The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 300

Chapter 300 A Situation Of Life And Death

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Fresh blood, a smile, and a bronze mask.

An aura that caused one’s hair to stand up assaulted Su Yu’s soul.


Su Yu took to the air in an attempt to escape.

But he had just lifted his leg, when a figure blurred before his eyes.

The black robed man had a faint smile, seemingly teleporting in front of him, “I have searched far and wide for you, but you present yourself to me so easily. Hand over the key.”

Su Yu’s expression was grave. It was hard to wrap his head around how powerful this person was.

“What is the difference between me handing over the key or not?” Su Yu said with a serious tone, not explaining that he did not possess the jade box.

The other party would never believe him. It would be a wasted effort, and an unnecessary waste of time.

The black robed man smiled as he glanced at Zi Yunxiang, elegantly saying, “Hehe, you are a reputable deputy palace master, considering this, I would naturally treat you well.”

“The difference is, that if you hand it over, I’ll kill you first, before savoring that woman. If you do not, I’ll savor the woman while you watch, then kill you.”

It was a casual choice, but one filled with a crazy arrogance!

In his eyes, Su Yu had no choice!

No matter whether Su Yu handed the key over or not, he was going to savor Su Yu’s woman!

The only difference was whether or not Su Yu was going to helplessly watch his woman getting violated.

“Choose, I’ll give you two seconds!” The black robed man let out a faint laugh.


Every nerve in Su Yu’s body tensed.

In his arms, Zi Yunxiang was trembling, her hand clutching at Su Yu’s robes. Her eyes were apologetic, her lips shivering, “I’m sorry… for implicating you.”

If not for Su Yu charging in alone, how would he have fallen into the hands of the black robed man?

Su Yu had already done much for her, and now she had even implicated Su Yu. She could not face Su Yu anymore.

She could never repay this debt in this life. And now, she would no longer have the chance to!

“Two!” The black robed man silently announced the fate-altering number.

But Su Yu did not move!

“Your choice can allow you to live a little longer!” The black robed man had a cold smile, his figure blurring, “Look on obediently, as your woman gets violated by me!”

But just then, the black robed man flickered and disappeared!

“Time acceleration!” The time around Su Yu tripled in speed!

The black robed man’s figure seemed to be moving in slow motion, as if an average human was flying toward him.

“Divine Ice Threads!”

Seizing the opportunity, the Divine Ice Ring from Su Yu’s finger released Divine Ice Threads into the air, blocking the black robed man.

Without any pause, Su Yu’s left eye glowed red.

“Space Teleportation!”


The red light enveloped Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang, absorbing them into the space.

Under the acceleration of time, everything happened quick as lightning. The black robed man’s smile became rigid, his expression turning sinister, “You wish to escape!”

But the mass of Divine Ice Threads were flying toward him.

The black robed man grunted, “What can a low grade divine artifact do to me?”


The black robed man let out a low grunt, striking with his palm, severing all of the Divine Ice Threads!

At this moment, the Divine Ice Threads in the Divine Ice Ring had all been destroyed.

The Divine Ice Ring had been completely destroyed!

Su Yu felt a little pain. The divine artifact that had accompanied him all this time had been destroyed.

Luckily, the moment’s distraction had bought Su Yu some time.

Just as the ripple of the energy of the palm assaulted them, Su Yu and Zi Yunxiang had completed their teleportation!


A ripple of space appeared at the entrance of the valley. Su Yu fell from within with Zi Yunxiang in his arms, appearing before the spell!

In normal circumstances, he could teleport up to ten miles away.

But the spell at the entrance was blocking him, and he could not cross it directly.

Without hesitation, Su Yu stepped into the spell.

The spell was only a hundred meters thick and could be crossed in an instant.

But the threat of death continued to envelop his soul.

Merely escaping out of the valley was not enough!

With the unfathomable abilities of the opponent, they would be easily caught, even if they escaped a thousand miles away.

They had not averted the crisis.


Just as he was about to step into the spell, an air crackling sound came from behind them.

Looking back, they saw that the black robed man had caught up to them in an instant, merely a hundred meters away from them!

So fast!

Much faster than imagined!

“You wish to escape from me using those pathetic tricks? What a joke!” The black robed man laughed in disdain, as if he was a cat playing with a mouse that was struggling for its life.

The warning signs increased in Su Yu’s heart, as if he had just dropped into a vault of ice.

He was going to die here!

At the critical moment, Su Yu made an instant decision!

“Seal of Time!”

A purple dragon roared as it appeared, sealing the black robed man in time.

In that valuable second, Su Yu led Zi Yunxiang across the spell speedily.

But they were just about to step out of the spell, when the second was up.

The black robed man was like a ghost, catching up to them in an instant!

“Stay!” The black robed man let out a cold laugh, launching a palm toward Su Yu’s back.

The cold aura pierced through Su Yu’s body.

The palm had not connected, but Su Yu’s organs were already shaking, about to be destroyed.

The spirit energy in his body went haywire, making it hard for him to exert anny energies.

At this critical moment, Su Yu was rendered unable to move!

Could this be the day he died?

Was he not fated to see Xianer and Jingyu again?

If he died, who would hold up the sky for Xianer?

If he died, who would tell Jingyu that he, Su Yu, had personally come to the Zhenlong Continent?

A raging sense of injustice was burning in his chest.

“Tu Long!” Suddenly, Su Yu shot a fierce glare at a spot in the spell, “How long are you going to hide until?”

In a secret spot in the spell, a ripple of spirit energy suddenly flashed by.

Tu Long was surprised, “You knew that I was here?”

Before Su Yu entered the spell, he faintly sensed that there was someone else hiding in the spell.

He had been anxious to save Zi Yunxiang, and had not thought too much about it then.

It could only be one person Tu Long!

With his intelligence, how would he stupidly enter the valley,when a massacre was happening?

The black robed man stopped his attack, turning to look in the direction where Tu Long was, his lips forming a mocking smile.

“So, you were indeed hiding here! It looks like you have been wary of me for some time?”

“I wonder how it feels to personally witness the brothers you cultivated over the years die?”

Tu Long clenched his fists, his eyes unable to hide his hatred.

He helplessly watched the brothers that had been following him all these years get massacred, but could not do anything about it. How painful was that?

“Even though I knew that this day would come, but First Head, you were too merciless!” Tu Long’s tone was deep and raspy, harboring an indescribable bitterness and anger.

This day came too quickly!

He had expected that First Head would only kill all of them after securing the key.

But unexpectedly, he had struck after Zi Yunxiang was captured, foiling all of his plans!

None of them managed to escape!

The black robed man nonchalantly laughed, “As intelligent as you are, how could you not expect that I would silence them by killing them? For safety reasons, I naturally had to dispose of them early, now that the plan is almost successful!”

Tu Long clenched his fists, fury filled his eyes, as if they were about to bleed.

“You! You will not have an easy death!”

Tu Long’s eyes were open wide, as he stepped on the ground with an angry roar.

He was stepping on a weird symbol. A bolt of spirit energy transferred from his leg to the symbol.

In that moment, the symbol started to spin.

The space in the spell started to solidify quickly!


Tu Long did not say a word, flying out of the spell, just as the space in the spell was solidifying.

But Su Yu was faster than him!


Su Yu hugged Zi Yunxiang, instantly flying out of the spell before the space solidified!

The black robed man froze for a moment, then his expression changed drastically, “Scumbag! What did you do to the spell?”

His only reply was the quickly solidifying space of the spell.

Tu Long’s expression was nervous and grave, he had escaped the spell just in time for the space within to completely solidify!

It was at this moment that he had the time to reply with hatred, “It is, of course. specially prepared for you! I had long expected this day to come, so I studied how to use spells over three years, before barely being able to reconstruct your spell!”

“Now the space in the valley has been completely sealed. There is no chance for you to come out in this three days!”

But what made Tu Long surprised was the cold, mocking laugh that came from the space behind him.

“Is that so?”


A palm struck out from within the spell, grabbing Tu Long’s right shoulder!

The black robed man slowly walked out, his face full of mockery, “I have to admit that you are very smart, being able to learn spells without a master! But you wish to alter my spell with just this little bit of knowledge? You overestimate yourself!”


Tu Long’s right shoulder shattered into pieces!

His entire arm had been wrung out by the black robed man!

Blood filled the sky, as the severed limb was tossed away.

The gory scene shocked everyone present!

Tu Long was grabbed into the spell, as he let out a pathetic scream.

Even though the black robed man thought highly of himself, it would seem that he was unable to release the altered spell. He had to capture Tu Long himself and get him to release the spell.

Otherwise, he would have just left the spell, why would he need to capture anyone into it?

With a spark of inspiration, Su Yu understood.

The black robed man was faking it. The altered spell did indeed have a restricting effect on him!

“Contortion of Space!” At the critical moment, Su Yu finally struck!

A contorted space enveloped the right arm of the black robed man.

The pupils of the black robed man dilated. This level of contortion was enough to cripple his right arm.

With a snap decision, the black robed man released Tu Long, retracting his arm quickly.

At the same moment, Su Yu took a step forward, grabbing Tu Long out of the spell!

“You dare!” The black robed man was furious, but could not do anything about the space between them. He could only open his eyes wide, looking at Su Yu grab Tu Long away, without being able to do anything about it!

Buzz Buzz

The spell shook, as the space completely solidified!

The black robed man was trapped within it. Other than the furious gaze in his eyes, he was unable to move his body.


They managed to escape in the end!

Time Acceleration, Seal of Time, Space Teleportation, Space Manipulation!

It was the first time Su Yu had to use all his abilities against an enemy.

The difference between their abilities could only be described as vast.

“Why did you save me?” The severed right arm of Tu Long was flowing with blood. He looked down at the ground, depressed as he sighed.

Su Yu did not need to save him.

Killing him, the black robed man would also not be able to release the spell, and be trapped within.

In that situation, it would be easier for Su Yu to kill him than to save him.

Su Yu glanced at him, calmly saying, “If you really wish to die, I can grant you your wish now.”

The reason for his saving Tu Long was because he had asked the Third Head to warn him of the powers of the black robed man.

Su Yu had taken the respect Tu Long had for him to heart.

Tu Long froze, lifting his head to see the overly shocked Zi Yunxiang, who was in a coma in Su Yu’s arms, bitterly laughing, “I have nearly killed your woman, my evil doings are too deep. You can do whatever you want with me.”

The Black Water Pirates were wiped out, his arm severed. He would become a cripple for the rest of his life.

Tu Long was depressed, and had no more longing for life. He had given up on fighting against fate.

Thinking for a moment, Tu Long turned back to look at the sealed black robed man. He hesitated for a moment, before opening his palm, throwing a jade bottle toward Su Yu, “I’ll give this to you, I no longer have any use for it.”