The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

With an imposing look, Fang Qingzhou leapt down from his stone pillar, measuring up Qin Feng with his eyes. He scorned, "To think you actually managed to break through! Your abilities have indeed improved!"

Qin Feng scanned the crowd for the lone Jiang Xueqing, his gaze resolute. He had promised that he would use the honor of the title "Gold King" to become engaged to her. He had trained diligently for the past month, with excellent results.

With a slight nod, Qin Feng took his stance, "Come at me, Brother Fang, the title Gold King belongs to me!"

"You are not worthy!" Fang Qingzhou scolded. How could he let somebody take away what was rightfully his?

"Continuous Eight Trigram Finger!" Fang Qingzhou's body moved as weightlessly as a shadow, speedily advancing towards Qin Feng.

His fingers, dexterous as a dragon, traced the pattern of the Eight Trigrams with incredible speed. The unpredictable changes, fading in and out of reality, concealed an immense power, unfathomable to the layman.

Qin Feng's expression turned tense. "Monumental Buddha's Palm!"

The winds emanating from his palms were fierce, and the air crackled with every slight movement of his hands. The wind circled his palms as if they were a breath of fury waiting to be released.

A collision of palm and finger. The two took a step back, victor undecided.

Fang Qingzhou's expression turned serious, "The title of Gold King is mine. Who dares take it away from me?"

Xia Linxuan creased his eyebrows at the sight of such arrogant and barbaric howls.

Fan Quinzhou had long looked up to his father's might, but was arrogant and boorish. To threaten his opponent into losing was despicable indeed.

Unfortunately, Qin Feng was no commoner, but a junior duke. "The title belongs to the one with the best ability, if you wish to protect the title, you will have to best me in battle!" Qin Feng was undeterred, facing Fang Qingzhou head on.

Fang Qingzhou was livid, and started exchanging fists with Qin Feng.


Their abilities were nearly identical, and the victor was not decided even after 80 rounds of sparring. Fang Qingzhou grew increasingly anxious, spewing out roars of anger.

However, Qin Feng was indifferent. In terms of status, they were identical. Qin Feng saw no need to be overly cautious of Fang Qingzhou. As time went by, Qin Feng gradually gained the upper hand.

Finger techniques were naturally disadvantageous against the more forceful palm techniques. This, coupled with his impetuous nature, meant Qin Feng had already led his opponent to an inevitable defeat.

Qin Feng timed his attack, striking his palm into the gap of Fang Qingzhou's defense, leaving an imprint on his chest.


Fang Qingzhou wailed in agony and flew off the stage. He, Gold King of the previous generation, had been completely defeated!

Contempt flashed past the eyes of Fang Yun, but he could not act on it due to his reputation and status.

"Garbage! Reflect on yourself after you get back!" After the chiding, Fang Yun calmly said to Xia Linxuan, "You've raised this batch of students pretty well."

After which, Fang Yun rose, preparing to leave. Xia Linxuan gently smiled, "Why not finish watching before you leave? The rest of the competition might improve your mood."

After a pause, Fang Yun returned to his seat, inadvertently looking at the stage.

Jiang Zhishi had a smile on his face, placing the crown of the Gold King onto Qin Feng. "Congratulations."

Qin Feng was drained to the bone. He took a few deep breaths before gazing towards Jiang Xueqing. The title of the Gold King! He had obtained it!

However, his smile froze. In his moment of glory, the person he loved had not paid any attention to him, and instead was mesmerised by the mysterious purple-robed youth! Qin Feng exploded with anger, shooting furious glares at Su Yu.

"Judge! The Gold King has the right to challenge a person of his choice, am I right?" Qin Feng's eyes blazed with hatred, never once shifting his gaze from Su Yu.

Regardless of the identity of the purple-robed youth, anybody who stole the heart of his lover was an enemy. The garbage Su Yu could wait, for he still had the right to challenge someone a second time.

Jiang Zhishi nodded.

"Fine! I want to challenge him!" Qin Feng had issued his challenge, pointing at the lone purple-robed youth atop his stone pillar.

A commotion broke out in the hall.

This purple-robed youth had left them perplexed. His identity was shrouded in mystery. No one would have thought that the junior duke's first challenge would be issued towards him. Jiang Zhishi also had a confused look on his face. That person was familiar, but he could not figure out why.

Su Yu slowly opened his starlike eyes. From atop, he gazed at Qin Feng, coolly speaking, "Challenge me after you rest up. Otherwise, there is no honor in me winning."

Qin Feng was exhausted, and his ability was not even at 70 percent of his normal level.

"There is no need for your concern!" The battle spirit in Qin Feng's heart was ignited. Only by defeating the purple-robed youth in front of Jiang Xueqing could he dispel the hatred in his heart.

He withdrew a precious elixir from his robes and consumed it. After which he felt his fatigue dissipate; his strength and vitality gradually returned to him.

"You live up to your name as a junior duke. You took a recovery elixir worth 1,00 taels without hesitation."

Qin Feng's eyes were filled with fury, "Battle me!"

Su Yu's purple robe billowed, his hair dancing in the wind. His suave face brightened up. He let out a small whisper from his lips.

"I have awaited this day for far too long."


The purple figure was like the wind. It was like a cloud's shadow, faintly there, but also likened to the calm waves of a river, graceful as anything.

Xia Linxuan let out a look of surprise, "The peak of Stage Three of the Cloud Shadow trick? There are other students, other than the 10 great demon students with their monstrous levels of insight, who could completely learn it? Ye Xuan, who is this person? His cultivation is of Level Four lower tier of the Martial Paths, why haven't we heard of him?"

Ye Xuan was equally lost, "He seems familiar, but I do not know who he is exactly."

Xia Linxuan's face showed a hint of surprise. He could not help but laugh, "Interesting! This battle might not be as simple as a sideshow to lift the mood."

Graceful as a swan, Su Yu made his way to the stage. He stood with his hands behind his back, calmly locked in a deep gaze.

Jiang Zhishi could not comprehend the person in front of him, he politely said, "You can choose to decline the challenge if you wish to. He is the Gold King and by accordance can only challenge the Silver King."

Su Yu said calmly, "I have been waiting for this match for a long time. How can I decline this challenge?"

"Alright! The Gold King against the purple-robed youth! The contest begins!" Jiang Zhishi had forgotten to ask for the name of the other party.

Qin Feng's cold eyes were laced with arrogance. He glanced over to Jiang Xueqing, only to find that her gaze was still fixed on the purple-robed youth. In fact, her eyes were filled with the expectation of the purple-robed youth's victory!

Qin Feng developed an intent to kill. He was her boyfriend, and this position had been threatened by a complete stranger! "Monumental Buddha's Palm!" Qin Feng angrily struck out, pushing his vital energy and stamina to their limits.

His palm was like the wind, vigorous and hurried. Su Yu was calm, moving as a purple flash.

"Tempest!" He gathered a wave of frost by lifting his leg.

The white frost appeared suddenly, wrapping around his leg. He took advantage of the frost and struck out.

Qin Feng retreated three meters, and Su Yu, two and a half.

Qin Feng gasped, hurriedly shaking away the frost that had gathered on his palm, a look of surprise showing on his face. "You learned Tempest?" Qin Feng could not believe it. Hidden in the second level of the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures was a famous leg technique that was notoriously difficult to gain insight to. It was said that it was the most difficult technique to attain within the entire second level.

There were many that tried to gain insight, including Qin Feng. But none of them succeeded! The fact that this purple-robed youth had managed to attain the technique was indeed shocking.

Xia Linxuan's eyes brightened up, "Ye Xuan, please run a check to see if this person is from our institute. At such a young age, he managed to gain insight into Stage Two of Tempest. With his level of insight, it wouldn't even be wrong to place him with the demon students!"

Ye Xuan deeply nodded, his eyes shone with curiosity.

Su Yu smiled, but he did not speak. He closed the gap and began his attack on Qin Feng. The two figures nimbly interlaced.


At times his palm sliced the wind, and at others the kick brought the frost. The battle between the two was overwhelming. Unknowingly, the spectators were on their feet, looking on at the battle in awe. The onlookers were unable to comprehend when such an imposing master had appeared in the institute.

A pot of tea was finished...

The two were still locked in combat, exchanging moves for no less than 30 rounds. The onlooking Jiang Zhishi was deep in shock. He was also at the Level Four peak of the Martial Path, and the standard of battle between the two was strikingly close to that!

Jiang Xueqing was gazing intently, her breath hurried. Her chest repeatedly palpitated, following the purple figure with her eyes. Her dainty fists were tightly clenched, her maiden heart thumping wildly. Too strong! Comparable to Qin Feng!

"Great! Great! Great! There was still a hidden gem in my institute!" Xia Linxuan was visibly elated.

From the spectators stand, the three celestial beings were watching with great interest.

"This is really weird. Who exactly is the purple-robed youth?" The thick browed youth scratched his head. The curiosity was killing him. "The difficulty of Tempest is comparable to advance level leg techniques, but he had managed to attain it. A person of this level of insight is comparable to us 10 great demon students. Who can tell me where exactly this guy came from?"

The celestial being gazed at their visibly elated father, sharing his joy. Her father would only be happy when there was another genius in his institute, and she was happy when her father was.

The silver-haired youth, wrinkled his brows slightly, gently flaring his nostrils, "That is nothing amazing. He would still be crushed in my hands."

Atop the stage...


As time passed, the difference in abilities were made more apparent. Qin Feng gradually could not keep up, his entire body covered in frost. His brows, hair, bare arms and face were pale white.

"I will not lose!" Qin Feng let out an angry roar, fully utilizing his vital energy and stamina, using up all 18 manners of his auxiliary cultivation techniques.

On the contrary, Su Yu's expression remained calm, as if he was still water in an autumn pond. From the beginning, Su Yu had only used Tempest, never once employing his other techniques.


Finally, Qin Feng could no longer keep up with Su Yu's leg technique, and was kicked in the face. He landed outside the stage, spewing a stream of blood from his mouth.

Qin Feng was defeated! After 50 rounds, he was finally defeated! He had lost his first battle as this batch's Gold King.

Su Yu calmed the disorder amongst the crowd, walking to the edge of the stage with his arms behind his back. From his vantage point, all he saw was the bloodied Qin Feng.

"You are too weak. You really disappointed me," Su Yu loosely said.

He had defeated the person who stole his girlfriend. The person who had tried to frame him multiple times. The person he had resolved to defeat.

However, Su Yu did not feel any sense of accomplishment. In the past, Qin Feng was the biggest hurdle he could imagine. However, the battle today was too easy. He had not displayed his vital energy. This kind of victory could not give birth to any sense of accomplishment.

Jiang Xueqing's beautiful eyes exuded radiance. Her hands rubbed her lips in disbelief. This purple-robed prince was even more powerful than Qin Feng. The line "You are too weak", caused her maiden heart to thump uncontrollably.

The purple-robed youth was too powerful! The Gold King, in his eyes, was only worth the words "too weak"!

At this moment, the purple-robed youth was deeply etched in her heart. Her youthful maiden heart was totally captivated.

The crowd gasped. This mysterious purple-robed youth was unbelievably powerful. The Gold King was too weak! In that moment, the crowd became unbearingly curious. Who in the institute could be this powerful?

Qin Feng was defeated, and the knot in his heart was untied.

Su Yu gazed over the horizon, unable to shake the feeling that he was but a tiny speck, and his ability was not enough.

Qin Feng was but the son of Duke Qin. The Qin family's influence was not worth mentioning.

Jiang Zhishi's face emanated awe. He cautiously and politely stepped forward, and with cupped hands asked, "If I may, what is your name?"

This question silenced the entire hall.