The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Breaking Through To The Immortal Realm

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“Stop!” Sensing the commotion outside, Zi Yunxiang hurried over.

She was surprised to see Su Yu’s pained expression.

Shreds of manic spirit energy continually poured out of Su Yu. This was a sign of his succumbing to his inner demons.

If not controlled in time, the least that could happen was that Su Yu would fail to achieve his breakthrough. The worst was that the manic spirit energy would kill Su Yu!

Zhou Ruoting glanced over. A beautiful woman with looks comparable to hers entered her field of vision.

But her cultivation level was merely at the Dragon Realm. Zhou Ruoting had a look of disdain, “Stand to the side, you do not have the right to talk when I’m doing my stuff!”

Zi Yunxiang was anxious and angry. This envoy from the Empire was too overbearing!

She did not care about Su Yu’s safety!

Shifting her gaze, Zi Yunxiang anxiously looked at Palace Master An Fang, who was silently sitting to the side, “Palace Master An Fang, I beseech you to stop this person. Palace Master Yin Yu is at the critical moment of his cultivation and cannot be disturbed!”

Palace Master An Fang creased her brows, her expression cold and merciless, “What does his cultivation have to do with me? Wouldn’t it be resolved if he gave up on the breakthrough?”

If Su Yu could retract his spirit energy in time and give up on the breakthrough, he could avoid succumbing to his inner demons.

But considering the bottleneck between the Dragon Realm and the Immortal Realm, once the breakthrough failed, one would need a greater amount of energy in the future for the breakthrough.

A Spirit Fate Elixir was barely enough for Su Yu to achieve a breakthrough.

The next time around, the elixir would not be able to achieve this effect.

In other words, this was Su Yu’s only chance at a breakthrough!

Zi Yunxiang anxiously said, “Palace Master An Fang, seeing as how both of you are deputy palace masters, please step in and help him.”

In her anxiousness, Zi Yunxiang even lowered her status and pleaded with Palace Master An Fang.

Unexpectedly, Palace Master An Fang was unsympathetic, instead showing an expression of disgust, “Hmph! I hate people like you who try to threaten me!!”

“So what if we are both deputy palace masters? Do I owe him a favour? Why must I help him?”

Zi Yunxiang was so anxious that tears welled up in her eyes, her mind filled with worry for Su Yu’s safety.

A few days ago, Su Yu had taken a life-threatening risk, charging into the lair of the Black Water Pirates alone to save her.

But now, she could only helplessly witness an evil woman causing trouble at Su Yu’s most dangerous moment!

“But…” Zi Yunxiang pleaded bitterly.


Palace Master An Fang was restless, creasing her brows as she drew her up sleeves.

A bolt of wind assaulted Zi Yunxiang, sending her flying ten meters back!


With a cry, Zi Yunxiang bled from the side of her lips, her face turning pale.

This action infuriated the kneeling members of the Yinyu Manor!

Even the collected Fan Haisheng felt a little anger, “Palace Master An Fang! Even if you do not regard the bonds between deputy palace masters, was it necessary to injure her?”

This person was not only cold, but also extremely overbearing.

Palace Master An Fang surveyed the crowd, who were shooting furious glares at her. Her eyes formed slits of cold light, “You bunch of servants, glare at me any longer and I’ll gouge your eyes out!”

The members of the Yinyu Manor could only be angry, but did not dare speak out. They secretly clenched their fists, their hearts filled with an indescribable anger.

What right did Palace Master An Fang have to be a deputy palace master?

It was alright if she did not help her fellow brethren, it was alright if she did not stop an outsider from barging in, but to injure Zi Yunxiang in her impatience, when she was pleading for Su Yu!

What did she treat them as? Dogs?

Fan Haisheng helped Zi Yunxiang up, saying, “Miss Zi, you should not…”

But Zi Yunxiang shook Fan Haisheng away, her expression changing drastically as she charged into the secret chamber!

That was because Zhou Ruoting had already entered the secret chamber, her palm striking down at Su Yu’s shoulder!

It looks like she was about to forcefully stop Su Yu from breaking through!

Once that happened, Su Yu would definitely succumb to his inner demons!


Even though they were far apart, Zi Yunxiang, in her anxiety, charged forward, without any consideration for the consequences.

Zhou Ruoting did not look back, her eyebrows creasing slightly, “You dare stop me from doing what I want to do, take another step and I’ll kill you!”

Words filled with killing intent escaped Zhou Ruoting’s mouth. Those words were stern and ice cold.

Fan Haisheng’s expression changed, “Miss Zi, don’t!”

Anyone would have realised that Zhou Ruoting was serious!

Palace Master An Fang had not regarded their lives as important, much less Zhou Ruoting?

Killing them was akin to killing dogs. They had no pity for them!

But Zi Yunxiang only had care for Su Yu’s safety in her heart.

They had met only a few months ago, but Su Yu had already done her favors she could never repay.

How could she watch as Su Yu was about to be killed by someone?

“Insolence!” Zhou Ruoting lifted her hand, shooting out a bolt of spirit energy.


Just how overbearing was the spirit energy of an Immortal Realm Level Three fighter?

A destructive force instantly approached Zi Yunxiang, about to blast her slender body into pieces!


Zi Yunxiang felt as though she had been struck by lightning, as she was sent flying fifty meters back!

She crashed onto a large tree with a heavy impact, instantly spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The minor injuries she sustained from Palace Master An Fang instantly turned into grievous wounds.


Zi Yunxiang fell to the floor, her body drenched in blood and laced with multiple injuries.

Her hair was unkempt, her robes torn. A gash of blood flowed from her forehead down her beautiful face.

Her haggard looks now were completely different from her beautiful looks of the past.

Cough Cough

Leaning on the big tree, Zi Yunxiang stood up with difficulty. She dragged her heavy feet as she made her way toward Su Yu.

“He must not die…” There was blood at the corner of her lips as she silently muttered. Zi Yunxiang stubbornly continued forward.

Palace Master An Fang was looking at the side, shaking her head as she laughed, “She deserves it!”

Zhou Ruoting was surprised, “That’s weird, she did not die!”

She was clear of how powerful the technique was just now. A Dragon Realm cultivator like Zi Yunxiang would undoubtedly die. To think that she only suffered major injuries!

Could she possess a treasure, or some weird technique?

“Fine, I wish to see how many attacks you could bear before you died!” A cold expression flashed past Zhou Ruoting’s beautiful face.


But just as Zhou Ruoting was about to attack, her expression changed slightly as she looked down. The large amount of spirit energy around Su Yu entered his body like waves.

The pained expression on Su Yu’s face was long gone, replaced with an indescribable feeling of comfort.

A massive life force, different from that of a Dragon Realm cultivator, seeped out from within Su Yu.

“He broke through?” Zhou Ruoting was a little surprised.

He was about to succumb to his inner demons. Who would have thought that, at the most critical moment, he would charge past the dangers and the bottleneck to break through into the Immortal Realm!

Following the absorption of the manic spirit energy, a destructive aura was released from Su Yu’s body!

Shreds of spirit energy were released from Su Yu’s pores into the surroundings!

This was the external release of spirit energy!

This was a sign of an Immortal Realm cultivator!

At the most critical moment, Su Yu had charged past the last bottleneck and achieved the breakthrough!

Opening his eyes, his two strange eyes, which were red and purple, shot out two bolts of spirit energy. In that moment, the air trembled as the debris under his feet shook.

A layer of dust and debris shot out into the surroundings, with Su Yu at the centre!

Zhou Ruoting subconsciously took a few steps back in retreat, surprise filling her heart, “What is going on? It is only breaking through to the Immortal Realm, where did this energy come from?”

“Wait! He is not only at Immortal Realm Level One, he has broken through to Immortal Realm Level One Peak!” Zhou Ruoting could sense it at her cultivation level.

“Could it be that he consumed a Spirit Fate Elixir?”

With her legs trembling, Zu Yunxiang stepped forward, her expression one of relief. Her bloody lips formed a relieved smile.

After that, her legs buckled, unable to support herself as she slipped into a coma.


An air crackling sound assaulted her. Just as Zi Yunxiang was about to slip into a coma, Su Yu’s handsome face entered her sights.

A gentle and apologetic sigh circled around her ears, “Was it worth it?”

Closing her eyes, Zi Yunxiang slipped into a coma, her lips keeping the satisfied smile, as if in reply to Su Yu It is all worth it, as long as you are alright.

Su Yu silently stood in the pavilion, after gently settling Zi Yunxiang there.

A breeze blew, causing several strands of silver hair to dance. His White Moon Spiritual Ice Robe billowed gently in the wind.

His painting-like back figure harboured an indescribable charisma.

But everyone in the crowd — the members of the Yinyu Manor, Palace Master An Fang, Zhou Ruoting — all of them could clearly feel the killing intent radiating from the back figure!

A moment later, Su Yu slowly turned over.

His calm gaze pierced through the air, falling on the members of the Yinyu Manor who were kneeling on the ground.

“Who asked y’all to kneel?” Su Yu calmly said.

The expressions of the members of the Yinyu Manor were bitter as they looked at each other.

“Other than Palace Master Lin, you can only kneel to me! There will be no next time! Stand up!” Su Yu had his hands behind him as he calmly spoke, inspiring awe without fury.

The members of the Yinyu Manor heaved a big sigh of relief, their expressions full of shame.

They had not only been forced to kneel, but were unable to stand up against the enemy, like Zi Yunxiang when Su Yu was in danger.

Su Yu’s not punishing them was already a great mercy.

In front of Palace Master An Fang and Zhou Ruoting, in front of absolute authority, they were too insignificant and were unable to fight back. Su Yu would naturally not be angry at them.

“Wait!” At this moment, Palace Master An Fang creased her brows, “Continue kneeling! You can only stand after I am sitting! If I am standing, you can only kneel!”

“Without my orders, you are not to rise!”


The members of the Yinyu Manor froze.

Su Yu’s expression was peaceful as always, “Stand up!”

The crowd looked at each other, clenching their teeth as they continued standing.

They believed in Palace Master Yin Yu. With the ceremony, the Black Water Pirates, whe palace master had surprised them on many occasions.

Palace Master An Fang raised her eyebrows, her eyes filled with fury, “Servants! You dare stand together with me? Kneel!”


Su Yu took a step forward. Even though it was a casual step, it caused Palace Master An Fang’s heart to contract.

“If you like to kneel, you are free to kneel. My men can only kneel for me!” Su Yu calmly said.

Palace Master An Fang scolded, “Do not forget, I am the fourth deputy palace master!”


Su Yu took another step towards her, “En, I know that, but this is the Yinyu Manor!”

The clash of words deeply upset Palace Master An Fang.

Especially being talked back to by the tenth palace master, who was much lower in status in front of Zhou Ruoting, made her lose a lot of face!

To avoid being reduced to a joke in front of Zhou Ruoting, Palace Master An Fang did not harp on this incident, turning as she rushed on, “Stop the nonsense, follow me!”


Su Yu once again took another step, calmly saying, “En, what matters do you have with me, say it.”

The demeanor of someone of a higher status ordering her displeased Palace Master An Fang. She coldly said, “Under the orders of Palace Master Lin, I am to bring you back for interrogation! You have a lot of guts to dare to kill Zang Jian!”


Su Yu continued stepping forward, stroking his chin, “En, any other matters?”

Palace Master An Fang creased her brows as she said, “Of course you are to leave with me! If not for Palace Master Lin’s direct orders, I would not have to care about your private affairs…”

But her sentence was interrupted by Su Yu.

“That is to say that you have no other matters?” Su Yu stood his ground, merely ten zhang away from Palace Master An Fang.

Palace Master An Fang raised her brows, “Oh? That is to say that you have matters for me?”

Glancing at Zi Yunxiang, who was in a coma, her lips formed a sarcastic smile, “You wish to seek revenge for her?”

Zi Yunxiang had suffered two attacks, the first of which came from Palace Master An Fang!

“Since you already know, I do not need to say any more.” Within Su Yu’s peaceful eyes was an ice cold light.

“Hahaha.. What a joke! I thought that you would have a little cunning in you, since you were able to kill Zang Jian, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to kill him at a lower cultivation level. It looks like I overestimated you!”

“How arrogant must you be, to think that a person who had just broken into the Immortal Realm could stand against an Immortal Realm Level Two Peak?” Palace Master An Fang could not help but laugh heartily.

Weirdly, the members of the Yinyu Manor were all staring at her with a look of pity.

It was in this manor, where a red robed guard of Immortal Realm Level Three died!

Sensing the weird atmosphere, Palace Master An Fang stopped laughing. The weird looks caused goosebumps to develop all over her.