The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Sudden Change

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Zang Jian turned pale, his throat was parched!

He had rerouted the trouble, but had not expected the enemy to consist of this many skilled fighters!

Swallowing hard, Zang Jian let out a cold grunt, “Insolence, vermin. We are vice palace masters of the Empire. Have you thought about the consequences of killing us?”

To preserve his life, Zang Jian had to reveal their identities.

But the man in black said thoughtfully, “Who I want to kill are you vice masters of the Empire!”

Su Yu squinted.

To have the guts to kill vice palace masters on the grounds of the Empire of Darkness; It was hard to believe that they were mere robbers.

Sensing death drawing near, Zang Jian had hatred in his eyes. “Yin Yu! You deserve death! If you did not injure me, we could still stand up against them with my abilities! Why have you put me in this state? You harmed me, Xue Yao and Feng Qing! You are the sinner of the Empire of Darkness!”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s disgusted expression grew deeper. “Hehe… stand up against them? Who was it just now, who shifted the trouble away from himself, not hesitating to reveal the techniques of your partner in order to get a chance to flee? I really do not think that you, Xue Yao and Feng Qing, would fight to the death!”

“Furthermore!” Su Yu continued, not even attempting to hide his disdain, “The person who wants to kill you is the enemy! But you do not bear hatred for the enemy. Instead, you bear hatred for me? This is the funniest joke I’ve heard in my life!”

“Your first thought, when you meet a crisis, is not to rise up against the enemy, nor to fight to the death, neither is it to rally together and combat the enemy. Instead, it is to bear hatred for your comrade! You are a coward!”

Zang Jian turned red, trying to defend himself. “I… I was merely speaking the truth! If I was not injured…”

But Su Yu coldly interrupted him, “You are indeed speaking the truth, the truth about you being a coward!”

“You are a coward, no matter if you are injured or not. I, a member of the Empire of Darkness, do not require the help of a coward. I, Yin Yu, can fend them off alone!”

His words were strong and forceful, making it hard for Zang Jian to defend himself. The hatred for Su Yu grew in his heart.

What was Su Yu to him, if he was not injured?

The man in black had a mocking expression, “An internal strife, when a great enemy is before you? You do not live up to your reputations, vice palace masters of the Empire of Darkness!”

The mocking tone was clear in his words.

Su Yu stood peacefully, straightening his robes, “Do you have any other things to say? For example, who you are, where you came from, whose orders you are under?”

Even though his expression was peaceful, it had a determined aura.

The man in black had a mocking tone, “You seem to be very confident of your abilities! I really do not understand how an arrogant and ignorant person like you could become a vice palace master!”

Su Yu let down his hands behind his back, not answering the man in black. “It looks like you have no more words. Since that is the case, I’ll send you all on your way.”


Dark clouds rolled across the sky, arcs of lightning shooting in all directions.

“Divine Decree. Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!” Su Yu let out a low grunt, a purple lightning dragon descending from the sky.

The man in black was slightly surprised, “Divine Decree? A Divine Grade Divine Decree at that? You are only sixteen, this is surprising indeed!”

To think that the man in black could recognise the Divine Decree.

The Divine Decree required an immense level of perception, and a great deal of time to be cultivated.

Most fighters stopped cultivating the Divine Decree when it reached Saint Grade, not progressing past that.

A rare few would cultivate it to half Divine Decree, and some to Divine Decree.

But, of those fighters, not one of them had spent less than a hundred years before achieving such a level.

How old was Su Yu? He was merely sixteen.

How could the man in black know that, under the two hundred times time acceleration, Su Yu had already spent at least a hundred years trying to cultivate the Divine Decree.

But the man in black soon shook his head, “What a pity. The Divine Decree is like an average technique, its power is limited.”

That was the truth. When the Divine Decree was cultivated at the lower levels, it did indeed provide much help to the fighter.

But at the later stages, the increase in power of the Divine Decree did not match the growth of a user’s cultivation level.

Thus, not many fighters would focus their efforts on cultivating the Divine Decree.

This was something fighters of the Shenlong Continent could not wrap their heads around.

The time needed to cultivate the Divine Decree was not worth the power it provided.

Spending the same amount of time one needed to cultivate the Divine Decree on cultivating techniques, would allow you to reap ten times the rewards.

This was the reason why so few fighters focused on cultivating the Divine Decree.

Raising his hand, the man in black struck toward the heavens.

A transparent bolt of spirit energy took the form of a long spear, launching itself into the sky, piercing the purple dragon!


Under the power of the spirit energy, the purple dragon instantly disappeared.

The man in black stood proudly, after casually neutralising the attack of the Divine Decree. He commented in disappointment, “Your level of perception is very high, but you used it on the wrong area!”

“I already have an understanding of your abilities, they are but average.”

“Use your space talents. I wish to see how it can deal with me, now that I am wary of it,” The man in black said, his expression calm.

Su Yu had a faint smile, “You wish to see my space talents? I have already used them, didn’t you realise?”

The man in black’s expression turned rigid, as he suddenly looked to the sky. His pupils dilated!

At this moment, he realised that there was not a single trace of lightning in the sky!

The purple dragon had indeed disappeared.

But it was not destroyed by his attack. Instead… it had vanished into thin air!

Otherwise, there should still be weak traces of lightning in the sky.

“Not good! Retreat quickly! His Divine Decree has not ended yet!”

But it was too late!


Ripples of space suddenly appeared around the nine accomplices of the man in black!


Nine Immortal Realm Level One fighters in black robes had no time to react, instantly being pierced through by the purple lightning dragon!

Their bodies turned into ice!

Everything, from their blood to their organs, was frozen.

Their life force was instantly depleted!

With just an attack, Su Yu had killed nine Immortal Realm Level One fighters!

His attack, combined with his space manipulation, was unpredictable and mysterious, able to kill without a form!

The scene of the nine fighters instantly dying caused Zang Jian and his gang to gasp!

Its power was not the strongest they had seen. But the Divine Decree, combined with space talents, was a sight to behold.

A remnant of purple lightning scattered behind Su Yu, turning his expression with a faint smile even more inscrutable.

The eyes of the man in black were filled with fury.

Su Yu had killed nine of his men, even though he was prepared for the attack.

“You! You indeed should not be left alive!” The man in black released killing intent.

Even if he lost nine of his subordinates, Su Yu and the other three could not match up to his abilities!

“Dragon Slaying Skill!” The man in black let out an angry roar, unsheathing a black sword from behind him.

The sword was sharp, emanating a piercing, cold glow.

He gripped the sword with both hands, positioning it in front of his chest, his stance unorthodox.

But it gave off a large pressure.

An intense energy circled his body. In that moment, he seemed to have become one with the sword.

Zang Jian’s pupils dilated, and he began losing his voice in shock, “Stage One Peak of an immortal level technique!”

Su Yu’s expression was also serious.

It was the first time he was facing an Immortal Realm fighter, who had cultivated an immortal level technique to Stage One Peak!

Even though his cultivation level was not as strong as Hai Kuangren’s, his techniques were quite shocking.

Immortal level techniques get more difficult to cultivate the deeper you get into the technique. The technique’s power also increases correspondingly.

The difference between Stage One Upper Class and Peak was like heaven and earth!

With this technique, the man in black’s abilities might even surpass Immortal Realm Level Two Peak, approaching Immortal Realm Level Three!

“In the face of the Dragon Slaying Skill, there will be no injuries, only death! Die!: The sword of the man in black struck downward.

The blade’s figure was like a dragon, slicing through the air as it struck down.

Zang Jian and the rest who were far away felt like they were candles in the wind, about to be destroyed by the shadow of the sword.

The power of this sword was unimaginable!

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with a grave light!

This attack posed a serious threat to his life!

At this critical moment, Su Yu could not hide his trump card any longer!

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters. Lin!”

Suddenly, a huge amount of energy descended onto Su Yu.

Destructive energy congregated in Su Yu’s mouth. As he opened his mouth, the destructive soundwave rose up into the heavens!


The formless soundwave collided with the dragon-shaped figure of the sword in midair.

One was Stage One Peak of an immortal level technique!

The other was the beginning stage of a legendary level technique.

The power of the two techniques were equal!

The man in black was shocked, “What…. What technique is that? How could it be?”

What shocked him even more, was the fact that the soundwave and the blade figure could not maintain the stalemate in the air, rebounding backward at the same time!

The blade figure struck the man in black!

The soundwave was rebounded back to Su Yu’s direction!


The resulting sound reverberated in the surroundings, two destructive forces being forced back by each other!


The two figures could not defend themselves in time, spitting out blood as they were sent flying back. They crashed into the wall.

Su Yu was sent crashing into a stone wall, the wall behind him breaking out into a multitude of cracks.

The intense impact severed multiple energy channels, the injuries in his body were serious.

The man in black was not doing too well himself. His ribs were broken by his blade figure, his body slumping onto the ground!

It was a situation of defeat on both sides!

The Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters was only at the beginning level, its power limited.

Zang Jian, Xue Yao, and Feng Qing were all shocked!

This clash was far from the likes of Immortal Realm Level Two fighters, approaching Immortal Realm Level Three!

Zang Jian’s heart was thumping wildly, as he gravely stared at Su Yu, shock overcoming him!

He had thought that he could kill Su Yu easily, if he had been at full strength.

But witnessing this attack made him realise that Su Yu had hidden his abilities!

Seeing that he was not at full strength, even ten of him might not be able to defeat Su Yu!

He was considering seeking revenge on Su Yu after he recovered from his injuries.

At this moment, he broke out in cold sweat. If he had really been so ignorant then, the outcome would be….

The three were shocked for a moment, but eventually heaved a sigh of relief.

With the two of them defeated, the man in black had lost all his attacking power, his threat gone!

In fact, the three of them could easily end the life of the man in black, who now had difficulty moving!

The man in black had an anxious expression, his eyes shifting as he said, “The three of you, I’ll give you all a chance to live! Kill him, and I’ll not bother you in the future!”

Since it had come to this, the man in black had no choice.

Kill Yin Yu?

Xue Yao and Feng Qing looked at each other, their eyes narrating the struggle in their hearts. But it was merely for a moment, before they shook their heads.

Even though they had their grievances with Yin Yu, it was not to the point where they had to kill each other.

Multiple days earlier, they had caused trouble at Su Yu’s ceremony. But Su Yu did not lay the killing blow on them. That was the best evidence of this fact.

Zang Jian raised his nose, “What a joke! You wish to part us, now that you are on the verge of dying? Your death is worth nothing! Let’s attack together, and end him!”

As a form of caution, the three of them were going to strike together!

Even though they were all heavily injured, their injuries were lighter than that of Su Yu’s and the man in black’s. They could easily kill the man in black!

Xue Yao and Feng Qing struck first, each striking a palm at the man in black’s chest!

Zang Jian followed soon after, wishing to completely annihilate the man in black!


Just as Xue Yao and Feng Qing were about to strike the opponent, they were hit at the back!



Two palms each pierced through their abdomens, leaving behind a bloody hole!

The two of them looked back in disbelief, “Palace Master Zang Jian!!”

The person who struck them was Zang Jian, who had a ferocious grin on his face!

His hands were dripping with their blood, a sinister smile hung on his icy expression.

Xue Yao came to his senses, gripping his injuries as he said in fury, “You have gone mad!”

But at this moment, be it Xue Yao or Feng Qing, or the witnessing Su Yu, all understood that Zang Jian had not gone mad, but instead…