The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Complete Extermination

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The First Head nodded nonchalantly: “Go ahead. One more thing. Get third brother to inform Yin Yu, so that he will come and make the exchange. As for you, go take a rest.”

Looking at the back of Tu Long, who had gone far away, a cold light shone in the deep part of the First Head’s eyes, and he grinned coldly.

How pitiful was Zi Yunxiang. Her whole body could not move. While her eyes were filled with fear, hatred, and disgrace, she was brought away by two maids to wash up.

What awaited her was a pitiful encounter and fate.

After hearing everything, Su Yu’s heartstrings tightened!

When Zi Yunxiang passed by him, a droplet of sparkling and crystal-clear tears streamed down from her eyes.

She felt hopeless, dissatisfied, and resentful…

Su Yu’s whole face trembled. Perhaps she felt resentful because Su Yu was unable to save her.

Zi Yunxiang…

Su Yu clenched his fists, looked at the bronze-masked man, retreated quickly, and returned to his body.

“Eh?” The bronze-masked man looked toward Su Yu’s direction and his gaze became slightly narrower: “What was that just now?”

His sense of awareness was shocking, he could actually sense traces of Su Yu’s existence!

After a cup of tea’s time.

Su Yu’s soul had left his body for close to an hour. His whole soul body felt icy cold, and he was about to freeze.

The good thing was that he was not too far away from his body. When he returned to his body, he started to feel warmth.

However, without any time to recover, Su Yu stood up hastily, and his eyes wore an anxious expression: “Listen to my command. Lie in ambush at both sides of the ravine! Kill one of them!”

Whiz, whiz

A large group of people moved stealthily, and gradually arrived outside the ravine.

At that moment, the outside of the ravine was as if a wave was vibrating, and two shadows flew out from inside it.

One of them was Tu Long!

The other person was an unfamiliar and short person, with a small scar on his body. His face was pitch black, and he was filled with ferociousness.

“Second brother, no need to see me off. I can manage this on my own. I am just merely delivering a letter, and there will not be any danger.” This man with a short figure was the Third Head of the Black Water Pirates.

Although Tu Long was supposed to be resting, he saw the Third Head off personally, instead.

A thread of hesitation appeared on his face: “What I am worried about is not how dangerous Yinyu Manor is. Instead, I am worried about… the First Head!”

The Third Head’s dark face turned grave: “Are you saying that he is going to kill all of us, now that we have served our purpose?”

“Up until now, I was still unsure of his background. I only got the information that his abilities are more than enough to kill all of us in the Black Water Pirates. His abilities are just under the Palace Master of the Empire of Darkness!”

“For many years, we have been dispatched to find those historical remains. As of today, we have completed our task. Since we know so many of his secrets, it is a given that he would kill all of us.”

After his speech, Tu Long stared at the Third Head deeply, then forced a smile: “Hence, third brother, this time around, take advantage of this opportunity to leave and not come back. Ever since the Black Water Pirates fell under his control, it has only existed in name.”

The Third Head revealed a sorrowful expression and shouted lightly: “Second brother! What about you?”

Tu Long gave a depressed smile: “I will, of course, stay here and delay him! If both of us leave at the same time and he notices that, we would not be able to live past today.”

“Don’t worry. Second brother will find a way to escape.” Tu Long’s lips revealed a thread of confidence: “For the past few years, I have been taking precautions for this day. That spell had already been modified by me secretly. As long as he stays within the spell, with my actions I can trap him within the spell for a few days. No matter how strong he is, after a few days, the Heaven and Earth is vast, and he will not be able to find me.”

Tu Long was about to attempt the impossible. With his quick-wittedness, he had definitely taken many precautions.

The Third Head looked at his second brother’s weak body and clenched his fists with grief and indignation: “Second brother, take care of yourself. If you are able to escape, look for me in the Dark Forest.”

Tu Long smiled and nodded his head: “Understood. Please go ahead. Also, remind Palace Master Yin Yu that the First Head’s abilities are unfathomable!”

The First Head was about to pay a visit to Zi Yunxiang. After which, she would be killed.

Even if Yin Yu came to do the exchange, it would be pointless.

“Second brother, why remind him? In the eyes of outsiders, the First Head’s abilities are only that of Immortal Level Two Peak. When Palace Master Yin Yu comes in carelessly in pursuit of Zi Yunxiang and creates a disturbance, second brother will then have a chance to escape!” The Third Head had a confused expression.

Tu Long laughed lightly and sighed: “I merely cherish talents. For so many years, only he was able to force me close to death. If he came here to die, without knowing anything, it will be a pity.”

“Moreover, in a situation where he had taken precautions, he would surely bring with him many strong martial artists, which would cause the situation to be even more chaotic. This would then allow me to have a higher chance of escaping, understood?”

You cherished the talents of Palace Master Yin Yu? The Third Head understood Tu Long’s intentions.

Tu Long was proud of his quick-wittedness. At that very moment, he had come across an opponent who could match him, and it was difficult for him to not feel respect for this opponent.

“Second brother, I shall leave now!” The Third Head nodded his head, turned his body, and flew away.

Staring at the Third Head’s figure, Tu Long turned his body and returned to the ravine.

After waiting for Tu Long to leave, Su Yu’s gaze flashed: “Attack!”

Whiz, whiz

A group of people flew out all of a sudden and surrounded the Third Head, who had not gotten far.

Having been ambushed, the Third Head was surprised. He looked around and realized that the only strong martial artists that he needed to pay attention to were only at Immortal Level One. He then had a ferocious and malicious expression: “Haha, what a group of monstrously audacious things. All of you actually dare to kill us in front of the entrance of the Black Water Pirates?”

“I do not wish to know who all of you are, and there is also no need for me to know. Against things like all of you, who overestimated your own abilities, I only have one word and that is kill!”

However, after finishing his speech, a frightening sound wave enshrouded him with a destructive power!


After giving a horrible shriek, half of the Third Head’s chest was shattered and he became half dead!

As Su Yu’s time was tight, he could not delay, he attacked with his strongest move!

Su Yu headed over quickly and stepped on his chest: “What is the password of the spell?”

This Third Head had just come out, and it was impossible for him to not know the password.

The Third Head was injured by Su Yu, to the point that he became unconscious. After forcing an answer from him, he revealed the password easily: “Hundred-Year-Old Mountain!”

Hundred-Year-Old Mountain?

Su Yu remembered it, exerted force on his leg, and ended the Third Head’s life.

The deep part of Su Yu’s eyes was not filled with sympathy.

The brotherly bonds between the Third Head and Tu Long did not mean that the Third Head’s crimes of burning, killing, and looting could be forgiven.

When Su Yu and his group of people met the Third Head for the first time, the Third Head wanted to kill all of them without hesitation, meaning that the Third Head was a fierce and malicious person.

If this kind of people were kept alive, it would just result in disaster.

If Su Yu were soft and let him off now, in the future, more innocent people would be hurt.

The hundred people who accompanied Su Yu did not feel that Su Yu was ruthless. Instead, they were extremely moved.

Within the Black Water Pirates, the hands of the Second Head and the Third Head were each fully stained with the blood of the residents of Yinyu Area, even death would be too good for them!

“Let’s get moving!” Su Yu said apathetically, as he led everyone stealthily.

When they arrived at the entrance of the ravine, Su Yu examined the so-called spell.

It was a giant spell that was a hundred meters broad. Looking at it, the spell was completely black in color.

“Palace Master, let us spearhead the attack!” The people who accompanied Su Yu were filled with excitement.

For after so many times, this was the first time that they had obtained the password.

Su Yu’s pupils shrank slightly: “Wait! Something wrong is going on inside!”

“Eh! What a strong smell of blood!”

They finally realized that something was not right.

Su Yu’s gaze flashed: “All of you, wait here. I will enter alone!”

“Hundred-Year-Old Mountain!” Su Yu gave a light shout. Sure enough, the spell opened a passage that only allowed one person to pass through.

Su Yu entered the spell with a flash.

The passage was endless. Moreover, it was unknown whether it was an illusion, but Su Yu realized instinctively that, as if within the spell, an inconspicuous aura existed.

However, as Zi Yunxiang was in danger, Su Yu had no time to care about the aura and entered the ravine.

At once, a shocking smell of blood engulfed him!

Looking at it, the whole canyon was filled with bloody corpses!

Broken limbs were scattered everywhere, heads were rolling about.

The hundreds of corpses filled the narrow ravine.

Both sides of the wall of the ravine were dyed red by hideous blood, as if it was a hell in the human world!

No living things were alive!

Only a short time had passed. What actually happened in the ravine?

All the pirates were killed in a short amount of time!

Who did it?

Could it be the so-called First Head?

What kind of abilities must he possess, that he could kill everyone in such a short time without allowing anyone to escape?

Looking at the deathly silent ravine, Su Yu was shocked.

What kind of frightening abilities did the so-called First Head possess?

Su Yu suppressed his uneasiness forcefully. He moved swiftly with his movement technique, entered the cave, and looked for Zi Yunxiang.

Even though the cave was filled with intersections, big and small decorations also filled the caves, indicating the differences in identities.

A resting cave that was considered luxurious attracted Su Yu’s attention.

He entered the cave with a flash. Sure enough, he found Zi Yunxiang on top of a wooden bed with a snow-white beast skin!

She had just been cleansed and her body was unable to move. She was then placed on top of the snow-white beast skin.

A thin woolen blanket covered her exquisite and beautiful body.

Two droplets of glittering tears trickled down her jade-like face.

Zi Yunxiang was experiencing the most hopeless moment of her life!

Since nothing had happened to her yet, all was okay. Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief secretly.

“Yunxiang…” Su Yu called out softly, walked towards her, tapped her neck and undid the binds on her body.

At once, Zi Yunxiang regained her sensations.

Her beautiful body trembled. She did not even turn her head to confirm, and she threw herself into Su Yu’s chest, sobbing. Her beautiful body was shivering.

At that very moment, how precious was Su Yu’s voice! How delighted was she to be unexpectedly rescued from a desperate situation!

“Sob~~ you have finally come. I had thought that you had died at the hands of the red-clothed guard…”

However, Zi Yunxiang was not crying for herself. Instead, it was for Su Yu’s safety! Previously, she bore a grudge. Now, the grudge had vanished completely.

Su Yu was amazed that she was still concerned about him. Su Yu’s heart was slightly moved, and he felt even more remorseful.

“Yunxiang, let’s get out of this place. It is not good to stay here for long!”


Su Yu grabbed the snow-white beast skin, covered Zi Yunxiang’s beautiful and smooth body, carried her in his arms, and headed toward the outside of the cave hastily!

However, when Su Yu had just gotten out, a voice, as if it was right beside his ears, could be heard.

“Hahaha… This means that, just now, there was really someone who entered the ravine with Tu Long and also listened in on our conversation secretly? What a superb art of concealment that you can actually escape my detection!”

Su Yu’s pupils shrank!

The First Head could actually appear behind Su Yu without Su Yu noticing?

What kind of frightening abilities did this person possess?

When Su Yu turned his head to take a look, a black-robed man with blood on his whole face was floating on a cliff with his arms crossed. He wore a true yet fake smile.

The First Head!

Su Yu felt anxious and fearful. When he looked at the First Head face to face, he had a feeling as though he was looking at Ling Xiaotian.

What frightening abilities!

“Haha, Palace Master Yin Yu, I have been waiting for you a long time!” The First Head put down his arms. At that moment, Su Yu realized that his hands were filled with steaming hot blood!

Within the ravine, the whole group of pirates was killed by him alone!

Moreover, everyone was exterminated, and no one managed to escape!