The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Training In Anyue City

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“Didn’t I just say that I am the fourth person that you are looking for!” Tu Long had a firm expression. He entered calmly and was not oppressed by Inspector Bai He’s imposing manner in the slightest.

“I am Tu Long, the Second Head of the Black Water Pirates, who wanted to kill them secretly back then!”

Su Yu was astonished. Tu Long actually testified of his own accord!

If Tu Long were unwilling, even if Su Yu forced him, there was no need for him, whose only path left was death, to agree.

When Su Yu recalled that Tu Long requested him to make a trip to the Tu family, which was in Anyue City on Tu Long’s behalf, to return Tu Long’s bone ash during their journey to the Lingxiao Palace, Su Yu understood.

Good were the words of a dying man.

Tu Long was using his last living moments to repay Su Yu.

He only wished to return to his home.

When Tu Long walked past Su Yu, he felt relieved and laughed indifferently: “Palace Master Yin Yu, please remember my request.”

Inspector Bai He had an unpleasant expression: “You are saying that you are the real culprit, who wanted to harm the Deputy Palace Masters that day?”

Tu Long nodded his head: “Yes! I was just acting upon my orders. I can testify that Palace Master Yin Yu’s words are all true!”

“As for my identity, if you randomly find a person in the Yinyu Area, all of them would recognize me.”

With Tu Long’s testimony, the truth became clear to everyone.

Inspector Bai He’s eyes were filled with warnings and concealed his intimidation: “Is that so? Please consider properly again. Have you said something wrong?”

To one’s surprise, Tu Long sneered indifferently: “Inspector Bai He, take a step back and stop indulging in empty talk. Leaving a path behind for someone else is also leaving a path of retreat behind for yourself. Do not push people too hard for everything.”

“Palace Master Yin Yu is a chivalrous man and values relationship highly. He should not die a victim of injustice.”

Inspector Bai He was ridiculed to the point that his old face turned extremely red. Although he was furious, he looked calm on the surface: “Understood. The truth is clear! Deputy Palace Master Zang Jian wanted to kill three Deputy Palace Masters. Hence, Yin Yu, Xue Yao, and Feng Qing resisted. As such, they are naturally not guilty!”

“All of you, take care of yourself!” Inspector Bai He stood up and stared at Su Yu deeply with his old eyes. He also glared at Tu Long, who foiled his plans at the critical moment. He then left with hatred.

The matter came to a close as such.

“All of you, please take your leave. Yin Yu will stay.” Ling Xiaotian had an apathetic expression.

When the attic was only left with him and Su Yu, Ling Xiaotian looked at the sky outside dully and said indifferently: “How is your investigation regarding Tu Long’s identity?”

What he was concerned about was actually Tu Long!

No. More accurately, he was concerned about the evil backstage manipulator who manipulated Tu Long to kill the Deputy Palace Masters.

Su Yu shook his head and said: “The mastermind behind the Black Water Pirates is not Tu Long. Instead, it is that First Head!”

An astonished expression enveloped Ling Xiaotian’s eyes as he said: “What is his identity?”

“No idea! Even after so many years, Tu Long was also unable to find out.” Su Yu reported the facts.

Ling Xiaotian nodded his head nonchalantly: “Understood. Where are the Black Water Pirates? I will go there personally.”

For the First Head to have the audacity to secretly kill the Deputy Palace Masters of the Empire of Darkness, he must not be normal!

“It is a bit too late now. The Black Water Pirates have been completely exterminated by that First Head! Only this Second Head survived, but he lost an arm! I brought him here today, as I hoped to hand him over to Palace Master, so that Palace Master can deal with him.”

That was the real reason why Su Yu brought Tu Long along.

After all, that mysterious First Head was a lurking danger, and Su Yu needed to inform Ling Xiaotian about him.

“He had really done everything without leaving any traces behind.” Ling Xiaotian gave a cold hum.

As such, the clues were completely lost.

“For Tu Long… He is at your disposal.” Ling Xiaotian muttered.

A moment ago, Tu long stepped forward bravely to resolve Su Yu’s difficulties. Ling Xiaotian had considered that deed of Tu Long.

Su Yu nodded his head: “Understood.”

Ling Xiaotian turned his body around. He revealed a pleasantly warm smile and looked at Su Yu with satisfaction: “In just one month, your change is not small. Your potential is shocking.”

“This is thanks to Palace Master nurturing me,” Su Yu responded gratefully.

Thinking about it, Ling Xiaotian had saved him twice, and had also given him the opportunity to join the Empire of Darkness. This gave him an opportunity to walk toward an even greater stage.

Outside Liuxian faction, when Lu Jun was about to attack him, it was Ling Xiaotian who appeared and frightened Lu Jun away. Moreover, Ling Xiaotian bestowed”Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder”upon him.

During the Alliance Meet, it was Ling Xiaotian who appeared and protected Su Yu.

Moreover, Ling Xiaotian also invited him to join the Empire of Darkness.

Su Yu would not forget Ling Xiaotian’s kindness.

“Since you did not disappoint me, I will give you another chance to go even higher.” Ling Xiaotian was mysterious and unpredictable. He clapped his hands lightly.

Deep within the attic, a beautiful woman with a graceful figure, who was also covered with a veil, as though she was a fairy, came in leisurely.

Although she was covered by the veil, one could still see her beautiful face, which was only partially hidden beneath the veil.

A true yet fake smile, as if it were a crescent moon-like clear eyes, glowed brilliantly.

Under Su Yu’s mask, his mouth twitched.

Hua Zhilan!

“Zhilan, this is the new Deputy Palace Master, Yin Yu!!”

“She is Hua Zhilan, the ninth Deputy Palace Master. She joined the Empire of Darkness five years before you. Both of you came from the Hundred Territories and both of you should keep in contact with each other in the future.”

Hua Zhilan bowed, smiling, and her crescent moon-like big eyes looked Su Yu up and down with curiosity. After a long time, her small mouth opened: “At just an age of sixteen, you have achieved Immortal Level One Peak. Seems like you are more impressive than me.”

It looked as if she was praising Su Yu. However, her voice was filled with mockery and she did not really pay much attention to Su Yu.

Ling Xiaotian found it funny and shook his head: “Don’t underestimate him. Even Zang Jian died at his hands.”

Eh? Hua Zhilan’s crescent moon-like clear eyes became as narrow as a crack. She then stared at Su Yu without blinking: “Is that so?”

Zang Jian was ranked number five. As a new Deputy Palace Master, one had to say that Su Yu was amazing.

“Palace Master Zhilan, I hope to get along with you in the future…”

“Haha, call me Senior Sister.” Hua Zhilan gave a lovely laughter all of a sudden and stuck her chest out.

Among the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters, there were no Senior Sisters and juniors in the hierarchy.

Su Yu laughed secretly and did not say anything. This Hua Zhilan was as strange as the spirits.

“Understood, Senior Sister Hua.” Su Yu smiled with surprise.

At Shenyue island, Su Yu had taught her a lesson and their debt had been written off.

“Yin Yu, I will give you an opportunity to further your training.” Ling Xiaotian finally returned to the main subject: “I will arrange for you and Zhilan to go to the Anyue City. You will go over there and train in the Dark Forest.”

“I will send people to protect both of you secretly and ensure that both of you return from the Dark Forest safely.”

Train? Su Yu did not understand. It was said that the Dark Forest was a dangerous place and very little people set foot on it. Was it worth it to train at that kind of place?

However, Hua Zhilan opened her clear eyes wide, and she filled with happiness: “Is it finally my turn? Wait, I only managed to get a chance after rendering a great service. Why does a little kid like him get to go along with me, even though he has just come?”

Hua Zhilan’s small mouth curled.

“He has rendered an extraordinary service, and you cannot object to it. Both of you will set off today.” Ling Xiaotian said this at once, not giving her any chance to rebut.

Set off at once? Su Yu did not understand: “Palace Master, is that a bit too hasty? I need to work out the general affairs of the Yinyu Area.”

His journey to Anyue City this time would be for months, and there was not enough time for him to work out the general affairs of the Yinyu Area.

“There is no need to do so. The time is tight.” Ling Xiaotian then said hurriedly: “The Empire of Darkness has an extremely good training place. However, according to the information that I have gotten, a beast tide is about to appear in the Dark Forest that will engulf the training place quickly. If you are late in going there, this opportunity of yours will be delayed by half a year.”

“Both of you need to finish your training before the beast tide descends.”

Beast tide?

Su Yu and Hua Zhilan frowned at the same time.

“Palace Master, I have something to report. Within the ocean, all the wild beasts and demonic beasts have disappeared! It is extremely strange!” Hua Zhilan reported what she knew.

That was what Su Yu wanted to say as well.

“Palace Master, in my Yinyu Area, in the past two weeks, there was also a beast tide,” Su Yu said.

Ling Xiaotian’s eyebrows twitched: “Oh? There are signs of a beast tide occurring at the ocean, the center area of the north continent, and the Dark Forest at the same time?”

This matter was a bit unusual.

“I will pass on this information to the headquarters. Both of you need not worry about it, just focus on your training. Both of you shall set off now.”

Su Yu nodded his head and walked out of the attic. Zi Yunxiang then walked toward him.

“Yunxiang, I need to go on a long journey to the Anyue City. You will accompany me,” Su Yu said. Bringing Zi Yunxiang with him was the safest thing to do. If he left her behind at the Yinyu Area, and that mysterious First Head captured her, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Zi Yunxiang was slightly elated and agreed obediently.

After, Su Yu looked at Tu Long and said apathetically: “If you wish to return to your clan, then I think it is better for you to go back personally. Accompany me to the Dark Forest.”

Tu Long could not believe what he had heard: “You… are not going to kill me?”

Su Yu’s face was filled with indifference and coldness: “If you really wish to atone for your sin, a living person repenting for his sins is a lot better than a dead person!”

Tu Long was moved. He was unable to describe the gratitude in his heart with words, and he stared at Su Yu deeply: “As long as I, Tu Long, continue to live, I will definitely remember your kindness.

Just like that, in addition to Hua Zhilan, the four of them headed toward Anyue City hastily.

After half a day, they had passed by more than half of the areas of the Sub Palace and were about to exit the Sub Palace.

However, a swift and fierce energy was shot at them from the clouds of the sky abruptly!

The spiritual energy was as thick as a small bucket, as if it was a beam that was launched secretly from within the clouds.

Throughout the journey, Su Yu was vigilant. He had always paid attention to the surrounding area within fifty miles of him.

“Be careful!” There were some unusual changes in the clouds a moment ago. Su Yu noticed it. He then quickly carried Zi Yunxiang and escaped from the big eagle.

Looking at Hua Zhilan instead, she was a bit far away from Su Yu. Hence, Su Yu could not carry her away in time and could only remind her.

Rumble, bang

The spiritual energy reached them in the blink of an eye!

The big eagle could not react in time. It gave a horrible shriek on the spot and became gray-colored dust!

What a strong spiritual energy!

Hua Zhilan could not dodge in time. However, she was not very anxious. She was obviously at Dragon Realm Level Seven, as she emitted a thin and glimmering light from her body.

After which… her body dispersed and became a glimmering light that could fill the sky.

After that, the glimmering light gathered beside Su Yu and became Hua Zhilan again!

This scene caused Su Yu to be extremely surprised.

What kind of strange secret technique was that? Her body became light, and the light gathered again later on?

Such a shocking secret technique was indeed impressive!

However, at that very moment, Su Yu did not have the time to be concerned with that. He looked at the clouds with a grave expression and said indifferently: “Although you are an inspector, you still ambushed us. Don’t you feel ashamed?”


The clouds dispersed all of a sudden!

A strong wind blew. A hundred Chinese feet in front of Su Yu and a group of people, something moved in an instant and an old man standing with his hands clasped behind his back appeared.

It was Inspector Bai He!

He had a nonchalant expression and his whole face was filled with stern righteousness: “Humph, I will represent the Empire’s headquarters and kill the traitor who has betrayed the Empire. Yin Yu, you have killed your fellow Deputy Palace Master and even death cannot atone for this crime of yours!”

Su Yu could not help but laugh: “Half a day ago, you declared in front of everyone that the matter had been thoroughly investigated!”

“That is Ling Xiaotian bending the law to save you. As a result, the investigation was not conducted impartially! Now, I declare that you, Yin Yu, are guilty and shall be executed in accordance with the law!”

Those lame excuses caused Su Yu to laugh sardonically.

“I already know that an old bastard like you would not let the matter go just like that. However, if you want to kill me, just do it. Is there a need to be sanctimonious?” Su Yu assumed a defensive stance, and his heart was beating quickly.

Inspector Bai He’s abilities were unfathomable, as if he were greater than Ling Xiaotian.

In front of such a strong martial artist like him, Su Yu might not even have a chance to attack!