The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Merciless

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“I am the maid of Lord Bai Luo, you dare touch me, despite being a mere vice palace master?” Zhou Ruoting grunted and laughed, disregarding the status of a vice palace master.

“Don’t hold yourself in too high regard for being a maid, you’ll only invite laughter from the people!” Su Yu calmly answered.

In the main palace of the Empire, her status was lowly, and she could only be ordered around.

But at the sub palace, her confidence swelled, as she looked down on anyone who was not from the main palace.

In other words, she was merely taking advantage of the fact that she was from the main palace and had forgotten her status.

This was the reason she dared to interrupt a vice palace master from breaking through without consideration. This was also the reason she dared to injure a person under the vice palace master!

“Hehe, even if I am a maid, a mere vice palace master cannot hold up against me!” Zhou Ruoting lifted her chin as she grunted proudly.


Zhou Ruoting’s movement techniques were extremely fast, her hands reaching for Su Yu’s shoulder, “It is over, my vice palace master!”

“Is it?” Su Yu coldly said, “Thunder Star Finger!”

A ball of purple thunder spun atop Su Yu’s finger, striking out with the power of lightning!

A fantasy like purple glow illuminated the horizon.

But Zhou Ruoting’s expression was calm. Her five fingers released spirit energy as she grabbed toward Su Yu.

“Green Mountain Clear Water Seal!”

The five bolts of spirit energy intertwined, forming a seal about the size of a palm.


The ball of lightning conjured by the Thunder Star Finger instantly dissipated.

Su Yu’s powerful technique could not hold a candle to his opponent’s!

Palace Master An Fang was secretly shocked. What terrifying abilities.

An immortal level technique at Level One Peak was so casually dispelled!

A bitter light shot out from deep within her eyes, “Yin Yu! You are finished!”

Easily dispelling Su Yu’s most powerful attack, Zhou Ruoting had a mocking smile, “Vice palace master, your abilities are so weak, despite your status? You really scare me!”

With her mocking laugh, Zhou Ruoting shook her head, her palm striking toward Su Yu’s shoulder, “Today I shall teach you how to imitate a dog and hang your head low, when your abilities do not match up to your opponent’s!”

Su Yu looked up, calmly laughing, “Only when one is used to being a dog does one hope that others would become a dog along with them. You are indeed a maid. Your insecurities come straight from your heart!”

These words agitated Zhou Ruoting, her expression becoming fierce, “I’ll tear apart that dog’s mouth of yours!”

Su Yu took in a breath, the spirit energy in the surroundings suddenly bristling with energy. A destructive energy was rapidly taking shape within Su Yu’s mouth.

“Then I shall teach you the difference in our status’!” Su Yu’s gaze turned cold, suddenly shooting out a destructive soundwave!

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters. Lin!”

Zhou Ruoting was only half a zhang away from Su Yu, unable to defend herself in time. Her sinister expression instantly turned rigid, her pupils gradually dilating as she opened her eyes wide, “What is this technique, how could it…”


Her red lips parted, as she let out a pathetic cry. She spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her slender body was sent flying several meters back, crashing into a pile of debris.

With a cry of surprise, Zhou Ruoting was covered in mud. Besides surprise, she also had a look of shame and anger, “You dare injure me, Lord Bai Luo would never forgive you!”

“Thunder Star Finger!”

But Su Yu was not in the mood for pity, continuing his attack on the heavily injured Zhou Ruoting!



With a pitiful cry, Zhou Ruoting’s haggard figure was sent flying, her flesh burnt and bloodied as she landed in front of the members of the Yinyu Manor.


Zhou Ruoting was sprawled on the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood, her expression one of shock and fury.


Su Yu stepped forward, looking down at her, “Didn’t your Lord Bai Luo teach you that, when you are weaker than the other party, you should hang your head low like a dog? This is the outcome when you attempt to bark at me!”

The same words were returned to Zhou Ruoting, causing her to feel shame and fury.

“Yin Yu! I swear that I’ll never..”


A leg suddenly stepped on her stomach.

The sudden force shattered Zhou Ruoting’s organs, causing her to spit out a large mouthful of blood.

The audience was shocked, their bodies trembling. The gazes they shot at Su Yu was ones of fear and respect.

What a ruthless palace master, to even have the heart to violate and injure a person as beautiful as Zhou Ruoting!

“You still have not learned how to lower your head like a dog!” Su Yu coldly shook his head, “You, a maid, have the cheek refer to yourself as ‘respected one’ in front of me?”

“You are a maid in the main palace of the Empire. In front of me, Yin Yu, you are still a maid! I will teach you what difference in status means for Lord Bai Luo!”

Su Yu did not sympathise with such an insolent, overbearing woman.

If not for the brief moment Zi Yunxiang brought him, Su Yu’s breakthrough would have been stopped by her and succumbed to his inner demons!

If not for the fact that he had broken through in time, Zi Yunxiang would have been killed by her!

Su Yu would not feel pity for killing this woman.

Zhou Ruoting’s eyes were filled with flames of fury.

A mere vice palace master of a sub palace dared to treat her this way. She was not fit to be human if she did not get her revenge!


Just as she was about to shoot a murderous glare at Su Yu, her stomach suffered from another of Su Yu’s kicks.

This kick broke several of her ribs!

The ribs pierced through her flesh, dripping fresh blood as the wound was exposed to the air.


A pathetic wail escaped Zhou Ruoting’s mouth.

The members of the Yinyu Manor broke into a collective cold sweat!

Was he going to kill Zhou Ruoting?

At this moment, the hearts of those looking at Su Yu were cold!

Even Palace Master An Fang was trembling, her eyes filled with fear.

At this moment, she understood the mercy bestowed onto her by Su Yu!

Compared to what Zhou Ruoting was subjected to now, Su Yu had been kind to her!

Finally, in her pain, Zhou Ruoting got off her high horse for the first time, looking straight at Su Yu’s eyes.

From Su Yu’s eyes, she saw his deep killing intent!

Su Yu wanted to kill her!

Fear gripped her heart. Zhou Ruoting instantly felt helpless. Her status as Lord Bai Luo’s maid instantly dissolved!

She finally understood how meaningless her status was in Su Yu’s eyes!

With death approaching, the helplessness and fear caused the arrogant Zhou Ruoting to break into tears, her bloodied lips trembling as she wept, “Sorry….. Sorry, please don’t kill me.”

The killing intent in Su Yu’s eyes did not decrease.

This person deserves death!

But at this moment, the commotion woke Zi Yunxiang up from her coma.

Lying in the pavilion, she turned her head, her breathing weak, “No.. Don’t!”

His crimes were already grave for killing Leader Tie Mu. If he killed Zhou Ruoting, his name would never be cleared.

Su Yu’s decision to kill Zhou Ruoting was partly for himself, but more to speak up for Zi Yunxiang!

She already owed Su Yu too much, she did not want to owe him any more.

Su Yu’s expression turned calmer, coldly looking at Zhou Ruoting. His killing intent gradually subsided, “You should be thankful for the fact that you did not kill her. Otherwise, you would already be dead!”

Zhou Ruoting secretly heaved a sigh of relief, her fear decreasing quickly, as she realised that Su Yu might not have the guts to kill her!

She was ultimately a maid of Lord Bai Luo. Even Zi Yunxiang realised that she cannot be killed, much less Palace Master Yin Yu?

The killing intent shown just now would just be for show.

Shuffle Shuffle

At this moment, supported by Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang made her way in front of Zhou Ruoting. She took off her outer coat and draped it over Zhou Ruoting’s injured body.

Zhou Ruoting was expressionless, but deep in her eyes were disgust and disdain.

But she did not dare say anything.

She did not care for Zi Yunxiang’s kind intentions!

“Miss Zhou, can you not find any more trouble with Yin Yu, I can only save you once.”

Save me once? Zhou Ruoting snorted!

Even if Zi Yunxiang did not speak up, Su Yu might not have the guts to kill her!

As if sensing Zhou Ruoting’s disdain, Zi Yunxiang let out a sigh, silently standing up.

“Wait!” Zhou Ruoting coldly asked, “Where is Leader Tie Mu? Did he come here?”

She looked at Su Yu with a little fear, her tone relaxing, “I do not care about your matters anymore, but please tell me when Leader Tie Mu left.”

She had two missions, to capture Su Yu and to find Leader Tie Mu.

Leader Tie Mu? The members of the Yinyu Manor had weird looks.

Only Su Yu casually said, “Him? He left five days ago.”

“Where did he go?” Zhou Ruoting creased her brows. Why hasn’t he reported back, if he left five days ago?

Su Yu looked down, calmly saying, “To hell, of course!”

Hell? Zhou Ruoting trembled, her eyes squinting, “He’s dead? Who killed him…..”

Zhou Ruoting stopped abruptly, suddenly lifting her head as she looked at Su Yu in fear. Her voice trembled as she said, “You… You killed him?”

Su Yu’s expression was cold, “Why, you wish to go there too?”


It was as if a million thunderbolts struck Zhou Ruoting’s brain!

Just who is this Palace Master Yin Yu? To have the guts to kill Leader Tie Mu? He is the leader of the guards of Inspector Bai He!

In terms of status, he is a whole level higher than her!

Hearing the killing intent in Su Yu’s words, Zhou Ruoting hung her head low in a hurry, shaking her head in fear, “No, I’m not…. I was merely surprised.”

Su Yu let out a cold laugh, “What are you surprised about? Surprised that I dare kill an envoy from the so-called main palace?”

“Let’s not talk about a small maid like you, even if Lord Bai Luo were to come down personally and dare to injure any of my men, I’d kill him too!”

Zhou Ruoting was trembling, slipping completely into fear.

At this moment, she finally realised that Zi Yunxiang had indeed saved her life!

He even dared to kill Leader Tie Mu, how much less, her?

If not for Zi Yunxiang speaking up for her just now, she would have been an icy corpse!

“Yes Yes….” Zhou Ruoting was shivering in fear.

Su Yu looked around, “The both of you, stay in the manor for a day before following me to the Lingxiao Palace.”

Being looked at by Su Yu, Palace Master An Fang shivered, “Fine, we will follow your instructions.”

The two of them had been sent here to capture Su Yu to the Lingxiao Palace.

In the end, they were listening to Su Yu’s orders.

Returning to the house, Su Yu transferred spirit energy into Zi Yunxiang’s body to heal her wounds.

Zi Yunxiang was filled with worry, “Yin Yu, you have really decided to head to the Lingxiao Palace? It might still be fine, if you escaped now.”

The investigation team of the Empire was waiting in the Lingxiao Palace.

Heading there now was like sending himself to a slaughterhouse.

Su Yu slowly retracted his palm, sighing, “I am not guilty. If I escaped now, the crimes would be completely pegged to my name. I would have no chance to explain myself.”

“Furthermore, with the power of the Empire of Darkness, even if I were to escape for an instant, I would not be able to hide from them forever.” Su Yu calmly said, “Rather than that, why not head to Lingxiao Palace and accept the investigations. There might be some chance for me there.”

“Furthermore, I trust that Palace Master Ling would give me a fair trial.”

In the past, Ling Xiaotian had invited him to join the Empire of Darkness and had promised him fairness.

Considering Ling Xiaotian’s character, he knew he would not lie.

Zi Yunxiang lowered her head as she clenched her fist, “I’ll follow you.”

She was worried that Su Yu would meet with misfortune.

Considering for a moment, Su Yu did not object, “Alright.”

The mysterious leader of the Black Water Pirates wanted to abduct Zi Yunxiang, to force him to hand over the key.

Leaving Zi Yunxiang alone in the Yinyu Area was not safe. He might as well take her along with him.

Zi Yunxiang displayed a smile, “Thank you.”

If there was a chance, she could repay Su Yu’s favors.

With a day’s rest, Zi Yunxiang’s injuries were more or less healed.

Palace Master An Fang was mostly recovered, but Zhou Ruoting could only lie flat, her injuries not yet healed.

The group of them sat on a large condor, flying toward the Lingxiao Palace at the center of the territory.