The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 306

Chapter 306 Incredibly Overbearing

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“Palace Master Ling, I am under orders to investigate the incident, you need not interfere!” Inspector Bai He coldly said.

Ling Xiaotian’s expression was casual, “My vice palace masters fight amongst each other at my sub palace, do you think that I can turn a blind eye to this?”

“Hehe…” Inspector Bai He gave a half-hearted laugh, “You have the cheek to interfere, even though you cannot take your vice palace masters in hand?”

In other words, Ling Xiaotian was incompetent, allowing his underlings to fight amongst each other, resulting in loss for the Empire.

Ling Xiaotian laughed but did not speak, turning the other cheek.

Su Yu watched from the side, his expression apologetic.

Ling Xiaotian already had many matters to attend to, being in charge of the entire Northern Continent sub palace, but had to be disturbed and mocked because of Su Yu.

“Inspector Bai He, if you have the time to talk about someone else, you should first care about your underlings.” Su Yu returned the sarcasm.


Two fierce gazes were shot onto Su Yu, wishing to pierce a hole through him.

Lowering his gaze, Inspector Bai He looked down upon Su Yu from his seat, slowly saying, “Did I allow for a mere vice palace master to speak?”

From his point of view, Su Yu’s status was insignificant.

“Since you wish to speak, I’ll ask you, do you admit to your crimes?” Inspector Bai He was looking down on him, directly interrogating him.

Su Yu secretly laughed, but did not speak. Inspector Bai He was under orders to investigate, but asked Su Yu if he admitted to his crimes, even without any significant resolution?

Shaking his head, Su Yu said, “Inspector, what crimes have I committed?”

Inspector Bai He let out a cold laugh, “You still dare deny, now that it has come to this? Palace Master Xue Yao and Feng Qing have confessed. The person was killed by you! Seeing as to how you still wish to deny, I cannot respect your character!”

Did the two confess? Su Yu secretly sighed.

In front of the main palace, the two of them ultimately did not have the determination and were forced to confess.

“Oh? Why was Zang Jian killed? I wonder what the two of them said?” Su Yu remained composed, not the least flustered.

Inspector Bai He’s expression turned rigid, but he quickly masked it, coldly saying, “Why he was killed has nothing to do with the case. You only need to admit that you killed the person!”

“It looks like you have admitted to your wrongdoings, since that is the case, kneel and receive your punishment!”

In just a few sentences, he had given Su Yu the death penalty!

He did not ask for any details of the incident.

“Hehe, Inspector Bai He, I am not dead yet!” Ling Xiaotian did not move, calmly laughing.

But anyone would have heard the shreds of fury in his voice.

Inspector Bai He was not influenced, “The evidence is clear, what debate is there to be had? According to the law of the Empire, he is to be executed!”

Ling Xiaotian fiddled with his teacup, casually saying, “Inspector Bai He, if you wish to be so stubborn and disregard human life, I do not mind reflecting this to the main palace, getting the King of Darkness to be the mediator.”

The words “King of Darkness” fell like lightning, causing the arrogant Inspector Bai He’s expression to change.

As a Palace Master, Ling Xiaotian had the chance to meet the King of Darkness in private every year, to aid in his cultivation or obtain some simple rewards, as a reward for watching over one of the four sub palaces.

Other than the Seven Lords of Darkness, the Four Great Palace Masters were the people closest to the King of Darkness in the Empire.

If it came to that, Ling Xiaotian would rather give up on his cultivation and plead for the king to mediate.

Once investigations reveal that Inspector Bai He had passed judgement so casually, no one in the world could save him.

Inspector Bai He’s rigid expression gradually eased, his sinister expression also became more friendly, “What are you talking about Palace Master Ling, I am under orders to investigate, and would naturally go by the book and treat everyone equally.”

“I was merely intentionally testing for Palace Master Yin Yu’s reaction.”

Hearing him trying to make a denial, Ling Xiaotian calmly said, “As long as Inspector Bai He remains impartial, I would not interfere.”


His demeanor was as if one ordering a subordinate.

But Inspector Bai He was feeling guilty and had to tolerate it.

His eyes harboured a slight hatred, coldly glaring at Su Yu, “Speak, did you kill Zang Jian because you could not split the treasures equally? Speak the truth, and you can be let off lightly, fight back and you face severe punishments!”

Inspector Bai He was anxious to convict Su Yu, using such an obvious bait.

Su Yu let out a faint smile, “That is to say that it is not yet determined if I am guilty or not?”

Inspector Bai He was angry, “We are now investigating the severity of your crimes, work with us and you’ll be let off lightly.”

If he were to cooperate with him, Su Yu would die even faster!

“It looks like my crimes are not decided yet!” Su Yu’s smile was cold, “Since that it the case, I would like to ask Inspector Bai He, if my crimes are not decided yet, was it reasonable for Leader Tie Mu to use my crimes as a reason to try and kill me?”

Inspector Bai He raised his brows, cursing under his breath. Tie Mu was ultimately too careless and gave this person loopholes to exploit. If he came back, he would definitely be punished.

He was about to open his mouth, when Ling Xiaotian’s gaze turned cold, “Oh? A red robed guard dared to offend a superior without any evidence, wishing to kill a vice palace master? What guts! He deserves to be executed!”

“Wait!” Inspector Bai He said in a hurry, “Leader Tie Mu is an impartial man and cannot be corrupted, he was most likely giving empty threats and would definitely not dare to strike you!”

Following this, he looked at Su Yu mockingly, “The fact that you are standing here safely explains everything! If he wanted to kill you, do you think that you could participate in this trial here today?”

Ling Xiaotian was silent. Truly, Tie Mu might not have dared to kill Su Yu.

“Impartial and cannot be corrupted?” Su Yu could not help but laugh, “Would the impartial him let a pirate who was harming the people escape without doing anything? Would the incorruptible him use his official duties as a means to exact revenge and try to kill me?”

Coldly looking at Inspector Bai He, Su Yu laughed, “As for why I am standing here in one piece, it was not because he did not dare strike me, but because I killed him when he was attacking me!”


It was not just Inspector Bai He, but Ling Xiaotian who was also shocked.

Tie Mu’s cultivation level was Immortal realm Level Three, Su Yu was only at Immortal Realm Level One. How could he kill his opponent?

But he understood quickly.

The Yinyu Manor was Su Yu’s territory. With him on guard, as well as with the numbers advantage, it might be possible.


The table under Inspector Bai He’s hand suddenly burst into pieces.

The expression on his old face was ugly, as if he was about to eat someone, “You killed him?”

Leader Tie Mu had not returned in a few days, and Inspector Bai He already had suspicions. Su Yu’s words confirmed everything.

Su Yu laughed, but did not speak.

“What guts! You dare kill an official under orders? I will not spare you!” Inspector Bai He was furious.

What insolence was killing Tie Mu? How much did he belittle the inspector?

Su Yu slowly said, “That is to say that Inspector Bai He believes that a red robed guard trying to kill an innocent vice palace master in front of an audience is in accordance to the law?”

This question stumped Inspector Bai He. Noticing the attention of Ling Xiaotian, he thought of an idea.

He could not afford to become a laughing stock in front of everyone present.

Forcing himself to remain calm, his voice was deep and sinister, “He should be executed according to the law, but how could you decide that on your own…”

But Su Yu forcefully interrupted him, “Since he should be executed, might I ask where a mere red robed guard found the guts? Was he acting on the orders of someone higher up?”

There was only one person above Tie Mu, Inspector Bai He!

Ling Xiaotian’s gaze turned fierce, “Inspector Bai He, vice palace masters are talents to be nurtured by the Empire of Darkness. You sure have guts to try and kill one of them!”

Inspector Bai He’s expression turned grave. Even he could not afford to commit such a grave offence.

His sinister expression changed, and he recovered his stern expression, “I am in charge of investigating everything in the Empire, every word and action of mine represents the Empire. I have memorised every one of the Empire’s laws, how could I commit such a heinous sin?”

“I merely ordered Tie Mu to take you back to accept investigations. I have never ordered him to kill you! According to my deductions, since there are some private animosities between you and Tie Mu, he must have disregarded my orders and tried to exact revenge while on official orders! I have nothing to do with this incident!”

Inspector Bai He pushed himself away from this incident.

Su Yu calmly laughed, “if that is the case, did Tie Mu deserve to die?”

His lips twitching, Inspector Bai He suppressed his boundless hatred, his face depicting an aura of justice, “Hmph! To dare disregard official orders and commit such a heinous sin, he deserved death! Even if Palace Master Yin Yu was not going to deal with him, I would have personally executed him!”

Scanning past Su Yu, his eyes flashed with a trace of killing intent.

“Let us drop the matter of Tie Mu. Now we continue with Zang Jian, why did you kill him! Speak!” Inspector Bai He was being overbearing, interrogating Su Yu with the intention of convicting Su Yu of the crime.

Su Yu’s expression was calm, “This person colluded with the enemy to kill his own partners. He returned kindness with animosity and deserves death!”

Ling Xiaotian nodded, “En, tell us the details.”

He naturally understood the characters of each of the Ten Great Vice Palace Masters.

Following this, Su Yu described the entire incident.

Of course, he omitted the part about the relic. Xue Yao and Feng Qing shouldn’t have disclosed information about the relic. After all, the relic had nothing to do with this case.

They did not have to invite unnecessary trouble.

Now this, coupled with knowing that Su Yu had saved Zang Jian twice, but was ambushed by Zang Jian!

Furthermore, he intentionally freed the Second Head of the Black Water Pirates and tried to kill Xue Yao and Feng Qing. Ling Xiaotian’s expression turned extremely cold. He took a long pause, before he let out a sigh, “I am partly responsible for his death!”

“Back then, I had to create the Ten Great Vice Palace Masters in a hurry, and thus, paid more attention to their potentials and disregarded their personalities. I did not have the chance to teach him. I am responsible for this incident!”

Seeing the dust settling, Inspector Bai He let out a cold laugh, “The two of you wish to sweep this incident aside by colluding with each other?”

“I’ll ask you, who can prove what happened that day? Did Zang Jian repay kindness with animosity, just because you said so? He is a dead person and won’t jump out to rebut you!”

Su Yu said, “Didn’t you interrogate Xue Yao and Feng Qing? I think that you would have heard the same story from their mouths!”

“Hng hng, the three of you are under the same suspicion and would naturally have planned to have the same statement. Unless there is a fourth witness, otherwise, the words of the three of you would not be valid!”

The fourth person, why would there be a fourth person there other than them?

“If there isn’t a fourth person, I have reasons to think that the three of you killed him for your own benefit!” Inspector Bai He was pressuring with his authority.

If he did not seize this opportunity to kill Su Yu, he could not dispel the hatred in his heart.

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold, what a load of nonsense!

Given the situation that day, how could there be a fourth person on the scene?

With this level of overbearing, he clearly wanted Su Yu dead!

Ling Xiaotian’s eyebrows creased. Even though he knew what Inspector Bai He was trying to do, his words were not completely without logic.

With no one confirming what had happened, the possibility of the three of them working together to kill Zang Jian existed.

“Hehe, who said that there was no fourth person? Isn’t he right before your eyes?” At this moment, a smooth voice came from outside the hall.

Inspector Bai He looked toward the direction, coldly saying, “Who are you?”

A single armed man walked into the hall and into his field of vision.