beneath the plaited bamboo hat was a frightening, gloomy, and cold expression.

Su Yu’s expression turned cold. That person gave Su Yu a feeling like Su Yu had met him before!

Hai Kuangren!

The Hai Kuangren that he met in the historical remains of Shenyue island!

However, both of them had completely differently temperaments.

Hai Kuangren was wildly arrogant, while this person was gloomy and cold!

However, both of their attires were very similar!

His cultivation base was one tier lower than Hai Kuangren at Immortal Level Two Upper Tier!

Was the plaited bamboo hat man, who was now in front of him, related to Hai Kuangren?

Zang Jian’s expression changed, and his eyes were filled with struggle.

The other party’s abilities were greater than him by one tier!

If he fought the plaited bamboo hat man alone, he would not be his match!

Zang Jian’s gaze flashed. He remained calm and retreated toward the cave slowly.

“Haha. Isn’t it a bit too late for you to leave now?” The plaited bamboo hat man laughed coldly. As though he was a ghost, he rushed ahead of Zang Jian and blocked off the cave.

As such, Zang Jian and the other two had no way out!

“Who are you? You are so bold that you dare to appear in the Sub Palace of the Empire of Darkness!” Zang Jian berated sternly. He then joined up with Xue Yao and Feng Qing secretly.

The plaited bamboo hat man sneered: “Sub Palace of the Empire of Darkness? Even after an eternity, your Empire of Darkness is still the same as before. You overestimate yourself and try to hold back an overwhelming force!”

“Not to mention that a small Sub Palace like you, even if the Empire of Darkness descends, in front of the Nine Saint Masters, you would become nothingness with a flick of their fingers!”

The arrogance of this person’s tone caused everyone to be shocked.

For eternity, the Empire of Darkness had been the strongest and most mysterious ancient force in the Zhenlong continent.

In the tens of thousands of years of history, the Empire of Darkness had unified the continent many times and dominated the world.

However, was such a force, which defied the natural order, not worth mentioning in the eyes of the plaited bamboo hat man?

Exactly what kind of force was he representing?

Could it be that in the Zhenlong continent, apart from the Empire of Darkness, there were still other forces?

However, Su Yu finally confirmed that the plaited bamboo hat man and Hai Kuangren belonged to the same organization!

Both of them mentioned the same people!

Saint Masters!

What kind of divine beings were these so-called Nine Saint Masters?

Could they really destroy the Empire of Darkness, the force ranked number one in Zhenlong continent, with a flick of their fingers?

Zang Jian’s gaze became slightly narrower and he did not answer.

Xue Yao’s eyebrows twitched: “Ridiculous! In front of the Empire of Darkness, only one kind of person would say these kind of words! And they are lunatics!”

The expression of the plaited bamboo hat man became narrower, and he shook his head indifferently: “A group of ignorant people! A summer insect cannot discuss ice. It is better for me to kill all of you!”

After hearing what was said, the expressions of the three changed at the same time.

Zang Jian tried his best to remain calm: “There are no ill feelings between us. If you want the historical remains here, go ahead and take them. On behalf of Palace Master Yin Yu, who is in charge of this place, I give these whole historical remains to you!”

Su Yu, who was hiding, laughed coldly in secret.

It was extremely funny!

What right did he, Zang Jian, have that he could make decisions on behalf of Su Yu and give the historical remains that belonged to Su Yu’s area to the enemy?

In order to live, Zang Jian could really do anything!

To one’s surprise, the plaited bamboo hat man sneered: “Who do you think you are? The key within the jade box belonged to me from the very start. Do I need you to give it to me?”

“I am killing all of you, but not because I am worried that all of you will fight with me for the treasure. Instead, I simply do not wish for this area’s existence to spread!”


Absolute abilities, which could suppress the three of them, burst forth!

Zang Jian bit his teeth: “Attack together!”

With Zang Jian as the leader, the three Deputy Palace Masters fought with all their strength in order to survive!

However, even if the three of them teamed up, they were not the plaited bamboo hat man’s equal!

After ten moves!

Horrible shrieks that could be heard, one after another, reverberated at their current location, then ceased abruptly after a while!

What followed after that was a pool of blood on the ground. Even though they were strong, they were unable to injure the plaited bamboo hat man in the slightest bit, and all of them fainted after being injured fatally.

The plaited bamboo hat man patted his robe and shook his head in disdain: “A group of trash that grew up in a hothouse. Even though their cultivation bases were there, they could not exhibit the power they should have.”

The plaited bamboo hat man placed his hands behind his back. His eyes swept past the area abruptly and looked toward the direction of Su Yu. He then said casually: “You are the only one remaining. Do you not plan to show yourself? After all, I have let you live for so long.”

So, he had already noticed Su Yu’s existence.

Thinking about it, it only made sense for him to realize Su Yu’s existence. Since he was already at the current location beforehand, how could he not know of Su Yu’s presence?


Su Yu showed himself.

The plaited bamboo man looked him up and down. He then nodded his head, which was a rare phenomenon, and he praised: “At just the age of sixteen, you achieved Dragon Realm Level Seven. Moreover, you managed to comprehend the immortal level lightning cultivation technique that you possessed to Stage One Upper Class! Your talent and level of comprehension are top class. Compared to these three trash, you are extremely strong.”

Su Yu’s eyes became dull. Similarly, he looked the plaited bamboo hat man up and down, as though he wanted to see through the plaited bamboo hat man’s identity.

“What a pity. Even though you are extremely talented, you will be buried in Zhenlong continent eventually. Before you witness death with your own eyes, why not let me be kind, for once, and send you to the afterworld now?”

Rumble, rumble

The suppressing aura of an Immortal Level Two Upper Tier spread toward Su Yu.

Su Yu raised his finger and exhibited Thunder Star Finger!

The plaited bamboo hat man shook his head: “If I give you some time, there might come a day when you surpass me. It is a pity that you are too weak now, and your attack is merely an attack from an ant!”


Even though his person had not reached Su Yu yet, his power had descended!

The thunder arc that Su Yu had yet to emit was actually annihilated!

Straight after that, a finger headed for the space between Su Yu’s eyebrows!

Su Yu’s expression remained dull as before: “Who told you that I am going to use that move?”

His mouth had already gathered destructive energy secretly!

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters. Lin!”


Accompanied by the power which could destroy Heaven and Earth, an attack which could shake the world shrouded the plaited bamboo hat man, who was taken by surprise.

The plaited bamboo hat man’s dull expression changed abruptly and he gasped!

“Legendary level cultivation technique!!”

Su Yu was shocked.

He had exhibited the attack many times. It was the first time that someone managed to recognize that it was a legendary level cultivation technique!

This person could not be left alive!

The good thing was that he underestimated Su Yu carelessly. He did not take any precautions, and so was engulfed by the sound wave in close proximity.

Puff, puff


The clothes of the plaited bamboo hat man were burned open, and he spit out a huge mouthful of blood.

The flesh on his body turned hazy and most of his bones cracked. Moreover, all his internal organs were fried.

It was as if that attack caused him to become half dead!

The plaited bamboo hat man could not believe his eyes. His indifferent expression was replaced by shock: “You are actually able to comprehend legendary level cultivation technique at such a young age! Impossible! It is impossible, no matter how talented you are! Are you really a human being?”

Su Yu wore a cold smile, and his gaze landed on the right hand behind the plaited bamboo hat man’s back: “You kept asking me questions, so that you could buy some time and recover from your injuries?”

The plaited bamboo hat man’s body turned stiff. His right hand trembled and a jade bottle fell on the ground. There was half a bottle of green medicinal powder in the jade bottle, which gave off a thick aura of plants and trees.

“Little kid! It is better if you stop now. You don’t even know who you are provoking!” The plaited bamboo hat man saw that he had no way to buy time and threatened Su Yu coldly.

To one’s surprise, Su Yu wore an indifferent smile: “Perhaps the force behind you would be able to put me at death’s door one day. However, I know that if I do not kill you, the root of the problem now, I will die even faster!”


Su Yu’s figure was like electricity and his Thunder Star Finger was aimed toward the plaited bamboo hat man’s chest!

However, at that moment, the plaited bamboo hat man exerted force on his leg and headed into the cave!

Oh no!

Su Yu’s heart felt heavy. It was impossible for him to open up his hands and legs within the cave.

If the plaited bamboo hat man escaped and spread the information that Su Yu possessed a legendary level cultivation technique, it would be a disaster!

Su Yu’s expression turned gloomy and he was about to follow the plaited bamboo hat man into the cave.

However, all of a sudden, strange movements could be heard from within the cave!

Su Yu retreated hurriedly!

Just when Su Yu retreated, a lump of black hair shot past him and scraped his neck, leaving behind a small bloodstain on his neck.

It was that female head!

She actually showed herself again!

She, who had only half her head left, was glaring at Su Yu with hatred!

However, her attention was quickly attracted by the plaited bamboo hat man, who now charged into the cave!

A struggling expression filled the plaited bamboo hat man’s eyes.


The black hair that was ten meters long wrapped around the plaited bamboo hat man, who delivered himself to her tightly.

In a very narrow environment, combined with fatal injuries, the plaited bamboo hat man could not even resist and was wrapped like a dumpling.

Straight after that, the female head opened its ferocious mouth and enjoyed this delicious food that she had not seen for a long time!


What followed after that was the plaited bamboo hat man writhing intensively, as his body was slowly being eaten up!

In the end, he was gnawed to the point that none of his bones remained!

The female head then felt satisfied, and she slowly hid within a concave part of the cave.

Before she left, she burped and spit out a hard black token that she could not digest.

Su Yu’s gaze flashed. He lifted his palm and grabbed, causing the token to be sucked toward his palm.

When he looked at it, it was a black token with the face of a ghost carved on it and “Great Nirvana. Follower Li Lin” written on it.

Great Nirvana? Who was that?

What was the meaning of ‘follower’?

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with doubts. Unfamiliar words, unfamiliar names, and an unfamiliar background.

Within Zhenlong continent, was there still a hidden secret that could astound the world?

Nine Saint Masters, Great Nirvana, follower…

Su Yu went into a world of his own, amid deep thoughts. However, he was still unable to understand any of them.

Su Yu shook his head and kept the token.

Su Yu moved in front of the black ice mountain. His gaze was fixed onto the strong martial artist sealed within the ice, and he did not blink at all!

The black jade box in his hands was shocking!

However, what caused Su Yu’s expression to change slightly was that it was unknown exactly when, but the eyes of that strong martial artist’s sealed within the ice had opened!

It was evident that, previously, he was confined in a death state!

At that very moment, his eyes were actually open!

A pair of expressionless black eyeballs stared at Su Yu without blinking in the slightest!

Although his line of sight was wide, instinct told Su Yu that the old man was staring at him!

The strong martial artist who had died tens of thousands of years ago actually came back to life!


Su Yu spit out a mouthful of blood. His whole body trembled intensively and his flesh was about to fall apart!

His five sense organs overflowed with blood continuously!

All of this was because of that pair of eyes, which was staring at him!

Just by his glance alone? The glance of a strong martial artist who had died tens of thousands of years ago!

Feeling that death was approaching him, Su Yu realized that, under the pair of the eyes which was staring at him, his body became unable to move!

That feeling, where the old man treated the ocean, world, space and time as insignificant, caused Su Yu’s whole body to become paralyzed!

He was about to die!

He was about to die from a pair of eyes for no reason!

Buzz, buzz

However, at that moment, Su Yu’s chest vibrated and a transparent figure drifted out from his chest. He stood in front of Su Yu and sighed seriously: “You have really provoked an extremely strong guy!”