The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Taking The Treasure For Himself

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Yun Yazi’s appearance blocked the gaze of the corpse. Su Yu relaxed, as he had stolen his life back from the gates of hell.

“Master, he really revived?” Su Yu did not care about his injuries, but rather, asking in surprise.

Yun Yazi calmly shook his head, “No matter how strong a fighter is, he cannot escape the will of heaven. How could he reverse the flow of yin and yang and break the cycle of reincarnation to revive himself?”

“Then now, he….” Su Yu could not understand what the meaning of a person, who had been dead for thousands of years. suddenly opening his eyes was, if it was not that he was revived?

“What you are seeing now is but a remnant of his will. His soul has long been destroyed.” Yun Yazi had a complicated look in his eyes, “Your battle just now had woken his slumbering will. That was what caused this weird phenomenon.”

Just as Yun Yazi was giving his explanation, the corpse within the ice mountain gradually retracted his gaze, lifting his head to look at the horizon.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Suddenly, the ice mountain trembled before being blast into pieces!

The corpse of the elder hugged the jade box, flying into the air before the ice mountain exploded, disappearing into the horizon.

“Master, he escaped!” Su Yu was shocked.

Yun Yazi looked at the direction the corpse disappeared to, sighing meaningfully, “He is not escaping… It is just that he had already completed the wish he could not fulfil when he was alive!”

An undying will had controlled his dead corpse to fulfil the wish he could not fulfil when he was alive.

What did he want to do?

Why did Yun Yazi not stop him?

Surveying the vast surroundings, Su Yu was disappointed. This expedition had borne no rewards.

The black jade box in the elder’s robes was an ungodly treasure, but Su Yu was not fated to obtain it.

Suddenly, just as Su Yu became disappointed, he caught a glimpse of a small black mirror where the elder was sealed.

“Eh, why is there a small black mirror here?” Su Yu walked over curiously, squatting to observe.

Unexpectedly, Yun Yazi’s face was filled with surprise and doubt, “What mirror are you talking about?”

Su Yu froze, picking up the mirror. He waved it in front of Yun Yazi.

But in Yun Yazi’s eyes, Su Yu’s right hand was empty, merely grabbing onto a ball of air.

His gaze flickering, Yun Yazi enveloped Su Yu using his soul strength. A mirror suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s hand!

It was the size of a palm, small and exquisite, unlike anything mortal.

“Eh, could this be….”

At this moment, a jade bottle suddenly dropped from within the black mirror. The bottle contained a green elixir that was partially melted.

Opening a slit on the opening of the bottle, a shocking aura of intoxication was released.

Taking a light whiff, Su Yu felt incredibly dizzy, about to slip into a coma.

“Close it quickly! If you do not wish to sleep for an eternity!” Yun Yazi waved his sleeves, creating a light wind to scatter the perfume of the elixir.

Su Yu was alert, immediately sealing the bottle, his face full of surprise, “What elixir is this? Just a whiff nearly slipped me into a coma!”

Yun Yazi let out a laugh, “You should be thankful that the elixir is already mostly melted, its potency less than one percent. If it was the complete pill, just a whiff would cause you to never wake up with your level of ability.”

Just one percent was so scary? Su Yu was shocked.

“This is an elixir that was lost ten thousand years ago, the Intoxicating Dream Elixir. Consuming it would cause one to fall into slumber. It is meant to be used for training demonic beasts. To think that you could come across a relic like that. If you meet a demonic beast in the future, you might want to use this.”

Intoxicating Dream Elixir? Su Yu committed its name to memory.

After that, Su Yu turned his attention to the small black mirror, his face full of suspicion.

The bottle had dropped from within the mirror, could there be a hidden mechanism?

But after a few moments of observation, he could not determine anything weird with the black mirror, nothing at least granting it the ability to hide such a big jade bottle!

“Hehe, lad your luck is not bad! This treasure is not common in the Zhenlong Continent.” Yun Yazi laughed.


Su Yu was surprised. He could not see how different the black mirror was.

If it had not appeared from where the elder was, Su Yu might not even pay much attention to it.

“Use your soul strength to look into the mirror, “Yun Yazi mysteriously said.

Su Yu was confused, but followed his instructions.

Su Yu shot a weak bolt of soul strength into the mirror.

A shocking scene now met Su Yu!

In theory, the soul strength would pass through the mirror and be diverted to a different place, but when his soul was shot into the mirror, it sunk like mud in the ocean!

Furthermore, a pitch black space appeared in his consciousness.

The space was about ten meters around, with enough space to put a few tables.

What is going on? Why is there such a scene in the mirror?

It was then that Su Yu found out that there was another white jade bottle in the black mirror!

The elixir in the bottle had already been reduced to powder, its remnants gathering at the very bottom of the bottle.

At this moment, his brain was filled with Yun Yazi’s voice, “That is the Cosmos Mirror that belonged to the powerful elder just. Since it dropped onto the ground, it belongs to you now.”

Cosmos Mirror? What is that?

“The Cosmos Mirror is a mid level divine artifact. A hundred of your low level divine artifacts, the Divine Ice Ring, cannot compare to this.”

“The space within the Cosmos Mirror is convenient for storing large items.”

“Even Immortal Realm fighters are not worthy of using a Cosmos Mirror. For example, the palace masters, alliance masters you know of, do not have the right. There should only be about ten people that could use this in the entire continent.”

Su Yu’s heart thumped wildly after listening to Yun Yazi.

The legendary Cosmos Mirror?

“But what was weird was that this mirror had recognised you as its leader so easily!!” Yun Yazi was surprised, “Just now, only you could see it with your eyes, even I was obscured. I could only see it using my soul strength.”

“This meant that it had already recognised you as its master. Weird, when did it recognise you?”

Su Yu was equally lost on this point.

What he did not know was that his figure had already been recorded by the black mirror at the entrance, when he first passed through the steel gate.

Su Yu could not suppress his excitement, “Master, how should I use it?”

“It’s simple, use your soul strength to enter it, just a thought would do. A thought would allow you to put things in, or retrieve your items.”

Filled with anticipation, Su Yu invoked a thought, putting the green jade bottle back into the mirror.

At the same time, he retrieved the white jade bottle.

To be able to keep and retrieve items with a thought, it was wondrous indeed.

“Master, what is the elixir within this white bottle?” Su Yu said.

Yun Yazi scanned it, saying without much thought, “This is a Classless Pill, and can aid in increasing your cultivation level.”

“What are its effects?” Su Yu curiously asked.

Yun Yazi casually said, “It should be around the level of the Spirit Fate Elixir. After all, it is a pill that vanished thousands of years ago, and it is out of the ordinary.”

What? About the level of the Spirit Fate Elixir?

The Spirit Fate Elixir was cultivated with the best treasures in the continent, and is considered a top class elixirt.

This so-called Classless Pill could rival the effects of the Spirit Fate Elixir!

“But it has been reduced to powder, its effects nearly depleted.”

Su Yu disregarded that, pouring the powder into his mouth.

This scene caused Yun Yazi to convulse.

As soon as the powder entered his body, Su Yu felt remnants of energy filling his entire body, as if a volcano was about to explode.

A comfortable feeling welled up within him. At this moment, his cultivation level was transforming!

He had just stepped into Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier. An hour later, his cultivation level was increasing rapidly!

Four hours later, Su Yu opened his eyes, a layer of spirit energy faintly visible on the surface of his body. He was very close to being able to release spirit energy!

A large sense of excitement filled his heart.

“Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak?” Su Yu was in disbelief.

He had skipped past the Upper Tier, and had directly arrived at Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak!

The Classless Pill was indeed comparable to the Fate Spirit Elixir. Mere powder could achieve such an ungodly effect!

During his cultivation, Yun Yazi had silently returned.

Zang Jian, Xue Yao and Feng Qing were gradually regaining consciousness from the injuries they suffered!

The three of them were pale, their breathing shallow. They were trying their hardest to recover from injury.

Seeing how Su Yu broke through to Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak, the three of them felt a sense of jealousy, together with surprise!

Zang Jian’s expression turned sinister, “Yin Yu! What happened just now? Where is the man?”

Zang Jian had an interrogative tone.

Su Yu casually stood up, wiping the dust on his chest as he calmly said, “A mysterious, powerful man appeared and beat him away.”

A mysterious, powerful man?

Zang Jian took the words with a pinch of salt. But surveying the surroundings, he saw no signs of the man in the hat, his worries easing.

It looked like he had stolen his life back from the doors of hell.

“Then I’ll ask you, what happened to your cultivation level? What treasures did you obtain while we were not here?” Zang Jian’s eyes were filled with an icy intent.

Su Yu glanced at him, calmly saying, “Don’t you feel that you should seize the time to recover from your injuries? You still have time to be concerned about treasure?”

Unexpectedly, the more Su Yu was unclear with his words, the more nervous Zang Jian became.

“I am asking you a question! What kind of treasures did you get? Where did the corpse sealed in ice go? Did you get the treasure that was on the corpse?” Zang Jian wiped the blood from the side of his mouth, scolding as he approached Su Yu.

Looking at his posture, it did not seem that he would give up if Su Yu did not explain himself.

Su Yu calmly said, “The corpse flew away. The jade box was also taken away by it.”

Zang Jian was furious and frustrated, “Insolence! The corpse flew away? Why don’t you say that it came back to life?”

“Hmph! Yin Yu, you wish to keep the treasure for yourself?” The icy intent in Zang Jian’s face grew colder.

Su Yu turned his head, looking at him coldly, “Let’s not talk about the fact that I do not have the treasure. Even if I had it, why should I split it with you?”

“From the very beginning, you did not put in any effort, even ordering me to scout the place, causing me to nearly die in the hands of the evil zombie. Why should I split the treasure equally with you?”

“Let’s not talk about whether I have the treasure or not. Even if I did, do you have the right to share it with me?”

Throughout the entire journey, Su Yu was tolerating Zang Jian. Now that the relic had been sufficiently explored, he need not tolerate him anymore.

These fierce words caused Zang Jian to freeze.

In the past, Su Yu had obediently followed his orders, no matter how overbearing he was.

But Zang Jian had not prepared himself for Su Yu’s forceful words now.

Coming to his senses, Zang Jian’s expression turned sinister, “Yin Yu! Do you think that you can be this insolent, now that I am heavily injured?”

Su Yu shook his head in his heart, not bothering with Zang Jian. He walked to the tunnel, preparing to leave this underground relic.

He had just turned around, when he felt an evil wind coming from his back.

Zang Jian’s facial features were contorted, his expression laced with ferocity, “You insolent thing! Even if I am heavily injured, the likes of you cannot challenge me!”

Su Yu creased his brows, his figure flashing as he dodged.


Zang Jian’s palm hit the stone wall, causing the entire place to tremble.