The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Men Of The Empire

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A dragon-like blade figure sliced with a cold aura, striking toward the archers surrounding him.

Crack Boom

The arrows that were shot toward him were all destroyed by the aura of the blade, scattering all over the air.

Whoosh Whoosh

The archers were fearful, escaping in a hurry.


Two Dragon Realm Level Seven archers could not escape in time, and were assaulted by the ripple of the blade aura, falling with serious injuries. Even though the rest of them escaped, their blood curled under the aura of the blade, causing them to bleed from the mouth. A mere blade had almost killed all of them!

“Scram all of you!” Tu Long roared fiercely, dragging his huge blade as he escaped the people surrounding him!

The archers wished to stop him, but were blocked by Su Yu. Looking at the back of the escaping Tu Long, Su Yu laughed as he shook his head, “Don’t chase after him, just follow behind me!”

Zi Yunxiang and the other powerful fighter had given him injuries with his two daggers. Coupled with the effects of the Intoxicating Dream Elixir on the dagger, it was only a matter of time before he slipped into a coma.

They could wait for the enemy to wear himself out. There was no need to risk attacking him.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

With Su Yu taking the lead, they trailed Tu Long from afar. Tu Long was incredibly anxious, his vision getting darker and darker. A deep sense of fatigue seeped into his soul.

“Just what poison is that? How could its effects be so overbearing?” Tu Long had difficulty understanding. He had never heard of a poison that could induce slumber.

At this moment, his vision was getting blurrier by the minute.


His vision was immensely blurry, as he involuntarily staggered and fell to the ground. A boundless fatigue was about to swallow him! He could not fight it any longer!

The guards of the Yinyu Manor were elated, he had fallen at the entrance of the Yinyu Manor! The reputable Second Head of the Black Water Pirates, the notorious Tu Long, had been captured by them.


A guard flew forward, his expression that of excitement.

“No! Come back!” Su Yu’s expression changed, as he was scolding in a hurry.

Even though Tu Long was considerably weaker than he was before, he was still a crafty man. He might not really have fallen! The guard had quick reactions, retreating without a second word!

Just as he was beginning his retreat, Tu Long, who clearly had fallen, suddenly opened his eyes, flailing the blade in his hand without any warning.

“Dragon Slaying Skill!”

The white edge of the blade sliced the space behind him, splitting an unprepared guard in half!

In that moment, blood splattered everywhere, dismembered limbs were sent flying! That guard did not even have time to cry out before being killed by the blade!

“Ch!” Tu Long was disappointed. He had wanted to invite Su Yu forward, but instead had merely killed a small fry!

“Yang Jun!” The guards of the Yinyu Manor were familiar with each other. Yang Jun’s death made their eyes open wide.

Tu Long stood up, his vision getting blurrier but his senses still intact. He let out a laugh, “You can’t capture me, not with the likes of you!”

He could suppress the effects of the Intoxicating Dream Elixir with his abilities. With his abilities, it would naturally be difficult to protect all of the Black Water Pirates. But he could manage escaping Yinyu City alone.

“Palace Master Yin Yu! I, Tu Long, is beneath you! But the future is long. I will descend onto Yinyu City once again. I hope that you will be lucky enough to secure Yinyu City once again!”

It was impossible that Su Yu would be at the Yinyu Area forever. There would come a day when he would leave. When Tu Long attacked then, what the Yinyu Area faced was a rainstorm of blood.

Su Yu had no doubts about this person’s abilities and craftiness! Was he going to let Tu Long escape, despite his elaborate planning? Looking at the blood on the ground, Su Yu’s eyes were filled with killing intent!

“You wish to leave? It’s not that easy!” This person cannot be allowed to live!

Tu Long’s expression changed. He was extremely cautious about Su Yu! The powerful attack that was not beneath his own was etched into his memory. But he was far away from Su Yu, coupled with the fact that his cultivation level was higher than Su Yu’s, so his movement techniques were way above Su Yu’s also! Even though he might not win against Su Yu, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to escape.

“Hmph! Say that when you catch me!” Tu Long let out a low grunt, flying into the horizon as his body flickered.

Looking back, he was confused by the fact that Su Yu did not pursue him, but instead, remained standing at his original position.

“En? What is he planning on doing?” A feeling of unease gripped Tu Long.


At this moment, a space ability suddenly surrounded him, enveloping him without warning.

“How can that be? I have already escaped five miles away!” Tu Long was immensely shocked.

But Su Yu did not hold back, the space ability immediately teleporting Tu Long back. When he appeared again, he was merely three zhang away from Su Yu! But as crafty as he was, Tu Long did not wait for his body figure to appear before unleashing his technique!

“Dragon Slaying Skill!”


The dragon-like blade struck toward Su Yu with a dragon slaying aura! It looked like Su Yu had teleported a killing blow in front of him!

“I knew you would do that!” But Su Yu was prepared.

A shocking phenomenon entered the surroundings. A destructive soundwave shot out from Su Yu’s mouth! Two vast energies, approaching the level of Immortal Realm Level Three, collided with each other at this moment!

Just how similar was this scene to the one several days ago? The only difference was that Su Yu had learned his lesson. He retreated instantly, after releasing the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters!

He had just retreated ten zhang away, when the two destructive energies collided. The terrifying soundwave was reflected, striking toward the direction of Su Yu.


A huge pit was instantly formed, where Su Yu was standing just now.

Multiple cracks spread from the pit toward Su Yu.

The intense energy wave blew Su Yu, who was ten zhang away, multiple meters back. A metallic taste welled up within his throat. Even though he suffered minor injuries, he prevented the injuries he suffered the other day.

Tu Long was not so lucky. He had been forcefully teleported here, and had no chance to retreat. Just as his full body was about to appear, the Dragon Slaying Skill he used was reflected, striking his body with great impact.


He opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood laced with flesh. Tu Long was sent flying, crashing and breaking a wall of the Yinyu Manor!

Multiple parts of his body were sliced by the blade aura. His ribs were visible, blood flowing rapidly from his chest. He only had half his life left!

The people of the Yinyu Manor, despite being shocked by the terrifying abilities, heaved a sigh of relief. It had finally been decided! Tu Long was half dead, the outcome was clear!

Su Yu forcefully suppressed his curling blood, his figure flickering as he struck a palm toward Tu Long’s forehead. At this moment, Tu Long suffered from severe injuries and had no chance of dodging!

“Wait! Don’t you wish to know why I want to kill you vice palace masters?” Tu Long said in a hurry.

The only value he had now was to provide information. As a Black Water Pirate, how did he have the guts to attack Su Yu, Xue Yao, and Feng Qing, three vice palace masters?

“There’s no need, it’ll be clear once I eradicate the Black Water Pirates!” Su Yu struck coldly, his palm approaching Tu Long’s forehead!

It was finally over! The plan that required the entire city and multiple schemes was finally over! Tu Long roared, trying his best to fight back! But with his severe injuries, his only fate was death!


At this moment!


A bolt of spirit energy coming from outside the Yinyu Manor was charging straight for Su Yu! The power of the spirit energy had never before been seen! The terrifying energy harboured by the spirit energy surpassed even the clash between Su Yu and Tu Long!

“An attack from an Immortal Realm Level Three!” Su yu’s expression changed.

Seeing the spirit energy about to pierce through his body, the white wings behind Su Yu’s back suddenly opened at the critical moment, pushing his movement techniques to the extreme, as he retreated rapidly. He did not even pay attention to Tu Long!


The spirit energy hit the ground, causing the entire Yinyu Manor to tremble! The tiles on the roofs dropped, trees were shaking violently, the water in the pond formed waves several meters high. Any living creatures were instantly killed! A group of archers could not stabilise themselves during the violent trembling, falling to the floor.


Zi Yunxiang let out a cry. She staggered and fell, after being hit by a toppling lamp post! The sudden attack had slipped the entire Yinyu Manor into chaos!

Tu Long had seized the opportunity and stood up!

But he did not escape in a fluster, instead…


Using his remaining spirit energy, Tu Long flew toward the injured Zi yunxiang, grabbing her by the neck!

At this moment, Su Yu was sent flying back by the sudden attack, and had no way of helping her! The archers could not deal with that either.

“Hahaha…” Tu Long could not help but laugh to the heavens. Even though there was blood on the side of his lips, he could not hide his arrogance and insanity.

He had Zi Yunxiang in his hands! Ultimately, it was him who won!

“Palace Master Yin Yu! If you do not wish for her to die, you will retreat immediately!” Tu Long grabbed Zi Yunxiang and took to the air, retreating quickly!

Zi Yunxiang was pale, her mind filled with anxiety. She had landed herself in the hands of Tu Long.

“Release her!” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with surprise and fury. The sudden chaos had flipped the situation!

Tu Long wiped the blood from his mouth, his eyes laced with shreds of insanity. “Haha, Palace Master Yin Yu, it is I, Tu Long, that won in the end!”

“If you do not wish for her to die, retreat immediately. Order the city gates to be opened!” Tu Long exerted some strength, strangling Zi Yunxiang until her neck turned white.

Su Yu’s gaze was cold. Zi Yunxiang was his benefactor. Zi Donglai had handed her over to him, but now she was in danger! If any harm were to befall her, Su Yu would not be able to forgive himself!

“I’ll ask you for the last time. Are you going to release her or not?” Su Yu was burning with killing intent.

Tu Long let out a laugh, “What a joke! She is my only saving grace, am I to release her just because you said so? If you wish to save her, you must see if you have the ability or not….”

“Seal of Time!:

Su Yu’s purple left eye shot out a purple light, dying the sky purple. A purple dragon wrapped itself around Tu Long, trapping him within the ravines of time.

Tu Long’s smile froze, his heart contracting! Did Palace Master Yin Yu have some other weird, secret technique other than space teleportation? His thoughts were still present, but his body had been trapped in time!

Su Yu’s figure flickered as he seized the opportunity to kill Tu Long! He did not require much effort to kill! This time, Tu Long was dead for certain!



A fiery red human figure suddenly blocked the way in front of Su Yu. His figure was short and stocky, but his terrifying aura of an Immortal Realm Level Three was like an impenetrable wall, completely blocking Su Yu’s path!

Su Yu’s Seal of Time, which brought him a window to save Zi Yunxiang, had been wasted just like that! Tu Long recovered, his forehead full of cold sweat! Grabbing onto Zi Yunxiang’s forehead once again, Tu Long looked at the fiery red figure in front of him, losing his voice in shock, “Red robed guard of the Empire?”

Gasping, Tu Long did not hesitate, taking Zi Yunxiang hostage as he escaped.

The red robed guard did not give him a second glance, allowing him to escape.

Su Yu’s expression changed, wishing to fly in pursuit. But the red robed guard in front of him flared his nostrils, “Sinner Yin Yu, you still wish to evade capture!”