The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 309

Chapter 309 The Twelve Divine Artifacts

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Inspector Bai He’s expression turned pale as he retreated. He was shocked and frightened: “Ling Xiaotian, you wish to fight at the risk of mutual destruction? I… I am merely swayed by my personal feelings and lost my head for a moment!”

“If there is a need, I can apologize to you!”

Ling Xiaotian had a dull expression: “You lost your head for a moment? If I did not follow secretly, would they all have died because you ‘lost your head for a moment’?”

“I do not need your apology! What I need is your blood, so that I can uphold justice for these children!” A thread of murderous intent flashed past Ling Xiaotian’s mouth.

It was alright, even though he vilified Su Yu and tried in vain to kill him.

Since the plan failed, he despicably laid in ambush to kill Su Yu!

Only by killing such a person like Su Yu and his group would people need to worry about being attacked from behind!

Inspector Bai He’s expression became extremely unpleasant: “Ling Xiaotian! You had better think properly. You dare to kill me? As an inspector, I am responsible for supervising each and every one of your actions. Killing me is the same as defying your superiors and starting a rebellion!”

“It is still not too late, if you stop now!”

Ling Xiaotian had firm murderous intents: “You do not have the right to supervise me. After killing you, I will turn myself in to headquarters! Hence, you can go to the afterlife peacefully!”

“Broken Divine Spear!”

After giving a light shout, the crystal spear emitted a crystal-like, glimmering light.

A sharp light, which could exterminate lives, was released frighteningly.

Rumble, rumble

The Earth shook, and the sky was filled with dark clouds.

Within a hundred miles of the attack, all the flying beasts dispersed in all directions, due to fear.

Violent spiritual energy erupted across a thousand miles of the vast sky. Fierce winds rose from all directions and whistled past the horizon.

In just a moment, the universe lost its color, and there was no light from the sun and moon!

Within the gloomy darkness, only that crystal spear emitted a dazzling light.

It was as if only that crystal spear existed in the universe!

Su Yu was extremely shocked.

That was the real power of the Broken Divine Spear?

As soon as the Broken Divine Spear appeared, the universe lost its color!

Inspector Bai He’s eyes were filled with fear, and he was unable to stop his old body from trembling.


Without hesitation, Inspector Bai He turned his body and started to escape!

The spear on Ling Xiaotian’s hands made a sound and became a crystal silver light, which penetrated the horizon.


Inspector Bai He, who had escaped a few steps away, did not even have the time to give a horrible shriek and was turned into dust on the spot.

An inspector like him was easily killed by a divine artifact!


Ling Xiaotian gestured with his big hands and the Broken Divine Spear returned to his palm.

The glimmering light dispersed and the universe returned to normal.

Su Yu’s whole face was filled with astonishment. He looked at the Broken Divine Spear and could not believe his eyes.

“This is the Broken Divine Spear, one of the Twelve Divine Artifacts of the Empire of Darkness. The Five Great Sub Palaces and the Seven Great Lords possess one divine artifact each.”

“These divine artifacts are passed down from ancient times and are the most destructive power of the Empire of Darkness. If there is a day when you become a Palace Master or one of the Seven Lords of Darkness, you will have a chance to get one of the divine artifacts as well.

Su Yu was so excited that he licked his lips. The most destructive power of the Empire of Darkness?

With the suppressive power of the Twelve Divine Artifacts, it was no wonder that the Empire of Darkness continued to exist, even after tens of thousands of years.

However, it was not difficult to tell from Inspector Bai He’s words that one had to pay a huge price for using the Twelve Divine Artifacts.

When Su Yu focused his attention, he realized that, although Ling Xiaotian had a dull expression, his face looked slightly pale and his whole body had no spiritual energy left!

One shot alone caused a Palace Master to use up all his energy and spiritual energy?

“Don’t worry, I am fine. All of you can continue your journeys with ease. Remember to come back as fast as possible, as I have a big matter for you and Zhilan.” Ling Xiaotian caressed Su Yu’s head gently, smiled kindly, and left.

After, Hua Zhilan, Zi Yunxiang and Tu Long returned to Su Yu’s side.

“Is that the palace garrison divine artifact?” Hua Zhilan’s crescent moon-like clear eyes had a grave expression. She then looked at Su Yu profoundly.

The group of them continued their journey. However, Hua Zhilan’s gaze fell on Su Yu frequently, which caused Su Yu to feel uneasy.

After half a day, while they were resting,Hua Zhilan got near Su Yu and stared at him: “Can you tell me why Palace Master Ling chose you as the Tenth Palace Master?”

Su Yu was astonished: “It was just an undeserved kindness toward me.”

However, Hua Zhilan shook her head with certainty: “No! Palace Master Ling’s eyes are more sinister than anyone, and he will not make a wrong judgment! The fact that he allowed you to take charge of the Nameless Area made it clear!”

Su Yu could not help but laugh: “The Nameless Area is a bleak and desolate land. Is it really worth a lot? Because I am the last one to come, he must not have any other choice.”

“Haha, what if I tell you that Palace Master Shen Kong has always wanted your area? Even if he had to use his richly endowed Shenkong Area to exchange for it?” Hua Zhilan’s crescent moon-like eyes became extremely narrow, as if she wanted to see something from Su Yu’s eyes.

Eh? Palace Master Shen Kong?

The neighboring area beside the Nameless Area was the Shenkong Area!

The Palace Master Shen Kong, who was known as the leader of the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters, as well as the strongest Deputy Palace Master?

He actually cast his greedy eyes on the Nameless Area, a bleak and desolate land?

“He is not the only one. The other Deputy Palace Masters, including myself, also hoped to take charge of this piece of land. However, we were all rejected by Palace Master Ling!”

The Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters were fighting for that bleak and desolate piece of land?

“You look like you had no idea how important is the piece of land that you are taking charge of!” Hua Zhilan said: “Do you know that that piece of land is known as the Centre Area of north continent?”

Su Yu knew that information. The Empire of Darkness was situated in the center of the north continent.

Coincidentally, Yinyu Area was situated at the most center of the north continent.

“It is just the Centre Area. Is there any significance to it?” Su Yu did not understand.

Hua Zhilan wore an envious expression: “Then, do you know that the Empire of Darkness originated from the Centre Area?”

“In the history of the Empire, when the Empire of Darkness first descended upon the Zhenlong continent, it descended upon the Nameless Area!”

“This piece of area holds a great significance of the fate of the Empire of Darkness! Over the generations, the King of Darkness would send a mysterious strong martial artist to protect this piece of area. A normal Palace Master does not even have the right to take charge of the area! I don’t understand why Palace Master Ling would hand that piece of area over to a little kid like you!”

Pouting her lips, Hua Zhilan had a resentful expression: “Is Palace Master Ling treating you too nicely? He even did not hesitate to use palace garrison divine artifact to save you.”

Su Yu was extremely surprised. The Nameless Area had such a background?

Moreover, the King of Darkness sent a mysterious strong martial artist personally to guard the area secretly?

Who was the mysterious strong martial artist? Which part of Yinyu Area was he at?

“Forget it. Seems like you really don’t know anything!” Hua Zhilan secretly watched Su Yu’s expressions and words. After she confirmed that Su Yu did not know anything, she became uninterested: “Let’s continue our journey quickly. The beast tide is about to descend. We cannot waste any more time.”

After resting for some time, the four of them continued their journey.

What all of them did not know was that, meanwhile, at the fighting area previously, a pile of dust shook all of a sudden, and a crack was formed on the ground.

An old hand climbed out from that crack with a bit of difficulty.

Looking at it, the person who appeared was Inspector Bai He, who was supposed to be dead!

His body festered, his aura was weak, and his expression was pale.

His cultivation base actually deteriorated to Immortal Level Three Peak, which was not even at the same level as his clone!

He climbed out with his head and face covered with dust. Inspector Bai He’s face was filled with fear, even though he survived the disaster: “The power of the Twelve Divine Artifacts is indeed unfathomable! If my Second Grade Clone Technique did not make a breakthrough to complete mastery secretly a month ago, such that I can create two clones to fool Ling Xiaotian, I would have been completely buried in this area.”

However, even though he managed to survive, his body was injured and his cultivation base had fallen greatly.

Feeling that his cultivation base had fallen and that his body was weak, Inspector Bai He’s old face was filled with hatred and looked like an evil spirit: “Ling Xiaotian! Both of us are mutually exclusive!”


Inspector Bai He took out a paper crane. After he spit out a mouthful of blood, the paper crane flew toward the direction of the middle continent.

“Inform Lord Bai Luo that Ling Xiaotian used his divine artifact recklessly, and that this is our perfect opportunity!”

The paper crane nodded its head like a human being, then turned into a blood-red wire and disappeared into the horizon.

After which, Inspector Bai He’s eyes, which were filled with hatred, looked in Su Yu’s direction: “Ling Xiaotian! I want you to be filled with so much grief that you wish you were dead! Since you disallowed me to kill them, I shall insist on exterminating all of them!”


Inspector Bai He dragged his fatally injured body up and headed in the direction of Su Yu to pursuit him.