The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 289

Chapter 289 The Mysterious Strong Martial Artist

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“What exactly do you want?” Su Yu had run out of patience and said coldly.

Zang Jian laughed coldly and turned his head: “Of course I want you to hand over the treasure!”

Su Yu said coldly and indifferently: “How many times do you need me to repeat it? The jade box was taken by the dead body!”

However, it was obvious that his words did not convince Zang Jian.

“Humph! Do you really mean it when you say that it is taken away? Since you are unwilling to hand it over, I can only use my own hands to find it!” Zang Jian’s gaze flashed. His figure headed toward Su Yu like electricity and he extended his palm toward Su Yu with the intention of grabbing him.

“If I do a body check myself, I will be able to find out if you are lying!”

Body check?

Su Yu’s expression turned heavy: “Do you think that I am scared of you?”

It was still tolerable, even though he was being unreasonable and also interfered with the matter between Su Yu, Xue Yao, and Feng Qing. It was still tolerable, even though he came uninvited and unearthed the historical remains.

It was also tolerable, even though he ordered Su Yu to spearhead the attack and become his stepping-stone.

At that very moment, he wanted to do a body check on Su Yu forcefully?

He had really treated Su Yu as a dog who acted upon his orders!

“Humph! I have said it before. Even if I am injured fatally, trash like you will be unable to match up against me!” Zang Jian headed toward Su Yu with the intention of grabbing him. In just a short amount of time, he was ten Chinese feet away from Su Yu.

At that moment, Su Yu finally moved.

However, he did not try to avoid Zang Jian. Instead, he made a move!

“Divine Decree. Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!”

Su Yu gave a light shout, and a dark cloud gathered in the sky.

An icy cold purple lightning dragon, which was bone piercing, descended from the sky and oppressed Zang Jiang with a bang.

Zang Jian laughed with disdain: “What an insignificant move! You can use it to deal with Xue Yao. But against me, it is useless!”

“Burying Sword’s Song! Break!” Zang Jian’s finger became a sword. He then lifted his finger and dotted the sky fiercely!


The purple lightning dragon responded to the attack by being shattered into pieces.

However, Zang Jian himself also groaned, and it was obvious that he was injured.

“Humph! I have said it before. An insignificant move like that cannot do anything to me!” Zang Jian endured his injury forcefully.

At that very moment, he was injured fatally. He thought that if he were in his complete form, he would not be fearful of that attack.

“Is that so?” Su Yu said indifferently: “Contortion of Space!”

Suddenly, a lump of Space Vortex appeared near Zang Jian’s right leg!

Layers of rotating space energy appeared abruptly, and Zang Jian’s right leg was sucked into the space.

The rotating of the space energy brought with it contorting energy, breaking his right leg by twisting it!



Zang Jian’s struggling expression turned serious abruptly. After which, his expression turned pale, and finally, became a painful expression.

He also gave a horrible shriek, as though he was a pig that was about to be slaughtered!

Looking at it, his right leg’s bone was broken, as though it was caused by an explosion. His bone also penetrated his flesh.

His flesh was blurry, and considered to be bloody as well.

Zang Jian was in so much pain that his five sense organs became contorted. He breathed deeply continuously, his forehead filled with big droplets of sweat and his expression was extremely pale.

Xue Yao and Feng Qing, who were looking on from the side, were shocked!

What a strange and magical space power!

If the Space Vortex carried on slightly longer, his right leg would not suffer fractures alone. Instead, it would be completely sucked into the vortex!

Moreover, if Su Yu had the intention to kill him and contorted his head instead, then now…

When both of them recalled the scene where they went against Su Yu, their backs could not help but feel a chill!

They were lucky that they were part of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters. Hence, Su Yu did not kill them.

If they were not, both of them would have become corpses already!

Su Yu shook his head slightly: “You abilities are not really anything worth mentioning. I don’t understand where you found the confidence to be so arrogant in front of me, again and again.”

His words caused Zang Jian to not have any strength to rebut against him. Instead, Zang Jian’s face was scorching hot.

However, he felt dissatisfied within his heart!

He thought that, if he were not severely injured, and if he took precautions, he was extremely confident that he could avoid that attack!

“Just like Xue Yao and Feng Qing, it looks like there is also a need for you to stay at my Yinyu Manor to undergo education! When you have changed your bad habit of being arrogant, then I will send you back to your Zangjian Area!”

Zang Jian’s expression turned serious: “What? How can that be?”

“Eh? What’s wrong? You charged into my territory and made indiscreet remarks towards me. Do you think that this matter can be resolved just like that?”

Zang Jian was furious and embarrassed at the same time: “Yin Yu! Do not be too much! The heroic name I have for my whole life might be destroyed in a moment!!”

To one’s surprise, Su Yu gave a snort of contempt.

“Is your heroic name my problem?”

Zang Jian bit his teeth and said: “As one of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters like me, we are sure to see much of each other. By doing this, are you not scared of destroying the friendship between us?”

Su Yu laughed instead: “Friendship? When you came to my area to look for the historical remains, even though you were uninvited, had you ever thought of the friendship between us? You kept saying that you do everything for the sake of charity. When you ordered me to go with your arrangement, had you ever thought of the friendship between us? When you asked me to become an exploring stone to check out if there were any dangers in the cave, had you ever thought of the friendship between us? When you did not listen to my explanation and wanted to do a body check on me forcefully, had you ever thought of the friendship between us?”

“But now, you remembered that there is actually still friendship between us!”

The continuous questioning caused Zang Jian to clench his jaw tightly. However, he could not find any words to rebut Su Yu.

After a long time, he said without budging: “You had better think again. Once I recover from my injuries completely and regain my abilities, you alone will be unable to keep me in check!”

Su Yu said indifferently: “There is no need for you to worry whether I can keep you in check or not! Now, keep your mouth shut and follow me!”

Zang Jian clenched his fists tightly, secretly. He glared at Su Yu’s back with a ferocious expression and bit his teeth with hatred: “The day when I regain my abilities is the day when you get your retribution!”

Just like that, the four of them left the historical remains.

Before they left, Su Yu collapsed the cave with a punch, preventing the Evil Zombies within the cave from coming out and injuring the innocent people.

After leaving the deathly silent city, Fengqing Guards were stationed in front of a horse carriage.

The three of them were severely injured, and it was inconvenient to travel by the sky. Hence, they could only rely on the horse carriage.

However, Zang Jian was like a boss who did not stand on ceremony. He boarded the horse carriage first, and did not care about Su Yu and the other two.

“Eh? Who allowed you to go up first? Your arrogant nature did not change at all!” Su Yu stood at his original position, with his hands clasped between his back and shouted coldly.

The body of Zang Jian, who had already boarded the horse carriage, turned stiff. His cheek wriggled, showing the anger within his heart.

After refusing to move for some time, Zang Jian lowered his head and exited from the horse carriage with a gloomy face. He opened up the path, waited at one side, and allowed Su Yu to board first: “If you want to board first, so be it!”

However, what caused Zang Jian to be furious was that Su Yu stood at his original position, with his hands clasped behind his back like before, and he did not have any intentions of moving at all: “I’m sorry. I don’t plan on sitting in the horse carriage!”

“You! You push people too hard!” Zang Jian was so furious that he was about to explode!

It was evident that Su Yu humiliated him intentionally!

Since Su Yu was unwilling to sit in the horse carriage, why did Su Yu force him, who had already boarded the horse carriage, to come down?

After feeling grief and indignation, Zang Jian was about to board the horse carriage again. However, he could hear Su Yu berating him coldly from behind: “Are your ears deaf? Who allowed you to board the horse carriage?”

Zang Jian could no longer tolerate it. He turned his head and said fiercely and furiously: “Enough!! There is a limit to everything! Since you are unwilling to sit in the horse carriage, what basis do you have to disallow us, the injured, to sit in the horse carriage?”

Su Yu stood at his original position and said profoundly: “I am not letting you board the horse carriage because I am trying to save your life!”

“Am I right? Is that a brother hiding below the horse carriage?” Su Yu’s tone changed abruptly and he said with a true yet fake smile.

What? There is someone below the horse carriage?

Zang Jian reacted sharply and left hurriedly.

At the moment he left, the light of an icy cold blade flashed past the place that he had stood at previously.

If he had hesitated for another moment, both his legs would have been chopped off on the spot!

What a fast blade! What a strong art of concealment!

The pupils of Xue Yao and Feng Qing shrank!

They had actually not realized the existence of that person!


A black shadow rolled out from below the horse carriage.

He wore black clothes. He revealed a pair of icy cold eyeballs and stared at Su Yu coldly: “What a commendatory sensation!”

Zang Jian was about to shout furiously. However, when his gaze swept past the other party’s cultivation base, he gasped immediately: “Immortal Level Two Upper Tier!”

Even if he were in his complete form, Zang Jian knew that he would not last more than five moves under the hands of this level of martial artist, let alone in his current state, where he was severely injured and had lost ninety percent of his fighting capabilities!

Both Xue Yao and Feng Qing revealed a grave expression as well.

In front of such a strong martial artist, there was a high possibility of the four of them being wiped out completely!

Su Yu said indifferently: “After hiding for so long, you finally showed yourself, after being unable to hold it in any longer?”

“Ever since we came, you have been waiting here, right? As for your motive, let me guess. Could it be that you want us to explore the cave on behalf of you and get the treasure, after which, you will stop us and rob us of our treasures? All of this is such that you would only need a small effort to get the treasures of the historical remains?”

That person was the shadow which Su Yu managed to capture with his crystalline eyes when it flashed past the city!

The black-clothed man laughed coldly: “So you have already learned of my existence a long time ago! As for that, it is a miscalculation on my part!”

“However, with your abilities that are comparable to the remnants of an army, what can you do, even though you have learned of my existence? You will only live slightly longer!”

Su Yu had a calm expression and was not anxious in the slightest.

“It is still unsure who will die!” Su Yu laughed apathetically.

The black-clothed man pointed at Zang Jian and sneered: “Just because of this crippled person who is fatally injured? They can’t even save themselves, let alone save you!”

“Why not find out by giving them a try?” Su Yu gave a true yet fake smile.

Seeing that a great battle was about to occur at any moment, Zang Jian’s throat became dry and his expression turned deathly pale.

He was unlucky, and he came across an ambush that could kill him at the moment when he was fatally injured!

Zang Jian bit his teeth and said seriously: “Brother, if you are looking for treasures, I think that this matter is not related to the three of us!”

“In the historical remains, the three of us did not manage to get any treasures. If we had, we would not end up in our current state, where we are all severely injured.”

The black-clothed man laughed menacingly: “And then?”

Zang Jian looked at Su Yu carefully and said in a low voice: “Hence, if you wish to find trouble, he alone is enough. All the treasures must be with him!”

“Moreover…” Zang Jian said: “My injuries are caused by him. He is proficient in controlling the space, and his abilities are extremely strange and unfathomable! Hence, you should deal with him with your full strength. If you dare to be distracted for even a moment, haha, I think you will regret it your whole life!”

Not mentioning the fact that he shifted the trouble to Su Yu, but he also even revealed Su Yu’s abilities to the enemy!

His objective was to create an opportunity for himself to escape!

Even Xue Yao and Feng Qing felt that Zang Jian’s actions were inappropriate!

No matter what was said, Su Yu was also a Deputy Palace Master, and was on his side.

By exposing Su Yu’s secrets, wasn’t he putting Su Yu at death’s door?

If the Palace Master found out about this, they would be in trouble!

Su Yu’s eyes were overflowing with murderous intent.

This Zang Jian!

Normally, he considered everything beneath his notice. At the critical moment, he did not hesitate to sacrifice others to attain a gleam of hope for himself!

How was this kind of person fit to become the Deputy Palace Master?

“For your own safety, I advise you to deal with him attentively!” A cold smile slid past Zang Jian’s mouth as he retreated slowly.

However, the black-clothed man’s eyes had a joking and disdainful expression: “Thank you for your reminder. I will deal with him attentively. However, for the three of you… Haha, I have also arranged for some people to deal with you attentively!”

“Come out now!”

Crash, crash, crash

Within the deathly silent city, sounds which broke the silence could be heard from various hidden places.

Black-clothed shadows arrived in succession.

Their abilities were at least that of Immortal Level One!

There were a total of nine of them. They arrived abruptly and surrounded Su Yu and his group of people!

Su Yu’s pupils shrank!

There were a total of ten strong martial artists of the Immortal Realm!