The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Succumbing To Inner Demons

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Su Yu caught the jade bottle subconsciously. The jade bottle contained an elixir.

“Spirit Fate Elixir!” Su Yu was shocked!

His eyes glowed fiercely: “Where did this elixir come from?”

Tu Long shrugged his shoulders: “No matter what happens, I am still a pirate. In close proximity, my talent of walking off with something is commendable.”

After his speech, he gazed toward the black-robed man.

The front of his robe was a bit messy!

The black-robed man’s pupils shrank abruptly. His eyes were burning with flames of fury and overflowing with thick hatred.

“You found it from his chest?” Su Yu’s gaze turned graved. It should be during that moment, when the black-robed man was about to capture Tu Long, that Tu Long stole the jade bottle from his chest.

However, what caused Su Yu to be shocked was wondering how a mere leader of the Black Water Piratescould have a Spirit Fate Elixir that only Deputy Palace Masters possessed!

“Tu! Long! You… ought to die!!” Suddenly, the spell shook violently. The black-robed man who had been sealed could actually still speak!

Tu Long’s expression changed: “Not good! Leave quickly! This spell cannot trap him for long!”

The spell’s effects were a lot weaker than he expected.

Su Yu’s gaze flashed. It was not good to stay at their current location for long.

Along with Tu Long and Zi Yunxiang, Su Yu gathered the strong martial artists outside the ravine, and all of them returned to Yinyu Manor mightily.

Tu Long was thrown inside the Heaven’s Prison of Yinyu Manor.

Zi Yunxiang was sent back into her room by Su Yu, and she was carefully served by the maids.

As for Su Yu, he held the Spirit Fate Elixir in his hands and started to train in seclusion immediately.

As the situation was dangerous, the stronger his abilities were, the greater the certainty!

Su Yu took a deep breath, opened his mouth, and swallowed the Spirit Fate Elixir.

At once, a terrifying energy, as though it was waves of a stormy sea, whistled within Su Yu’s body.

Inside the stormy sea, the boundaries between the Dragon Realm and Immortal Realm finally started to relax.

Immortal Realm, the realm of the real strong martial artists!

At that state, one could release his spiritual energy and suppress any strong martial artists of the Dragon Realm easily.

Thinking about the Liuxian Faction Master, he had only attained Immortal Realm Level One Lower Tier.

At that very moment, Su Yu was about to achieve their realm!

Filled with excitement, Su Yu awaited purification by the energy. He then started to comprehend many of his cultivation techniques.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”, which had stagnated at entry level for a very long time, finally showed signs of going to the next level of Lower Class.

As for Thunder Star Finger of”Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder”, after being incubated for a very long time, it showed signs of making a breakthrough to Stage One Top Class!

What fell behind was”Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air”, as it was still very far away from Stage One Top Class.

Su Yu settled down and started to train with great concentration.

After a few days, the city celebrated joyously.

The news of the Black Water Pirates being exterminated spread like wildfire within a few days.

The joint attack by the Seventeen Cities was stopped as a result.

The Black Water Pirates, who had caused the Yinyu Area to be puzzled for many years, were taken care of wonderfully in a short time, after Palace Master Yin Yu assumed his role as the Area Master.

In an instant, Su Yu’s mighty name became unrivalled.

On that day, at the border of the Yinyu Area, a yellow and green figure entered the district.

A yellow-robed woman was in front. She was about twenty years old. She had a tall figure and looked normal. Her lips were slender, her eyes were elongated, and she looked bitterly sarcastic.

Her cultivation base was at Immortal Level Two Peak.

Compared to Zang Jian, she was many times stronger.

“Palace Master An Fang, sending me up here is enough. From now on, I will be alright on my own.” The green-clothed woman behind her was about twenty-five to twenty-six years old and looked very beautiful.

Shelooked picturesque and her skin was smooth and soft, like it could be damaged with music.

She was tall and thin, yet curvaceous.

She was one of the rare beautiful women that was hard to find.

What was even more shocking, was that her cultivation base had achieved Immortal Level Three Lower Tier!

After hearing what was said, Palace Master An Fang stopped walking. When she turned her head and stared, it was not difficult to see the jealousy in her elongated eyes.

Although both of them were women and their ages were not far apart, it was very clear how different their abilities and looks were.

“Zhou Ruoting! Who did you say is the one who is here to see you off? Under the orders of Palace Master Ling, I am here specially to bring Su Yu to Lingxiao Palace. You are thinking too much!” Palace Master An Fang was the Deputy Palace Master ranked number four among the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters!

Comparing abilities, among the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters, her abilities were only inferior to the first three Deputy Palace Masters, which was commendable.

The beautiful woman, known as Zhou Ruoting, raised her head arrogantly and wore a mocking smile: “I am a first-class maid under Lord Bai Luo, and I am here specially, to bring Su Yu back to go on trial. You had better think properly. Will you cooperate with me or not?”

In front of the supreme Seven Lords of Darkness, if it were not one of the top few Deputy Palace Masters, they had no right to even see one of the Lords.

“You!” Palace Master An Fang bit her teeth slightly and could not help but be filled with hatred.

For Zang Jian’s death, Lord Bai Luo had sent Inspector Bai He, as well as Zhou Ruoting, to conduct an investigation.

They had already been waiting in Ling Xiaotian’s Lingxiao Palace a long time.

Xue Yao and Feng Qing had already been arrested and detained in the Lingxiao Palace. They were waiting for their verdict to be given.

Only Su Yu was left. Leader Tie Mu was specially sent to get him. However, after so many days, there was still no news.

Hence, Zhou Ruoting had to come personally.

As for Ling Xiaotian, he realized that the matter was strange and so he specially sent Deputy Palace Master An Fang over to prevent Su Yu from meeting with any mishaps.

At that very moment, Zhou Ruoting actually used Lord Bai Luo to pressurize Palace Master An Fang, which caused her to feel resentful: “Humph! You are just a maid, yet you think you have the right to be arrogant?”

The sarcastic words caused Zhou Ruoting to laugh mockingly like before: “Haha. It is not easy for anyone to become Lord Bai Luo’s maid. At the very least, it is not something that Palace Master An Fang can become!”

Zhou Ruoting’s sarcastic answer caused Palace Master An Fang to become silent.

Lord Bai Luo was one of the strong martial artists of the Seven Lords of Darkness.

Even if Zhou Ruoting were one of the Lord’s maids, she was only one of the most unique women out of tens of thousands of women!

She had great looks and a great training talent. Not a single one of these traits was dispensable.

Even if Palace Master An Fang offered her body and implored her to serve Lord Bai Luo, she would still not have the right to serve Lord Bai Luo.

At the very least, in terms of looks, she was far from being acceptable.

“Don’t try to be a savage!” Palace Master An Fang gave a hum with her nose. She flew toward Yinyu City by herself. In their contest, she was at a disadvantage.

In her heart, she felt annoyed.

She was actually not involved in this matter. However, she was implicated by Palace Master Yin Yu. Moreover, she was mocked by Zhou Ruoting, a maid, causing her to lose face!

Within her heart, she had lost all her good impressions of Su Yu.

Zhou Ruoting gave a charming sneer and chased after Palace Master An Fang.

After one day.

At Yinyu Manor.

Su Yu had finished comprehending his cultivation techniques.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”achieving Lower Class was just round the corner.

At that moment, the power of the word “Lin” would increase by more than double!

The power that it would display was incomparable to entry level. Between entry level and Lower Class, their difference was like Heaven and Earth.

Even if it were the very moment where the”Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”had made some progress, the power of the word “Lin” could not be compared to the past.

If he met with Leader Tie Mu again, he was confident that he could match him.

As for”Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air”, it had progressed slightly and was still quite far away from Stage One Top Class. However, as time passed, Su Yu was sure that he could make a breakthrough.

Lastly, the”Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder”had lived up to Su Yu’s expectations!

After training diligently and continuously, without resting, and in a space where there was faster time flow, Su Yu finally made a breakthrough to Stage One Top Class!

At that stage, Thunder Star Finger had been completely mastered!

Compared to Upper Class, its power had doubled.

Su Yu was filled with anticipation, wanting to find out the amount of power it possessed.

He had finished comprehending his cultivation techniques. Finally, it was that major obstacle that he had been trying to conquer persistently!

Under the shocking effects of the elixir, the boundary between the Dragon Realm and the Immortal Realm was still not overcome, even after three days and three nights!

Even though about thirty percent of the effects of the Spirit Fate Elixir had been used, it was still not enough to overcome the boundary!

“As expected of the boundary between the Dragon Realm and the Immortal Realm, its level of difficulty is way higher than normal!” Su Yu could not help but click his tongue in astonishment.

Having trained to this very day, there had never been a boundary that was as difficult to overcome as the Immortal Realm.

The good thing was that, after trying to overcome the boundary for three days and three nights, only a weak layer of the boundary remained, and Su Yu was about to overcome the boundary and make a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm!

Lumps of spiritual energy from the universe were as if they had been summoned by Su Yu, and gathered atop Su Yu’s head.

As the spiritual energy was too dense, it became spiritual vapor!

Strange things occurred atop Su Yu’s head.

That was the sign that Su Yu was about to make a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm!

Feeling delighted, Su Yu settled down and tried to conquer the boundary of the Immortal Realm with all his strength!

At the same time, in the skies of the Yinyu Manor, two uninvited guests arrived unexpectedly!

“Yin Yu, come out and answer my summons!” Zhou Ruoting stood at the sky above the Yinyu Manor. She lowered her head to look down and announced coldly.

Whiz, whiz, whiz

Strong martial artists of the Yinyu Manor came out and looked up at the two of them. Their expressions could not help but change.

They did not recognize Zhou Ruoting. However, they recognized Palace Master An Fang, the Deputy Palace Master who was ranked number four!

As for Zhou Ruoting’s words, Su Yu was unable to answer, as he had entered the critical moment where he was about to make a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm.

Although the Yinyu Manor had many strong martial artists, none of them had the right to answer her.

The awkward silence after a moment caused Zhou Ruoting’s elegance to deteriorate.

Palace Master An Fang wore a smile, where she took pleasure in Zhou Ruoting’s misfortune. She had a firm expression and reprimanded: “People of the Yinyu Manor, even though all of you have seen me, why didn’t all of you kneel down quickly and pay your respects to me?”


Logically, they were considered residents of the Yinyu Area. Hence, they would only kneel down and pay their respects to the Palace Master Yin Yu.

However, looking at it generally, they were people of the Empire of Darkness. Looking at the hierarchy, if other Palace Masters forced them to kneel down and pay respects, they would be unable to decline.

The people of the Yinyu Manor looked at each other. They then knelt down and paid their respects with dissatisfaction, after hesitating for some time.

“Greetings to Palace Master An Fang!”

Compared to the awkward silence of Zhou Ruoting, Palace Master An Fang had more influence.

In the contest between both of them, Palace Master An Fang’s actions a moment ago had allowed her to regain her dignity.

Palace Master An Fang’s face then wore a prideful expression. She looked down from a commanding position and said casually: “Tell me, where is Yin Yu? Get him to come out.”

Palace Master An Fang’s tone was as if she was talking to a subordinate.

Within the crowd, Fan Haisheng had a calm expression: “Reporting to Palace Master An Fang. Palace Master Yin Yu is currently training, and it is not advisable to disturb him. Why don’t the two of you take a rest in the Manor and let me go inform Palace Master Yin Yu?”

After hearing what was said, Palace Master An Fang’s eyebrows twitched at once: “What a bold lackey! Do you think you have the right to interfere with my orders? If I ask you to tell me, you must tell me. Where is he?”

In front of Zhou Ruoting, how could she tolerate her own dignity being compromised?

As for Zhou Ruoting, her beautiful face became slightly cold: “Humph! Do you think he has the right to make me wait for him?”

After hearing what was said, the people of the Yinyu Manor were secretly furious!

They were simply presumptuous!

What did those two women consider Palace Master Yin Yu to be?

Fan Haisheng stared at the two of them and sighed: “He is there! Please wait for a moment. The Palace Master seems to be at the most critical moment.”

The two women glanced over. It was not difficult to sense the inconspicuous and astronomical change of the air from one of the secret rooms.

Palace Master An Fang was surprised: “Eh? Making a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm? His training speed is unexpectedly fast!”


Palace Master An Fang arrived and descended in front of the secret room with a flash. She frowned and reprimanded: “Stop your training for a while. I have something for you. Come out now!”

Her words were not polite in the slightest bit. It was as if she was not concerned about the fact that Su Yu was at the critical moment, where he was about to make a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm!


Just now, a green shadow went over hastily and smashed the stone door with a palm!

Zhou Ruoting’s face was filled with impatience: “Pretentious! You still need me to invite you outside?”

As Su Yu was at the last step, why would he think of dealing with the two of them?

Zhou Ruoting, who charged in all of a sudden, caused the spiritual energy within Su Yu’s body to be in a disorder abruptly, which caused Su Yu to show signs of succumbing to inner demons.