The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 305

Chapter 305 The Eight Great Ancient Clans

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“Palace Master Yin Yu, why did you bring me along? Are you trying to take credit for your achievement from the Great Palace Master? Indeed, I still have a bit of use.” Tu Long was also brought along by Su Yu and laughed at himself.

Su Yu looked at his crippled right arm and said indifferently: “I brought you along for a purpose. You just need to follow me.”

Tu Long was surprised. After which, he had a lonely smile: “The journey this time around is fraught with grim possibilities. If it is possible, I would like to request Palace Master Yin Yu to go to the Dark Forest to see one person on my behalf.”

Dark Forest? Su Yu did not answer.

“Originally, even if I am not involved, second brother would go. However, since you surrounded the Black Water Pirates back then, he most probably died in your hands, right?” Tu Long was calm and his eyes did not contain any hatred.

He knew that the Black Water Pirates had caused many tragic events in the Yinyu Area.

It was natural for Su Yu to exterminate the Black Water Pirates.

“If I die, I hope that Palace Master Yin Yu can bring my bone ash and make a trip to the Tu family, which is in the Anyue City of the Dark Forest. Tell them that their unworthy descendant Tu Long had let them down.” Tu Long wore a listless expression: “I will write a letter, and they will give you a chance to enter the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool.”

Su Yu frowned: “What is the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool…”

To one’s surprise, Palace Master An Fang, who was beside him, was surprised. She could not help but say in shock: “The Thousand Soldier Pool of the Anyue City? How are you related to the Tu family?”

Palace Master An Fang actually said Tu Long’s surname!

Even the expression of Zhou Routing from the Empire’s headquarters changed greatly, after hearing what was said, and she said, surprised: “Could it be that you are part of that Tu family in the Anyue City? That’s impossible. If you are a member of the Tu family, how can you be here?”

Eh? Was the Dark Forest’s Tu family very famous?

Tu Long laughed at himself: “I am just an unworthy descendant, and I feel ashamed to consider myself one of the members of the Tu family.”

Su Yu looked at Zhou Ruoting: “The Tu family is part of which area’s forces?”

If she did not remember wrongly, the Dark Forest was located between the boundaries of the north continent and east continent. Their land was very vast, about ten thousand miles broad.

Anyue City was located in the north continent.

It was controlled together by the north continent’s Three Great Forces, Snow Listening Tower, Phoenix Cabinet and the Hundred Territories Alliance.

What was with the Tu family?

Zhou Ruoting dared not hesitate: “The Eight Great Surnames of the UniverseQin, Shi, Ming, Yue, Gui, Tu, Wan, Li! The eight surnames are the most ancient surnames, ever since the world was created.”

“Just like the Empire of Darkness, they had existed for a very long time! The Tu family is one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans and has been hiding in the Anyue City for a long time.”

“I have heard Lord Bai Luo saying that, if one could obtain the Tu family, he could obtain the world! The reason behind this was the Tu family’s Ten Thousand Soldier Pool! It is rumored that the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool contained the grave of the divine artifacts. Countless divine artifacts, including damaged divine artifacts, settled in the pool!”

“Originally, the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool was not very special. However, for countless years, successive generations of the Tu family used their own special blood to irrigate the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool. This caused the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool to undergo an unusual change. The destroyed divine artifacts within the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool fused with the blood of the members of the Tu family, creating a mysterious spiritual liquid which could initialize divine artifacts!”

Initialize divine artifacts?

Su Yu’s heart shrank abruptly.

This meant that, if he obtained the divine artifacts of others, he could erase its Master’s mark and force it to recognize him as its Master!

The Divine Ice Threads had accompanied Su Yu for a long time and did not recognize Su Yu to be its Master at all. The reason was that its Master was that monarch of the Divine Ice Ancient Kingdom. Since the Divine Ice Threads had a Master a long time ago, Su Yu could only rely on cultivation techniques to exhibit the power of the Divine Ice Threads forcefully. However, he could only exhibit about thirty percent of the Divine Ice Threads’ power.

If he could have entered the Ten Thousand Soldier Pool earlier, the Divine Ice Threads would have recognized him as Master a long time ago. However, it had been completely destroyed.

Firstly, Leader Tie Mu destroyed more than half of it. Lastly, the Black Water Pirates’ First Head destroyed it completely.

However, if he could obtain a divine artifact from such an unusual spiritual pool, the divine artifact would easily recognize him as Master! It was hard to believe that such a thing, which defied the natural order, existed in the world.

It was no wonder that Lord Bai Luo would say that, if one obtained the Tu family, he would be able to obtain the world!

This ancient clan, which existed for as long as the Empire of Darkness, was indeed frightening!

If Su Yu had the chance, he should really experience it for himself.

“Understood, I promise you.” Su Yu nodded his head lightly.

Tu Long’s eyebrows smoothed out as he smiled: “Thank you very much.”

The time passed by quickly, and two days passed in a flash.

Su Yu and his group of people descended upon the area in the center of the Sub Palace Lingxiao Palace!

A grand palace stood atop an eighty thousand feet high cliff.

Countless silver-clothed guards and black-clothed guards shuttled back and forth at the palace. They came and went, and the palace gave off an impressive vibe.

Their current location was a key position of the Sub Palace of the Empire of Darkness of the north continent.

Ling Xiaotian was in charge of the area and commanded all the members of the Empire of the north continent.

Tens of thousands of silver-clothed guards and black-clothed guards were scattered across each and every part of the continent. They executed each and every kind of order systematically.

Looking for geniuses, gathering information of the north continent, looking for the Universe’s Miracle Mineral Plants, elixirs, cultivation techniques and so on.

The endless stream of silver-clothed guards and black-clothed guards in front of Su Yu was merely one side of the ice mountain. The real Sub Palace had not revealed its true appearance.

“Tell me your names!” Multiple cold shouts could be heard from the clouds.

A group of black-clothed guards blocked their way.

Su Yu took out the great seal of Palace Master Yin Yu as proof of his identity.

“So it’s Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu! The Palace Master has ordered that if you came, to take you to the Qingfeng Cabinet.” The black-clothed guard had a relaxed expression.

The rumored Tenth Deputy Palace Master, Yin Yu!

“Palace Master Yin Yu, please follow us!”

The Qingfeng Cabinet was one of the Four Great Attics of Lingxiao Palace.

It had a quiet, beautiful, and comfortable environment. It was only open to distinguished guests.

Usually, even Deputy Palace Masters were not allowed into the Qingfeng Cabinet.

Palace Master An Fang was astonished. Palace Master Ling regarded Su Yu with such great importance, it exceeded her expectations. Palace Master Ling actually opened the Qingfeng Cabinet to show his support for Su Yu.

The group of them sat down for some time.



Multiple noises broke the silence as they reverberated at the same time.

It was the handsome Ling Xiaotian, as well as the hale and hearty… Inspector Bai He!

When Su Yu’s gaze swept past Inspector Bai He, his pupils shrank slightly and his eyes glowed with a cold light.

That day at the Alliance City, it was Inspector Bai He who was unreasonable and who had insisted on killing Su Yu.

Su Yu did not expect to meet him again!

However, Lord Bai Luo did not show himself at all.

“I, Inspector Bai He, upon the orders of Lord Bai Luo, have come here to investigate the death of Deputy Palace Master Zang Jian!” Inspector Bai He had a strict expression. His sharp gaze looked as if it wanted to penetrate Su Yu’s body.

As for Ling Xiaotian, he had a relaxed expression and stroked his robe: “Yin Yu, take a seat.”

At the same time, he looked Su Yu up and down with a smile. Originally, he only wanted to take a random glance at Su Yu. However, his expression became serious and he laughed even more: “Eh? Immortal Level One Peak? In just a short month, you have made such a huge breakthrough. This is fantastic!”

Before Su Yu joined the Empire of Darkness, he was only at Dragon Realm Level Five Peak.

But look at him now, he was at Immortal Level One Peak!

His improvement was so great that it exceeded Ling Xiaotian’s expectations.

Even the Spirit Fate Elixir did not have the effects that Ling Xiaotian saw right in front of him.

“I am grateful to Palace Master for nurturing me.” Su Yu cupped his fists with a smile and responded.

Ling Xiaotian laughed loudly and gratifyingly: “Indeed, I did not make a mistake. I have picked up a treasure!”

Thinking about it, Han Jianglin wanted to use every possible means to kill Su Yu. Such an outstanding person was trampled on for no reason, causing him to flee the Alliance City.

Fortunately, Ling Xiaotian had exceptional insight. He took in Su Yu and made Su Yu the Tenth Palace Master!

“I think that silly Zhilan is about to meet a formidable opponent.”

Hua Zhilan? Su Yu did not understand. Hua Zhilan looked as though she was only at Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak. However, why did it seem, from Ling Xiaotian’s tone, as if Su Yu was weaker than her?

“Humph! Palace Master Ling, let’s begin dealing with this traitor who killed his fellow Deputy Palace Master.” An unharmonious cold hum destroyed the friendly atmosphere.

Inspector Bai He glared at Su Yu extremely coldly.

Ling Xiaotian withdrew his smile, his expression gradually becoming strict: “It is time to deal with the matter of Zang Jian’s death!”