The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Being Overly Demanding

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A tyrannical aura shocked Su Yu to the point of his retreat!

With that, Tu Long had seized Zi Yunxiang, escaped outside Yinyu Manor, and headed outside the city!

Su Yu’s eye sockets were about to crack, and he shot his murderous intent toward the red-clothed guard!

During the two critical moment, Su Yu was blocked by him forcefully!

He had a short and rough figure, a strict face,a cultivation base of Immortal Level Three!

A familiar scene flashed past his mind!

“It’s you!” That person was the leader of the guards of Inspector Bai He!

Previously, at Alliance City, there was an incident between him and Su Yu!

“You what, you? Under the orders of Lord Bai Luo, I have come here specially to conduct an investigation regarding the death of Palace Master Zang Jian. You have committed a heinous crime of killing a Deputy Master Palace and your crime cannot be forgiven. Follow me back to see Lord Bai Luo at once, and await your verdict to be given!”

The Empire’s headquarters finally sent someone after all!

Moreover, the person who came was the worst person!

What was even worse was that, he did not come at any other time. Instead, he came at the critical moment and created confusion forcefully, causing Zi Yunxiang to be captured!

A lump of murderous intents roared furiously within Su Yu’s chest!

Su Yu suppressed his anger forcefully and said icily: “I will give the Empire an explanation for Zang Jian’s matter! The person who escaped just now is the Second Head of the Black Water Pirates. He repeatedly caused trouble in my area and captured Yinyu Area’s people. We cannot let him get away!”

“Quick! Chase after him first!” Su Yu roared hurriedly, circled around the red-clothed leader, and chased Tu Long, who was about to leave the city!

Rumble, puff

However, an invisible spiritual energy pierced through the void and headed toward Su Yu!

Looking at it, you could tell that it wanted to kill Su Yu on the spot!

Su Yu’s expression changed fiercely. He exhibited his movement technique hurriedly and barely dodged it. He then roared sternly and loudly: “It is more important to go after the Black Water Pirates!!!”

He felt so anxious that his heart was burning.

Not mentioning Zi Yunxiang’s life, but just looking at her looks alone, he wondered…

Once she had fallen into the hands of a group of uncivilized robbers, how could she, who was extremely beautiful, be able to escape from the fate of being humiliated?

With every second being delayed, there would be a higher possibility of her being humiliated!

If she, who was pure and noble, was treated so frighteningly, her life would be destroyed!

However, the red-clothed leader was full of upright expression: “The Black Water Pirates were not related to the case! I am only in charge of bringing you back for interrogation!”

“Allow yourself to be captured without any resistance at once! Don’t try to give yourself an excuse to escape!”

Su Yu’s chest felt as if a volcano had erupted, and his flames of fury shot up to the sky!

Undoubtedly, he was about to exterminate an evil!

Undoubtedly, Zi Yunxiang’s fate was bleak!

Undoubtedly, the red-clothed leader had seen everything!

However, in order to take revenge against Su Yu, and in order to take revenge for his personal grudge, he actually turned a blind eye to what was happening!

Moreover, he intentionally interfered both times during the two critical moments!

This was him taking revenge intentionally!!

“Get! Out! Of! My! Sight!” Su Yu’s eyes were burning with flames of fury. A thread of blood-red color covered his eyeballs, and his eyes were filled with murderous intents that were bone piercing!

A furious roar filled with shocking murderous intents shook the clouds in the sky, stretching all the way to the Heavens!

This furious roar sounded as if it wanted to smash the clouds in the sky, and also burn everything to nothingness!

The big Yinyu City felt that there was a clap of thunder on the ground, and the hearts of tens of thousands of residents shrank abruptly!

The red-clothed leader’s body shook involuntarily. The murderous intents, which contained all his flames of fury and the blood eyes burning with raging flames, caused the red-clothed leader to become aware that he had really provoked Su Yu!

However, thinking about his own identity and his motive for coming by, his whole face became icy cold.

“Humph! You roared at me, meaning that you are looking down on the Lord. Add on one crime!”

Su Yu’s eyes were completely covered with murderous intents!

At that very moment, Tu Long, who had seized Zi Yunxiang, had already escaped into the horizon!

If Su Yu did not chase after him, what awaited Zi Yunxiang was the fate of being humiliated!

The situation was urgent and no more time could be wasted!

“You! Deserve! Death!” Su Yu had not had such a great murderous intent for a long time.

The red-clothed leader’s whole face was strict: “Your murderous intents are huge, and you are obviously a ferocious person. I cannot leave people like you alive!”

“Thunder Star Finger!” Su Yu exhibited his immortal level cultivation technique and a purple thunderbolt glittered.

The red-clothed leader sneered and shook his head: “Insignificant move!”

He lifted his finger and flicked his spiritual energy over. At once, an absolute power engulfed Su Yu.


The light of the thunderbolt on Su Yu’s palm was like a weak flame that was extinguished by a whistling fierce wind.

At the same time, the remaining spiritual energy struck Su Yu’s chest and sent him flying hundreds of meters away, causing him to crash into the courtyard wall of the Manor.

The frightening attack caused Su Yu’s internal organs to shake violently, and he spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Su Yu himself was buried in the ruins.

“Palace Master!” The people in the Manor roared hurriedly, and they quickly went over to dig up the ruins!

However, another sound reverberated within the ruins!

“Tribulation of Ice and Thunder!” The great murderous intents penetrated the ruins all of a sudden!


Without warning, an icy cold thunder dragon descended from the sky and swallowed the red-clothed leader.

Su Yu’s attack was too sudden, and the red-clothed leader was unable to take any precautions against it.

However, the red-clothed leader lifted his head and looked over causally. He then sneered and shook his head: “Haha. So the immortal level cultivation technique is merely used to attract my attention. The real killing move is here!”

“However, it is a pity that it is also an insignificant move!”

Leader Tie Mu could be seen raising his hand and grabbing something!

The extremely strong and frightening Divine Decree was actually easily extinguished with a grab of that palm, casually!


With a whimper of the thunder dragon, it became threads of thunder arcs.

Within Leader Tie Mu’s palm, not even a hair was injured in the slightest.

“The power is satisfactory. However, it’s a pity that, in my eyes, it is merely a last struggle before death!” Leader Tie Mu shook his head and moved toward the ruins.

The audience in the Yinyu Manor gasped!

The power of the Tribulation of Ice and Thunder was more than sufficient to kill everyone on site!

However, against the leader sent by the Empire’s headquarters, the raising of his hands was more than enough to extinguish the attack!

“Accept your fate. You have no choice other than being captured by me!” Leader Tie Mu took a step over. His frightening temperament oppressed Su Yu.

A deep part of his eyes was filled with a joking expression, and he had a pleasant sensation, as he had taken his revenge!

The more anxious Su Yu was, the more delighted he was.

That day, in front of Inspector Bai He and Palace Master Ling, he was slapped by this thing who overestimated his own abilities.

He found it difficult to forget that slap until this very day. That was a one of the very few humiliations that he had in his life.

At that very moment, Su Yu committed a sin of his own accord and was accused of a crime. Hence, it was the best opportunity for him to take revenge!

However, when Leader Tie Mu was about to capture Su Yu, a towering destructive power gushed out from the ruins all of a sudden.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters! Lin!”

It was as if there was no delay between the Tribulation of Ice and Thunder and Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters!

When the Thunder Star Finger was dispersed, Tribulation of Ice and Thunder was executed. When Tribulation of Ice and Thunder was extinguished, Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters was executed!

Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, which was executed last, was the real killing move that was meant to catch Leader Tie Mu by surprise!

The expression of the careless red-clothed leader became slightly serious.

The destructive power of the sound wave, which was generated in an instant, was extraordinary and not something that Su Yu could exhibit at his level!

The power of that move could already threaten his life!



A horrible shriek could be heard. The red-clothed leader was taken by surprise and was completely engulfed by the sound wave.

The destructive sound wave tore open his red clothes and sent him flying tens of meters away, causing him to crash into a giant rock.


While the red-clothed leader was being shocked by the sound wave, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

The faces of the audience in the Yinyu Manor were filled with astonishment and hopelessness.

The Palace Master used all his trump cards continuously. His strongest move, Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, only caused Leader Tie Mu to suffer light injuries and spit out a mouthful of blood?

Leader Tie My was too strong!

He was so strong that it caused everyone to feel hopeless!

In front of him, the invincible Palace Master Yin Yu could only feel despair!

“Cough, cough…” Leader Tie Mu stood up unsteadily. His indifferent expression became so gloomy that it was frightening!

He was an Immortal Level Three and the leader of the guards of Inspector Bai He. However, he had been bested by a little brat!

If not for the absolute suppression of his cultivation base, that attack previously would have killed him!

He did not conceal his murderous intents anymore!

Leader Tie Mu bit his teeth tightly, and his heart was filled with humiliation. He then walked toward the ruins with big strides. Every step contained an oppressing temperament that frightened the hearts of the people.

The Earth trembled and the crowd was silent.

Leader Tie Mu was filled with murderous intents and caused everyone to tremble with fear!

When he was directly in front of the ruins, he bit his teeth and spoke: “Lord Bai Luo ordered that if you are thick-headed and resist, I have the authority to kill you on the spot!”

“Yin Yu! You are guilty of monstrous crimes, you have no intentions to repent and mend your ways, and you are obstinate. In accordance with the orders of the Lord, I will take your life on the spot!”

Rumble, bang

Leader Tie Mu thrust his palm over and a frightening spiritual energy placed pressure on the ruins, downward and firmly!

The ruins sank more than half a meter downward!

Countless times, the ruins gave a crunching sound and were squashed into pieces forcefully!


Within the ruins, a lump of blood gushed out like spring water!

That was the blood of Su Yu, after he had been crushed into mincemeat!

“Palace Master!!” Within the Yinyu Manor, the audience roared sorrowfully.

The Nameless Area had finally been given the name of Yinyu Area. A Deputy Palace Master with great abilities had finally appeared. A wise Area Master full of stratagems had finally appeared.

Soon, the Yinyu Area would flourish. Soon, the Black Water Pirates would be extinguished. Soon, everything would thrive.

Why was the headquarters’ man so unreasonable?

He did not even give Palace Master Yin Yu a chance, and forced Palace Master Yin Yu to death!

Wrathful gazes were shot toward Leader Tie Mu from all directions.

“Humph! If all of you continue looking at me, all of you will be equally as guilty and I will behead you on the spot!” Leader Tie Mu shot a glance towards them disdainfully, as though he was looking at an army of ants.


Leader Tie Mu walked forward and kicked the ruins away: “Even if you die without leaving a corpse, I still need to bring back parts of your body and report back to headquarters!”

Looking at the lump of blood, Leader Tie Mu shook his head in disapproval: “In front of absolute abilities, all schemes and intrigues are futile. That sound wave attack that you used as your last trump card had commendable power. However, to me…”

And at that moment, deep within the ruins, an extremely icy cold voice could be heard.

“Who told you that was the last killing move?”

What? He was still alive?

Leader Tie Mu’s expression changed greatly. If that sound wave was not the last killing move, then, what was?

Suddenly, his heart started to beat extremely fast. A great shadow of death descended!

“I have said before. I! Want! You! Dead!”


Hundreds of transparent icy cold threads penetrated the cracks between the ruins and erupted!

Leader Tie Mu stepped on the ruins and was taken by surprise, as he was bounded by countless Divine Ice Threads that could fill the sky firmly at once!

The sharp Divine Ice Threads cut his body.

However, as he was strong, it was difficult for the sharp Divine Ice Threads to penetrate his flesh!

Leader Tie Mu was first surprised and then sneered later on: “This is your last trump card?”

“If this is the case, I will give you another kick and completely send you to the afterlife!”


With a light roar, Leader Tie Mu released spiritual energy from his whole body and snapped more than half of the Divine Ice Threads!

The Divine Ice Threads, once impregnable, were now destroyed, just like that, permanently!

However, Su Yu’s extremely cold and piercing voice could be heard deep in the ruins: “This is only meant to make you die faster!”


Suddenly, Leader Tie Mu’s whole body turned stiff. He lowered his head and looked at his heart. His expression then changed greatly in astonishment, as if he had seen something frightening.

His face was deathly pale and his voice was trembling: “What What have you done to my heart?”