The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Undefeated Legend

The bloodied Qin Feng, the smitten Jiang Xueqing, the curious celestial being, the appreciative Xia Lin Xuan. Everyone, though silent, wanted to know who this powerful purple-robed youth was. In the muted hall, everyone's gaze fell onto Su Yu.

Su Yu felt a little pressured. He took out his token and tossed it towards Jiang Zhishi. It was a pure silver token, laced with traces of gold.

Jiang Zhishi felt as though he was struck by lightning as he saw the words inscribed on it. He could not believe what he was seeing.

"You are the Silver King, Su Yu!" Jiang Zhishi remarked in disbelief.

The image of the weak pauper in his mind was gradually overlapping with the elegant, mysterious purple-robed figure he saw before him. He had always found the purple-robed youth familiar. It was only now, when the images overlapped, when he had his eureka moment.

The purple-robed youth was the Silver King, Su Yu! The expressions of the gold students changed.

"Impossible! He could a mere Silver King have defeated the newly crowned Gold King?"

"That is the current Silver King, Su Yu? How is that possible?"

It was as though a heavy hammer hit the silver students. Chen Tiannnan and Xuan Lefei were dumbfounded. This mysterious, elegant and powerful purple-robed youth was the Silver King Su Yu?

However, upon associating the two, they were convinced that he indeed was Su Yu.

In the seats of the esteemed guests...

Ye Xuan exhaled, "What? It's him? Impossible. A month ago he was merely at the peak of Level Two. But now he can already defeat the Gold King!"

A spark shone across the eyes of Xia Linxuan. He slipped into a momentary daze, before letting out a large laugh, "Great! Great! What a Silver King, hiding his abilities. He used his status as Silver King to overcome the Gold King. This is indeed the first in the history of the institute!"

At the gathering point of the 10 great demon students...

The celestial being abruptly stood up, astonishment written on her face. Her lips formed an exaggerated O, then shockingly mumbled, "How can it be him?"

In her experience, Su Yu's arrow technique was top-notch, and his talent for cultivation was decent, but how could he surprise her that much?

The thick browed youth let out a laugh and slapped his head, "Haha...Turns out it was Su Yu, the silver student, in the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures the other day. His transformation was a little too big wouldn't you say?"

The silver haired youth creased his brows, then arrogantly spat, "So it's that silver trash! He wouldn't last a hit!"

But the celestial being and the thick browed youth could tell that the silver haired youth was more shocked than angry. It seemed that the performance Su Yu displayed just now was enough to put him into disarray.

Qin Feng was dumbfounded. He stripped his bloodied robe, finding the situation funny and laughable. The trash that could not withstand a blow from him, in his eyes, had fairly bested him in battle and judged him "too weak."

Qin Feng was dumbfounded. He could not accept this harsh reality.

Jiang Xueqing was lost. She could not comprehend the situation. She had maintained her smile and was still visibly excited. Only now, her features were frozen as though she was a flower in winter. In the moment, her thumping maiden heart was cold as an ice spring.

Finally, she shook her head, vehemently rejecting what she saw in front of her. "No He is not How could he be Su Yu The person I abandoned"

Jiang Xueqing felt as though she was dreaming. She had heartlessly abandoned the person that loved her in search of a man of higher status.

Today, she had finally found the person she loved, the person suited for her. However she had just found out that this person was the man she had so coldly abandoned. The contrast between then and now. The laughable karma. Jiang Xueqing felt as though she was dreaming.

What was even more laughable was the fact that he, in the past, had been deeply in love with her. The silence turned into a wave of fanfare.

"He's lying! How could he be Su Yu? They are completely different!"

"Impossible! The gap in abilities between the Silver King and the Gold King should be immense!"

Jiang Zhishi exhaled. The brat the junior duke had wanted to deal with had already risen to the level of the Gold King. He knew that he could no longer lay a finger on Su Yu. Such glaring talent would be cultivated by the school as a reserve for the demon students. He would no longer be under Jiang Zhishi's sphere of influence.

When the students had finally accepted the fact that this elegant, mysterious purple-robed youth was indeed the Silver King, countless calls of respect and admiration were heard.

They knew that from this day onward, Su Yu would shoot to the top. There was no longer anyone who could put him down. He would be a legend within the institute! He was a Silver King, but had overcome the Gold King; a legend unsurpassable by any another.

Xia Linxuan let out a large laugh, "Great! Great! Great! We have another genius in our institute!"

Level Four Lower Tier defeating a Level Four Upper Tier. His innate talent was close to that of the 10 great demon students.


At that moment, the doors of the hall were forcefully opened.

20 Black Armor guards stormed into the hall with bloodlust, forming two lines along the sides of the entrance, respectfully awaiting the entrance of a prominent figure.

"Black Armor guards from the duke's abode!" The expression on Xia Linxuan's face changed.

Ye Xuan also felt that something bad was about to happen. The Duke of Xianyu was one of the three dukes that held actual power within the Fenglin empire, and had considerable influence within the court.

His cultivation base was Level Six of the Martial Path, and had cultivated people of Level Five of the Martial Path under him. The Black Armor guards were those that he cultivated!

In the Xianyu prefecture, the Black Armor guards were an imposing presence. 100 strong, even people who were Level Seven of the martial Path had to show some form of respect.

The duke had incredible influence in the empire. No one dared offend him.

Fang Yun wrinkled his brows. Even he had to be cautious around a member of the royal family. The royal family was descendants of the Holy King. In other words, the Holy King was once a backseat ruler! How could Fang Yun afford to offend a descendant of the Holy King?

Xia Linxuan, wearing a grave expression, made his way down hastily. He expectantly looked towards the handsome middle-aged man, as if an emperor had descended into the realm of the masses.

"Duke of Xianyu, what prompts your sudden arrival?" Xia Linxuan was curious. He was on good terms with the Duke of Xianyu. Barging into his institute, not saving him face, seemed out of character for the Duke of Xianyu.

The Duke of Xianyu looked as he usually did, but his eyes nursed a raging fire. He suppressed his anger, cupped his hands, and with a stern, deep voice, said, "My apologies for bothering you Lord Xia. I am here for someone. A month ago, I had issued a warrant for him, and I have been informed that he was a student from this institute. In order to prevent the information from leaking out and giving him a chance to escape, I had to make the first move."

Xia Linxuan heaved a small sigh of relief. He had heard that the the duke had issued a manhunt for a genius of arrow techniques for the past month. To think that this fugitive had been hiding in his institute for the past month...

"My duke, do you know the identity of the person? I would gladly assist in the capture of this person!" Xia Linxuan's gaze turned cold. The Duke of Xianyu was a righteous man. Any person who he had issued a warrant for must have committed an unpardonable crime.

From behind the duke squeezed in a petite beauty. She had a sharp chin, babydoll eyes and skin as white as snow, similar to a porcelain doll. The young princess, dressed in a yellow dress, angrily wrinkled her nose, "His name is Su Yu! This perverted baddie! We have come to arrest him. Where is he?"

It turned out that the duke had been searching the entire town after he received the clue of the Fiery Lion.

Coincidentally, Li Minghao had been questioned.

What was even more of a coincidence was that he was in the shop that day, and after a round of questioning, immediately revealed that that man selling the Fiery Lion was indeed the Silver King Su Yu. Just like that, the identity of the person that violated the young princess was made known to the world.

The gaze of the hall shifted to the purple-robed youth standing on the stage. The genius who bested the Gold King as a Silver King! The crowd was lost and unable to comprehend the situation. Some were even gloating.

Qin Feng let out an evil laugh, "You cannot live with the sins you have committed! You, in the end, still lost utterly!"

Jiang Xueqing was dumbfounded for the longest time, still unable to associate the pauper Su Yu with the purple-robed youth. Unexplainably, her heart relaxed a great deal after hearing that the Duke of Xianyu had issued a warrant for Su Yu.

Su Yu, this is the best fate for you. A person of such little power and influence, no matter how flashy, would ultimately meet the same end. Jiang Xueqing thought to herself as she looked away from the purple-robed figure.

The celestial being could not believe it. The person who violated the young princess was Su Yu! Her steps were dainty as flowers, her body weightless. She flew to the door and pleaded, "Uncle, is there a mistake?"

The duke did not answer. The young princess however pulled on the celestial being, nagging into her ears, "Hmph! There's no mistake! The Fire Dragon skin armor you're wearing belongs to that person"

The young princess hit her fair forehead, apparently enlightened, "Oh! This is also the person who saved you? Sister Jingyu, he definitely took advantage of you while you were in a coma. This perverted man!"

The young princess covered her little mouth, her large eyes staring wildly, then flailed her dainty fists and exclaimed, "I will never forgive him."


The celestial being had a eureka moment. It's him! It's really him! The starlike eyes. The familiar eyes she saw before she slipped into a coma were really Su Yu's! Feelings of relief and gratitude welled up within her.

"Uncle, I plead for your wise judgement, he did indeed save the young princess!" The celestial being pleaded at the Duke of Xianyu. The Duke of Xianyu faced a dilemma.

He was an impartial man. Su Yu had saved his daughter, and naturally should be rewarded. But he had also violated her. The duke could not arrive at a decision. His only thought was to be accountable for his daughter, to at least give his daughter closure, so as to prevent a trauma which would disrupt her Martial Path.

Xia Linxuan was surprised. His daughter, though calm, was immensely proud. He had never seen her ask for a favor.

"My duke, is there a misunderstanding?" Xia Linxuan felt pity for such a genius.

The Duke of Xianyu slowly shook his head, and with a cold stare said, "Guards, arrest Su Yu!"

The duke was stubborn and no one could stop him.

The celestial being grew anxious, lightly biting her lips. She made her way beside Fang Qingzhou, putting up with the humiliation in her heart, and pleaded, "Fang Qingzhou, could you ask your father to protect him?"

In the hall, only Fang Yun could stop the Duke of Xianyu.

As proud as she was, she had to ask for a favor from a beast that had tried to take advantage of herself in the past. She was utterly humiliated. To her surprise, Fang Qingzhou's gaze was already ice cold.

It was the first time he saw that Xia Jingyu had fallen for somebody else.

In the entire hall, the only person pleading for mercy for Su Yu was the celestial being!