The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 303

Chapter 303 A Debt Of Blood Must Be Paid In Blood

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“What a group of lunatics!” After whispering to herself, Palace Master An Fang’s cold eyes looked toward Su Yu, and she shook her head coldly: “For me, I want to use this opportunity to teach you a lesson. If you mistake good for bad…”

However, after her speech, Su Yu’s nonchalant voice could be heard.

“Thunder Star Finger!”


Looking at Su Yu’s index finger, there was a purple thunder ball the size of an eyeball, overflowing with violent thunder arcs.

Gazing at it, one could see that the thunder ball was created by the accumulation of excessive thunder and lightning.

Every thunder arc contained the frightening power of a thunderbolt.

A ball of it was filled with hundreds of thunderbolts!

When combined together, the destructive power of the thunderbolt was shocking!

The aura that it emitted was not inferior to”Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters”of entry level in the slightest!

The dazzling light of the thunder caused Su Yu’s face to become extremely strange. His silver hair was also colored into an unusual purple by the purple light!

That pair of eyes, which was as deep as a galaxy, was like a black hole at that very moment.

Palace Master An Fang’s face became serious. She then said, surprised: “An immortal level cultivation technique of Stage one Top Class!! How is it possible for you to achieve that?”

Looking at their age, Palace Master An Fang was twenty years old, while Su Yu was only sixteen.

However, from the remnant of a manual of an immortal level cultivation technique, Palace Master An Fang started to comprehend it, when she became sensible. Ten years had now passed, and she had only managed to comprehend her immortal level cultivation technique to Stage One Upper Class. She was still a step away from Stage One Top Class.

However, Su Yu attacked with a flash and Palace Master An Fang could only take the attack hurriedly!

“Flower Shadow of a Heavy Mountain!” Palace Master An Fang’s spiritual energy gathered in her palm. In no time, full-blown flowers, which could fill the sky, surrounded her palm.

A flower palm, like many shadows superimposed on one another, collided with Su Yu to attack outrageously!

Rumble, bang

A gentle technique and a fierce attack, which should have cancelled out one another in the collision, emitted a shocking roar!

The flower shadows dispersed disorderly, and it were annihilated by the purple thunder arc.

Palace Master An Fang’s yellow-clothed figure was sent flying, and she was like a flower petal drifting with the wind and blood.

Her face was filled with pain, shock, and fear!

She was actually not someone who could match Su Yu!

Her confidence was shattered at that very moment!

“Do you now understand that you are actually weak?” The extremely cold words reverberated in her ears!

Palace Master An Fang saw that Su Yu took advantage of the opportunity to chase after her, and she felt anxious: “What are you doing? We are both Deputy Palace Masters. Why are you so ruthless?”

Su Yu laughed coldly: “We are both Deputy Palace Masters? So you also know that we are both Deputy Palace Masters!”

“You are an outsider, who acted in spite of the fact that I was in the critical moment of making a breakthrough to the Immortal Realm. You acted in spite of the fact that I might succumb to inner demons. You acted in spite of the fact that my life might be in danger. When Zhou Ruoting was about to capture me forcefully, what were you, who are also a Deputy Palace Master, doing?”

“When Zi Yunxiang begged you twice, what did you, a Deputy Palace Master like me, do?”

“Zi Yunxiang was injured by someone. However, she was not injured by the palm of the outsider. Instead, she was injured by the palm of you, an ‘insider’!”

“Have you really treated yourself as one of the Deputy Palace Masters of the Empire of Darkness’ Sub Palace of the north continent? When an outsider bullied a weak Deputy Palace Master, you did not help him, did not protect your junior, and did not fulfill your duty as a senior. Instead, you showed off your power and forced everyone to kneel down! Instead, you looked on, unconcerned, with cold eyes, as though you had nothing to do with the matter! Moreover, you did not teach the outsider a lesson. Instead, you attacked the ‘insider’ ruthlessly!”

“Are you even fit to be a Deputy Palace Master?”


Su Yu’s palm slapped Deputy Palace Master An Fang’s face resolutely.

At once, blood splashed about and a bloody palm print was left behind on Deputy Palace Master An Fang’s face.

Rumble, puff

Palace Master An Fang was sent flying by the slap and crashed into a wall. She covered her boiling hot face and was filled with extreme hatred: “You… You have humiliated me!”


What answered her was Su Yu, who caught up with her with a flash and slapped the other side of her face.

In addition to leaving behind another bloody palm print, Palace Master An Fang was slapped to the point that blood splashed everywhere.

“The first slap is the price that you have to pay for working against the interests of the Palace Master! The second slap is the price that you have to pay for injuring Zi Yunxiang!”

Palace Master An Fang was extremely ashamed and resentful, to the point that she was inconsolable. She was actually slapped two times consecutively, in front of everyone!

From then on, in the north continent’s Sub Palace, she would lose all her prestige!

“I will remember you…” Palace Master An Fang’s eyes were glowing with hatred as she glared at Su Yu!


Just then, a leg stepped on her chest ruthlessly, causing her chest to cave in slightly, which caused her bones to crack with a cracking sound!

The blood that her flesh contained gushed out from her mouth.

Her two eyeballs, which moved crazily due to the extreme pain, were filled with shock and disbelief. Su Yu actually dared to injure her fatally!

Palace Master An Fang felt continuous pressure from her chest. That was the sign that Su Yu wanted to take her life!

“What… What do you want to do to me?” Deputy Palace Master An Fang’s expression, which was filled with hatred, was replaced by fear.

When Deputy Palace Master An Fang recalled the matter where Su Yu dared to kill Deputy Palace Master Zang Jian, her whole body trembled and she was filled with even more fear!

Su Yu withdrew his leg apathetically, saying coldly: “I am just teaching you when to be arrogant and when to lay low!”

Although the people of the Yinyu Manor were expressionless, it was not difficult to see that they were filled with excitement.

In their eyes, they were venting their anger!

Although Palace Master An Fang was beaten by Su Yu into a dying dog, she did not restrain herself, but rather actually dared to look at Su Yu with hatred!

This kind of woman, who thought highly of herself, should be beaten to death!

Sure enough, Palace Master An Fang covered her chest. Her face, which was still fierce and malicious a moment ago, changed into a fearful expression filled with tears in the blink of an eye.

After giving a light hum, Su Yu stopped looking at her, and his gaze drifted toward the other person!

Zhou Ruoting leaned against the courtyard wall and stood charmingly. She wore a true yet fake mocking smile. She then clapped her hands and laughed coldly: “Haha, interesting. You have really widened my perspective.”

Su Yu looked over dully: “Yes. Please tell me what you have for me. You only have half a cup of tea’s time.”

An aggressive stance caused Zhou Ruoting to laugh coldly: “Do you really think that I can be compared to a small fry like Palace Master An Fang? If you wish to teach me a lesson, perhaps you might be disappointed!”

“After all, I am Lord Bai Luo’s subordinate. Under the special orders of Lord Bai Luo, I am here to bring you back to receive your punishment! Also, you had better tell me the whereabouts of Leader Tie Mu honestly. When did he come, and whether he left behind any information. You must give me an explanation to all of this!”

As expected, it was Lord Bai Luo.

If Su Yu did not remember wrongly, Leader Tie Mu’s Master, Inspector Bai He, rushed to the north continent from a distant place to order Ling Xiaotian to hand over the ten Deputy Palace Masters, which he had nurtured to Lord Bai Luo.

Moreover, Li Tianqiang seemed like he was very closely related to Lord Bai Luo.

At that very moment, Lord Bai Luo took advantage of the opportunity to make things difficult for Su Yu!

“Haha, you must be shocked. My identity is very far from your expectations! If you understand, cooperate with me immediately.” Zhou Ruoting said arrogantly.

To one’s surprise, Su Yu regained his senses, looked at her, and said apathetically: “You keep calling yourself a honorable person. I have thought that you were an impressive big shot. But you are actually a maid who lives upon others’ favor!”

Zhou Ruoting’s expression turned slightly serious and her beautiful face was slightly cold. She then grinned with dissatisfaction: “Stop clinging obstinately to your own opinions! I do not need you to say anything. Allow yourself to be captured without any resistance, if not, haha…”


With a flash of Zhou Ruoting’s figure, her fair and clear palm turned into a claw. She ripped open the atmosphere and headed toward Su Yu swiftly and fiercely.

How was such an action capturing Su Yu alive? It was evident that she wanted to kill Su Yu on the spot!

A gust of strong wind dispersed Su Yu’s silver hair, and his grave, stern, and deep eyes appeared abruptly: “Looks like you have nothing else for me. Since that is the case, use your blood to pay for your debt!”

She had almost caused Su Yu to succumb to inner demons, which almost caused Su Yu to die again and again.

She caused Zi Yunxiang to be injured fatally, which caused Zi Yunxiang to faint on the spot!

A debt of blood like this must be repaid in blood!