The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 308

Chapter 308 Broken Divine Spear

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“Yunxiang, Tu Long, and Palace Master Zhilan, escape in separate directions. The person that manages to escape is a survivor!” Su Yu gravely grunted.

Inspector Bai He dared to block their ways and try to kill them, he is clearly prepared to kill all of them to silence them.

Only if the three of them flee in separate directions, would they have the possibility of just one of them surviving.

If there was a possibility of one of them surviving, Inspector Bai He might not recklessly kill, in case the matter got exposed!

“As an inspector, I forbid you to leave! Those who dare leave will be punished in accordance to the law!” Inspector Bai He warned sternly.

Hua Zhilan arranged her messy robes, her face filled with fury, “Old fart, have you no sense of shame?”

Not considering the fact that an inspector launched a sneak attack, and not considering the fact that an inspector slapped a crime onto someone in an attempt to kill them, what was really overbearing was that he had clearly wanted to silence and kill them, but said it in such a way that he was representing the law!

“Let’s go!” Zi Yunxiang and the rest were intelligent people. They understood that, if they managed to escape, they were giving Su Yu a chance to live.

Whoosh Whoosh

The three of them immediately flew in three different directions.

Su Yu flew in the opposite direction from them.

Even Inspector Bai He could not chase them in four different directions.

But Inspector Bai He showed no signs of being flustered, his lips forming a cold smile, “As an inspector, if I managed to let you little dolls escape from my hands, I would really become the laughing stock of the entire world!”

“Second Grade Clone Technique!”

Buzz Buzz

A startling scene ensued.

A third of Inspector Bai He’s spirit energy was released, forming a shimmery human figure.

Its shape was largely similar to Inspector Bai He, and its abilities reached a horrifying Immortal Realm Level Four!

A clone made using spirit energy?

Whoosh Whoosh

Inspector Bai He’s clone flew in the direction of Hua Zhilan, while his main body chased after Su Yu with a cold laugh.

“Rebels, as an inspector, I am going to punish you!”

But Hua Zhilan was unfortunate, as the clone’s movement technique was well above Hua Zhilan’s. She was caught up in an instant.

Her expression bitter, Hua Zhilan was about to break into tears, “Why did you chase me? Rascal, you really implicated me!”


The clone attacked mercilessly, striking toward Hua Zhilan’s back with a finger.

Just as Hua Zhilan was about to be killed


A transparent human figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

A raspy, ancient laugh came from the transparent figure.

“Hehehe… Inspector Bai He must be in a good mood, to strike so mercilessly against a bunch of babies. Why not try me?”

The clone suddenly lifted its head, the spirit energy in its body trembling, as if about to dissipate.

Pitter Patter

The transparent figure suddenly turned into millions of raindrops, descending onto the earth.

Puuu Puuu Puuu

In the sky full of cold rain, the clone had nowhere to hide, and was pierced through by the raindrops.

Finally, it vanished with a creak.

At the other side, Su Yu had only taken a few steps, when something teleported in front of him. Inspector Bai He was standing in front of him with his hands behind his back.

“Lad, do you think that a mere vice palace master can escape me, now that I am determined to catch you?” Inspector Bai He had killing intent in his eyes.

“You killed the leader of my guards, talked back to me, and challenged my authority, a hundred deaths could not clear your sins!” Inspector Bai He grunted coldly.

A thick killing intent assaulted Su Yu. The warning signs in Su Yu’s heart grew.

The danger of facing this man alone was far worse than Han Jianglin!

This person was a completely different level from Han Jianglin!

“Hehe, finally dropping your pretence of justice? In the end, you only want to kill me to salvage your reputation.” Su Yu mocked without fear.

With the opponent’s killing intent, displaying weakness and begging for mercy was useless.

“Little idiot! I’ll send you on your way now!” Inspector Bai He’s killing intent was evident.

“Space Teleportation!” In this time of crisis, Su Yu had long been ready to use his space talents.

A space energy enveloped Su Yu, transporting him ten miles away.

But just as the space energy appeared, Inspector Bai He had a cold smile of disdain, “In front of me, you dare show such a weak space talent?”


He casually shot out a bolt of spirit energy.

In that moment, the air around Su Yu was disrupted, shaking the space energy.

The almost complete teleportation was instantly dispelled!

Su Yu’s expression changed slightly.

This was the first time someone had directly neutralised his space talent!

“Seal of Time!” Su Yu clenched his teeth, deciding in an instant.

A purple dragon suddenly wrapped itself around Inspector Bai He.

Even if it was a second, it could buy him some time.

But what made Su Yu’s expression change was …

“Hehe, you have many tricks. Unfortunately I have said that, in front of me, they are all useless!”


With that deep grunt, the formless purple dragon around Inspector Bai He crumbled with a roar!

Su Yu’s pupils dilated!

There was a person that could free himself from the Seal of Time!

What kind of abilities did he have?

“Time Manipulation!”

“Space Vortex!”

In his frenzied retreat, Su Yu used his time acceleration. At the same time, he created a space vortex in Inspector Bai He’s body, an attempt to contort his heart.

But accelerating time by three times was insignificant in front of Inspector Bai He.

With a slight tremble, Inspector Bai He shattered the space vortex at his heart.

Finally, he took a seemingly normal step.

But this step closed a distance of a hundred zhang, until he was a zhang away from Su Yu.

In that moment, the feeling of death welled up within Su Yu.

It was as if a large mountain was exerting its pressure on him.

The difference between their abilities was too large.

In front of him, Su Yu had no chance to fight back!

Did he have to die in the hands of such a villainous person?

But at this moment, a horrifying ripple shot toward them from their side!

A ten zhang long crystal spear pierced through the air from the direction of the Lingxiao Palace, aimed toward Inspector Bai He’s chest.

Inspector Bai He’s expression changed, “The divine artifact of the palace, the Broken Divine Spear!”

His expression changing wildly, Inspector Bai He had no time to care about Su Yu, hurriedly utilising his spirit energy to form a shield in an attempt to defend himself against the attack!


The shield instantly shattered, unable to mitigate any damage.

The spear pierced through Inspector Bai He’s chest.


He opened his mouth to spit out a jet of blood, his white beard instantly dyed red.

His chest was also bloody and had a huge gaping hole.

A mere attack had given Inspector Bai He major injuries, despite his abilities being unfathomably strong!

How horrifying was the Broken Divine Spear?

In comparison, the Divine Ice Ring was not worth mentioning.


In a flicker of light, a human figure teleported toward them, grabbing the Broken Divine Spear, which was now stained with blood.

He was handsome and had a unique demeanor. His blue long robe flapped in the wind.

His handsome face wore a calm expression. At this moment, it was laced with a cold aura.

Inspector Bai He’s eyelids twitched wildly, staring at the Broken Divine Spear, not daring to shift his gaze, “Ling Xiaotian, you casually use the divine artifact of the palace? This artifact is used to kill enemies. You sure have guts to use it against an inspector!”

“I will report this matter to the lord and get him to pass judgement!”

It was clearly him who first tried to kill vice palace masters, but was shifting the blame!

Ling Xiaotian had the divine artifact in his arms, his gaze ice cold, “Inspector! Bai! He!”

“You use the name of inspector to ask for my vice palace masters, I can tolerate that!”

“You use Yin Yu’s incident to cause trouble, punishing him as a front when, in reality, you wanted to suppress my influence, I can tolerate that!”

“But I cannot spare you for killing members of my sub palace of the Northern Continent!”

There was a line no one should cross.

Ling Xiaotian had once promised that, as long as he was around, Su Yu could rest easy.

“Since I have activated the Broken Divine Spear, there is no way you are leaving here alive! I would give the King of Darkness an explanation for using this Broken Divine Spear!”

“Now!” Ling Xiaotian grabbed the Broken Divine Spear, pointing it toward Inspector Bai He from far away.

They were a hundred zhang apart, but the Broken Divine Spear harboured an aura of death.