The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 291

Chapter 291 The Empire Of Darkness Headquarters

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“Haha… Hahahaha…” Zang Jian laughed sardonically. He laughed presumptuously and impudently: “This is the chance that I have been waiting for! A very rare chance!”

“Now, apart from me, all of you are severely injured and are on the verge of death. The treasures of the historical remains belong to me!” Zang Jian laughed again.

He did not believe that the treasures of the historical remains had disappeared without a trace.

The only explanation was that Su Yu had seized them unlawfully.

Just then, Su Yu was injured fatally, and it was the best opportunity to snatch the treasures away!

Feng Qing had an unpleasant expression, as he said with a serious tone: “Zang Jian, you wish to kill all of us?”

Zang Jian had launched a surprise attack and injured both of them fatally. Moreover, he wanted to plunder the treasures of the historical remains from Su Yu. If this crime spread to the ears of Palace Master Ling, only death awaited Zang Jian!

“Haha, since you already know it, why are you still asking about it?” Zang Jian smiled with his lips closed: “Seeing that we are all Deputy Palace Masters, I will send all of you to the afterlife quickly!”

Zang Jian’s gaze flashed as he looked toward the black-clothed man. He laughed coldly: “Consider yourself lucky. I will spare your dog life. Get out of my sight immediately!”

Zang Jian’s actions caused Xue Yao to be filled with grief and indignation!

He had only one motive for letting the black-clothed man go!

He wanted to make the black-clothed man his scapegoat!

The news of three Deputy Palace Masters being killed would definitely cause an uproar in the Empire of Darkness. Moreover, an explanation was needed!

At the very moment, the best explanation was that a mysterious black-clothed man attacked and killed the three of them. He escaped after being injured fatally and, as Zang Jian resisted like his life depended on it, luckily for him, he remained alive!

As for whether the black-clothed man would expose Zang Jian in the future, wel, thinking about it, the black-clothed man had killed the Deputy Palace Masters of the Empire of Darkness. Hence, would he dare to take the risk of being attacked by the Empire of Darkness within the whole continent, just to expose Zang Jian?

Although it looked like a risky move, in actual fact, there would be no future trouble.

The black-clothed man was slightly stunned. After which, he understood the situation. He looked at Su Yu and laughed mockingly: “Although you have shocking abilities, it is a pity that you are going to die a victim of injustice at the hands of an evil person. How regrettable!”

“If not for you, trash like him would have died at the hands of my subordinates a long time ago. However, the funny thing is that the person who is going to kill you is not me. Instead, it is your companion, who you have saved!”

“I really feel that it is not worthy of you! Hahaha!”

Su Yu had rescued Zang Jian twice. The first time was when the black-clothed man hid below the horse carriage and he almost killed Zang Jian, who was in the dark. Su Yu’s reminder had allowed Zang Jian to avoid the attack.

After which, when nine strong martial artists of Immortal Realm attacked them, Su Yu was also the one who took action and dispelled the threat.

When Su Yu fought with the enemy and both sides were fatally injured as a result, what he received was not gratitude. Instead, his heart became filled with hatred!

As the black-clothed man laughed for a long time, he stood up unsteadily. He looked at Su Yu with pitiful eyes, laughed for a long time, then turned his body and left.

During the great turn of events, the black-clothed man managed to escape.

Su Yu’s whole face was filled with murderous intent: “Zang! Jian!”

“Originally, I had the opportunity to kill you. However, keeping Palace Master Ling’s gratitude in mind, I could not bring myself to kill the Deputy Palace Master that he had chosen. Hence, I only injured one of your legs!”

“Originally, I could have gone with the flow and allowed the black-clothed man who was below the horse carriage to give you an attack that could kill you! Looking at the fact that the score between both of us had been settled, I reminded you to exit the horse carriage!”

“Originally, I could have looked on, unconcerned with cold eyes, and allowed the companions of the black-clothed man to kill you! Looking at the fact that we are both Deputy Palace Masters, I interfered and saved you!”

“I was magnanimous towards you. Why are you so ungrateful?”

Xue Yao and Feng Qing both wore an indignant face!

Zang Jian was not just ungrateful, he had no conscience at all!

“Hahahaha… What a joke!” Zang Jian sneered coldly: “My words were just a bit too serious and you broke my right leg, causing me to narrowly escape being killed by the black-clothed man. Now, you actually have the guts to say that I should be grateful towards you?”

“You are trash, who only knows how to brag unblushingly. By killing you, I am helping the Empire of Darkness to clean its door! Who knows whether you would injure your other colleagues in the future?”

His words caused Xue Yao and Feng Qing, who looked on, to laugh sardonically.

“Zang Jian! How shameless are you? Against Yin Yu, are you sure that your words aren’t just a bit too serious? If not for the fact that he kept his abilities hidden, he might have been forced to death by you in the historical remains! As for all the scores between both of you, he only made you pay the price by injuring one of your legs!”

“When the nine strong martial artists of Immortal Realm attacked us just now, if not for Yin Yu, your body would have been sliced into many pieces and you might not have stayed alive until now!

“Has all that gratitude been eaten up by you, who is heartless and ungrateful?”

“You say that Yin Yu endangers our colleagues and that you want to clean the Empire of Darkness’ door? Then, let me you ask you. Now, who is the one who wants to kill us for the treasures? Is it Yin Yu, or you?”

There was a measurable distance between them and Su Yu.

However, out of indignation, they actually spoke up for Su Yu.

Zang Jian laughed coldly: “What a bunch of nonsense! I think that both of you have been controlled by Su Yu, and are unconscious of what you are doing! For the Empire of Darkness, there is also a need to kill the two of you, who are pests, to clean up the Empire of Darkness’ door!”

It was evident that Zang Jian wanted to kill Su Yu and plunder his treasures. However, he bragged that he was just cleaning up the Empire of Darkness’ door!

Zang Jian was so despicable, he could win an award for it!

“Now! It is time to send the three of you insects of the Empire to the afterlife!” Zang Jian gave a cold hum. He released Xue Yao and Feng Qing, heading toward Su Yu first!

Among the three, Su Yu was the real threat.

If he wanted there to be no trouble later on, he must kill Su Yu first!

Su Yu was severely injured internally. His spiritual energy was in disorder and his body could hardly move!

He could only watch Zang Jian coming for him, helplessly!

Rumble, puff

Filled with murderous intent, Zang Jian attacked!

By killing Su Yu, he could pay Su Yu back for all the humiliation he had suffered, and also gain all the treasures of the historical remains.

His palm was filled with the intention to kill Su Yu!


Su Yu bit his teeth, and his eyes overflowed with two rays of dark light.

A soul attack headed directly to Zang Jian’s mind.

However, he only gave a groan and was not injured at all.

Zang Jian’s face was filled with disdain as he said with contempt: “Insignificant move!”

When Su Yu broke his leg, he did not even dare to breath heavily. When Su Yu was severely injured at that very moment, he said that Su Yu’s moves were insignificant!

Zang Jian shook his head and moved toward Su Yu hastily. His palm was only three feet away from Su Yu!

“Seal of Time!” Su Yu shouted with a low voice.

An invisible purple dragon caused Zang Jian to freeze in his position for a breath’s time!

When Zang Jian was freed, he laughed coldly and shook his head: “These are merely tricks that someone uses when they are on the verge of death! Die!”

His palm was only two feet away from Su Yu!

The piercingly cold wind from his palm caused Su Yu’s face to sting.

“Space-time manipulation!!” Su Yu gave a final roar.

In a situation, where his blood was boiling with excitement, his body became three times faster. At the critical moment, his body retreated slightly.

However, everything remained unchanged and death was about to descend upon him!

Finally, the palm was only one foot away!

As for Su Yu, he had used up all his moves!

Even though Heaven and Earth were big, no one could rescue him.

Zang Jian’s eyes were filled with disappointment: “You have finally used all your moves? Haha, you are nothing more than this! You can go to the afterlife peacefully now!”

Rumble, puff

The one foot’s distance was closed quickly!

However, Su Yu revealed an indifferent grin: “Do you really think that you have won?”

Eh? Zang Jian’s heart could not help but pause for a moment. A bad premonition caused his heart to beat extremely fast.

At that moment, Zang Jian felt that the world around him was spinning. He felt as though he was about to faint.

Both of his legs turned soft. He knelt down on the floor with a bang, and his vision blacked out.

“What’s… What’s going on?” Zang Jian felt frightened. His vision turned extremely blurry, and he looked as though he was drunk: “What, what did you do?”

A jade bottle rolled out from Su Yu’s robe. The jade bottle contained a green elixir, which had melted by more than half.

At that very moment, the bottle cap opened silently and the thick fragrance of the elixir dispersed across the air.

Holding his breath in concentration, Su Yu carefully closed the bottle with the bottle cap, keeping it in the Cosmos Mirror, which was in his chest.

Intoxicating Dream Elixir!

It was a spiritual elixir that was lost over the years. The fragrance of the elixir could cause demonic beasts to go into deep sleep.

As for the complete elixir, just by inhaling a breath of it, it could cause martial artists with a cultivation base, like Su Yu, to sleep for eternity.

By releasing a small scent of it secretly, it was more than sufficient to cause Zang Jian to fall into a deep sleep.

When Su Yu exhibited his full strength previously, he did not expect it to kill Zang Jian!

His real trump card was the Intoxicating Dream Elixir!

Su Yu had used all his moves to buy time for the Intoxicating Dream Elixir to release its fragrance.

“No… I don’t want to fall into a deep sleep…” Zang Jian was frightened, and he did his best to shake his head to keep himself awake.

He completely understood what would happen if he fell asleep.

That would mean that he had lost completely!

However, under the effects of the elixir, he was unable to resist. His whole body turned soft, causing him to fall down on the ground and faint on the spot!

Murderous intents flashed past Su Yu’s eyes, and he made use of the time to treat his wounds by closing his eyes!

Xue Yao and Feng Qing were extremely delighted, and they also made use of the time to recover from their injuries.

After six hours, Zang Jian regained conscious leisurely.

When he woke, he sat up immediately. Without hesitation, he exerted force on the ground with his palms, and made a beeline towards the sky.


However, when he was about to fly, a palm descended from the sky and spanked him back onto the ground!

When he raised his head to take a look, Su Yu, Xue Yao, and Feng Qing stood high up in the sky!

Although their injuries were fatal, like before, there were no longer any obstructions and they could exhibit part of their abilities!

With Su Yu as their leader, the three of them looked down from the top and stared at Zang Jian apathetically.

Their expressions were as if they were looking at a dead person!

“You have finally woken up from your sleep? Why not sleep for a while longer?” Su Yu said indifferently and icy cold murderous intents were hidden within his dull words!

If he slept again, it would be for eternity!

Zang Jian’s expression turned ghastly pale.

The situation was hopeless!

“Wait!” Zang Jian’s gaze changed: “All of you cannot kill me! If a Deputy Palace Master dies, do you know that it would cause the Empire’s headquarters to be in an uproar, which in turn, would cause them to send special envoys to do an investigation? If it comes to that, all of you would be in trouble!”

To one’s surprise, Su Yu sneered: “When you are about to kill the three of us, you didn’t even worry about the so-called special envoys, let alone the three of us killing you?”

“Senior Zang Jian need not worry about what is happening here. You can sleep for eternity peacefully.”

Rumble, bang

A small ray of purple lightning shone on Su Yu’s fingertip, and he aimed it towards Zang Jian’s forehead.

Without even giving any horrible shrieks, Zang Jian became mincemeat, even his bones became non-existent!

Su Yu withdrew his hands. He looked towards the sky with his hands clasped behind his back. His back was against Xue Yao and Feng Qing, and he gazed profoundly: “If the headquarters sends special envoys to investigate, how will both of you answer?”

The whole body of Xue Yao trembled!

As he looked at Su Yu’s back, his hands and legs felt icy cold!

Su Yu wanted to kill them!

“Of… Of course he was eaten by the Evil Zombies!” A ray of light flashed past Xue Yao’s mind.

Feng Qing’s whole body shivered slightly: “Yes! He was eaten by the Evil Zombies!”

To one’s surprise, Su Yu’s voice gradually became colder: “This means that we discovered the historical remains?”

“No! We do not know the so-called historical remains. We are here to investigate the beast tide. However, we were besieged by a mysterious strong martial artist and his companions. In order to save us, Senior Zang Jian was killed on the spot.” Xue Yao changed his words hurriedly.

Feng Qing also realized the problem: “Yes! It was the mysterious strong martial artist. We have never seen any historical remains!”

They also understood that the matter of the historical remains had better not be made known to the headquarters, or else they would land themselves into trouble.

Su Yu’s tone became gentler, and he nodded his head lightly: “Yes, it will be fine if both of you know how to answer. Both of you cannot shirk the responsibility of Zang Jian’s death.”

Xue Yao was filled with complete respect. He was grateful to Su Yu from the bottom of his heart and he sighed complicatedly: “If not for you, I would have died. For you and for me, it is only reasonable for me to forget what happened today.”

After remaining silent for some time, Xue Yao had a remorseful expression and he lowered his head sincerely: “I was being rude and unreasonable during the Offering Ceremony. If I have offended you in any way, I hope Palace Master Yin Yu can forgive me.”

Feng Qing’s face was extremely red and he said embarrassingly: “This matter happened because of me. If Palace Master Yin Yu wishes to punish me, I will accept it.”

After hearing remorseful words from both of them, Su Yu turned his head and laughed indifferently: “The matter between us has been written off. In the future, let’s support one another.”

“Now, let’s return and recover from our injuries. The real trouble has yet to come!” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with a thread of concern.

After all, Li Tianqiang’s death was a snake in the grass.

According to Ling Xiaotian, Li Tianqiang was closely related to a Lord in the Empire’s headquarters.

This time around, if the headquarters came to investigate the death of a Deputy Palace Master, that Lord might make use of the opportunity to make things difficult for him.