The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Invisible Hand

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His only answer was Su Yu’s cold voice from within the rubble.

“Contortion of Space!”


A spiral like space power seeped out from within Leader Tie Mu’s chest!

If one could see through objects, they would definitely have seen Leader Tie Mu’s heart being twisted by the spiral-like space power.

Su Yu could cause the contortion to erupt with a mere thought.

No matter how strong Leader Tie Mu was, his heart was his fatal weakness.

Feeling death creeping up on him, Leader Tie Mu’s face turned pale.

But his potential erupted at this time of crisis, exerting force in his legs, wishing to propel him away.

With this movement, his heart could escape the center of the contortion of space!


But just as he was propelling away, the Divine Ice Threads around him tightened.

It trapped his propelling body, rendering him unable to move!

This was the function of the Divine Ice Threads.

Even though the contortion of space could ignore his defense and attack his heart, the contortion had a fixed area, once activated.

Once the enemy realised this, and moved his body to escape the range of the contortion of space, there was nothing Su Yu could do.

With the level of perception of an Immortal Realm Level Three Fighter, there was no way of hiding this fact and contort his heart under normal circumstances.

It was only with this method, seizing the opportunity to trap his body in place, that could surprise him!

Su Yu had shown that he was weaker than him, finally causing him to relax, thus creating this great opportunity.


The space contorted. A shattering sound could be heard from Leader Tie Mu’s chest.

His heart was about to be rendered to pulp!

Bright red blood flowed from the side of his lips.

His body slumped under the effects of the contortion, his expression one of pain and fury, as he roared hysterically, “You…. dare to injure me? I am the leader of the inspector’s guards, if you dare injure me…”

He was, after all, at Immortal Realm Level Three. Even if his heart were to be reduced to pulp, he might not drop dead immediately.


The Divine Ice Threads fused to form a long sword, which propped itself beneath Leader Tie Mu’s chin.

Stones shook in the rubble, as a silver haired figure, covered in blood, crawled out with much difficulty.

His flesh was laced with severe injuries.

Even though Su Yu could defend himself in time from Leader Tie Mu’s kick, he still suffered injuries.


Su Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, his face full of killing intent.

“Injure you? You think that I am only going to injure you?” Su Yu laughed. His laugh was like a flower blooming in the darkness, extremely evil.

Leader Tie Mu’s pupils dilated, his expression turning grave. There was fear hidden deep within his eyes, “You.. You dare to kill me?”

Su Yu’s only response was his extremely cold gaze, “What do you think?”


Leader Tie Mu secretly gasped. Fear finally welled up deep in his heart.

“Palace Master Yin Yu! You best consider this! I represent the main palace of the Empire. I represent Lord Bai Luo. I represent the law. You injuring me is already a grave crime, but can be salvaged if you stop now. If you kill me, there is no one that can save you in this world….” Leader Tie Mu took a deep breath as he spoke.

Su Yu took a step forward, the killing intent on his face increasing.

“Are you forgetting something?” Su Yu laughed, “In your eyes, I, Su Yu, am already a dead man. Even if I release you, are you going to spare me, out of gratitude?”

Leader Tie Mu’s face was pale. The act of killing Su Yu just now had severed his only saving grace.

Su Yu had no options left, his actions were naturally going to be extreme!

Clenching his teeth, Leader Tie Mu tried to defend himself, “If you can obtain the forgiveness of Lord Bai Luo, you might not die. After all, your crimes must still be investigated. But, if you kill me in view of so many people, there would be no turning back.”

Hearing this, Su Yu could not help but let out a large laugh, “Hahaha… My crimes still have to be investigated? Might I ask, who was it just now that pressured me all the way, who was it just now who tried to kill me, who was it that was determined that I have committed an offence?”

“Are you saying that you are using your official duties to settle your personal animosities? My crimes are not yet determined, the truth not yet revealed, yet you take action and try to kill me?”

“Does a person like you have the right to represent the Empire, to represent the law?”

The repeated questions silenced Leader Tie Mu. Cold sweat fell from his forehead.

“Accept your fate. I, Su Yu, am going to kill you, even if you truly represented the Empire, represented Lord Bai Luo, or represented the law!” Su Yu advanced, the sword piercing Leader Tie Mu’s skin and throat.


Blood welled up in Leader Tie Mu’s throat. His eyes were open wide, filled with rage as his body gradually slumped.

Retracting his Divine Ice Threads, Su Yu calmly said, “It was alright if you injured me, the reason you deserved to die is because you implicated Zi Yunxiang… She is just an innocent lady…”

His figure flickering, Su Yu had no time to care about his injuries. He flew toward the direction which Tu Long had escaped.

Half a cup of tea’s time had already passed.

Tu Long had spent much time gathering his men in the city, and facing off against the guards while holding Zi Yunxiang hostage.

Coupled with the fact that he was heavily injured, his movement techniques were much weaker than when he was at his peak, so he only managed to escape forty miles away.

It was at the limits of Su Yu’s vision.

His figure flickering repeatedly, Su Yu was hot in pursuit. He left an echo in the skies of the Yinyu Manor.

“Orders: Dragon Realm Level Seven and above fighters in the Yinyu City are to set off with me!”

The vast sound harnessed the energy of The Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, inspiring awe in the hearts of the people.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

The powerful fighters of the city gradually followed Su Yu, pursuing Tu Long together!

There were a hundred Dragon Realm Level Seven fighters and ten Immortal Realm Level One fighters.

The large crowd of people left Yinyu City.

Su Yu’s speed was limited, given the fact that he had to lead such a large army.

Luckily, the distance between them and Tu Long was far. Tu Long did not detect his pursuers, taking the time to nurse his injuries as he escaped at a steady pace, flying toward the borders of the area.

A full day later, at the intersection between the Yinyu Area and the Shenkong Area, the nest of the Black Water Pirates.

In Su Yu’s vision, Tu Long led his men into an unassuming valley.

It looked normal, but within the valley were multiple caves on its stone walls. Multiple Black Water Pirates were living within.

This place was the meeting point of the Black Water Pirates, of which the citizens of the Yinyu Area were so fearful.

They had launched multiple attacks here, only to return in defeat, with large casualties.

Su Yu was anxious, forcefully trying to regain his composure, not invading the area without consideration.

As the meeting point of the Black Water Pirates, it was strange that there was no one guarding the exterior of the valley.

“Palace Master, the First Head of the Black Water Pirates is adept at spells. There is an offensive spell at the entrance of the valley. If you do not know the password, and forcefully try to break in, the spell will be activated and result in major casualties!”

Spell? Mere pirates are adept in such mysterious spells?

“The three attacks the Yinyu Area launched in the past all suffered heavy casualties because of the spell! If we could safely pass through the spell, with our current battle power, we could wipe out a large portion of Black Water Pirates.”

Other than the leader, the Second Head and Third Head of the Black Water Pirates, there were not more than ten fighters that were above Immortal Realm Level One.

With their combined attacks, they did not need to fear the Black Water Pirates.

But what they did not know, was that Su Yu had already wiped out nine Immortal Realm Level One fighters of the Black Water Pirates.

The number of Immortal Realm fighters in the meeting point could be counted with one hand.

Su Yu was deep in thought. It looked like the scale of the Black Water Pirates was not as large as he had imagined.

But how did they have the power to simultaneously invade seventeen cities?

Not considering their abilities, it was hard to cause trouble in seventeen cities at the same time, just in terms of manpower alone.

“It looks like what we are facing is not as simple as the Black Water Pirates,” Su Yu said reasonably.

There must be a large,invisible hand behind the attacks this time around.

This feat is not something achievable with the Black Water Pirates alone!

In fact, Su yu involuntarily wondered if Tu Long was really putting himself at risk, entering the city just to commit some robberies?

“Palace Master, what do we do? If we forcefully enter the spell, our brothers would suffer heavy casualties.”

“The password must be made known to every Black Water Pirate. After all these years, have you not captured a pirate and interrogated him for the password?”

The people following Su Yu let out a bitter laugh, “If it was so easy to obtain the password, the Black Water Pirates would have long been defeated by us! That password changes twice everyday. Furthermore, the password to the spell can be changed at will. If the other party were alerted, all our efforts would be naught.”

Is that so? Su Yu slipped into deep thought.

A moment later, Su Yu brought the people to a secluded area, sitting as he said, “Do not interrupt me during this hour. Stay hidden.”


Su Yu’s invisible soul left his body and floated toward the valley.

The soul was formless and shapeless, not of the material world. The spell could not sense its presence.

Thus, Su Yu could enter the valley unobstructed by the spell laced with killing intent.

Surveying the surroundings, he could tell there were not many strong fighters in the valley.

The Immortal Realm Level One fighters had been obliterated by Su Yu. All that was left were a few hundred Dragon Realm fighters.

Once the spell was lifted to allow the Yinyu group to barge in, they would be able to obliterate them in an instant.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt Tu Long’s presence and floated in that direction.

It was a cave under heavy protection, wide and opulent.

There were three people within the cave.

The first was Zi Yunxiang.

The second was Tu Long.

The third person was leaning on a throne lined with the skins of beasts, his figure upright and muscular. He was dressed in a loose black robe, as well as a bronze mask.

Other than his eyes and nostrils, the mask covered his entire face.

“First Head, I was incompetent and could not complete the mission.” Tu Long knelt with one knee, full of respect.

The man in the bronze mask was the leader of the Black Water Pirates, First Head!

No one had seen his true face, for those who had seen it had all died.

First Head was leaning in his throne. He opened his mouth to speak, his voice crass but powerful, as if able to pierce through the hearts of people: “You are injured.”

Tu Long’s expression was one of shame, “Palace Master Yin Yu was very crafty, and I suffered an ambush. It was luck that I successfully escaped with my life.”

First Head’s eyes were without ripples, a shred of surprise flashed past quickly, “Oh? To be able to ambush you, that Yin Yu is not simple indeed.”

Tu Long’s shame grew even deeper, “I was incompetent, only managing to capture one person, but unable to take back the key that Palace Master Yin Yu took from the relic.”


Su Yu’s soul stood in the hall, hearing their entire conversation.

Hearing the word ‘door’, Su Yu’s heart shook. The man in the bamboo hat that was killed by Su Yu was indeed like Hai Kuangren, entering the relic for the so-called key.

Tu Long must think that, since Su Yu managed to leave the relic, the key must be in his possession.

Thus, there was this incident of causing trouble at the seventeen cities, and taking the risk of entering the city.

“You do not need to blame yourself. We have already half succeeded, now that you captured Zi Yunxiang. All we have to do is exchange her for the key.” The First Head calmly said, his face expressionless.

Hearing this, Tu Long heaved a sigh of relief, glancing toward Zi Yunxiang, hesitating as he said, “First Head, how should we deal with her?”

A cold smile crept across his face, “Since she knows about the existence of the key, she should not be allowed to live.”

“Given how crafty Palace Master Yin Yu is, without seeing Zi Yunxiang, he might not take the hook that easily and hand over the key.” Tu Long was worried.

First Head had a faint mocking expression, “Who told you that we are going to kill her now? I am not one who wastes valuable resources. I naturally have to try such a beautiful person out for myself.”

Tu Long understood, “Yes, I’ll get the servants to clean her up, before sending her into your secret chamber.”