The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Continuous Turns Of Events

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Outside Yinyu Manor.

“Second Head, there are so few guards here. Could it be that he had seen through our plan and lured us in, intentionally?” Two of them appeared in an alley outside Yinyu Manor.

The black-clothed man asked anxiously.

Only the two of them snuck into the Yinyu Manor. It was an extremely risky move, and they only managed to sneak in after avoiding many hazards. How could he not be worried?

The Second Head said indifferently: “The Area Master’s mansion is normally deep inside the area, at its core. In a situation where the people are all over the place, who would dare to infringe upon the Area Master’s mansion?”

“The entrance guards are merely symbols, and there have always been very few of them. Compared to normal days, there is no difference. This means that Palace Master Yin Yu is just as I had expected, and he has not taken any precautions.”

“If the number of guards increases all of a sudden, then there is a higher possibility that our plan has been exposed.”

“Let’s go in and act in accordance to our plan!”

The black-clothed man felt relieved.

The Second Head and the black-clothed man quietly bypassed the guards and entered Yinyu Manor.

What was strange, was that the black-clothed man and Second Head split ways and hid themselves quietly.

As for the Second Head, it was as if there was no resistance against him at all, and he found Zi Yunxiang’s room straight away!

Standing in front of the room, the Second Head felt that someone’s aura was inside and he sneered.

“Palace Master Yin Yu, even though you command the forces of the whole city, what can you do to me? No matter how strong an enemy is, he will surely have a weakness, and your weakness is this woman!”

The fact that Zi Yunxiang’s position was special in the Yinyu Manor was not a secret.

It was said that she came with Palace Master Yin Yu from the outside, and there was a high possibility that she was Palace Master Yin Yu’s woman.

By capturing her, it could result in Palace Master Yin Yu holding back from taking action.

By doing so, he and his group of brothers could then retreat with ease.

Otherwise, apart from him, no one else could leave Yinyu City alive.

Before entering the city, he had predicted the worse thing that could happen, and had also made a plan to escape.

By capturing Zi Yunxiang, they would still have a chance of survival.

Looking at the current situation, all of Palace Master Yin Yu’s attention was diverted toward the outside world, as if he did not consider the possibility that the Black Water Pirates would infringe upon the Yinyu Manor in the slightest!

“Palace Master Yin Yu, even though you have been intelligent your whole life, you are still nothing more than this!” As the Second Head laughed grimly, he pushed open the door of Zi Yunxiang’s room with his palm.

However, the Second Head’s expression turned immediately serious!

There was no one in the room!


More accurately, Zi Yunxiang was not inside!

In the living room, there was a silver-haired young man sitting peacefully and playing with a small cup of tea.

The Second Head, who charged into the room all of a sudden, did not cause the silver-haired young man to be shocked in the slightest. Instead, he had a true yet fake smile. He took a sip of tea and said leisurely: “I have been waiting for you a long time!”

The most dangerous place was the safest place.

Even though the Second Head understood that fact, Su Yu understood that fact more!

The Second Head’s expression turned serious, and he said incredulously: “Did Did you guess that I would come?”

While smiling, Su Yu put down the cup of tea, stood up, and clasped his hands behind his back: “You can even guess my weakness. How can I overlook it?”

“How is it? Is this surprise huge enough?” Su Yu laughed lightly.

At that moment, the Second Head’s expression was very unpleasant.

He had an idea that he had been played, as if everything was within the control of Palace Master Yin Yu’s palm.

It was evident that Palace Master Yin Yu was a young man aged about fifteen to sixteen. How could he be so shrewd and ruthless?

“Retreat quickly!” In an instant, the Second Head realized the great danger.

That was a sure-kill trap!

“Haha. Do you think that you will have a chance to leave?” Su Yu said calmly.

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Tens of figures appeared from a secret place in Yinyu Manor.

The weakest among them were Dragon Realm Level Sevens, and the strongest, Immortal Level One!

However, their strong point was not their abilities. Instead, it was their crossbows!

The tips of their arrows were smeared with a layer of light green powder, the Intoxicating Dream Elixir!

Although there was very little of it, once the powder got close, without needing the arrow to hit the Second Head, the fragrance alone of the elixir was more than sufficient to cause the Second Head to faint on the spot.

In order to kill the Black Water Pirates, who had been hiding in the dark, Su Yu’s sacrifice had to be huge.

As if he had realized how frightening that green powder was, the Second Head’s eyelids twitched.

Just then, he had an illusion that he had fallen from a very steep cliff. The shadow of death descended quickly!

“What a good Palace Master Yin Yu! What a good taste of my medicine!” The Second Head bit his teeth, clenched his fists tightly, and did not dare to act recklessly.

Thinking about it just then, all his actions had been predicted by the intelligent Palace Master Yin Yu.

It was so funny that one could almost laugh. He felt complacent that his plan was steps ahead of his enemy. To his surprise, all his actions had been predicted.

Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back and said indifferently: “Your identity.”

The interrogation, from someone who had occupied a commanding position, caused the Second Head to be filled with anger. Even though he held a commanding position in the Black Water Pirates, he was being interrogated.

However, time and tide waits for no man. When the Second Head saw the strong arrows smeared with the green powder, he said with difficulty: “I am Tu Long of the Black Water Pirates!”

At once!

The people who surrounded him were in an uproar!

“What? Tu Long? The rumored Second Head of the Black Water Pirates?”

The crowd was shocked.

Among the citizens of the Yinyu Area, everyone knew Tu Long’s name!

The Black Water Pirates had been wreaking havoc for many years, and they could still not be brought down. It was rumored that it was Tu Long, the Second Head, who deployed the troops strategically and devised their plans.

Not only were his abilities high, his strategies were great as well.

Countless strong martial artists of the Yinyu Area had died at his hands.

For many years, no one could do anything against him.

At the moment, the crowd was astonished.

Who could expect the Second Head, who moved in and out with wizardly elusiveness, could actually be surrounded by them!

This time around, they had an unexpected harvest and had managed to catch a big fish!

A wild and joyful expression appeared in the eyes of everyone.

The Second Head? Su Yu frowned slightly. He had thought that the Second Head was someone who had a commendable position in the Black Water Pirates. However, he did not expect the Second Head to be the number two of the Black Water Pirates.

The formidable Second Head actually snuck into the Yinyu City voluntarily.

Was capturing Zi Yunxiang really his only plan?

Suppressing his doubts, Su Yu had an apathetic expression: “Then, before you die, do you have any last words?”

With the strong arrows, even the Second Head, whose cultivation base had achieved Immortal Level Two Upper Tier, would be filled with grief on the spot.

However, what caused Su Yu’s eyebrows to twitch was that the Second Head’s gloomy expression had returned to being calm at some point, and he wore a mocking smile: “Do you think that you have already won?”

Eh? Su Yu’s gaze became narrower: “What do you mean?”

Clap, clap

The Second Head clapped his hands.


A black-clothed figure flew over from somewhere far away.

He was holding a beautiful and elegant girl!

She was not like anyone else. She was Zi Yunxiang!

“Yunxiang!” Su Yu was shocked!

Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful face was ghastly pale. She was pressed firmly on the shoulders of the black-clothed man. It was as if her acupuncture point was sealed and she could not speak. All she could do was look at Su Yu anxiously.

The Second Head’s sneering expression became thicker and he said profoundly: “You are very intelligent. Hence, I will not be so stupid to the point that I walk into the trap alone.”

Su Yu’s expression changed slightly: “This means that you have guessed that I would be waiting for you here?”

“Haha. Just like what you have said, even I know your weakness. How can you yourself not be clear? Hence, I guessed that you would surely hide Zi Yunxiang and lie in ambush here!”

Su Yu’s pupils shrank: “You came here intentionally to attract attention and allow your comrade to secretly find Zi Yunxiang, who had been captured? This is making noise to the east and attacking in the west!”

It seemed that the real trump card was not the Second Head. Instead, it was his subordinate, who did not attract any attention!

The Second Head sneered: “If not, do you think that I would be here wasting my time on you? I am merely buying time!”

“Now, since Zi Yunxiang is in my hands, it’s my turn to give Palace Master Yin Yu choices. I will give you two choices. First, send us out of the city safely! Second, I will perish with your woman!”

Previously, Su Yu had sealed the Yinyu City.

There were only two paths that the Second Head could take.

At the very moment, the position had changed.

It was Su Yu’s turn to choose.

Although he had gathered the strength of the whole city, the Second Head had turned the situation around.

One had no choice but to say that this was extremely humiliating!

Su Yu went into deep thought.

As victory was within his hands, the Second Head laughed loudly with his hands clasped behind his back: “Hahaha… This match has been interesting! Although you are intelligent, it is a pity that you are still inferior to me!”

“Now, make your choice! Between the two choices, you can only choose one!”

As he spoke, he gestured with his hands and the black-clothed man who had captured Zi Yunxiang flew toward his side.

The situation was as such, and there were no more changes!

As such, a battle of wisdom had come to a close!

Su Yu had lost!

However, what caused the Second head to be stunned was that Su Yu was not anxious. Instead, he gradually revealed a slightly cold expression: “Haha, I will return you the same words. Do you think that you have already won?”


Not good!

The Second Head’s expression changed greatly. Without hesitation, he dodged.

However, at that moment…


Two daggers smeared with green powder pierced his ribs without any warning!

The Second Head looked on unbelievably. It was actually Zi Yunxiang, who had a very frosty cold expression and was holding an icy cold dagger.

What he could not believe was that the his subordinate was holding the other dagger.


That subordinate removed his mask and an unfamiliar face was revealed!

Having separated from the both of them hastily, blood gushed out from the Second Head’s waist. The green powder had entered his blood and taken effect quickly.

The Second Head’s eyes started to black out, making his vision blurry.


Suddenly, a head was thrown beneath his legs. It was the head of that black-clothed man, his subordinate, who he had prepared as his real trump card!

“All of you…” The Second Head’s expression turned extremely unpleasant.

Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful face was like frost: “Humph! The Palace Master is intelligent and mighty. His calculations were flawless! Small tricks like this cannot slip past him!”

“He had already guessed that you would use the trick of making noise to the east and attacking in the west. Hence, when he hid me, he assigned many soldiers to me at the same time. Your subordinate merely came to us to die!”

The Second Head’s throat was as if it had been blocked by a mouthful of blood, and he could not say anything!

The plan that he had arranged meticulously was actually broken a long time ago!

At that moment, he really felt how unfathomable this young Palace Master was!

Everything was under his control!

Great anxiety surged within his heart.

This time around, he was really in a hopeless situation.

“Kill him!” Su Yu ordered from far away. After his plan was executed meticulously, he had finally achieved his objective of killing the Second Head!

Whiz, whiz, whiz

Tens of arrows broke the silence and reverberated within the sky.

The Second Head’s vision was blurry, and he could not distinguish the arrows’ shadows.

During the critical moment, the Second head bit his teeth and gave a light roar.

“Dragon Slaying Skill!”

He took out a pitch black long sword from his back and sliced the land horizontally!

At one, the Heaven and Earth shook violently and an extraordinary power swept past all quarters!

Dragon Slaying Skill!

Su Yu’s pupils shrank ferociously: “It’s you!”

Outside the historical remains, they had been ambushed by a group of strong, mysterious martial artists!

The black-clothed man, who was the leader, escaped luckily after Zang Jian abruptly turned his back on Su Yu and his group of people.

Su Yu had thought that it would be difficult to find out the identity of the black-clothed man again.

To his surprise, he actually came across him at his current location!

He was actually someone from the Black Water Pirates!

“Be careful! Everyone, retreat!” Su Yu told himself that the situation was not good, and he roared loudly.

The Dragon Slaying Skill of the Second Head was an immortal level cultivation technique of Stage One Top Class, and its abilities were comparable to someone of Immortal Level Three!

The Second Head might not be suppressed with just the strong arrows alone!