The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Soul Leaving His Body

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Most people did not concern themselves with the Divine Decree.

“If you do not have the determination to become a god, you do not need to hone your Divine Decree. You are very talented, and your achievements will be great. However, you will end up being just below a god.”

“The choice is yours! Will you persevere in comprehending the Divine Decree, or will you give up?”

“Let me remind you. The path of comprehending the Divine Decree is extremely long. If you choose this path, you must prepare yourself.”

A deep part of Su Yu’s eyes was glowing with excitement.

Why would Su Yu give up on the position of god that even Yun Yazi was unable to attain?

“I will persist to the very end, as I also wish to see what kind of existence is this god!”

Yun Yazi laughed. “That is an answer that I expected! Continue to comprehend your Divine Decree. Seeing the speed you are improving, as your Master, it is now time for me to show you a completely new world.”

A completely new world? Su Yu did not understand. Was Yun Yazi referring to the lands within the Zhenlong continent that he had yet to see?

Filled with excitement, Su Yu strengthened his confidence and continued to comprehend his Divine Decree.

Of course, he did not give up on his cultivation techniques.

Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder had just made a breakthrough to Stage One Upper Class not long ago, and it needed to be strengthened even further.

As for Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air, there was only a very small gap left before Stage One Upper Class. Su Yu wanted to make a breakthrough in one shot while he trained in seclusion this time round!

Once the Soul Changing Realm makes a breakthrough to Upper Class, Su Yu’s soul could leave his body for an hour. His soul was invisible, and no one would realize its existence!

Su Yu was looking forward to his soul leaving his body!

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly and trained patiently while training in seclusion.

Within the Eighteen Cities in Yinyu Area, incidents of harassment by the Black Water Pirates occurred in succession.

The situation had gone from bad to worse!

Initially, only one person plundered the outskirts of the city. Now, they charged into the city openly and plundered the city’s goods.

The Eighteen Cities tightened its security. The people were furious, anxious, and they sought help from Yinyu City hastily.

Perhaps it was because of Su Yu taking charge of the city among the Yinyu Area; Yinyu City was the only city that the Black Water Pirates did not infringe upon.

In the history of Yinyu Area, where it was guarded by Palace Master Huang, it was not the first time that the Black Water Pirates patronized the prosperous Yinyu City, which was within the Yinyu Area.

Within the Yinyu Area, inside a restaurant.

A black-clothed man crossed his legs and sat down. He had a sharp face and a grave expression.

If Su Yu were there, he would have recognized that that person was the mysterious strong martial artist who was fatally injured along with Su Yu during their battle in front of the entrance of the historical remains!

He actually appeared in the Yinyu area!


At that moment, a black-clothed figure entered sneakily. “Reporting to Second Head. The staff have been arranged appropriately, and we can plunder the city at any moment!”

The black-clothed man was the Second Head of the Black Water Pirates!

The gaze of the Second Head flashed and his eyes were filled with a thread of fear: “Have you gotten any news regarding that Palace Master Yin Yu?”

“After he returned, he did not show himself at all.”

He did not show himself? The Second Head’s expression turned grave. “Understood. Take no action! Unless it is confirmed that he has left. If not, do not take any actions!”

The person who reported to the Second Head did not understand. “Second Head, is there a need to be so fearful of this Yin Yu? If all the brothers attacked him at the same time, even if he had the abilities to defeat Palace Master Xue Yao who was at Immortal Level One Peak, he would still become mincemeat in our hands!”

However, the Second Head sneered, “Make him into mincemeat?”

A great fear appeared in his face and he said sternly, “If you really came across him, the ones becoming mincemeat would be all of you!”

“Lay low immediately. If anyone dares to act recklessly, he will be pardoned with death!”


After three days.

Su Yu woke up leisurely and opened his eyes slowly.

His eyes were pitch black and as deep as a bottomless abyss.


Suddenly, the light within his eyes was extinguished in an instant, and he lost his bearings!

The blood within his whole body stopped flowing, and his heart stopped beating abruptly.

That was a sign of his life extinguishing!

Su Yu actually died!

However, in a situation where a naked eye was unable to see clearly, a transparent shadow came out from Su Yu’s body.

Who else could it be besides Su Yu?

In a state where his whole body was transparent, he did not have any aura.

Yun Yazi praised, “In just half a year, you have honed the Soul Changing Realm to Upper Class and have exceeded my expectations.”

“Now, your soul can leave your body for an hour. You can adapt to your current state around the area. Avoid going too far away.”

Su Yu was filled with excitement. He took a step and left his body completely.

After leaving his body, Su Yu felt icy cold. It was as though, when he was a human being, he stood in a snowstorm naked and felt extremely cold.

At the same time, his body was as light as a piece of paper and he could be blown away with a gust of the wind. He had a feeling as though his whole body had no weight.

“The soul is considered as being one of the weakest parts of the human body. By leaving the body and losing its protection, it means that you are completely unguarded. Ordinary substances cannot injure the body. However, if there is someone who is proficient in soul attacks, even if their cultivation base is far from being comparable to yours, they can injure you to the point that your soul is extinguished! Hence, before your soul becomes extremely strong, avoid leaving your body if there is not a need to.”

Su Yu understood and nodded his head deeply, “Disciple understands.”

He had always been careful, and he would not be careless in matters that involved life and death.

Su Yu left the stone house carefully and realized shockingly that all substances were unable to block him!

Without a need to open the door, he passed through the wall easily!

Moreover, it was not just walls alone. He could easily pass through any materials that had a form, effortlessly. For example, flower vases, wooden tables, stone stools and so on. He could pass through anything that could be perceived by the naked eye, easily, as though those items were mere air.

If was as if he had really become an incorporeal and invisible ghost.

Having an extremely fresh feeling, Su Yu drifted away from Yinyu Manor.

During his journey, he met many guards who were patrolling. Not mentioning seeing Su Yu with their naked eyesthey did not even sense Su Yu’s aura!

This caused Su Yu’s eyes to be filled with anticipation.

Compared to a normal art of concealment, the leaving of a soul from the human body was many times more superb.

Spying on the enemies secretly to get information or entering some secret rooms would always be successful!

An hour was about to pass. Su Yu had adapted to his state sufficiently and returned to his house satisfyingly.

Su Yu took a deep breath and continued to train for a while longer before waking up from his seclusion.

To his surprise, in front of the entrance of the secret room, Zi Yunxiang was already waiting with respect.

Her moist, long hair contained a sweet smell which could make people drunk. She wore an unlined garment that swayed along with the wind elegantly.

When Su Yu saw her, he became absent-minded. Although Zi Yunxiang was not extremely beautiful, she did have a heavenly fragrance and was extremely charming, which made it difficult for people to not be attracted to her.

“Since you are so anxious, is there something important?” When Su Yu regained his senses, he realized that Zi Yunxiang’s attire was a bit random, and he could tell that she had dressed herself hurriedly. From the looks of it, she came to look for him hastily.

Zi Yunxiang nodded her head quickly,”Yes, I have something important to report!”

Su Yu’s gaze turned grave and his expression turned cold, “What’s the matter?”

Had the Empire’s headquarters finally sent someone over?